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Ex-Romney/Ryan intern denied bail in cyberstalking case; judge cites 'weaponized' photos
From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Ex-Paul Ryan intern denied bail in cyberstalking case; judge cites 'weaponized' photos A federal judge has denied bail to a former intern to U.S. Rep. Paul ...
WILawStudent 05/13/2013 16 7 - -
Update: WIS SUP CT - Fallone wins chance to face Roggensack in general election
I am happy to report that Ed Fallone garnered ~30% of the vote to take 2nd place in the Wisconsin Supreme Court primary, and will now face Patience Roggensack in the general election in April. ...
WILawStudent 02/20/2013 8 24 2 -
Wisconsin Supreme Court - Fallone has signatures to get on ballot!
First off - A big thank you to everyone who helped in the signature collection efforts for Professor Ed Fallone. He collected over 3K signatures, with the nomination threshold needed at 2K. See here:
WILawStudent 01/02/2013 7 20 1 -
Link to Ed Fallone's Nomination Signature Form - WI Sup Ct.
As requested, here is a link to the nomination signature form to get Ed on the ballot for the Wisconsin Supreme Court election. Sorry for the delay:
WILawStudent 12/19/2012 4 5 - -
Update: Ed Fallone's WI Sup Ct signature collection efforts
In the cold Wisconsin December, we are continuing our efforts to collect signatures to ensure that Ed is on the ballot for the Wisconsin Supreme Court race. We have seen a positive response from ...
WILawStudent 12/17/2012 4 5 - -
Sack Roggensack!
I will not relent until Ed Fallone is on the ballot in Wisconsin. His nomination forms to collect signatures are now available. Please reach out to Wisconsin Dems and point them my way so we can ...
WILawStudent 12/11/2012 8 9 - -
Dem in WI Sup Ct. - Why he would bring great things to Wisconsin & needs your support
I was asked to give a little more of a reason why Ed Fallone is a "true democrat" and deserves as much support as people can possibly provide in Wisconsin. I speak as a student of his (I had ...
WILawStudent 12/10/2012 5 20 - -
Updated: REAL Democrat Enters Wisconsin Sup Ct Race
Ed Fallone, a Marquette Professor, has entered the race. If you would like to ...
WILawStudent 12/10/2012 8 7 - -
Help Needed! Get Democrat on Wisconsin Sup Ct.
I am looking for volunteers to assist on a campaign in Wisconsin for a democratic candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court justice. For those in the area, please message me. This is a chance to make ...
WILawStudent 12/08/2012 10 10 - -
Wisconsin Election News Round-up
I've been keeping an eye on WI election news so far today. Looks like high turnout in Waukesha County (Republican stronghold), but also high turnout in Madison (liberal friendly). A few polling ...
WILawStudent 11/06/2012 8 3 - -
The victory party we all wish we were attending...
The Alabama GOP victory party at a gun range! Of course. ALGOP Election Night Victory ...
WILawStudent 11/05/2012 4 - - -
UPDATE - 20K! - 16-18K showed up for Madison rally
There are some photos in the story of the crowd. Some repubs were knocking the size of the crowd as much smaller than the last rally, and way smaller than 2008. The temperature was in the high 20s ...
WILawStudent 11/05/2012 11 4 - -
Redskins Lose - Queue wingnut enthusiasm
I was petting my rabbits foot all day, while making sure to shampoo with twenty-five right hand scrubs, and twenty-four left handers, stepping on no cracks, and reading the runes I bought at the ...
WILawStudent 11/04/2012 26 4 - -
Dems can "unskew," too - RCP unskewed O + 1.0%
The RCP average after addition of the Pew poll is O + 0.4. This, of course, includes the now supremely stale Gallup +5 Romney poll. Without it, the numbers look like this: O total = 11 R total = 1 ...
WILawStudent 11/04/2012 7 4 - -
A supposedly objective take on Nate Silver; worth the read
The article is by Colby Cosh, and it is called Tarnished Silver: assessing the new king of stats . It is an interpretation of Nate's PECOTA method from baseball, and the flaws it had - one major ...
WILawStudent 11/04/2012 56 2 - -
Dems Win! - Early Voting Extended by 4 hrs in Fla - Orange County
Breaking on fox Update: here's the story on Boston Globe - apparently 1 county (Orange) Florida Democrats: Early voting extended in 1 county ORLANDO, Fla. — A judge has ordered Orange County ...
WILawStudent 11/04/2012 23 6 - -
Just got back from Obama rally in Milwaukee
Crowd estimate was 20k people - the line to get in snaked for over 10 blocks, zigzagging through downtown Milwaukee - it's the longest line I have ever seen. The crowd was rowdy, and larger than ...
WILawStudent 11/03/2012 29 47 1 -
Mitt is "creeping out" voters in Wisconsin
From a Journal Sentinel piece today: "It was Mitt Romney saying, 'I know you have an absentee ballot and I know you haven't sent it in yet,' " Trulen said in an interview. "That just sent me over ...
WILawStudent 11/03/2012 121 184 1 -
Fear in low doses
You definitely must be noticing a trend that the polls are beginning to revert to likely outcomes - case in point the We Ask America polls (WI, OH, VA). But, more interestingly, Real Clear Politics ...
WILawStudent 11/02/2012 1 1 - -
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