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Wingnut on Joe Biden: "Let me go get my gun"
Folks, I've been a bit busy this summer. Those of you who have read my work know I stopped seeking work in the public sector to build a catering and concessions company. With the help of the Kenyan ...
UntyingTheNot 08/01/2014 54 136 2 -
Bigots on Troll Patrol - Heads Explode Over First Gay NFL Player Kissing BF on TV (Video)
As many of you probably already know, there was a breakthrough yesterday after decades of concern over the concept of homosexuality in the masculine atmosphere of the NFL: Michael Sam made history ...
UntyingTheNot 05/11/2014 56 40 - -
Police Brutality in my Home Town: Tasering the Wrong Man Worth $270000
When you grow up in a small town, you are taught to respect the local police force and to expect similar respect in return. When everyone knows everyone, blatant disrespect towards officers and any ...
UntyingTheNot 04/30/2014 13 29 3 -
Boycott Racism: Cut the Clippers UPDATES - Clippers Considered Missing Playoff Game!
As a NBA fan since the Magic-Bird days, a sports fan in general, and a human being with enough brain to both notice and deplore racist filth when I see it - I'm calling for a boycott of all ...
UntyingTheNot 04/26/2014 56 18 - -
Onward to Instagram: Unleash the Biden!!!
The Biden has been unleashed in a whole new environment - Instagram Land! From the News Journal : Vice President Biden is now an Instagrammer. Biden joined the photo-centric social media site ...
UntyingTheNot 04/16/2014 8 8 - -
More War With Less Benefits: Are We Asking for Soldier Suicides?
I've been deeply disturbed by two trends concerning our military and its soldiers over the past decade. Neither has much to do with my tendency towards isolationism or deep distrust of the military-...
UntyingTheNot 04/16/2014 53 50 1 -
Polling Urges Progress on Marijuana, Mid-Atlantic Responds
As covered in news around the region, it appears that legislation to decriminalize marijuana (or at least soften penalties) will be headed to Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley's desk! What fate it ...
UntyingTheNot 04/06/2014 11 11 - -
Hey Koch-Heads: Stop Cutting Our Bootstraps
Here we are in the land of the 1%. It's their world - you just work here. I'm talking about the world where women make 82% of what men do and where we've stopped improving that number over the ...
UntyingTheNot 03/30/2014 3 11 - -
First Doctor Visit in Five Years: Why Repubs Want Us Broke or Dead
I went to the doctor for the first time in five years today. Although I'm young, I had neglected a couple of health issues for at least a year. I couldn't afford care and was left hoping none of ...
UntyingTheNot 03/26/2014 224 553 14 -
A Lurker Returns For Good- A Few Thoughts and Thanks
Two years ago, I drafted a single diary on Daily Kos concerning the troubling impact the recession and conservative economic policy were having on young people. To my amazement, it was received well.
UntyingTheNot 03/21/2014 46 109 - -
Destruction of the American Dream - and of a Republican Meme
A quick belated thank you: I just returned home from a busy day with the family, complete with Super Bowl festivities, and decided to jump on here to read a bit and see if I had got any more ...
UntyingTheNot 02/05/2012 95 168 4 1033
Remembering Senator Byrd
When I was young, literally any problem or concern – be it local, regional, statewide, or national – that was voiced openly in the community or in private amongst friends got the same ...
UntyingTheNot 07/02/2010 11 12 - 184
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