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Democratic Party Attacks Marriage Equality Candidate; Progressive and GLBT Outrage in Atlanta
Progressive, Pro-Choice,
VolvoDrivingLiberal 11/29/2009 107 42 3 324
Longtime Kossack To Run for Mayor of Atlanta
Shown ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 09/02/2009 22 52 1 70
Blatantly Racist Obama Photo Distributed by Physician and AMA Delegate: Action Requested(with poll)
Just when you think the filth and venom ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 07/23/2009 667 552 15 838
The Naked Mayor: Today's Republican Scandal (with poll)
VolvoDrivingLiberal 06/27/2009 45 28 - 48
GA-Sen: Liveblogging from Jim Martin HQ in Atlanta. UPDATE 2
Apologies for a short diary. Lots of activity, both phonebanking and canvassing, is happening this afternoon at Jim Martin's State HQ However, we need some special help from those who live in the ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 12/02/2008 252 313 2 62
GA-Sen: Urgent. Housing Needed in ATL and GA for Volunteers
VolvoDrivingLiberal 11/28/2008 8 30 - 33
GA-Sen: Urgent Request. Housing Needed for Out-of-State Volunteers Coming to GA to Help Jim Martin
VolvoDrivingLiberal 11/27/2008 12 37 1 24
GA-SEN: URGENT! Atlanta and Georgia Volunteers Needed for Election Day Visibility and Phonebanking
VolvoDrivingLiberal 11/24/2008 5 23 - 35
GA-Sen: Obama Cuts New Ad for Jim Martin Plus Phonebanking Info For This Weekend!
VolvoDrivingLiberal 11/21/2008 4 26 2 30
Saxby Chambliss to US Auto Industry: Go Screw Yourselves
VolvoDrivingLiberal 11/19/2008 35 26 - 17
GA-Sen: URGENT! Jim Martin Campaign Needs Phone Bank Help This Weekend!
VolvoDrivingLiberal 10/31/2008 9 32 2 26
"Justice can sometimes be delayed, but it can never be denied"
VolvoDrivingLiberal 10/28/2008 8 15 - 3
Atlanta Kossacks: "Last Call for Change" Obama Speech Watch Party on October, 29th! Be there.
VolvoDrivingLiberal 10/26/2008 5 7 - 1
GA-Sen: Clinton Campaigning with Jim Martin Saturday. Martin Needs Help to Fight New Attack Ads
VolvoDrivingLiberal 10/23/2008 5 11 1 2
GA-Sen: Urgent. Vicious and False Saxby Chambliss Ad Launched Attacking Jim Martin. Help Counter It
We all know His Evilness Saxby Chambliss will not fail to stoop to new lows to stop Jim Martin in what is now a virtually tied Senate race in Georgia. His latest attack ad blatantly lies that Jim ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 10/17/2008 13 28 - 1
Holy Moses! Astonishing African American Voter Turnout In GA!!
VolvoDrivingLiberal 10/07/2008 263 469 11 63
GA-Sen: Reminder for All Atlanta Area Progressives-"Martinis for Martin" Fundraiser Tomorrow!
VolvoDrivingLiberal 09/29/2008 5 11 - 73
GA-SEN: AtlantaKos Hosting "Martinis for Martin" Fundraiser. Be There! September 30th @ 630PM.
VolvoDrivingLiberal 09/25/2008 23 17 - 6
GA-Sen: Atlanta Fundraiser for Jim Martin Sept 30th.
VolvoDrivingLiberal 09/21/2008 5 11 - 16
GA-Sen: Max Cleland Introduces New Jim Martin Ad!
