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Martial Arts and MMA (videos)
I can remember in the 80's traditional martial arts like Kung Fu and Karate were the hot thing. Bruce Lee made Kung Fu popular throughout the 70's, as did the show (called 'Kung Fu). Hollywood ...
USArmyParatrooper 05/21/2011 22 3 2 133
Just Quit Smoking: Need help with symptoms
Hello, all. After many, many attempts to quit smoking I have finally done it. I used to go back and forth between smoking and dipping, and today marks 8 days I haven't had any form of tobacco ...
USArmyParatrooper 04/29/2011 38 20 1 184
Is it anti-Liberal to approve of Obama?
That seems to be the meme on Dailykos. Obama supporters vs. the "true" Liberals who don't support Obama. If that's the case, I am proud to be one of the "fringe"
USArmyParatrooper 04/27/2011 203 21 - 240
AP: Budget "tricks" helped Obama save programs from cuts
Just saw this on Yahoo News. By ANDREW TAYLOR, Associated Press – 2 hrs 59 mins ago WASHINGTON – The historic $...
USArmyParatrooper 04/12/2011 182 111 3 865
Major DK4 Bug?
I'm having major bug issues with my ASUS laptop using Windows 7 - It started when I was logged in and debating in a Diary I made related to Bradley Manning. My computer suddenly shut off, and when ...
USArmyParatrooper 04/02/2011 57 7 1 418
Let's have a rational discussion about Manning's treatment
Although my opinion will anger many on DKos, I still must speak my mind. Quite often when I debate this subject accusations such as "torture apologist!" will run rampant. Let me be clear. ...
USArmyParatrooper 04/01/2011 297 31 2 481
US demanding gay rights support at UN body
US demanding gay rights support at UN body By BRADLEY KLAPPER, Associated Press – Mon Mar 21, 8:...
USArmyParatrooper 03/22/2011 37 23 - 136
Gaddafi Compound Struck
It's breaking now. Building in Gadhafi compound possibly struck by cruise ...
USArmyParatrooper 03/20/2011 4 4 - 225
US Army DADT Repeal Training Slides
I've heard quite a bit of discussion around the company that as of now , Don't Ask Don't Tell has been repealed. That didn't make sense to me because I assumed such a thing would be huge news.
USArmyParatrooper 03/18/2011 93 22 1 226
DoDEA students score above average in tests
I'm posting this article from the Army Times because I think an important question is... why? I've always believed that the main reason our kids are so far behind other countries has less to do with ...
USArmyParatrooper 03/17/2011 29 10 1 142
Obama says he's not caving on tax cuts (Video)
Can we all just put down the torches and pitchforks for a minute? I'm just sayin.... Video is in the link.
USArmyParatrooper 11/12/2010 340 67 1 95
I'm back
Several months ago I decided to leave Dailykos after a Diary made the Rec list that I felt was disparaging toward service members. I've decided to come back.
USArmyParatrooper 11/07/2010 40 51 - 47
Dailykos Social Experiment: AAR on Obama
Greetings, all. I think we're all aware of one divide Dailykos has among its members - and that's Pro vs Anti Obama crowd. The arguments between both sides are multilayered, but they ultimately boil ...
USArmyParatrooper 05/29/2010 110 13 2 31
A Soldier's Perspective of DADT
Since Don't Ask Don't Tell has been such an important issue, one in which President Obama has received criticism, I felt I should give my own perspective on the topic. I generally try to tread ...
USArmyParatrooper 04/29/2010 175 40 - 47
Dailykos is NOT a Liberal Blog
Yes, that is correct. And I say that as a self described Liberal. Recently Dailykos member 'The Termite' made a Diary politely ...
USArmyParatrooper 04/27/2010 343 103 1 54
Lesbian Student vs Mississippi School
I think we can all remember the extreme social pressures that students face in high school. The social atmosphere can be extremely volatile, and the pressure to be accepted by peers can be enormous.
USArmyParatrooper 03/12/2010 9 8 - 88
Healthcare: "Against The Will of the American People!"
This argument has always been an annoyance with me. The GOP pumps lies and fear into the American public, enough of those lies stick, and then the proclaim the Democrats are trying "ram this down ...
USArmyParatrooper 03/11/2010 29 17 1 37
I am Back from Iraq
Greetings, all. I haven't blogged in a while because I've been in Iraq and quite busy. I just wanted to drop a line saying I'm back and to check in with you guys.
