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A small but important detail
Last week the Senate Judiciary Committee in Illinois unanimously passed HB 3552, which is an amendment to the Disposition of Remains Act which would allow transgender people to provide written ...
rserven 05/19/2015 10 29 - -
Hellraisers Journal: Mrs. Wells-Barnett Speaks at Chicago Meeting, Protests Race Prejudice in Strike
You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes. -Mother Jones ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Friday ...
JayRaye 05/19/2015 3 24 - -
Barnes and Noble sued for wrongful termination
Victoria Ramirez put herself through college working for Barnes & Noble. She worked herself up the ladder from bookseller to merchandise manager at a store in Irvine, CA. But when she began ...
rserven 05/18/2015 19 37 - -
Transgender students and eating disorders
For the first time ever the American Health Association-National College Health Assessment survey allowed students to identify as transgender. Out of this effort emerged Gender Identity, Sexual ...
rserven 05/17/2015 12 22 - -
Transgender Health Care
The American College of Physicians (ACP) is the second largest group pf medical doctors in the nation, behind the AMA. This past week the ACP has issued its positions on how best to support and ...
rserven 05/16/2015 17 26 1 -
Hellraisers Journal: John Reed and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Take On the Preacher Billy Sunday
You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes. -Mother Jones ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Saturday ...
JayRaye 05/15/2015 5 17 - -
Transgender women sue to donate plasma
Jasmine Kaiser has filed suit in King County, WA, Superior Court against CSL Plasma, Inc., a for profit company that pays donors for plasma as much as $200 a month because the company refused to let ...
rserven 05/13/2015 15 22 - -
Miley Cyrus? Really?
Perhaps I should start off with a personal note. When I was living in Arkansas after my transition, I used to run a LGBT group out of my home: Conway Prism. Although the group was mainly ...
rserven 05/12/2015 86 92 - -
SAVE Champion of Equality Awards
Last Friday, SAVE , a South Florida LGBT Equality group, presented its 2015 Campions of Equality recipients. This years recipients were Rodrigo, Heng-Lehtinen, donor services director for GLAAD, ...
rserven 05/11/2015 6 11 - -
Transgender protections pass at FCPS as hate erupts
After days ...
rserven 05/09/2015 17 45 - -
Congressional Research Service on being transgender in the military
The Congressional Research Service issued a report on April 28 which stated that the Department of Defense should seriously consider following the lead of the Justice Department, which at the end of ...
rserven 05/08/2015 12 19 - -
OSHA partners with NCTE re: transgender worker safety
OSHA and the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) have entered into an alliance to promote gender-appropriate restroom access. The agreement, signed April 27, is part of a larger OSHA ...
rserven 05/06/2015 3 20 - -
NYT Editorial board does transgender
On Monday the editorial staff of the New York Times launched a series about transgender rights. Transgender Today used up the entirety of the space usually used for editorials (usually three ...
rserven 05/05/2015 10 27 1 -
Kumu Hina
Hina Wong-Kalu is a māhū . That is the native Hawaiian term for a person who embodies both male and female spirit. In the language of Western culture a māhū would ...
rserven 05/04/2015 8 18 - -
Smith Trustees: Transgender women are women
The Smith College board of trustees has voted to accept that transgender women are women. The shift to a self-identification admissions policy at the women’s college in Northampton goes into ...
rserven 05/03/2015 22 38 - -
Hallmark jerks tears for Mother's Day
Hallmark has a new campaign for Mother's Day, #PutYourHeartToPaper Alex, a transgender man, begins with this: My mom is the most light, bright, positive person I have ever met in my life, and that'...
rserven 05/01/2015 12 22 - -
Data diving at Pew
Apparently Pew Research Center didn't want to be left behind in the transgender race, so Sara Kehaulani Goo dug up a survey from 2013 and spelunked in the data contained therein. The online survey ...
rserven 04/30/2015 14 20 - -
One thing the Bruce Jenner interview accomplished for the transgender community that we can point to as perhaps most important was bringing our plight to the forefront of local awareness. Across ...
rserven 04/28/2015 34 27 - -
The morning after
The Interview last night was...not a disaster. There was some doubt about that running up to the occasion. But Bruce did okay, for the most part. I mean, I could have written some o the words she ...
rserven 04/25/2015 25 31 - -
That Transjenner moment
(Re: the title I swear, I couldn't help myself. We all know someone was going to use it. I just thought I'd avoid the rush. It's a play on the CNN story from yesterday, America's transgender ...
