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Today we celebrate not the 234th anniversary of the birth of this nation, of our declaration of independence—that was two days ago on July the 2nd, the date that the Continental Congress ...
Vox Libertas 07/04/2010 2 4 - 23
Of Persons, Corporations, Money and Speech
These are the times that try men's souls. On the one hand we have the Supreme Court of the United States empowering corporations at a time when they already come far too close to owning our ...
Vox Libertas 01/31/2010 25 4 1 168
Get FISA Right's Open Letter to President Obama
The December 31 deadline for reauthorizing three key clauses of the Patriot Act — and the possibility of introducing reforms in the process — is fast approaching. In response, Get FISA ...
Vox Libertas 11/24/2009 1 8 - 68
Join us live blogging the USA PATRIOT Act markup
This morning beginning at 10 a.m. Eastern, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be marking up S.1692, USA PATRIOT Act Sunset Extension Act of 2009 (spnsors: Leahy, Feinstein, Cardin, ...
Vox Libertas 10/08/2009 2 11 1 100
In the last couple of weeks very important things have been going on in the realm of Civil Liberties, and our concern for issues like Health Care, Iran, Afghanistan and the Chicago bid for the ...
Vox Libertas 10/07/2009 16 7 - 69
Re: Jim, I need your voice on health care--Sorry, sir
Mr. President, It is with great sadness and regret that I must decline your emailed request. I do this with intimate and personal knowledge of how important this legislation is. I am a ...
Vox Libertas 05/24/2009 29 8 1 28
Republicans, Republicanism and the Republic
The news last week was that only 20-30% of Americans are willing to identify themselves as "Republicans". When John Dvorak's blog polled its users as to their politics and party affiliation and ...
Vox Libertas 05/10/2009 20 6 - 14
What does it mean to "get FISA right"?
Senator Feingold has said that he’s going to give the Administration “a few more weeks” ...
Vox Libertas 03/10/2009 23 5 1 13
On Sex and Evolution and Politics
And now for something completely different... Usually I write in my Vox Libertas diaries about politics, about the Rule of Law, the Constitution, the behavior of our elected leaders and the dangers ...
Vox Libertas 12/22/2008 19 15 2 167
Commander in Chief of all the American people?
On Thursday, I noticed something on The Verdict that really bothered me. The next day, Josh Marshall of Talking Points ...
Vox Libertas 07/26/2008 66 23 - 39
I think I understand the FISA bill. Do I?
A recent claim claim by Lawrence Lessig, a strong Civil Libertarian, made me stop and think. [Obama's] vote for the FISA compromise is thus not a vote for immunity. It is a vote that ...
Vox Libertas 07/20/2008 75 19 7 90
Quiet Revolutions
Today the rule of law, the checks and balances and the rights reserved in the Bill of Rights were damaged as the FISA act was once again altered and retroactive immunity was authorized for law ...
Vox Libertas 07/09/2008 2 9 - 16
A house divided against itself cannot stand.
Just over 150 years ago, Abraham Lincoln warned us that "a house divided against itself cannot stand". While the image of national disunion, prophetic as it was, was what captured the national ...
Vox Libertas 06/28/2008 9 4 - 10
School Girl vs "Professional Journalist"
Two news stories recently caught my eye, not only for what each one told us about the state of the Republic, but even more so, what comparing them tells us about the sorry state of journalism today. ...
Vox Libertas 02/14/2008 13 23 3 190
In Concord, Cannon Law
This is now the fourth posting in my "In Concord" series, in which I have been trying to capture the thoughts and reflections that occupy me when I go to the Old North Bridge in Concord, ...
Vox Libertas 10/15/2007 31 4 2 134
In Concord, The Minuteman -- Unlawful Patriot?
This is the third in my series of postings capturing my thoughts and reflections from my frequent visits to the Old North Bridge in Concord, the site to which I most often go to pray and meditate ...
Vox Libertas 10/09/2007 11 10 - 177
In Concord, Cycles of History
This is the second of my postings, capturing my thoughts and reflections at the Old North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts, site of the "shot heard round the world". In ...
Vox Libertas 10/04/2007 2 3 - 2
In Concord, Meditations and Realizations
This is the first in a series that I plan to post, capturing the thoughts and reflections that I have when I go to one of my favorite and most sacred places, the Old North Bridge in Concord, ...
Vox Libertas 10/01/2007 6 6 1 141
Protecting the Republic
The Democrats are failing us, as the recent FISA Court vote clearly demonstrates. They are not protecting our Civil Liberties, they are cowering before the political threats of a "politically weak" ...
Vox Libertas 08/15/2007 6 3 - -
Yoo: War-time powers NOT in effect
John Yoo Review, part II In part 1 of my review of John Yoo's book, The Powers of War and Peace , I ...
Vox Libertas 05/29/2007 33 24 1 2
John Yoo: Historic Flaws
I have been reading The Powers of War and Peace: The Constitution and Foreign Affairs after 9/11 by John Yoo , and my reactions to ...
Vox Libertas 04/01/2007 15 12 3 150
Issues Demanding Action
It's been a while since I posted to Vox Libertas . Most of that time has been spent reading and watching congressional hearings and small symposiums. This posting will attempt to pull together ...
Vox Libertas 02/28/2007 2 4 1 1
The "Mary Cheney" Question Redux
Before I brought Vox Libertas here to The Daily Kos, I posted an entry commending The Daily Show for its willingness to address the appropriateness of Wolfe Blitzer's asking Dick ...
Vox Libertas 02/20/2007 14 10 2 11
Habeas Corpus Redux
One of the key issues that triggered my current focus on political activism, my creating of this blog and my previous post "
Vox Libertas 02/15/2007 24 32 6 154
A Government of Men, Not Laws?
One of my concerns regarding the state of the Republic is with what I see as a trend towards a government of men not laws, in a reversal of one of our most important principles. In this diary (a ...
Vox Libertas 02/14/2007 16 8 6 207
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