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Don't get mad, kid.
"Fuck you," you say? Let's not forget that your average employee is worth less to the company than they're paid. The ones who get laid off especially so.
Vincenzo Giambatista 03/14/2009 52 2 - 2
Eviction: The Release
A young friend of mine, a graduate student, (we'll call her J to protect the innocent) finds herself in the unfortunate position of living in rather downscale housing. I've often heard stories about ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 03/04/2009 36 3 - 17
February 12th. A fine day. One I remember well. I remember, reviewing a bit of Dostoyevsky for the lecture that afternoon, that I opened my window to get a whiff of the uncharacteristically warm ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 02/16/2009 53 - - 21
Where's John Edwards on stimulus?
If you'll allow me a brief diary, I simply want to pose a question. In view of the, shall we say, "full-throated" support given by this site and its readers to John Edwards' heroic primary campaign, ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 02/15/2009 153 3 - 19
Today, my maid lost her job.
I don't normally talk much about my maid, Consuela, but she's been with me a long time. Some five or six years now, I think. Being a rather young individual who left industry to pursue the pensive ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 01/22/2009 154 5 - 27
Strike while the iron is hot, folks. Bush is already out of office, so if there were ever a time when those spineless losers in congress could be induced to finally do the right thing, it's now.
Vincenzo Giambatista 01/20/2009 55 6 - 16
rofflecopter, etc.
lol @ top rec'd diary. srsly. "Blaming the victims"? People who were making less than 50k a year and got to live in mansions for several years, then finally get kicked out are victims, you say? ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 01/06/2009 45 1 - 1
He who laughs last laughs loudest
If this old saw is true, I imagine Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman is laughing pretty hard right about now. As some may recall, I donated to the Lamont campaign when canvassed. Hell, I even ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 11/19/2008 4 - - 78
Hope we can believe in
Over the past eight years, we have been treated to a period of highly ideological politics. Every sort of rightwingery has taken the center stage of American politics, from supply-side economics, to ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 11/12/2008 4 - - 3
Larry Summers and Why I Supported Obama
I supported Obama not just at end of the primary when it became clear he was going to win, but from the beginning of the primary when most here were so devoted to the pandering phony, John Edwards. ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 11/06/2008 6 - - -
I voted for John Edwards.
I woke up this morning early as I do every election day and made my way to my local polling place here in New Haven, itching to cast my ballot. The issues of importance to me were health care, Iraq, ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 11/04/2008 87 1 - 26
omg, srsly grnny dc!
i wuz readin dkos 2day to find out wut ppl were crying about and who lost there job and whoz prnts died n i saw grnny dc's diary and i wzu all like f'real granny!
Vincenzo Giambatista 10/25/2008 12 7 - 2
Joe the Plumber sucks. (Updated)
We hear a lot about a certain "Joe" somewhere in the "heartland" of "Ohio" last night. This god damn son of a bitch is supposed to stand in for the masses of American workers getting the proverbial ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 10/16/2008 16 1 1 10
Sarah Palin: Wouldja?
Good evening, Gentlemen (and around here, I suppose, I disproportionate number of Ladies). It's been quite a week in the world of American politics. To those so keenly attuned to such things as ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 09/28/2008 47 1 - -
FINALLY! People on the internet love Wesley!
I don't know about you, but back in the halcyon days of the late eighties and early nineties, I was quite a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan. I'm not afraid to admit it. It may be nerdy, but it ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 08/19/2008 16 3 - -
I love to say I told you so.
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Vincenzo knows.
Vincenzo Giambatista 08/08/2008 51 3 - 27
John Edwards sucks.
Now listen, I don't know the dimensions of outer space, but if the National Enquirer stories about John Edwards turn out to be some cosmic accident, I'd like to think this means the universe is on ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 08/06/2008 109 1 1 15
Renewing my New Yorker subscription
Call me superficial, but when the Atlantic ran a cover with Britney and my subscription was running out, I decided that they would need to beg me to resubscribe (and now that they have to a ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 07/13/2008 159 19 1 23
Kirchick, Lake get it wrong on the "nutroots"
An amusing post at TNR from the notorious Jamie Kirchick. I suppose this is your typical TNRism, ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 07/03/2008 3 2 - 18
What ever happened to Keith Olbermann?
As a longtime fan of the MSNBC network and the Keith and Wesley show in particular, I am somewhat dismayed to see Keith's disappearance from these pages in the past two weeks or so. It's a rare ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 06/26/2008 72 4 - 184
[Updated!] Where is John Edwards on FISA?
There's a man known around here for his commitment to progressive causes. A leader pushing for change against all the corporatists, Republican _and_ Democrat. This is a man who has made his way in ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 06/20/2008 9 1 - -
Why Kos shouldn't apologize.
I read with some interest the dozens of posts about Kos's teeth post. I was quite literally shocked when I saw them. Kos's piece was the product of some effort and deliberation on his part. He ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 06/05/2008 61 8 2 -
When will Edwards endorse Obama? Today, it seems...
In another profile in irrelevance, Edwards has finally meandered his way to the endorsement that was obvious six months ago. ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 05/14/2008 36 1 1 6
Is our national nightmare finally ending?
As Americans, we have grown up relatively safe from the perils of foreign aggression that have weighed so heavily on the minds of those outside our borders since time immemorial. But the stinging ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 04/30/2008 11 3 - 8
In an Absolut Wikipedia
Dear fellow liberal blogging types, If you read Matthew Yglesias or John Cole or any of several other respectable bloggers, you've heard about the Malkin-sphere freakout over that Mexican Absolut ad.