rserven 04/24/2015 69 52 - -
Persistence, Consistence and Insistence
Background NBC has allotted time the last couple of nights to the subject of transgender ...
rserven 04/23/2015 3 14 - -
Survey Says: Visibility Matters
The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) commissioned Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research to survey likely voters about their knowledge of and attitude toward transgender people. In 2013 the Public ...
rserven 04/22/2015 3 14 - -
Transman leads Reader Voting in Ultimate Guy Contest
Aydian Dowling is a transman, originally from New York, but now living in Eugene, OR. Aydian is set to be the first transgender man to grace the cover of Men's Health magazine by winning their ...
rserven 04/21/2015 23 28 - -
Bigots propose bounty on transgender people using public facilities
A group calling itself the Privacy for All coalition has filed what they call the Personal Privacy Protection Act for consideration as a ballot initiative in California. The PPPA is indeed all ...
rserven 04/20/2015 48 82 1 -
Not Newsworthy
Media Matters has studied the network and cable news coverage of transgender issues for the first two months of this year. Anyone want to guess what they discovered? Network news spent 19 minutes ...
rserven 04/10/2015 6 18 - -
Stipe, John condemn treatment of transgender prisoners
Michael Stipe and Elton John issued a joint statement yesterday condemning the treatment of transgender prisoners in the state of Georgia . Transgender ...
rserven 04/08/2015 7 43 - -
An Enlightened Mayor
Last Thursday Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges gave the 2015 State of the City Address at the American Swedish Institute. She demonstrated what a progressive mayor can be. I intended to put the ...
rserven 04/07/2015 6 28 - -
DOJ intervenes in case of Ashley Diamond
The Department of Justice has filed a 19-page brief in the case of Ashley Diamond v Owens, et al. in a District Court in Georgia. Ms. Diamond, 36, lived openly as a ...
rserven 04/06/2015 30 117 - -
Check It
Dana Flor and her partner Toby Oppenheimer have been making a film . Their film ...
rserven 04/05/2015 5 17 - -
If it becomes a numbers game, we lose
The Williams Institute at UCLA has announced a couple of new studies it will be initiating lter this year, having received grants for the projects from the NIH. The Institute received a $3.4 ...
rserven 04/04/2015 9 16 1 -
Do you want a happy kid, or a dead kid?
ABC Nightline followed a transman (identified as Nathan Jones) through four years of transition, from age 14 through graduation from high school.
rserven 04/02/2015 15 52 - -
Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs
Rachel Tudor was hired at Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant before she began transition. That link goes to an article published in 2011. The story now has an update. When she began ...
rserven 04/01/2015 36 105 - -
On this International Day of Transgender Visibility dueling manifestos have apparently broken out. I've always been a bit wary of manifestos as a general rule, but I suppose they have their place. ...
rserven 04/01/2015 3 16 2 -
Yesterday I posted about a group of Canadian mothers of transgender kids who were starting a " bathroom movement " in order to advocate on behalf of their children. In that diary, we met Anne ...
rserven 03/30/2015 5 16 - -
Seven Mothers
In Canada mothers of seven transgender children began what they have called "a bathroom movement" yesterday . For Anne Lowthian of the Ottawa area, her protest is a fight for the rights ...
rserven 03/29/2015 7 18 - -
First, do no harm
Danielle Hunter is 48 years old. For the past 20 years she has done drag for a living, both hosting Sunday Morning Drag Gospel Brunch at Bananas Modern Diner in Orlando and performing as Dolly ...
rserven 03/28/2015 2 43 - -
Coming a television near you
Rescue me! I got stuck over at E! Online. Jazz Jennings recently appeared on NBC's Meredith Vieira Show . While I'm certain that she was there to promote the fact that she is the newest face of ...
rserven 03/27/2015 7 31 1 -
During basketball season of 2014, Blake raised $2555.55 for East Meckelenburg High School's chosen charity, Mothering Across Continents, for the purpose of building a school in South Sudan. Since ...
rserven 03/25/2015 13 45 - -
Trial begins in the killing of Jennifer Laude
The trial of Marine Pfc. Joseph Pemberton in the murder of transgender Fillipina Jennifer Laude began yesterday .
rserven 03/24/2015 7 24 - -
Transgender protesters block traffic in downtown LA
This last Friday at 5pm several dozen transpeople gathered in downtown Los Angeles at 3 rd and La Cienega, at the site of the Beverly Center shopping mall. The rally, called the Spring into ...
