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Media Porn and SBUC Killings
This post is not about gun control or the insane rantings of "Joe the Plumber" which have been covered exhaustively on Daily Kos. No this is about the enabling media frenzy that feeds ever more ...
Vegas Dave 05/30/2014 6 2 - -
Creigh Deeds and 60 Minutes
Just finished watching the 60 Minutes interview with Creigh Deeds covering the attack on Deeds by his son Gus and the failure for states and insurance companies to cover mental illness. The tragedy ...
Vegas Dave 01/26/2014 5 18 - -
Mary Matalin on Bill Maher
Is it just me, or was Mary Matalin totally toasted tonight? I watched a woman try to articulate her positions, but came away thinking she's drunk. Just have to ask, what does Bill provide in that ...
Vegas Dave 01/17/2014 39 11 1 -
Put A Living Wage On The Ballot
Every election we talk about GOTV and how to motivate Democrats to come out to vote. Every time raising the minimum wage is put on the ballot, Democrats vote in greater numbers. With all the voter ...
Vegas Dave 12/06/2013 3 3 - -
JPMorgan Chase and an open letter to Nevada's Congressional Delegation
Today we learn about yet another investigation into JPMorgan Chase & Co. This one is an FBI investigation into whether several JPMorgan employees tried to impede an investigation into alleged ...
Vegas Dave 09/04/2013 1 3 - -
Worried About His Own Ass, Ken Cuccinelli Turns On Bob McDonnell
Cuccinelli who once had high hopes of clinging to the coat tails of the once popular Bob McDonnell, now sees the only hope for being elected Governor of Virgina by turning on his mentor. Hat tip to ...
Vegas Dave 08/26/2013 8 28 - -
Nevada Rep. Mark Amodei (R) Challenges Climate Change in a Letter to a Constituent
My friend Launce Rake, a writer for Las Vegas CityLife forwarded this letter sent to him by a friend. The letter sent out by Nevada Representative Mark Amodei was in response to a letter Amodei ...
Vegas Dave 08/16/2013 46 25 - -
Benghazi: You Can't Make This Stuff Up, Or Can You
Quote of the Day from Shakesville :"Some of the accusations, I mean you wouldn't believe some of this stuff. It's just—I mean, you've got to be on Mars to come up with some of this stuff."—An ...
Vegas Dave 05/23/2013 5 1 - -
A Letter From A Friend
Sent to me by a friend. A Note to Red States: We're ticked off at your Neanderthal attitudes and politics, and we decided we're leaving. We in New York intend to form our own country, and we're ...
Vegas Dave 11/07/2012 2 - - -
Romney Hispanic Robo Calls
Just received my umpteenth Romney Robo Call this afternoon. With Nevada being a swing state and the non-stop TV ads running 24/7 it shouldn't be a surprise. What does concern me is the targeting. ...
Vegas Dave 10/25/2012 4 1 - -
I Turned Down Work With American's for Prosperity Today
I haven't had an income for over a year now and have job applications and resumes all over the place. I finally applied through several temp agencies here in Las Vegas and was offered a temp job ...
Vegas Dave 09/18/2012 27 54 - 289
GOP Presidential Candidate's Rights Equal Right Group Starts Amway Boycott
Towleroad reports Out Gay GOP Presidential Candidate Fred Karger's Rights Equal Right organization has launched a boycott of Amway . Fred Karger's organization Rights Equal Rights has ...
Vegas Dave 08/03/2012 8 10 - 89
Today's Barrett/Walker Banner
Is it just me or does the picture on the right look like Walker is really enjoying pinching his nipples? Just asking.
Vegas Dave 05/31/2012 2 1 - 72
Christian Monoliths And Politics
The current Christian religious foray into politics which has been going on for the past 30 years or so beginning with Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority during the Reagan era would have everyone ...
Vegas Dave 05/24/2012 4 8 - 37
You Know You're A Christian Top 10
A friend of mine sent this to me and I thought I'd pass it along to Kos readers. With all the recent "Christian" outrage over Dan Savage's speech to journalism students it seemed like a good time to ...
Vegas Dave 05/04/2012 48 21 1 382
Koch Brother's Intimidation Tactics
There have been several instances of the Koch Brother's attempting to silence critics through cease-and-desist letters from their in-house lawyers. Glenn Greenwald is one of the latest. These ...
Vegas Dave 04/10/2012 4 2 - 113
Maggie Gallagher: How To Talk About Same Sex Marriage At Thanksgiving
Crazy Maggie Gallagher of American Principles Project's Culture War Victory Fund and late of National Organization for Marriage has a new video out with talking points defending discrimination ...