The Martin for Senate campaign just released a powerful new ad today featuring Max Cleland introducing Jim Martin. The ad underscores Martin's strong populist message which focuses on how Saxby ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 09/09/2008 5 18 - 1
GA-Sen: Meet Saxby Slayer Jim Martin Tomorrow at Obama Acceptance Speech Watch Event in Atlanta
VolvoDrivingLiberal 08/27/2008 13 17 - 3
Reminder: Atlanta Obama Acceptance Speech Event
VolvoDrivingLiberal 08/23/2008 9 12 - 3
Atlanta Area Kossacks: Advance Notice-Obama Acceptance Speech Watch Event
VolvoDrivingLiberal 08/16/2008 23 14 1 3
GA-SEN: Jim Martin to face Saxby Chambliss After Landslide Runoff Victory! (with poll)
VolvoDrivingLiberal 08/06/2008 25 33 - 40
Ga Sen: Urgent Tuesday Runoff Reminder-Support Jim Martin for US Senate (with poll)
VolvoDrivingLiberal 08/04/2008 25 23 1 27
GA-Sen: New Poll Gives Jim Martin Strong Primary Lead (with poll)
VolvoDrivingLiberal 07/11/2008 27 16 - 38
GA SEN: Martin Campaign Off to Solid Start in Fundraising
VolvoDrivingLiberal 04/05/2008 18 13 1 1
Breaking:GA Sen-Viable Challenger to Saxby Chambliss-Jim Martin Announces Candidacy (with poll)
I have always been reluctant to use the word "breaking", but this is big news for Georgia. Finally! An extraordinarily capable and viable challenger to Saxby Chambliss has emerged. Atlanta ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 03/19/2008 19 22 1 15
Atlanta Kossacks: Super Mega Primary Watch Party Feb 5th!
Super Mega Primary Watch Party!
VolvoDrivingLiberal 02/02/2008 7 4 - 12
Atlanta Area Kossacks: Please Read. Advance Notice of Super Tuesday Event
Plans have now been finalized for a spectacular Super Tuesday Returns Watching Party hosted by a number of Georgia and Atlanta area Democratic organizations, including AtlantaKos. Put this on your ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 01/07/2008 7 8 1 -
Atlanta Area Kossacks: Advance Notice of Super Tuesday Event
All Atlanta area Kossacks should be sure to mark calendars for a Super Tuesday event from 7PM to 11PM on February 5, 2008 at Amsterdam Bar and Cafe, located at 550 Amsterdam Avenue in the Amsterdam ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 12/20/2007 12 5 - 3
Coulter Website Advertisers: Round III
VolvoDrivingLiberal 11/04/2007 110 42 1 6
There's No Difference Between Democrats and Republicans
How often have you heard the refrain in this diary title from a friend or acquaintance that the Democratic and Republican parties are indistinguishable, that they are "all the same"? While this ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 07/13/2007 23 23 1 6
GA-Sen: Populist Firebrand Orr Mulling Race-Sign The Draft Petition (with Poll)
Well-known Georgia populist firebrand and former state legistlator Wycliffe "Wyc" Orr is seriously ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 06/23/2007 19 24 - 189
A Woman's Place Is In The Home (with poll)
According to guest columnist Robert Parham in today's Atlanta Journal Constitution ,
VolvoDrivingLiberal 06/18/2007 354 99 1 20
GA-Sen: Wingnut Dem to Challenge Chambliss. A Story for Ripley's "Believe It or Not" (with poll)
Dale Cardwell, Emmy Award winning investigative reporter for Atlanta's WSB-TV, has announced he is ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 06/05/2007 73 30 - 21
GA-10: James Marlow Live Blogging Today at Noon EDT
James Marlow, GA-10 Democratic Congressional Candidate. Democratic ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 05/24/2007 4 6 - 5
First AtlantaKos Event with Pics
GA-10 Democratic Congressional Candidate James Marlow Mixes with Atlanta Kossacks ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 05/20/2007 72 32 1 13
GA-10: James Marlow Live Blogging Tomorrow at 10AM EDT
James Marlow, GA-10 Democratic Congressional Candidate. Progressive ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 05/18/2007 6 21 2 31
Atlanta Kos Saturday: James Marlow, Ron Sparks & Mike Malloy to Kick Off First Event
James Marlow, GA-10 Democratic Congressional Candidate.
VolvoDrivingLiberal 05/17/2007 85 21 - 24
First AtlantaKos Meeting May 19th: RSVP Requested.