rserven 03/23/2015 11 30 - -
Battle of the bathroom at Boise South
DW Trantham is a 13-year-old trans girl, a junior high school student at South Junior High School in Boise. DW has fought for her rights as a transgender girl...including using a bathroom. When ...
rserven 03/22/2015 9 22 - -
OK. Do let us think about the children
Everyone knows the right wing oratory. When it comes time to adress LGBT...especially T, rights, the religious conservatives are all, "Think about thew children!" I do. All the f'ing time! Let's ...
rserven 03/20/2015 9 25 - -
CBS takes transgender tack
Last year a GLAAD delegation met with CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler and shared concerns over CBS's history of problematic transgender representations. Mike & Molly and 2 Broke Girls were ...
rserven 03/19/2015 6 23 - -
Roundball Madness in Uganda
Jay Malucha is a 5' 2" point guard for the Magic Stormers. Williams Apako is a 5'6" small forward for the same team. The Magic Stormers play in the Federation of Uganda Basketball Association's ...
rserven 03/18/2015 4 14 - -
A life less ordinary
Mimi Lemay is a writer and a blogger, a married mother of three. At the end of February, Mimi wrote A Letter to my Son Jacob on his 5th ...
rserven 03/17/2015 7 25 - -
Stretching gender boundaries
Former French Olympic swimmer Casey Legler is a male model. But she is a cisgender female. There is another ...
rserven 03/16/2015 9 17 - -
Treatment of transgender youth
The Endocrine Society held their 97th annual meeting last weekend in San Diego. At that meeting Dr. Maja Marinkovich, MD, pediatric endocrinologist and Medical Director of the Gender Management ...
rserven 03/15/2015 19 29 1 -
Navy considers transgender personnel
On Tuesday I shared news about the US Army making it more difficult to discharge transgender personnel . Back in December I wrote about Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James supporting transgender ...
rserven 03/14/2015 5 21 - -
#WeJustNeedToPee, #Occupotty, #TransLivesMatter
I don't use twitter myself. And I've never ever taken a selfie. And I spent the entirety of January and February working on the autobiography project. So I'm probably quite slow on the uptake and ...
rserven 03/13/2015 15 29 1 -
Fox News "doctor" calls transpeople bullies -- State Legislators reveal the real bullies
Tuesday On Fox & Friends (which I do not watch), noted transphobic "doctor" Keith Ablow and legal analyst Arthur Aidala discussed the Planet Fitness story with that quintessential intellectual, ...
rserven 03/12/2015 22 33 - -
To tell this whole story has taken me nearly 20 years. I am bit a minor actor in it, but I proudly accepted the role of one of the storytellers. In 1995, Vigil was published at the website ...
rserven 03/09/2015 12 15 - -
Stories at the Inn
Today's offering was written shortly before the Christmas of 2008. Let me stir your memory jut a bit by reminding you that President-elect Obama had chosen to have Rick Warren deliver they ...
rserven 03/08/2015 3 15 - -
On Waiting
The main portion of this was written after the inauguration in 2009 and was called at that time, Waiting for what comes next . But I've blended that with a short piece called The lessons are ...
rserven 03/05/2015 4 18 - -
Then They Came for the N Word
Here's another piece from early in 2009. I think it explains clearly why I wrote it, which also shines light on why I first started posting at Daily Kos and how most members first came to notice my ...
rserven 03/04/2015 21 17 1 -
Being Authentic
When I established days and times to provide content at certain websites, I have called those submissions "columns." Having to come up with that content on a weekly basis has not always been easy. ...
rserven 03/03/2015 8 20 - -
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happinefs
The following essay was written in 2010. I'm planning to include it in my autobiography as one of my Selected writings of a transsexual woman . Of course, since that book will be text, links and ...
rserven 03/01/2015 2 15 - -
Parables, revisited
While assembling all the ingredients for my autobiography, I stumbled across many offerings from the past which will undoubtedly not pass muster for inclusion. One of my favorites, from the end of ...
rserven 02/28/2015 6 13 - -
Not a Pretty Girl
I would be remiss if I didn't include my most successful diary ever as one of the chapters in my autobiography. Presented here with some minor rewrites, this chapter comes from January of 2009. ...
rserven 02/27/2015 24 37 - -
On Whimsy
Apparently this was written when I wasn't having a particularly good day. Somebody posted something and I felt like it needed a response. And thinking about it, I felt maybe it might be a teaching ...