Vegas Dave 11/24/2011 11 8 - 103
The Poor Have Always Subsidzed The Rich
The dirty little secret nobody talks about is how the poor have always subsidized the rich. A century ago it was best displayed by trans-Atlantic ocean transport. Today it's banking and social ...
Vegas Dave 11/10/2011 5 9 - 51
Remeber Quemoy and Matsu
In 1960 the world turned on the issue of Quemoy and Matsu. Two islands in the China Sea. Fifty years later, nobody even knows why.
Vegas Dave 08/23/2010 18 7 - 37
Thank You NN10 For Visiting Las Vegas
Thank you to everyone who came here to Las Vegas for the Netroots Nation confab, party, good time, ect. We appreciated the chance to show you a good time and hope you let all your friends and ...
Vegas Dave 07/27/2010 4 5 1 26
Arayan-zona..Shame On My Birth State
Watching all the Arizona Republican legislators falling all over themselves to prove their right-wing extremism, one has to ask if they truly understand the fall-out from what they have done. ...
Vegas Dave 05/03/2010 5 7 - 27
Goodbye Democracy, Hello Oligarchy!
Well it was fun while it lasted, you know, that whole democracy thing. After yesterdays ruling from SCOTUS in Citizen United vs. FEC, we can kiss the rights of everyday Americans good-bye.
Vegas Dave 01/22/2010 12 6 - 207
$9,135 Tax Penalty For Being Gay
My partner of 27 years just received his W-2 for my medical insurance for $9,135 of taxable income. This penalty would not happen if we were husband and wife.
Vegas Dave 01/20/2010 26 31 - 33
In Defense Of Socialism
At all these Birther/Bircher/Tea-Bagger parties, one theme crops up repeatedly. Well, more than one, but most of the attendees can't explain the difference between Socialism, Fascism, Communism, or ...
Vegas Dave 09/17/2009 74 9 - 105
Nevada Republican Free For All To Run Against Reid
The list of Republicans wanting the chance to run against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid continues to grow. Nevada State Republican ...
Vegas Dave 09/04/2009 7 1 - 26
Obama Just Lost My Support
Today's support for DOMA by the Obama DOJ was a travesty. Gay Marriage was equated to pedophilia and incest by an administration that was supposed to bring change.
Vegas Dave 06/12/2009 520 31 - 23
Win a Gun Playing Poker
With all the wingnuts (Beck, Bachmann, etc.) calling for insurrections, do we really need a local tavern offering free guns? Living in Las Vegas is different from any place I've lived. But even for ...
Vegas Dave 04/09/2009 3 1 - 12
Time to Trademark "The Maverick"
Let's change the vernacular on the McCain program. It's time to change the way we refer to John S. McCain. To start with, let's go after his strongest symbolism, "The Maverick".
Vegas Dave 09/19/2008 7 1 - 1
Borrowing from Karl Rove's Playbook
The one thing Karl Rove talks about again and again, is play to your opponent's strengths, not his weaknesses. That being said, the Obama campaign needs to start attacking John McCain's perceived (...
Vegas Dave 09/10/2008 13 - - 3
Democrats need more then a spine
Are you as disgusted as I am with the caving into George W. Bush's demands by DINO's as I am? Perhaps the problem isn't a lack of spines, but the lack of other body parts. So let me introduce you to ...
Vegas Dave 11/14/2007 12 1 1 1
Airlines Dream UP Ways to Increase Revenue
Airlines are starting to act like banks and charge us for every lousy service they provide. One wag speculates it's only a matter of time before we're getting weighed and charged a fuel allowance. I ...
Vegas Dave 05/10/2007 16 3 - -
Bush's Hollow Veto Threat
Bush makes a hollow threat to veto the supplemental spending bill passed by the house. GOOD!
Vegas Dave 03/23/2007 12 6 - 1
Nevada State Chair and Fox News
The recent flap over the Nevada State Democratic Party planning a debate between the Democratic contenders for President on Fox News is not creating that many shock waves here in Nevada. After all, ...
Vegas Dave 02/25/2007 28 4 1 2
Why Hillary not!
In 2008 we will have lived through 20 years of rule by two families in this country. Isn't it about time for someone else? This doesn't even include four years of Daddy Bush as VP. We have four ...
Vegas Dave 01/21/2007 36 - - 4
Another E-Coli outbreak
Every few months it seems we get to read about another e-coli outbreak at another fast food joint. We never seem to get answers as to how the outbreaks started. The latest outbreak at some Taco ...
Vegas Dave 12/05/2006 33 6 - 5
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