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Memorial Day
Vetwife 05/22/2015 20 18 - -
Rick Scott may have to climb in the clown car to get respect...Ha !
I am feeling a little blue today so bad news for Scott always cheers me up. Scott cannot get anyone to ...
Vetwife 05/20/2015 13 10 - -
The Scary part of the trip to DC...Rest of the story
Vetwife 05/14/2015 23 19 - -
DC trip 2015...Legislators, ambassadors, Cspan and Dr. Reid..Oh my !
Vetwife 05/06/2015 24 18 - -
Video of Florida Cop shooting in Feb..emerges..1 day after SC video
This is an ongoing problem. I am sickened over this kind of law enforcement. This is going to have to be stopped. Our media needs to be attending at least 911 calls.. Jim Crow is alive in 2015. ...
Vetwife 04/09/2015 61 118 1 -
Florida Has a Plan to Eliminate Public Education
This is surreal in almost mind boggling consequences. Pretty soon the only children attending public school will be the poorest of the poor and the teachers will be anyone willing to work for ...
Vetwife 03/27/2015 177 220 8 -
Florida Medicaid fraud? and where is my 15 dollars?
I am not in a good mood. I am going to get that right out front and when I am not in a good mood, a problem in Florida can get a lot of attention from me and anyone I contact. I am not in a ...
Vetwife 03/09/2015 18 29 - -
Attention Florida Activists.... We need some Territory Leaders
Vetwife 02/28/2015 40 19 - -
Family or Job? Choices of a single Mom
Vetwife 02/27/2015 7 12 - -
Civil Rights Icon Dr. Fergie Reid deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom !
Vetwife 02/25/2015 15 26 - -
Rick Scott being sued by Tampa Bay Times and other News sources
Rick Scott is just teflon so far but thanks to the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times, they are trying very hard to make his corruption stick somewhere. The 10 times Pultizer Prize winner, The ...
Vetwife 02/24/2015 26 98 - -
Another Oops...Jeb... Jeb..Jeb...Here comes the dirt !
Lobby, Medicare, Florida, terms like bagman...
Vetwife 02/20/2015 164 203 3 -
Jeb in favor of the Iraq war via email 2003...Oops !!!
No matter how hard Jeb tries to distance himself from his ...
Vetwife 02/19/2015 54 49 - -
Daily Kos saves lives and more....Do you even know how much?
Vetwife 02/12/2015 59 86 1 -
You know what this anti vaccine and no handwashing is about...?
I have given this some thought and it disgusts me because I think I am spot on. This Rand Paul, and other idiotic power people are saying, We do not need any government regulation whatsoever on ...
Vetwife 02/03/2015 170 207 5 -
Let's talk Measles and Vaccines
Vetwife 02/03/2015 17 12 - -
Help !!!!!
I just got a call from lbyard who Jack accompanied to the VA today re bereavement of her husband consult...... He was transferred to SOME hospital..possible Cardiac chest pains... No one called from ...
Vetwife 01/28/2015 21 36 2 -
How Low can she go? HA! HA! HA !
Seems the Audience and the GOP had heads hung low yesterday when Sarah the Queen of Soap Drama has fallen off her box again. Where is Bubblenomics when you need a million ...
Vetwife 01/25/2015 158 107 - -
Pass the Popcorn... Rick Scott has trouble with his own including Bondi
Vetwife 01/22/2015 13 18 - -
Being Sick and Broke and Aging or Old.. dental and vision need to be included in insurance
This is a picture of me taken just this past Saturday after etensive oral surgery.... This is what happens when there is no dental insurance for the gets pretty rough !!!!! If ...
Vetwife 01/22/2015 29 20 - -
Guns on campus? Yes Florida again !
Vetwife 01/20/2015 58 19 - -
A Kossack Vet needs our thoughts and prayers !
Vetwife 01/03/2015 86 148 2 -
Why doesn't it feel like the Holidays? Is it just me?
I should have taken my 9 year old's Princess costume off Halloween night and drug out the Valentines and Valentine list. Is it just me? I do not see hardly any lights adorning the neighboorhood.
Vetwife 12/17/2014 80 39 - -
Wilson claimed he was against a Demon.. SC video and why we need cameras
Jail or Shoot.......... This stat is not up to date but disgraceful ! This South Carolina State Trooper is facing 20 years if convicted. The key word being IF......