rserven 02/26/2015 11 16 - -
Weaving Reality: Coming to a temporary(?) end
The pieces today's chapter of the WeaveMothers are cobbled together from are The Five Fears , The Brakeman had a Bony Countenance and the Quicklies Any more about the Weavemothers must await being ...
rserven 02/25/2015 4 16 1 -
Weaving Reality: Diversity/Integrity
I got out my tools and pestered two pieces from out of 2008 into joining together because they seemed to need to do so. They are both from the Weavemother series but they were not originally ...
rserven 02/23/2015 9 15 - -
Weaving Reality
Today I'm offering two episodes of Weaving Reality for the price of one. It's what they nowadays call a bogo, I guess. Except you don't even have to buy one. What kind of a deal is that? These ...
rserven 02/22/2015 6 13 - -
Morality Tales in two parts
I regret that some things are presented in the midst of fantasy. I understand that requires the reader to do some of the work. But before the reader has that option, the reader has to be here. It's ...
rserven 02/21/2015 4 12 - -
When Chapters Collide: a mash-up
What would happen if two of my selected writings collided? I thought I might as well see. One of the pieces (Of the Greataway) is from a story I had been working on roughly called The Weavemothers .
rserven 02/20/2015 11 13 - -
Jump Shift?
From late January of 2008, I bring another of the conjunctive pieces I shall include in my book. It was originally published at Docudharma. This graphic is named Star Womb Phase in. Phase out. ...
rserven 02/19/2015 6 15 - -
It was 2008. I had been quite ill. But it was a Friday, which meant I had a column due at Docudharma . The graphic is named Wallpaper . It was created in the wayback. The fever burns. ...
rserven 02/18/2015 7 16 - -
Like the Water
This was originally written in 2008. It will serve as a connecting chapter in the book. The graphic is entitled Water . [Excerpts are from translations of the Tao te Ching by Lin Yutang, Stephen ...
rserven 02/17/2015 7 16 - -
Echo...November 9, 1994 [Reprinted by permission of the author] Doctor Robyn and Her Observations An interview by Alex Kienlen (@Elvis) [Reprinted with minimal comment]
rserven 02/15/2015 6 13 - -
rserven 02/14/2015 13 18 - -
An Unsustainable Life
This was written in 2010. I've decided it belongs in the autobiography, alongside The Task at Hand . The graphic is entitled Fire . ------------- Twelve days ago, I encountered the following ...
rserven 02/13/2015 13 35 - -
The Task at Hand
This essay was written in mid February of 2008. As opposed to being a recount of past events, it's more a look at moving forward. It will therefore come towards the end of the book. The graphic ...
rserven 02/12/2015 11 17 - -
Road Trips
This chapter was assembled in August of 2007, out of bits and pieces written back in the mid 1990s, the largest of which was entitled There...and Back . 1995 was the Year of the Trip for me. ...
rserven 02/11/2015 9 19 - -
My Wisconsin Adventure
This piece was written in the way-, way- back...I'm pretty sure we're talking 1994...because that's when it all took place. I should probably apologize for any squickage now, because after you have ...
rserven 02/09/2015 6 21 - -
On Pope Francis
I feel the need to write about the Pope tonight. I’ve been in a couple of debates lately about him and I want to expand on how I see him. First, let me say I have big differences with Pope Francis.
poligirl 02/06/2015 153 107 - -
A Need for Dialogue
As I wrote about last time, in Women-only Space: who belongs? , I worked long and hard trying to be accepted by the community of which I wished to be a member. At my first Women's Project Retreat ...
rserven 02/06/2015 15 20 - -
Finding Voice and Community
I've struggled with writing the next several chapters, unsure of how to create any sort of wholeness out of the chaos they are meant to uncover. They were written at different times and under ...
rserven 02/04/2015 13 24 - -
Maybe I was born this way. Maybe it's a genetic mutation. Maybe it happened when I was sitting on the dock of the bay in my hippie youth. Maybe it happened because once upon a time it became ...
rserven 02/03/2015 10 23 - -
Assuming Roles, Duties, and Responsibilities
rserven 02/02/2015 3 14 - -
The Observer
Once upon a time... ...or maybe it was twice. Come to think of it, it was definitely much more often than that. It was, after all, all about the time. Then again, it was also about the place ...
rserven 02/01/2015 3 17 - -
The Closet
This chapter was written while I had taken a hiatus from Daily Kos and begun front paging at Docudharma. I published five days before Docudrama opened to the public. It was the first entry of my ...