REMINDER: The very first AtlantaKos event takes place next Saturday and we need to ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 05/12/2007 7 5 1 10
Ann Coulter Advertisers: Update
As a follow up to last week's advertising awareness efforts, it appears most of the ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 05/06/2007 91 138 3 7
Atlanta Area Kossacks: Announcing First AtlantaKos Event (with poll)
The first AtlantaKos gathering will take place Saturday, May 19th at 630PM at Manuel's ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 05/05/2007 45 21 2 13
AL-Sen: Ron Sparks to Appear on DKos Today 6PM EDT w/ Q&A.
Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries Ron Sparks, who is seriously mulling a ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 05/04/2007 21 28 - 16
Coulter Round II Advertiser Update: 3 Down, 8 to Go
This week: In the future?:
VolvoDrivingLiberal 05/02/2007 103 175 3 29
Coulter Advertisers: There's a New Crop. Action Requested. (with poll)
While pondering a new diary last night on the viability of targeting Rush Limbaugh's advertisers ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 05/01/2007 211 285 10 41
Bush Saved from Self-Immolation by CEO (not kidding)
File this one in the "I-kid-you-not" category. Just about any idiot knows that mixing hydrogen and a spark is a recipe for disaster. Think Hindenburg. According to a story in The Detroit ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 04/07/2007 364 232 5 42
Ann Coulter Responds to DKos Advertiser Awareness Campaign
All significant corporate and organizational advertisers, with the exception of one, have now ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 03/17/2007 263 290 4 29
Amazon Flips Bird at Progressive Community Re: Coulter Ads (with poll)
On March 4th, in response to Ann Coulter's recent hate speech attack against John Edwards, a ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 03/16/2007 33 39 2 17
Hillary: Statement a "Misunderstanding" Regarding Morality/Homosexuality
Hillary Clinton, cited by The Hotline and Raw Story regarding a Bloomberg news interview, now states her comments regarding homosexuality and morality yesterday were misunderstood:
VolvoDrivingLiberal 03/15/2007 83 28 - 8
Advertiser Smacks Down Coulter On Its Website! (Plus Amazon Update), unaware their online ads were being placed on until receiving Kossack emails, reacted swiftly over the weekend by quickly removing the banner ad and went one ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 03/11/2007 248 340 4 51
Contacting Newspapers to Drop Coulter: Share Your Ideas
First, DKudos to zeus4prez for just posting an excellent diary, 7 Newspapers Drop Coulter's Column; More to Come?
VolvoDrivingLiberal 03/10/2007 33 25 - 13
Coulter Advertisers: Amazon.Com Doesn't Get It (with poll), which as of today continues to place ads on, is astonishingly misreading the context of consumer/Kossack communications to the company. Many today received what appears ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 03/09/2007 490 280 7 31
Major Online Ad Network Drops Coulter for Hate Speech (with updated target)
The progressive community achieved significant success this week in persuading corporate and organizational advertisers to pull ads on In reality, it was not a difficult persuasion. ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 03/08/2007 211 254 6 28
Coulter Advertiser Campaign: A Win-Win (with new updates)
UPDATE: AMAZON.COM appears to be the last remaining major advertiser appearing on The email address for Investor Relations is You know what to do!
VolvoDrivingLiberal 03/07/2007 232 196 6 23
Coulter Advertisers. More Pullouts (3/7/06 Updated Advertiser List)
UPDATE[3/7/06,743AM EST]:ING Financial has repeatedly written Kossacks denying they have placed ads on Coulter site. Hat tip to Kossack SundayHighway. Here is the link: http://www.dailykos....
VolvoDrivingLiberal 03/06/2007 492 435 15 275
Anne Coulter Website Advertiser Contact Information Here. (Update 5)
Ann Coulter's latest bigoted and hateful diatribe has justifiably evoked rage and disgust throughout the progressive community, and every aspect of the subject has been diaried extensively in the ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 03/04/2007 313 404 33 85
Atlanta and North GA Kossacks: Join AtlantaKos today (with poll)
AtlantaKos is now approaching 50 members! If you live in North Georgia or in the Atlanta Metro area and have not already done so, please sign up for ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 02/28/2007 7 2 - 4
AtlantaKos: Sign up now! Help avenge Max Cleland (with 2008 GA-Sen Poll)
Greetings to Atlanta area Kossacks. AtlantaKos is growing, now with over 40 signed up to participate in future events. If you haven't already done so, you can sign up:
VolvoDrivingLiberal 02/24/2007 31 11 1 50
Lieberman: Leaving Dem Party a "Remote Possibility"
In an article release in this week's Time Magazine , reporter Massimo Calabresi writes in a semi-puff piece that Joe Lieberman made a statement that leaving the Democratic Party is a "very ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 02/22/2007 78 25 - 16
Cynthia McKinney: She's Back! Fundraising Fraud Scandal Brewing? (with poll)
Cynthia McKinney, is back in the news. As to be expected, the story is controversial with potential to stir up a media shitstorm. Following an alleged assault on a Capitol Police officer, empty ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 02/19/2007 63 9 - 28
Rumsfeld-Bolton '08; Republican Dream Ticket. (I kid you not.)