Vincenzo Giambatista 04/11/2008 29 1 - 2
Vincenzo's Tuesday predictions:
Texas: Obama 45 Clinton 54 Ohio: Obama 47 Clinton 52 Vermont: Obama 60 Clinton 40 Rhode Island: Obama 48 Clinton ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 02/28/2008 73 3 - 2
Why Hillary's Comment Stings My Soul
The first American politician I admired in my life was called "the Man from Hope." He ran on a unifying platform and an inspiring life story. Here was man who came from a broken home with an abusive ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 02/24/2008 49 9 1 4
A Night of the Long Knives for Hillary supporters approaching?
As Hillary's odds at winning the nomination become increasingly slim and the volume of despairing diaries lashing out at so-called "Obama cultists" increases, one's mind drifts to what will happen ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 02/17/2008 135 6 - 10
Why I'm voting for Barack Obama
It almost goes without saying, though that won't stop me, that Barack Obama is a singularly gifted politician and brilliant man with a remarkable story and American experience. But that's not why I'...
Vincenzo Giambatista 02/04/2008 6 8 1 -
Ahahahaha... HA *cough* Ha *cough* Baahhahahaha!!!
I'm sorry, everyone, but I just saw something that made me smile. Not so much smile as chuckle. Well, maybe laugh. Out loud, even. Cackle. Uncontrollably. You see where I'm going here. [Update]
Vincenzo Giambatista 01/30/2008 88 3 - -
Getting hit by an anvil is funny... Right???
You know, one of the disturbing images of the nineties, for me, was watching a news program showing the Clinton family watching, amongst other things, a Roadrunner cartoon. Now putting aside the ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 01/28/2008 98 6 1 1
Wishing John Edwards Well...
You know, sometimes it's hard to believe the perceived opposition actually hopes you do well, maybe even cover the spread, knock down some of _your_ opposition. Sometimes we let the fights of the ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 01/27/2008 7 8 1 -
ROFL: Edwards edges out Kucinich, Richardson
It's official: The Democratic primary is a three way race.
Vincenzo Giambatista 01/19/2008 43 8 - 7
Why Edwards' campaign stings my soul.
Unlike some of you here, I remember the Bush years. I remember years of demagoguery, erosion of civil rights, insane foreign policy, and fundamental failures to protect US national security ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 01/17/2008 70 6 - 1
John Edwards: Will you prosecute BushCo? I mean, really prosecute them?
We've all heard the rhetoric, the big talk, the fiery speeches -- but where are the specifics? How do we _know_ you will prosecute fleeing rats of Bush's sinking ship to our satisfaction? You see, ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 01/06/2008 17 2 - -
Losses and the Losing Losers who Lose them.
When for nearly a year you've made an occasional pastime of criticizing the wishful thinking, the sophistry and illiteracy at the base of the vast majority of the arguments against one candidate in ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 01/04/2008 3 - - -
The Kos of Death: Front page predicts Obama win in Iowa
As a frequent Obama voter and all around big time fan, it was with great sorrow today that I saw Markos' prediction that he would win Iowa. Indeed, I was getting excited, looking at the polls, ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 01/03/2008 32 7 1 1
How many times will you be voting tomorrow?
As a Connecticut resident, by law, I am not entitled to vote in the Iowa primary tomorrow. Indeed, by law, I am not entitled to cross the street in front of my flat without first going to the corner ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 01/02/2008 17 1 - -
When will Edwards endorse Obama?
This week, it seems, the talk has finally turned to what any keen observer has known all along, to what I think all of our guts told us from the beginning, especially those of the most vocal Edwards ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 12/11/2007 172 13 - -
Obama campaign implosion; HRC for Prez!!
As a straight white male, I am very mindful of issues affecting a tiny minority of citizens, especially citizens who face grave injustices. For example, recently Barack Obama brazenly allowed a ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 10/29/2007 62 5 - 19
Tasers: Excitement in your pocket
Call me libertine, call me decadent, but to these ears, the word "taser" evokes many a wild night in the stacks at my old Alma Mater with my favorite student organization. Yes, it's true a taser can ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 09/18/2007 13 2 - 1
Thoughts on this Obama business
In reading the discussion around here, one thing strikes me most of all: The Obama campaign is given absolutely no credit for having tried to work with this Joe Anthony character in the first place. ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 05/02/2007 76 15 1 7
Dana Perino: Where have you been all my life?
As many of you know (and don't care), Tony Snow was recently diagnosed with some sort of liver cancer and has had to take an extended leave from his post as White House Press Secretary. While I hate ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 04/21/2007 74 3 - 29
Official repudiation, please?
I realize there is a somewhat laissez-faire attitude toward the diary section amongst the management, but when you have people posting diaries crowing their indifference to the disease of political ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 03/27/2007 13 10 - -
A collaborative solution to the blogroll issue
I've been a keen observer of this site for many years and my observation has been that its strength lies not in its front page content, but the massive and dynamic nature of its diary and commenting ...
Vincenzo Giambatista 02/09/2007 7 1 - 2
Great. Now don't piss them off.
Vincenzo Giambatista 11/08/2006 14 2 - -
L'affaire Foley: What If...
Vincenzo Giambatista 10/03/2006 10 - - -
Kirsten "Danger" Powers vs. Michelle Malkin
Vincenzo Giambatista 08/29/2006 8 3 - -
[UPDATED!] Why we don't like Chris Matthews around here.
Vincenzo Giambatista 08/25/2006 150 11 - 8
Chris Matthews and the Credibility Gap
Vincenzo Giambatista 08/23/2006 41 1 - -
Michelle Malkin: Unbelieveable.
Vincenzo Giambatista 08/02/2006 67 1 1 -
On the ground in Connecticut.
Vincenzo Giambatista 07/28/2006 19 - - 33
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