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Ferguson's Timothy Zoll on Unpaid Leave, Awaiting Discipline
Timothy Zoll, the Ferguson Police Department officer who called the Michael Brown memorial on Canfield Drive " a pile of trash in the middle of the street ," is on unpaid leave awaiting discipline. ...
VetGrl 12/27/2014 25 49 - -
Ferguson Police PR official calls Michael Brown memorial "a pile of trash in the street"
According to an article in the Washington Post , on Christmas day someone ran over the memorial for Michael Brown set up in the middle of Canfield Drive, the spot where the young man's life was ...
VetGrl 12/26/2014 120 191 - -
Ferguson Grand Jury: Prosecutors Ignore Jackson's Mention of SCOTUS and Deadly Force
Remember how prosecutors distributed a copy of Missouri’s deadly force statute that included an unconstitutional provision ? The one that was handed out the day Darren Wilson's story would be ...
VetGrl 12/23/2014 15 26 - -
Ferguson Grand Jury: Witness Index with Cross-References to Testimony and Links to Statements
Below is a comprehensive witness list from the Ferguson grand jury. Here's a legend for some of the information: "CSD" means Crime Scene Detective. "DD" in the last column means "Document Dump." "
VetGrl 12/18/2014 42 127 11 -
Witness 40: The Rest of the Story, All the Way to the Bottom of the Bus
Witness 40, the woman who wants "to understand the Black race better" and "start calling them People." The woman who just happened to be at Canfield Green to see Michael Brown get killed. Plenty ...
VetGrl 12/15/2014 25 36 - -
Ferguson Grand Jury: A Witness Lies; A Truth about McCulloch is Revealed
During his November 24 press conference announcing that Darren Wilson would not be indicted in the shooting death of Michael Brown, Bob McCulloch made clear that the eyewitnesses were not a ...
VetGrl 12/10/2014 16 36 - -
"Ferguson Grand Jury Documents Withheld" (Updated w/Video)
A story released today reveals that Bob McCulloch did not, in fact, release all the evidence that was put before the grand jury. Among the items omitted: Dorian Johnson's two-hour interview with ...
VetGrl 12/08/2014 54 125 1 -
The Grand Jury was Instructed to Indict Michael Brown
Yes, you read that right. The grand jury was instructed to indict Michael Brown for assaulting a police officer. Not technically, of course, because Michael Brown is dead. This is from Sheila ...
VetGrl 12/05/2014 33 123 1 -
That Missouri Deadly Force Statute? The Story Just Got Worse
By now you all know two critical components of how McCulloch and his team corrupted the grand jury proceeding in order to let Darren Wilson walk. First, the prosecutors gave the grand jurors a copy ...
VetGrl 12/03/2014 87 250 5 -
Daily Kos Memorial Roll Call for 2013 (Vol. 2)
A wanderer dances the dance of stars and space [NASA] If we liken our planet to the universe, Daily Kos is but a solar ...
VetGrl 01/01/2014 46 64 1 -
We Are All Newtown: Baby Teeth
I remember way back, when my now 21-year old daughter started losing her baby teeth, feeling a little bit sad about the transition. Of course, the first tooth was exciting; she got to believe that ...
VetGrl 12/14/2013 35 39 - -
Central Ohio Kossacks: Meetup Photos!
Central Ohio Kossacks had their third meetup yesterday, this time at The Tap Room in the historic German Village area, just south of downtown Columbus. There was good conversation and lots of ...
VetGrl 03/24/2013 24 35 1 -
Central Ohio Kossacks MEETUP Reminder: Saturday, March 23, The Tap Room in the Brewery District
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (A quick programming note: A new Daily Kos group, In Memoriam , will publish its first diary on Sunday, March 17, at 9:00 p.m. EDT. The diary is a collection of tributes ...
VetGrl 03/16/2013 5 8 - -
Central Ohio Kossacks MEETUP: March 23, 6:00 at the Tap Room
Details Confirmed! MEETUP Saturday, March 23, 6:00 p.m. (Doors open at 5:30) The Tap Room in the Brewery District 150 W. Sycamore St. Columbus 43215 Don midwest took on the task of ...
VetGrl 03/07/2013 13 13 1 -
Central Ohio Kossacks MEETUP: March 23 at 6:00-ish p.m.
The votes are in... MEETUP Cheering Up VetGrl Edition Dinner on Saturday, March 23 6:00ish p.m. We have two open questions: What end of town and is 6:00 okay with everyone? Silvia ...
VetGrl 03/03/2013 27 10 - -
Central Ohio Kossacks MEETUP: Cheering Up VetGrl Edition
Like all parents, I tried to raise my daughter with certain values and ambitions. One priority was to instill in her a sense of adventure. "Get your ya-yas out while you're young," I'd say. "...
VetGrl 02/24/2013 32 17 - -
Here are your parasites and terrorists, m*therf*ckers
VetGrl 12/15/2012 251 688 21 5
Central Ohio Kossacks Dessert & COKtails MEETUP: This Friday
MEETUP: Holiday Dessert & COKtails Friday, December 14 at 6:30 p.m. Mozart's Bakery & Piano Cafe 2885 N. High St. Columbus, Ohio 43202 (614) 268-...