On occasion, when having a craving for sheer entertainment, I enjoy wandering through the sludge over at _Red State_ and other wingnut sites, and am usually not disappointed. Yesterday was no ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 02/09/2007 49 16 - 18
AtlantaKos Group Forming (with poll)
After posting of a brief diary over a week ago to test interest in the formation of an Atlanta Daily Kos meetup group, a dozen or so local Kossacks responded. We are proceeding to form a group under ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 02/04/2007 8 2 1 15
Attention Atlanta Area Kossacks (with poll); Updated
Having observed that there are some great Kos social groups in many major cities, and not being aware of a similar group in Atlanta, I would like to survey Atlanta area Kossacks to determine if ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 01/27/2007 28 8 1 20
GA Kossacks: Reminder-Vote Today in Runoff
VOTE TODAY - Important Run-off election! Please take a few minutes TODAY, December 5th, to vote in the Runoff Election for Public Service Commission between the last remaining Democrat on the ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 12/05/2006 13 5 - 4
Republican Operative/Bush Look-Alike Arrested in Online Child Sex Sting
Just on the heels of the Foley and Haggard scandals, in another example of Republican morality and values, Larry Corrigan, a key King County, WA Republican political operative was arrested on ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 12/01/2006 18 16 - 6
Attention GA Kossacks: Urgent Reminder for Dec 5th.
As you may be aware, incumbent PSC Commissioner David Burgess (D) is facing Republican challenger Chuck Eaton in a runoff election on December 5th. Appointed by Gov. Roy Barnes in 1999, Burgess is ...
VolvoDrivingLiberal 11/28/2006 11 10 - -
John Conyers Bitch Slaps James Carville *UPDATE*
VolvoDrivingLiberal 11/15/2006 344 461 6 35
Mehlman Stepping Down as RNC Chair
VolvoDrivingLiberal 11/09/2006 71 19 - 7
Are Any Kos Posters Receiving Anonymous Email Threats RE: Defamation of Character Lawsuits?
VolvoDrivingLiberal 10/23/2006 54 14 - 22
VolvoDrivingLiberal 10/20/2006 47 12 1 8
AL-01: Oust Wingnut Bigot Jo Bonner - Support Fighting Dem Maj. Vivian Beckerle (USA, Ret)
VolvoDrivingLiberal 08/27/2006 13 12 - 24
GA-04: Cynthia McKinney Headed for Defeat by Landslide? Open Thread w/ Poll
VolvoDrivingLiberal 08/08/2006 210 31 1 10
GA-04: 15 Reasons to Quit Cynthia McKinney- A Local Perspective. Open Thread with Poll.
VolvoDrivingLiberal 08/06/2006 250 15 1 53
GA-04: Latest Cynthia McKinney Theatrics: Demands Retraction from AJC, Lawyer Hints at Libel Lawsuit
VolvoDrivingLiberal 08/03/2006 79 4 1 1
GA-O4: McKinney-Johnson Debate on C-Span at 7:30PM EDT (Open Thread with Poll)
VolvoDrivingLiberal 07/31/2006 92 5 1 -
GA-04: AJC Blasts Cynthia McKinney-Infamy or Influence?
VolvoDrivingLiberal 07/29/2006 54 6 - -
FREEP-CNN: Ann Coulter or UConn Students Stupidest?
VolvoDrivingLiberal 12/08/2005 31 9 - 10
VolvoDrivingLiberal 10/31/2005 15 14 1 -
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