USArmyParatrooper 11/16/2009 301 775 5 250
Colbert Visits GI's, Shaves Head! (update x2)
Stephen Colbert tapes his show from a combat zone ala Baghdad, Iraq. He even got his head buzzed in keeping with US Army regulation AR 670-
USArmyParatrooper 06/08/2009 299 572 6 236
"Tip of the Hat - Wag of the Finger"
USArmyParatrooper 05/16/2009 41 37 1 167
"And in the Right Corner, Barack Hussein Obama!"
Do you all remember all of the hoopla about Obama being weak and "selling us out" when he smiled and shook hands with Hugo Chavez? And I'm sure you can all remember the chest beating that took place ...
USArmyParatrooper 04/30/2009 15 17 1 27
TOP INTERROGATOR: Torture was Unnecessary
I was browsing through the news just now and I ran across this gem. Apparently they were already getting useful information before the torture began.
USArmyParatrooper 04/24/2009 13 14 2 2
Breaking: What We Learned from Torture
The infamous al-Qaeda leader known as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed had been hiding in plain sight operating and planning terrorist attacks under the alias "Ron Jeremy", a Whitehouse official announced ...
USArmyParatrooper 04/23/2009 12 5 - 3
Is There a God? Why I Believe
I fairly recently watched Bill Maher's movie 'Religiousless' and I loved it. Much to my surprise a fellow Soldier in my company also loved it, and he is a devout Christian. But he's also one of the ...
USArmyParatrooper 04/11/2009 394 30 3 21
Hello from Baghdad: Questions Answered
In my last Dairy, Hello from Baghdad , I spoke briefly about how my deployment is going so far. Many of you had words of ...
USArmyParatrooper 02/12/2009 113 249 2 29
Hello from Baghdad
Hi, everyone. I haven't written in a while so I thought I would check in. I've had a few interesting experiences and I've also gotten to know several local nationals. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ...
USArmyParatrooper 02/05/2009 187 486 6 29
Democrats and the Military
For a while now I've noticed an ideological rift among Democrats, Liberals, or whatever label you prefer for the left side of the isle. The purpose of this diary is not to start a flame war. It's ...
USArmyParatrooper 11/15/2008 25 9 2 1
Military women NOT charged for Rape Kits
I just got done reading and commenting on the diary making the (false) claim that the military charges for rape kits. Apparently it was debunked (title uncorrected), and quite frankly, I question ...
USArmyParatrooper 11/11/2008 87 106 - 168
Obama Rally, My Deployment, and an Apology
Hello everyone. There's a few subjects mixed into one Diary, so bear with me. Edit: On the rec list? Thanks everybody for your show of support.
USArmyParatrooper 11/02/2008 171 556 7 35
Palin Prank Call
From two notorious comedians in Canada, live, on the radio. How many clues did they have to give and she still didn't catch on!
USArmyParatrooper 11/01/2008 37 17 2 19
Welcome McCain supporters!
OK, being the military-minded person that I made an account on John McCain's official campaign website. I frequently use McCain's site as well as Obama's to debate their official positions on ...
USArmyParatrooper 10/28/2008 32 16 1 1
Palin: More Misleading Smears? Yes, Please
So it turns out riling up the angry mob backfired on McCain. As I'm sure most of you have seen by now, he actually had to tell one of his ignorant supporters that Barack Obama isn't Arab. As if it ...
USArmyParatrooper 10/11/2008 25 29 1 23
John McCain is Destroying his Legacy
On such an epic level it's hard to wrap your mind around it. Think.... LONG TERM.
USArmyParatrooper 10/09/2008 31 22 - 14
I'm changing my vote to John McClane
It pains me to make this very difficult decision. But my conscience won't let go any other way.
USArmyParatrooper 10/05/2008 39 3 2 -
McCain/Palin want Constitutional BAN on Abortion
It's on record. It's undeniable. Spread the word that they are lying when they say it's only about states' rights and strict interpretation of the Constitution. John McCain and Sarah Palin are both ...
USArmyParatrooper 10/04/2008 7 11 - 1
The Troops Donate more to Obama than McCain
I'm sorry if this is old news to some, but I just found out. And I'm pleasantly surprised, but not too surprised. In a previous diary,
USArmyParatrooper 09/29/2008 176 511 15 42
Addressing McCain on Veterans Issues
After watching the debate I have to speak up. I am a currently serving veteran of the Iraq war who is soon to go back. Senator McCain, with all due respect, you do NOT speak for me. And just as you ...
USArmyParatrooper 09/28/2008 44 68 11 30
Across the scale John McCain has turned 'the Straight Talk Express' into a bad punchline. From persistent lies about Obama's tax proposals to falsely portraying Obama as a sexual deviant. From the ...
USArmyParatrooper 09/14/2008 18 25 - 27
ONCE AGAIN: (on National Security) OBAMA WAS RIGHT!