VetGrl 12/12/2012 7 9 - -
Central Ohio Kossacks: Meetup Photos and Save the Date for Holiday COKtails
MEETUP: Holiday Dessert & COKtails Friday, December 14 at 6:30 p.m. Mozart's Bakery & Piano Cafe 2885 N. High St. Columbus, Ohio 43202 (614) 268-...
VetGrl 12/02/2012 32 39 - -
Central Ohio Kossacks: MEETUP Saturday 11/17
MEETUP: Saturday, November 17 at 2:00 p.m. Champps Americana Worthington 161 E. Campus View Blvd. Worthington 43235 These folks will be there : VetGrl CayceP fantomas Kurt from CHM lilypew ...
VetGrl 11/15/2012 7 8 1 -
Central Ohio Kossacks: MEETUP
MEETUP: Saturday, November 17 at 2:00 p.m. Champps Americana Worthington 161 E. Campus View Blvd. Worthington 43235 I don't know anything about this restaurant's politics, but the place is * ...
VetGrl 11/11/2012 26 13 1 -
Once More for the Ladies: Why We're Mad as Hell and MUST WIN
Because of this: I think I've said time and again that I'm a pro-life candidate and I'll be a pro-life president. The actions I'll take immediately is to remove funding for Planned Parenthood. It ...
VetGrl 11/05/2012 16 14 1 -
It's not hormones or the vapors. I'm just really f*cking mad.
Because of this: I think I've said time and again that I'm a pro-life candidate and I'll be a pro-life president. The actions I'll take immediately is to remove funding for Planned Parenthood. It ...
VetGrl 10/28/2012 63 102 2 2
Central Ohio Kossacks: Franklin County Dem Party Needs Phone Help
Central Ohio Kossacks is a collection of folks living in and around Columbus, Ohio. The "in and around" parts include, but are by no means limited to, Westerville, Whitehall, Gahanna, Reynoldsburg, ...
VetGrl 10/19/2012 7 15 1 -
Introducing Central Ohio Kossacks
### Join Kurt from CMH Liveblogging the Brown/Mandel Debate Liveblogging Has Begun Doors Open at 7:45 (No bottles, cans, kegs, or beer balls) ### Central Ohio Kossacks is a new group here at ...
VetGrl 10/18/2012 4 6 - -
This is What Paul Ryan's "Morality of Capitalism" Looks Like
They knew it could happen, but after crunching the numbers, the men Ayn Rand devotees would call society's producers decided that profit maximization required letting it happen: On May 28, 1972, Mrs.
VetGrl 08/31/2012 45 39 1 263
And with that, the camel's back broke
Freeloaders? Is that where we’re going now? Arguing that anyone who can afford to but doesn’t buy insurance lacks personal responsibility and simply expects to be subsidized by the decent ...
VetGrl 07/02/2012 75 27 - 480
Ms. Malkin, you forfeited your right to complain in 2005
La Feminista brought to our attention that Michelle Malkin is complaining about Obama and his alleged disregard for the people of Colorado and making squishy love gestures toward firefighters and ...
VetGrl 06/29/2012 20 25 - 307
Dear Tim Carney: Pucker Your Silly Lips and Kiss My Feminist Ass
Tim Carney, you can kiss my silly, distraction-inducing, feminist ass. From the video posted in Olympia's diary, MSNBC Tamron Hall vs Right Wing Tim Carney Follow Up , transcribed to the best of ...
VetGrl 05/12/2012 104 224 1 989
Marriage, Romney Style: Sexism and "Marrying Well"
By now, everyone's familiar with S.E. Cupp's praise of Ann Romney's decision to "marry well." In her piece, The Smartest Choice Ann Romney Made , Cupp said: But while liberal women may praise Ann ...
VetGrl 04/23/2012 96 89 - 660
Sexism: The Enduring Stranglehold of the Domestic Sphere
A few weeks ago, I wrote a diary on sexism . In it, I tried to highlight the "pedestal effect" of sexism, which is the notion that women, though oppressed, are actually in a higher and better ...
VetGrl 04/15/2012 24 23 1 173
50 Years: A Tribute Diary
Fifty years ago today, my mom and dad ran off and got married. They were both just short of 21 when they got married. A couple of years later, my sister was born and then came me. Mom wanted ...
VetGrl 03/30/2012 30 35 - 167
The idea for this diary has been rumbling in my brain for a few days. It was BoiseBlue's diary, " Childless by Choice. My Little Rant. " that made me decide to put the idea into words. There's ...
VetGrl 03/18/2012 69 120 1 660
Abortion & The Democrats' Steadfast Equivocation
Not too many days ago, I said this: Tell me why the Democrats abandoned us, even as the Republicans were making clear their full-on assault against women. Somewhere esle I complained that having ...
VetGrl 02/23/2012 21 13 - 107
Woman vs. "The States"
This diary will be brief because the point is simple: The GOP has creamed us on framing issues. All of Santorum's blather about states having the power to prohibit birth control reminded me of one ...