Vetwife 11/25/2014 12 7 - -
Rural Ga..1975...and The Twist
As I think of Ferguson, Mo. I recall an opportunity I had and I dang sure took it and to think how it could escalate today tells me just how backwards we have gone. I had recently gotten a ...
Vetwife 11/18/2014 20 17 - -
Biggest Shakeup in History.. VA to fire 1000 and more !!!!!!
. Sec. McDonald reported on CNN yesterday that the VA is undergoing some big, and I mean BIG changes. President Obama Apointee Sec. McDdonald appeared on CNN and reported that many many people ...
Vetwife 11/11/2014 79 197 2 -
The Florida vote for Scott helped Jeb be the nominee for the GOP
I have no proof of this but I do have high speculation that this is the GOP strategy for 2016. Why would all of that money be dumped into Florida for a pleader of the 5th? Why would the ...
Vetwife 11/10/2014 41 8 - -
As I dust myself off... Veterans Day 2014
Daily Kos is a hub. It truly is a hub of activity and compassion, along with eyes who watch everything we do here in the way of political and work for causes. Veterans day this year has been a ...
Vetwife 11/08/2014 32 23 1 -
Florida Activists are Silent this Am because most of us are done.
In case some of you are wondering why Sem Dem and I have not written big articles about our Phoenix rise or how we will fight for political change, it is because we are really done in so many ways. ...
Vetwife 11/05/2014 20 27 - -
You have the power to be Mr. Smith for a day
There was an American hero in these United States and his name was James Stewart. James Stewart was an actor, yes but he was also a retired military man who was promoted to General before his death.
Vetwife 11/03/2014 15 12 - -
Rick Scott taps Blind trust..Miami Herald Questions it?
Look folks, not to pity party but truth straight up. If I can help GOTV with 2 hospital visits and a doctor visit just this past Thursday, along with abcessed tooth and severe bronchitis, yet ...
Vetwife 11/02/2014 8 26 - -
Po folks have little left except one huge thing !
The poor has got the power of the vote. They may have beans and cornbread if lucky and a few clothes to throw on their backs. They may struggle with the light bill and water and Lord knows they ...
Vetwife 10/28/2014 16 27 - -
Remember This? VOTE.. Vote..GOTV
When you have Alec, Big Money, Kochs, Crooks and affects the whole country Not just Florida. Please help. If you have one dollar..send it ..... We need all the help from every ...
Vetwife 10/26/2014 1 4 - -
Rick Scott skips depo today in California to attend Fundraiser..Contempt anyone?
WHAT? Deposition? I am Rick Scott ! I don't do depositions. Rick Scott does not think laws apply to him but he fumes over fans in debate rules? Rick Scott is supposed to be in ...
Vetwife 10/24/2014 47 133 1 -
So many Skeletons in Rick Scott's little time
Vetwife 10/23/2014 9 17 - -
I Want a Future ...Ad by my 9 year old
We know climate change is real. We know Rick Scott is destroying the environment. We know my 9 year old has a passion for and started Love Our Land Awareness. This is her Anti Scott Ad . She said ...
Vetwife 10/20/2014 24 35 1 -
A New Low for Rick Scott. Upsetting Abuse Victim Charity by running a Mocking ad !
Vetwife 10/17/2014 6 12 - -
Crist had a fan at his feet and Rick Scott threw a temper tantrum
Rick Scott's Mama would be so proud. At the debate, after not showing up for 7 minutes because Charlie Crist had an electronic device at the debate. Crist had A small 10.00 fan for cooling at the ...
Vetwife 10/15/2014 19 27 1 -
Scott hid TB patients, do some voters really trust him with Ebola?
Vetwife 10/15/2014 67 93 1 -
What's in your wallet Tricky Rick?
What is the matter with Florida voters who would even think of putting this Godfather of The Mafia back in the Statehouse to rob them even more so? A news article from the Tampa Bay Times ...
Vetwife 10/09/2014 10 17 - -
Rick Scott.. hates Moms and family in general
Vetwife 10/07/2014 4 18 - -
Vet problems? VISN to blame and Congress knew it...OIG reported it !
Well, seems General Shinseki fell on a sword for nothing.. All of you tea party screamers of Privatizing the VA.. Re ...
Vetwife 10/05/2014 18 26 - -
Rick Scott wants boys and girls separated in Class..ACLU intervenes
Did you know this? Did you know Rick Scott thinks boys and girls should be taught differently in public schools? Get your pretty little girls to sit quietly and do as they are told and let boys ...