rserven 01/31/2015 24 51 - -
When I began transition, I was required to have a mental health therapist. I was given the name of Ralph Hyman in Little Rock, but he was booked up at the time, so he gave me the name of Kurt Wilhelm.
rserven 01/29/2015 10 43 - -
Learning to Count Past Two (Theory revisited)
I wrote the following essay to read at a presentation I did to a graduate psychology class (future school psychologists) in Arkansas in the 90s. (Interesting side note: the professor who was ...
rserven 01/28/2015 8 22 - -
We live in an occupied country, misunderstood; justice will take us millions of intricate moves. --William Stafford, from Thinking for Berky I grew up three blocks from the ...
rserven 01/26/2015 15 31 1 -
Nothingness and Being
In the wayback, when I first began transition in 1992, we had this newfangled email thing which I had been using, but I was using it less than efficiently. My daughter's partner persuaded me to ...
rserven 01/24/2015 17 20 - -
Once upon a time... Okay, so I've already told most of the story about how I got to be where I am...and who I am. But there is more. There is always more. It would take another lifetime to ...
rserven 01/22/2015 14 38 1 -
Apparently when I was born, I was entered into this huge game, the Game. I never chose to play it. Apparently I can't opt out. Money: There's nothing in the world so demoralizing as money. --...
rserven 01/21/2015 16 26 - -
Ain't I a Human?
From time to time since I came out I have been asked to address various groups of people to justify our existence. At one and he same time I have agreed to do that while simultaneously asking myself,
rserven 01/20/2015 31 72 1 -
The Mountaintop, Revisited
I've been publishing version of this every Martin Luther King Day since I joined in 2005. It is especially apropos this year since it also represents part of my journey and so qualifies as a part ...
rserven 01/19/2015 2 20 - -
Once upon a time, in a land far away, I participated in a writer's workshop. We were given the first phrase of the beginning of a story and asked to finish that beginning. You are invited to do ...
rserven 01/18/2015 16 30 1 -
A Gathering of Rainbows
July 4th weekend, 1993 A little background: On Wednesday, June 30, one of my students (named Rachel) suggested that I might be interested in attending the Rainbow Gathering near Mount Victory, ...
rserven 01/17/2015 13 18 - -
If I have failed to convey that my life journey has been about finding a place where I belong, then I have managed to gloss over a large part of that which defines who I am. My adult life has been ...
rserven 01/16/2015 9 21 - -
Ketchup Soup
I used to refer to my Friday evening series of posts/columns at Docudharma as Friday Philosophy. I still post there on Friday nights, but usually write about world events than philosophical concerns.
rserven 01/15/2015 10 23 - -
Layers of Why (time for some theory)
Originally published, in part, approximately 2007: When I moved to New Jersey from Arkansas, I had to pay a price. That price was silence, since I needed to commit to learning a new discipline and ...
rserven 01/14/2015 12 26 1 -
Seeking love, finding only beads
The picture is me in my office during transition, apparently working on my email. It appears to have been my 46th birthday. The photo is remarkable in that it shows me having a clean, organized ...
rserven 01/13/2015 16 32 - -
Where ragged people go
This was written and first published in 2008. I've spiffed it up just a little. It pairs well with the piece I shall post tomorrow, Seeking love and finding only beads . I suppose I could have ...
rserven 01/12/2015 16 38 1 -
Character Development
Autobiography should not be only about the things to happened to me. If that was all it was, I would appear to be devoid of agency. It's also not only about the places I've been and events I have ...
rserven 01/11/2015 11 14 - -
Comings Out (Adding Context)
The piece Chapter which was posted last night is an important part of my story, but needs some context. It is, after all, however vital, just a small thread in a much larger tapestry. This chapter ...
rserven 01/10/2015 22 48 1 -
It was late Spring of 1992 when I first recollect being the me who I am now. It came as a result of my fifth life crisis. I was alone in our house, precisely halfway between Central Baptist ...
rserven 01/09/2015 23 45 - -
One or more starts
Introduction (an excerpt from my currently untitled autobiography in progress) Let's get this straight right from the beginning. I'm a transsexual woman. For whatever reasons I may have had (...
rserven 01/06/2015 22 31 1 -
Mortality among transgender folk
Conservative forces are concerned that the National Institutes of Health have awarded $189,186 to Emory University to study transgender mortality ( project information ). PUBLIC HEALTH RELEVANCE: ...
rserven 01/02/2015 15 31 - -
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