Here's just a few of what Obama was right about off the top of my head. Feel free to add your own and I'll add them to the list.
USArmyParatrooper 09/11/2008 44 38 1 20
Army Suicide Rate could TOP the Nation
This year, as CNN reports. It would be the firs time since Vietnam, a prolonged war that had its ranks filled with draftees. This is significant. Under normal conditions the US Army (and the ...
USArmyParatrooper 09/10/2008 11 21 - 4
John McCain didn't get the memo (important update)
I am fricking pissed off to no end at the cheap, dirty tactics the McCain camp is using with these "rescued"... I mean STOLEN flags from the DNC. How dare you? How dare you reduce our flag- the one ...
USArmyParatrooper 09/07/2008 42 52 - 18
Obama: HUGE bounce among Clinton supporters
According to Gallup: Obama Gains Among Former Clinton Supporters by Frank Newport PRINCETON, NJ -- ...
USArmyParatrooper 09/03/2008 52 54 - 16
A discussion about POLLs
A recent CNN poll showed "no bounce" from the speech (after McCain's VP pick) but Gallup shows a six point lead. So I went to the Gallup website to look into how they conduct their polls. I'm ...
USArmyParatrooper 09/01/2008 10 1 - -
I actually spoke with an army Captain who blogs on right-wing blogs, and expressed (polite) disagreement about Obama during a casual discussion. Before I begin, I want to make this clear since ...
USArmyParatrooper 08/21/2008 40 26 2 19
Hi, guys. Not back yet.
I'm still at the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, Louisiana. We're finishing up and getting ready to head back to Fort Bragg in the next few days.
USArmyParatrooper 08/18/2008 121 289 1 17
UPDATE #2: I'm Deploying
I recently gave an update on my PCS move to 82nd Airborne. I've learned that I am definitely deploying to Iraq "sometime around November." We're about to leave for dinner so this Diary will be ...
USArmyParatrooper 07/19/2008 154 248 3 37
I'm giving the New Yorker a pass
Today when I first saw the headlines and saw the cover I had the same "WTF" reaction that most people had. But then...
USArmyParatrooper 07/14/2008 170 22 - 28
A Quick Update
A couple diaries ago I wrote that I'm PCSing (permanent change of station) back to Fort Bragg, NC with the 82nd Airborne.
USArmyParatrooper 07/11/2008 34 35 1 28
David Plouffe Strategy Briefing
I'm sure most of you are on Barack Obama's email list (yes, that includes you Scarlett Johansson). If you're not, you need to go to his website and ...
USArmyParatrooper 06/28/2008 8 20 2 87
July 10th I report back to Fort Bragg
Since March 10th, 2006 I've been on recruiter duty in California. Now I get to go back to Fort Bragg, North Carolina where I met my wife. She's happy that she gets to go back to her family. My ...
USArmyParatrooper 06/25/2008 53 33 - 42
This Soldier's view of John McCain's experience
The only issue where John McCain scores higher than Barack Obama in the polls is National Security. I think it's pretty clear this is for two reasons. The Republicans tend to exude bravado in their ...
USArmyParatrooper 06/18/2008 32 45 4 17
Let's talk about SEX
ISM On MYDD there seems to be a lot of tit-for-tat about Hillary Clinton and sexism in the media, sexism here and sexism everywhere. The subject has also been brought up a few ...
USArmyParatrooper 06/15/2008 38 5 - 2
Not Another UNITY DIARY!
Yes, I'm doing one. With a twist because there's a few subjects I want to address.
USArmyParatrooper 06/13/2008 1 3 - -
McCain Makes strong argument he's NOT Bush-3
I'm not sure how we're going to counter this but ideas are welcome. We're in trouble. :o(
USArmyParatrooper 06/12/2008 23 22 - 44
President Barack Obama: make it happen
I'm off to the beach in a little bit. I've decided to donate a recurring $10 per month to Obama's campaign. Before I leave I want to write a quick plug to encourage others to do the same. Obama is ...
USArmyParatrooper 06/08/2008 2 3 - -
OBAMA and the Military
Being a longtime military member and also being a Democrat has given me a rather unique perspective. The military has always been viewed to be very... Republican. This has been kind of a soar ...
USArmyParatrooper 06/03/2008 32 25 - 14
Olive Branch Campaign (Please Rec)
On MYDD "upstate girl" posted a diary talking about what is allegedly an internal memo leaked from the McCain Campaign. I'm going to post ...
USArmyParatrooper 06/02/2008 23 15 - -
Did anyone else notice at the hearings the Clinton camp kept calling Obama's name omittion a "failed strategy"? They unknowingly admitted Clinton flat-out lied and nobody picked up on it.