Vetwife 09/21/2014 69 36 - -
From Rick Scott's church.. ROFL
Jesus once told the story of a kid who wouldn’t buy health insurance, wanted out of the house, and didn’t even like being part of the family anymore. He wished his father was dead and wanted an ...
Vetwife 09/18/2014 39 18 - -
Wake Up !!!! A rant about Crist vs Scott !
Vetwife 09/16/2014 46 27 2 -
Florida Kossacks.. Please attend Terri Wonder's Jamobree in Manatee County !
Vetwife 09/12/2014 5 5 - -
Shhh..Florida's King Scott builds Mansion on the backs of the poor and then hides the emails.
Vetwife 08/31/2014 16 38 2 -
Florida is Top of the List ( it appears) for Vet healthcare Failure..
The VISN MAP for all VA Facilities. USA today came out today with Flagged VA's and FBI Investigations. Gainesville has a wait list of over 4000 veterans ...
Vetwife 08/28/2014 12 11 1 -
FBI needs to check out Gainesville VA
I have been saying this for how long now? But we got new news that just beats all !!!! byardl has been posting about different situations in Gainesville at the mental health and substance abuse ...
Vetwife 08/23/2014 14 26 3 -
Unfit to serve and protect and how did police get that camera?
There is a question rolling in my head as I saw the latest eye witness report on CNN regarding a young 19 year old taking video of what was happening outside her new residence in Ferguson. She was ...
Vetwife 08/18/2014 24 18 1 -
It Really was that big a deal ...Florida 2014 Meetup !!
Vetwife 08/12/2014 29 35 1 -
Ya'll come ....Update
Well, I decided to add orange and blue ribbon and hope no Gator fans show up.that aren't kossacks or kogs.. Will try and get a sign with our banner on it to point to the Meetup on adjoining roads...
Vetwife 08/07/2014 14 23 - -
Florida Kossack Meetup, Disabled Vets and why Meetups are important !
As you know, we have meetups all across the nation and this one started out pretty much like all the other meetups but somehow it kinda snowballed and we are very ...
Vetwife 08/03/2014 41 22 2 -
Fl Meetup update.. Short diary..lots of Info
August 9th.. Inverness, Florida. DC Koller ....US Congressional Candidate FL against Nugent... speaking after 1:30 PM listening to any and all voices with concerns re this state. We have folks ...
Vetwife 07/29/2014 19 20 2 -
Attention Florida Kossacks !!!
Give me your ears, and your eyes and your attendance PLEASE !!! I have a pretty big announcement here.... This is ...
Vetwife 07/22/2014 58 34 2 -
Meetup plans Florida !!! I need some volunteers !
I have posted since September quite a few diaries about a Florida meetup but no one ever settled on a place or time. Sem Dem did a shoutout back some time ago and today I decided after ...
Vetwife 07/21/2014 23 16 - -
So Congress Finds VA Scandal new? Really? Testvet knew it would be an Obama Gotcha ! He was right
I received a phone call from Mrs, Testvet today and she and I are planning a visit here at our home this week. I went back and reread some of Mike's old diaries. I thought I remembered most ...
Vetwife 07/20/2014 28 36 1 -
Yes Ricky, they are laughing at you !!!
Just when you feel like you ...
Vetwife 07/16/2014 22 24 1 -
KFC / Update on Toddler and pit bull attack..
This story is beyond disgusting.. What a wonderful display of more southern hospitality. KFC in Jackson Mississippi asked a scarred child from a pit bull attack to leave the restaurant as she was ...
Vetwife 06/14/2014 242 171 2 -
Round 2 for MsSpent Youth and update via Sara R
The blockquote is all from Sara R's original diary. There was 800.00 raised so far. The goal was 3000.00 Now I know some of you are saying.. Wow.. this is Vetwife's diary and not Sara's. There ...
Vetwife 06/12/2014 23 34 - -
Prove it... I can make that happen ... Why is the right making this trouble viral?????
The conspiracy nuts and libeterians and Tea Party are passing a viral video and report that an unnamed, anonomous whistleblower has said Administrators at a North Carolina VA said to shoot older ...
Vetwife 06/08/2014 8 17 - -
Frontal Attack on Ga Courthouse.. How is that new law working for you Ga?
Are you surprised? I'm not. Breaking from CNN. Man tries to open carriy Assault rifle into courthouse in ...
Vetwife 06/06/2014 105 162 - -
Wow... do you have the wrong number or what?
I was finishing up supper when the phone rang. I look at the caller ID and it has a 770 area code. Of course I am going to answer it, I mean I have kids up there with a 770 area code. I notice ...