VetGrl 02/21/2012 5 21 - 85
Woman. The Personal Is Political.
The outrage is turning into steely resolve , uniting us in sisterhood and lighting a fire within us to fight back. In 1970, Robin Morgan wrote:** Women's liberation is the first radical movement to ...
VetGrl 02/18/2012 23 26 1 126
Woman, Interrupted (Update II)
Might I please say that from Komen to Issa I have been angry. Might I add that we have, without challenge, granted the word "liberty" to the right, and that makes me angry. You're surprised by ...
VetGrl 02/16/2012 158 241 4 1141
“This Place Sucks!” said UID 12735 (updated)
Jesus Christ, people! Do you know how many times this site has jumped the shark? Do you know how many times it became something that just wasn’t like it used to be? Do you know how many ...
VetGrl 11/29/2010 143 41 - 58
It Ain’t All about Obama. Seriously.
There’s a good deal of pie being thrown about over President Obama. You know that, of course. But in the thousands of comments from the loyalists and the disappointed I’ve yet to see ...
VetGrl 11/17/2010 51 21 - 51
Armed Man Wanted to Meet Obama
I saw this on the local news this morning, but no diaries or front page items. HuffPo has a story :
VetGrl 04/26/2010 28 17 1 77
Feminisms: Democrats, It's Time to Stand Up for Women
Let me start with [ a little bit of data] (pdf): Women have voted at higher rates than men in every election since 1980, ...
VetGrl 05/16/2007 131 52 1 31
Hey, Rush. Read this. I dare you.
Hey, Rush. Shut your fucking mouth about Elizabeth Edwards for just five minutes. There's something I want to tell you. You don't get to sit your fat ass down in your radio studio and talk about ...
VetGrl 03/26/2007 286 555 10 40
Borrowing the Safety Net
"A credit card can be a great safety net if people know how to use it." Tracey Mills, American Bankers Association [
VetGrl 01/19/2007 16 17 2 136
"'Honors for' Lieberman"
A few days back, Jackson Williams posted [ a piece] at the Huffington site about Senator Biden's presidential ...
VetGrl 01/14/2007 10 4 - 2
A Buckeye's Confession
As I write this, Ohio State is about four minutes from the end of a thorough trouncing in the BCS championship game. It's a bummer, to be sure. I was born in Columbus, lived there most of my life ...
VetGrl 01/08/2007 56 5 - 3
Hello, Cruel World, and Thanks, DKos Community
2006 was a roller coaster ride for me personally and one casualty of everything that was going on was my ability to participate in the DKos community. I went from commenting to lurking to complete ...
VetGrl 01/06/2007 29 22 1 5
CNN Is So Biased
VetGrl 10/25/2006 27 5 - 3
He said, "I hate feminists" and the shooting started
VetGrl 10/03/2006 32 25 1 11
Foley: It's the alcoholism
VetGrl 10/02/2006 21 2 - 5
Dead is Dead
VetGrl 07/17/2006 19 10 - 11
YOYO: Debt Collection
VetGrl 07/10/2006 22 18 - 9
It's Been a Hard Day
VetGrl 07/06/2006 36 24 - 10
2006: All Key Issues on Display in Ohio
VetGrl 06/12/2006 14 7 2 2
Bankruptcy Reform Part 2: Why This Law Sucks
VetGrl 06/05/2006 19 5 1 2
Ohio House Sets Hearing on Total Abortion Ban (Updated)
VetGrl 06/04/2006 33 21 2 186
Some Much Needed Background on Bankruptcy Reform
VetGrl 06/02/2006 33 35 45 154
What you can do about NSA spying
VetGrl 05/28/2006 13 14 - 14
Another national database: Am I overreacting? w/poll
VetGrl 05/25/2006 29 34 2 163
The Non-Negotiable Demands of Human Dignity
VetGrl 05/23/2006 5 9 1 -
'Shut up & listen. Maybe you'll learn something'
VetGrl 05/17/2006 356 501 15 36
Delphi worker strike will destroy the world!
VetGrl 05/12/2006 17 14 2 141
Context: HUD Secretary & the Fairytale Land of the GOP
VetGrl 05/09/2006 3 2 1 -
Cost vs. Worth: A Useful Talking Point? w/Poll
VetGrl 05/06/2006 42 14 3 152
A Necessary Resurrection: Robert Ingersoll
VetGrl 04/15/2006 15 6 3 232
There you go again, Mr. Blackwell
VetGrl 04/12/2006 9 5 - -
We Were Warned -- by Supertramp
VetGrl 04/08/2006 18 7 1 3
Taxes = Investment: Got a Story to Tell?
VetGrl 04/07/2006 23 15 - 31
Some Ohio Poll Numbers
VetGrl 04/01/2006 6 6 - -
GOP Renegade?
VetGrl 03/31/2006 8 6 - -
Information on DeWine Surveillance Bill
VetGrl 03/25/2006 11 4 - -
Five weekly speeches
VetGrl 06/30/2004 2 - - -
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