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For those of you who were tuned in to this morning’s Stephanie Miller Show on Current TV, WCPT (Chicago's Progressive Talk) or one of the other few remaining progressive media outlets, you got a chance to hear from Wanda Rohl, Democratic candidate for the Illinois 16th Congressional District seat.  

Wanda is running an entirely grassroots congressional campaign against a PAC-funded Tea Party Republican who has bragged about having voted to repeal the Affordable care Act 40 times and plans to continue to do so in the future.  In short, he feels no compunction about receiving free taxpayer-funded health care for himself, but believes it should be denied to his constituents.

Defeating a corporate-funded opponent with conservative media behind him will indeed be an uphill struggle, but with enough volunteers and donations from people like you, we feel we have a shot at overcoming all that money and bringing sanity back to Congress, the People’s House.

Please enjoy the audio portion of  Wanda’s Interview, and by all means click the donation button at  Every donation, large or modest, will help show the corporate string-pullers that we own our government and that despite Citizens United the will of the people will win out in the end.

The audio from Wanda’s interview can be heard at: Wanda’s Interview.

Learn more about Wanda Rohl for Congress ate, and by all means make a contribution.

You can also learn more on Facebook at Citizens for Wanda Rohl.

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Sun Jul 01, 2012 at 09:40 AM PDT

Our Energy Choice

by Wanda Rohl for Congress IL 16

When it comes to our energy future, it boils down to a simple choice:  Do we want to be a declining nation tied to dirty, dying fossil fuels whose scarcity leaves us increasingly reliant on foreign suppliers which puts our national security at risk?  Or do we want to be a nation of progress, an innovator of clean, renewable energy solutions that spawn new industries that create jobs here at home producing technological breakthroughs the rest of the world comes to us to buy?

We choose the latter.  We believe America can once again be the world’s technological leader, just as we were through much of our history, when it was innovative thinking and not mere accumulation of personal wealth for wealth’s sake that was rewarded.  

Last October, Congressman Cliff Stearns (R-FL), Chairman of the Republican House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, said that “we [the U.S.] can’t compete with China to make solar panels and wind turbines."  

Seriously?  America can’t compete?  Since when?

Republicans in Congress oppose bills such as the Make It In America legislation proposed by Rep. John Garamendi (D- CA), a bill that would create jobs and help America compete in the modern Clean Energy Race.  Stearns and fellow Republicans oppose government subsidies for clean energy innovation and production while standing firm on $40 billion in annual subsidies to Big Oil, an industry earning historic profits and which no longer needs subsidies to survive and thrive.

Unlike our Republican opposition, we support bills like Rep. Garamendi’s Make it In America proposal.  We believe America’s future will be won by boldly progressing into a new energy future, not by retreating into a dirty energy past.   True, due to past inaction on energy innovation we remain, for the short term, tied to dirty fuels for much of our energy.  That is why we must seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of new energy innovation before we become nothing more than a lagging consumer nation.  And the time to seize that opportunity is now.    

Please support Wanda Rohl's campaign at


Although we all applaud Rep. Kinzinger’s military service, The Veterans Jobs Act (H.R. 5712) he supports seems to be little more than an empty shell designed to offer the appearance of veteran advocacy during campaign season.  The apparent lack of funding of any kind to substantially improve the lives of young military people and their families who have sacrificed so much in the name of America and democracy is startling.

The bill seems to do little more than show veterans how to fill out resumes and asks businesses to voluntarily “mentor” returning troops.  Nowhere in the bill is there a guarantee of employment for returning vets.  Nowhere does the bill seek to alleviate the financial burdens faced by returning vets, who are paid a fraction of what private military contractors receive for performing the same functions.  Nowhere does the bill stop foreclosures and bill collecting that await many returning soldiers.

Our veterans and their families made real sacrifices; soldiers faced imminent death in the name of this country and deserve nothing less than the very best transitioning assistance when they return home. They need to go to the top of the list for jobs. They deserve a top-notch education to help jump start their civilian lives.  They deserve to know their homes are still there when they get home, and that simply because they received small military paychecks they will not be hounded by bill collectors and lose their homes.  And they deserve the best medical care possible for the injuries they sustained both physical and psychological.

Shell games and words won’t make this happen.  We need to put our money where our desire for security is.

Please support Wanda Rohl's campaign at


This Thursday evening, June 28, 2012, a scheduled two hour meet and greet with Wanda Rohl, sponsored by the DeKalb County Democratic Party, ran into overtime as the 25 attendees got plenty of one-on- one time with our 16th District Democratic congressional candidate.  

Journalist Matt Groves, from Rockford’s WREX (CH13), was on hand for the event and conducted an exploratory interview to get Wanda’s take on issues ranging from Jobs to money in politics.  One of Groves’ most unexpected yet important questions came near the end of the interview, when he asked Wanda what makes her qualified to run for Congress.  Wanda’s response was simple and to the point: “I’m a citizen of the United States. I vote. I pay attention. I don’t think you have to be a career politician; in fact, I think a lot of people are happy that I’m not.”  And that is exactly why so many are rallying to support Wanda in what can only be defined as a truly grassroots congressional campaign.

Click to view the WREX segment.

Judging by the smiles as folks filed out the door, no one left the event disappointed. Wanda left no question unanswered, and the answers seemed to fit with the progressive stance of her audience, many of whom rushed to the event from work so they could finally see what all this Wanda Rohl buzz is all about.

Support Wanda Rohl's grassroots campaign at:


In March of 2003, Wanda Rohl suffered serious injuries, including a catastrophic spinal injury, during an ATV accident that left her paralyzed for life from the rib cage down.  No longer able to work, Wanda lost her health insurance and had no choice but to rely entirely on virtually every aspect of our social safety net system to stay alive, sustain her family and ultimately endure months of surgeries and rehabilitation.  

Wanda’s video, “Government Programs Work,” may not be pretty, but neither is what Wanda and millions of other uninsured Americans suffer through each year.  Wanda created this video in the hope that her story of survival would not only give hope to those just beginning their struggle, but that it would move others to join the fight to save and strengthen America’s precious social safety net.  It’s also one of the key reasons why Wanda has taken the bold step to run for Congress.  

View Wanda's Video at Government Programs Work.

Support Wanda's campaign at]


This morning, following months of anticipation, the Supreme Court finally upheld the president’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  However, the ruling isn’t just a victory for the White House. It is also a victory for the millions of middle class, poor, and working poor who live their lives, the same as I have, just one medical catastrophe or job loss away from financial ruin due to loss of health insurance.

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For longer than most people can remember, the only choice people had for16th congressional district representation were candidates selected by one of the two political parties. Wanda Roh’s candidacy changes all that.

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