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How would you feel if a county property Tax Collector charged $77,300 to find your address where they have been sending mails for over a decade and your address has never changed? Likely not good! ...
Verdi 04/02/2015 13 3 - -
Gun Control Will Come....
The gap between poor and the rich widening. The gun control will come when the wealthy realizes that the poor can take away their wealth with guns.
Verdi 08/31/2014 24 2 - -
Let's plant a seed Republicans on this 4th of July!
Following link was posted in a discussion board. It was observed by many Republicans as humorous! It is a gross, sick video showing a person with different opinions getting killed and then the ...
Verdi 07/04/2014 2 - 1 -
Benghazi and Captured Suspect!
Conservatives Quickly Label Latest Benghazi News A Distraction! Well, you would think that Republican/conservatives would be happy with the capture of a suspected terrorist….right? Wrong! Those ...
Verdi 06/18/2014 5 4 - -
Climate Change Denial! Here we go again!
There is a new Climate Change denial ‘study’ started to circulate in right wing. It was supposedly done by some scientist in Texas University. Scientist, today, has proven that if the ...
Verdi 06/16/2014 6 3 - -
Iraq Mess!
I had written following excerpts (edited) on 3/9/2011, more than 3 years ago in regards to how oil investments could be effected in Iraq versus another, somewhat unstable, country. ~ “Kurds are ...
Verdi 06/15/2014 20 - - -
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