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PLEASE VOTE! $ 25,000 Grant In the Balance: We Need Your Support for Joy Through Art
JOY THROUGH ART. Remember that name. JOY. THROUGH. ART. Essentially, that's all you need to know about this post, until you get to the end. JOY THROUGH ART. Art, music, dance and theatre. ...
VickiStein 05/13/2014 11 5 - -
Brandon Dillon. He Speaks, You Listen
Brandon Dillon Nails This This is a passionate, articulate speech about what went down in the Michigan House yesterday. I am proud that Brandon is my representative. What happened in Michigan is ...
VickiStein 12/06/2012 5 12 - -
Call to Action! Michigan House Passed Right to Work Law
The Michigan House has passed "Right to Work" legislation by a vote of 58 to 52. Calling all Michiganders! We have FIVE days to swarm our state senators with phone calls to object this legislation.
VickiStein 12/06/2012 9 14 1 -
Buying Your Way to...Where?
My friend, Thers (he's been around the liberal blogosphere forever, and he's a damned good writer), chief blogger and brilliant proprietor at Whiskey Fire , poses a question about Romney's math. He ...
VickiStein 11/04/2012 6 4 - -
Countering the Argument They Stuff Down Your Throat
What I don't like about the political climate right now is that it reminds me of 2000, when you voiced your opinion and were called crazy and unhinged. The Republicans are reverting to the same old ...
VickiStein 10/18/2012 12 1 - -
Don't Bother Calling, ET: No One Is Home. Grand Rapids Unemployment Jobless Appeals Office to Close
I am a 52 year old professional, educated woman. I was born, raised and live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My position was "eliminated due to restructuring" in March, along with a few others in my ...
VickiStein 09/25/2012 67 122 1 738
CNN: It's Not Clinton (Updated)
CNN is now reporting that sources close to Hillary Clinton say she is not the Democratic VP Candidate. UPDATE: Here's the ...
VickiStein 08/22/2008 125 4 - 38
At 6:45 PM CDT, Al Gore will be addressing the Economic Club of Chicago at the downtown Hyatt Hotel following dinner. From where I sit, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that's approximately 1 hour and 20 ...
VickiStein 10/17/2007 279 144 4 7
I just checked on the Draft Gore web site, and the petition has now received 200,111 signatures! This is impressive, given the fact that the push for ...
VickiStein 10/13/2007 177 164 6 43
Blocking Dissent: My Phone Calls to Freedom's Watch
On my way home from work on Wednesday, I was scanning the AM radio channels, as I usually do, and found myself listening to Sean Hannity -- I do it so you don’t have to -- on WOOD 1300 in ...
VickiStein 09/06/2007 9 15 - 39
Politics of the Michigan Anti-Gay Marriage Ammendment
VickiStein 10/25/2004 6 - - -
Image Matters
VickiStein 10/09/2004 6 - - -
Catholic Church: GOTV Tool for Bush!
VickiStein 09/20/2004 14 1 - -
White House Denies CREW's FOIA for Contacts with Swift Boat Veterans Group
VickiStein 08/27/2004 35 65 - -
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