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(Updated) News Anchor Has Hissy Fit Over "Defiant Nurse"
And the Ron Burgundy Award goes to ...
VirginiaJeff 10/30/2014 174 152 2 -
Bill Maher: Michael Brown was "acting like a thug"
I'll keep this short and sour. Bill Maher's pronouncements about Islam gave aid and comfort to the xenophobic rightwing, who took to the airwaves to crow that "even liberal atheists" agree with ...
VirginiaJeff 10/26/2014 179 15 - -
Crowd sourcing request
This isn't really a diary, so I apologize for breaking protocol. I'm currently having a heated online discussion with one Kathleen McKinley (and someone else, who's apparently a fan of hers.) ...
VirginiaJeff 07/16/2014 7 4 - -
Wish I got paid to make stuff up, just like Ed Henry!
I was watching the local news Wednesday night on a Fox affiliate here in Richmond, VA, when I heard something shocking: Democratic Sen. Mark Warner was in trouble!
VirginiaJeff 03/27/2014 7 17 - -
The drought ends! (I get a new chain letter.)
It had been a month. Maybe I'd finally pissed off enough people with my debunking replies, no one would dare send me any more right-wing chain letters. No such luck. Misery loves company. ...
VirginiaJeff 11/12/2009 25 14 4 206
Sotomayor & North Korea:  Coincidence?
That's pretty much the headline of an editorial by Ellen Ratner. Well, here's the ACTUAL headline: "The(sic) Is No Connection Between the Timing of the Sotomayor Announcement and the Trouble in ...
VirginiaJeff 05/28/2009 26 2 - 9
Tell CNN to correct its story
Under the headline "Bipartisanship Didn't Last Long For Obama," purports to answer this question: "What's the ...
VirginiaJeff 04/27/2009 12 6 - 33
Released from Guantanamo to kill again?
As mcjoan describes in her post The Myth of 61 and the Fear Wurlitzer , a ...
VirginiaJeff 01/23/2009 49 6 - 20
Rick Warren & choosing your battles
This is my first entry, so I'll probably make plenty of newbie posting mistakes. I welcome all feedback. I only ask that you show the strident "Wingnuts" out there (Anne Coulter, Sean Hannity, ...
VirginiaJeff 12/20/2008 138 12 1 29
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