USArmyParatrooper 06/01/2008 38 25 1 21
My Case before MYDD regarding MI and FL
I wrote my first mydd diary and I figured I would cross post it and open the discussion here as well. It doesn't seem to sway any opinions, I guess I'll have to work harder :o)
USArmyParatrooper 05/31/2008 30 16 1 25
An Update for the Marine "Jesus Camp" Hysteria
A few diaries have been made exposing a controversy over Marines passing out coins in Fallujah inscribed with a verse from a Christian bible. Having spent six years in the Marine Corps reserves, and ...
USArmyParatrooper 05/30/2008 70 38 1 22
Hillary Clinton's Greatest Hits
I want to buy whoever made this video a beer.
USArmyParatrooper 04/17/2008 9 3 - -
OMG Iran is training al-Qaeda!
I wrote a previous diary about McCain deliberately twisting Obama's words on Pakistan. But now I'm seriously wondering if ...
USArmyParatrooper 03/19/2008 28 6 1 -
Gay Iranian to face Deporation.. then EXECUTION
So 19 year old Mehdi Kazemi is an Iranian seeking asylum since his country systematically executes homosexual. His ex-boyfriend was a victim of this very practice. Please get the word out on this. ...
USArmyParatrooper 03/13/2008 220 327 - 25
Your chance to SING with the President!
All together now... READY? Edit: A little background. That really is President Bush singing at a black tie event, no cameras allowed. They didn't count on cell phones that can record. Or the ...
USArmyParatrooper 03/12/2008 9 5 2 -
+1 for Markos, but slight disagreement
In another diary it was discussed whether, "once a Republican, always a Republican" is a fair statement. Two points to make. 1: I do think most of us agree this is simply not true. 2: There is ...
USArmyParatrooper 03/04/2008 54 13 - -
Bush vs. Obama
So McCain is going after Obama, the sitting President! is going after Obama. And it looks to me like the Republicans are worried. I figured I'd dive in with some thoughts to share and ...
USArmyParatrooper 02/29/2008 15 6 - -
'POOF!' goes my respect for John McCain
There was a time, not long ago, that I had deep respect and admiration for a man who's political opinions I merely disagreed with. That man is Senator McCain.
USArmyParatrooper 02/23/2008 65 29 1 14
How about an Obama/Clark (General Wesley) Ticket?
IMO it's the winning combination. Has this been discussed before? All of our strengths, none our our weaknesses.
USArmyParatrooper 02/10/2008 196 24 5 22
Berkeley, Code Pink.. Fodder for the GOP
I would like to expand on Vanceone's Diaries here and here .
USArmyParatrooper 02/07/2008 99 4 1 6
NOT your typical Global Warming argument
This was so eloquently put words cannot even describe it. This was forwarded to me from a friend. If it has been previously posted my apologies. I'll let the video speak for itself.
USArmyParatrooper 12/20/2007 18 12 - 10
Bill would ban military slot machines
A little background. There is a program in the military, common referred to as MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation). The basic principle is that it provides those three things, in various forms, for ...
USArmyParatrooper 12/15/2007 28 14 - 142
Today is a day of remembrance. To think about those who have served in wars past. To think about those who are overseas right now. And of course to think about their families. Pictures will be ...
USArmyParatrooper 11/11/2007 22 20 - 14
Loosely Interpreted Arabic Terms Can Promote Enemy Ideology
On occasion we will receive emails regarding Operational Security. This article was sent out to us as a bulk email submission. It's a very interesting article and in my opinion it's very insightful.
USArmyParatrooper 10/14/2007 22 22 1 31
Limbaugh's "phoney soldiers" comment, the transcripts
First I'm going to put it right out there. I can't stand Rush Limbaugh. I'm also a liberal Democrat, with the one exception of having completely different views about the military from the far left.
USArmyParatrooper 10/01/2007 115 9 - 34
An article on the SPC Jeremy Hall story, and some info
The MSNBC story clarified a few things. There's some editorial comments from myself that I originally tried to include in the Intro. But it was too many characters so I included them in the body.
USArmyParatrooper 09/26/2007 14 3 - 8
The Evil Military Industrial Complex
Yes, that was sarcasm. First let me begin by saying this website has been a pleasure. I became a member as a result of the "Cobert Bump". Occasionally I'll throw in a post asking people to back off ...
USArmyParatrooper 09/22/2007 140 12 - 41
Directly from Obama
I'm sorry if this has already been posted, and I don't have any of my own editorial comments to add. I'm on Barack Obama's mailing list, and he sent this out in an email. I thought I would share his ...
USArmyParatrooper 09/14/2007 27 9 - 10
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