Vetwife 06/05/2014 112 293 1 -
Dear Advocate..VA vets says Shinseki not problem.. VA Managers !! Chaos reports flooding in
Well I woke up to a mess. Calls pouring in from veterans on how this firing of Shinseki is not going to help. They are angry at the regional level of VA operations and privatizing is NOT the ...
Vetwife 06/02/2014 63 151 4 -
Rick Scott to sue Feds because he wants Control over VA inspections
This diary is not very long but of course Rick Scott wants control. He knows EVERYTHING about corruption and healthcare. God Help us in Florida if this money grabber goes back into the ...
Vetwife 05/31/2014 21 20 - -
Gainesville VA added to The Cook Book list ..Sen Nelson weighs in
I agree with Senator Nelson on this summation and it is not like I have not been coming here trying to inform folks about the Gainesville VA. Three have been placed on admiinistrative leave after ...
Vetwife 05/27/2014 11 11 - -
Bring Us his Head Nor Privatizing will solve the problem. And Will Make it Worse !
Vetwife 05/23/2014 21 15 - -
Dear Fellow Patriots..
This is what a letter from one of the 30 Million probably looks like to his fellow rebels. To whom it may Concerne or Patriot Revolt Leader: I know this RSVP is late but my wife won't let me ...
Vetwife 05/19/2014 3 6 - -
Shady in the Sunshine State.. Scott Again..Flying above the law
We have got to vote this crook out of office. He gets away with the largest medicare fraud fine in history, making people sick and poorer, he is now again facing more questions about his flying ...
Vetwife 05/19/2014 3 16 - -
Florida Purism ! Really? From a Ranting !
Vetwife 05/11/2014 77 97 - -
Mothers Day Laugh...The names have been changed to protect the embarassed !
Vetwife 05/07/2014 17 15 - -
Breaking News... Massive shooting : FedX, Shooter and Ga. Surprised with those laws?
Shooter had a bigger gun... these gun toters under new law depended on 100 cops or more.. The law is useless Well it did not take long for the new Ga gun laws to bite them. Now I know ...
Vetwife 04/29/2014 264 255 2 -
40 DEAD VETERANS and a secret list Phoenix
You guys remember last November when my husband and I appeared on a CNBC Documentary Death and Dishonor ...Crisis at the VA. Well this thing is getting worse but not from the top. The states VA ...
Vetwife 04/23/2014 35 52 2 -
Tea Party Militias plan American Spring
Tell me again how these people are not terrorists? I wrote about this several days ago and went poking around some teahadists sites and saw this rhetoric but RW watch is reporting in more detail.
Vetwife 04/19/2014 498 287 5 -
A Kossack did this video...Good stuff !
i was watchng the work and effort that went into this production called Zero Dark Dirty and it really shows the hard hitting message of the militarization of our police force and the oligrachy of ...
Vetwife 04/18/2014 8 9 - -
Is this Domestic Terrorism or not? I say yes !
Vetwife 04/17/2014 34 30 1 -
This Time Last Year, You, Me, OPOL and Thanks !
It was almost one year to the day I was down and out ...
Vetwife 04/12/2014 20 31 - -
Need advice on IRS BS !!!
My son has a small carpet cleaning ( self employed) carpet cleaning business. He earns less than 18,000 a year. He had gotten in touch with an advocate because this is all just bull. In 08 he had ...
Vetwife 04/10/2014 24 12 - -
Is Rick Scott flying above the law AGAIN?
The news today out of Florida according to Sem Dem's diary ( which can be found here was rather disturbing and of course Florida would be the place ...
Vetwife 04/05/2014 38 36 - -
CHARLIE GRASPSKI needs 30 more signatures on this petition !
We know about the killing of the homeless man in New Mexico. I am requesting that we sign this petition from his diary the other day. If not us, who? If not now, when? We cannot allow murder ...
Vetwife 04/05/2014 3 13 - -
Go figure...When was the last time you saw a toothpaste commerical?
This has gotten ridiculous. Big Pharma, Big Insurance and the Automobile industry OWN the airwaves. Oh yeah..when was the last time you saw a pepsi commercial? Every now and then you will see a ...
Vetwife 04/02/2014 281 144 2 -
The UN has done a report on the USA..
While we spend many hours and days talking about the things this country does in the name of democracy, the UN had a few things to say about us. I wondered how long it would take other nations to ...
Vetwife 04/01/2014 53 195 6 -
It is getting ugly out there with these damned better than thee folks !
OK, I have got to calm down a bit because I came so close to slapping a republican right in the mouth today. I don't advocate violence but this one hit every single "I can be a witch" button I have.
Vetwife 04/01/2014 29 37 - -
A good example of Class war... What's your Daddy's name dear?
I normally can not read this kind of rubbish but it is just so bizarre...I had to post it and say, We really really need to get rid of some people in power if this is an example of justice. We let ...
Vetwife 03/30/2014 16 18 - -
March 30 is Welcome Home VN Veterans Day
I want to take this opportunity to do what President Obama suggested 2012 on the 50th anniversary of the ...
Vetwife 03/29/2014 16 14 - -
The South has never been liberal
I see folks on here a LOT, say we need liberal ..REAL progressives in places like Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, etc. The culture in these more red than blue areas will not and I repeat..will ...
Vetwife 03/26/2014 158 108 3 -
Rick Scott's Florida bruises a special needs Kossack's child !!!
THIS JUST GOT REAL PERSONAL TO THIS FAMILY !!! I am shaking as I write this ! whatgodmade just called me. Her 8 year old came home from a special needs school today covered in bruises as he ...
Vetwife 03/19/2014 98 106 2 -
How do you rent a color? A question I had in the 60's
Vetwife 03/16/2014 105 24 - -
This great man speaks to the people today !
Do not let the accomplishments of the past be challenged and end? ( paraphrased) This man spoke as clearly about the Healthcare need and unemployment and social security as surely as if he hit ...
Vetwife 03/14/2014 12 12 - -
A stolen song and Mama
Yesterday was my Mother's birthday..March 11th and she would have been 89. She died 10 years ago. I wrote a song in 73 about a phone coversation she and I had in the middle of a turbulent time. ...
Vetwife 03/12/2014 10 5 - -
My idea of how to build the economy !
First of all I am not an economist. I am not even an investor or understand anything about money markets. I do understand being part of a corrupt system designed it appears to keep some people ...
Vetwife 03/08/2014 12 12 - -
Rick Scott profited from shipmates, only served 29 months, Hero for a day and more !
Yes there was a war raging in Vietnam but Rick Scott was on a ship selling soda to his shipmates at double the price. This greedy one was cruising around making money off his fellow servicemen.
Vetwife 03/03/2014 19 22 - -
Shall we Pray? AND reserve the right to refuse service..Ga ..Ga. Ga !!
Yep there it is.. Good ole Carroll County and why I was surrounded by idiot legislators and voters and why I moved. Here you go..I get more stuff from that local paper than people know. This is ...
Vetwife 02/27/2014 12 7 - -
Stumbling in the Dark ! It is not a recession or recovery !
The money changers dim the lights slowly and before you know it you are stumbling in the dark without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Austerity is here. It only takes one ...
Vetwife 02/27/2014 2 18 - -
Sundown Towns..Meet my good friend Keith !
This is Black History Month as you know. Keith Beauchamp, a dear friend of mine is showcasing his documentary on Sundown Towns.Feb 24th on the Discovery Channel. I remember when Keith was working ...
Vetwife 02/22/2014 5 14 - -
The fox is in the henhouse in Florida
We have some bigger problems (if possible) in Florida. What would you think our chances of getting rid of Scott or any other republican when it is discovered that unsecured sheds with voting ...
Vetwife 02/21/2014 13 33 1 -
State of Georgia escalates ! They rush to catch up with Florida
Well I don't have to say much here...The article from Carrollton, Georgia says it all. It was Lynn Westmoreland who called the president uppity. The Ga house has passed a huge SYG law regarding ...
Vetwife 02/19/2014 85 50 - -
NRA..Daddy Dunn...Phone calls Released ..
The apple does not fall far from the tree. Daddy Dunn , is this big right winger and sonny got all things from Dear Old Dad. Daddy fired the first lawyer Robin. (He THINKS) Actually in the ...
Vetwife 02/18/2014 11 12 - -
I hate that thug music...BANG !
All you have to do in the State of Florida is just get really angry about the color black and you think you have a license to kill. That Trayvon Martin case worked out so well didn't it? I mean ...
Vetwife 02/04/2014 50 27 - -
When know how isn't enough
There was a time I am quite sure that MONEY was not the dominating factor on who was going to win a race. I am sure there was a time it did not shape policy. I am sure there must have been an ...
Vetwife 02/03/2014 5 8 - -
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