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On Mortality: Oliver Sacks prepares to join the Great Hum
The polymathic neurologist, whose books, research, and clinical insights have helped countless people understand the deep and abiding mysteries of the human mind, announced the sad news in today's ...
WarrenS 02/19/2015 55 260 6 -
Playing For The Planet — Environmental Benefit Tomorrow Night In Boston!
WarrenS 12/04/2014 2 7 - -
September 21, 2014: A Silence For Now, For Then, For What Will Be
Once there was a moment poised in the middle of the middle of the middle, just like any other moment. Freeman Dyson: The destiny of our species is shaped by the imperatives of survival on six ...
WarrenS 09/24/2014 22 26 2 -
Me Atheist Too!
Well, step away from the computer for a little while and next thing you know there's a whole slangin' match goin' on — all on the subject of atheism. So I thought it would be a good idea to pitch ...
WarrenS 09/02/2014 25 31 6 -
Raga Against The Machine — Why I'll Be At People's Climate March 9/21
Marchons! 48 Hour People's Climate March Recruitment Storm: Thursday through Friday, August 21-22 As a stay-at-home homeschooling dad with a daughter, a puppy, and a full schedule of ...
WarrenS 08/21/2014 20 50 1 -
A Great Tree Has Fallen. Charlie Haden, 1937-2014, R.I.P.
I can't stop crying. Very sad news: It is with deep sorrow that we announce that Charlie Haden, born August 6, 1937 in Shenandoah, Iowa, passed away today at 10:11 Pacific time in Los Angeles ...
WarrenS 07/11/2014 47 145 11 -
Bearing Witness To The Climate Crisis — Welcome To Our Festival Of Song And Sound!
The Climate Message Video Festival is now underway! Step right up and hear some of the most beautiful music you've ever encountered — and a clarion call for the urgency of action against ...
WarrenS 06/22/2014 25 48 4 -
So The NRSC Just Called...
...and the guy on the other end wants to know if I think we should replace Harry Reid. I say, "depends on who you're replacing him with." He says, "yes, McConnell's not my favorite either." I draw ...
WarrenS 06/20/2014 10 44 1 -
Write Like George Will! — A Political Bulwer-Lytton Contest!
It is widely known that George F. Will is one of America's premiere douchecanoes. Every week brings a fresh atrocity from the fetid pen of the bowtied one; whether it's climate denialism, ...
WarrenS 06/10/2014 16 20 1 -
SB 1132 Blogathon — Letters, Comments, Talking Points, Environmental Wisdom, and Music
A Climate Message From Stuart Chapman, of Bolinas, California A Few Words Of Introduction Hello, I'm Warren Senders, known in ...
WarrenS 05/20/2014 18 33 - -
Boston Kossacks! Upcoming Climate Concert, May 10...will be awesome!
Deepti Navaratna / Dean Stevens / Gabrielle ...
WarrenS 04/28/2014 3 10 - -
Block The Keystone XL! —€” Two Mad-Libs For Your Commenting Convenience
It's easy to make a public comment against the Keystone XL pipeline. Here are two "mad-libs" to help with the composition process. Each block contains three lines, any of which will connect ...
WarrenS 03/05/2014 18 34 3 -
Musicians & Performers — The Climate Message Video Festival Needs You!
Bagpipers, guitarists, ophecleidists, pianists, crwthists, drummers, Alpenhornists, bassists, sitarists, fiddlers, singers, songwriters, composers, dancers, poets, mimes, jugglers, and sword-...
WarrenS 03/03/2014 7 24 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 2/10/14: Fight The KXL!!
Howdy! I'm WarrenS , and I was very happy to be asked to contribute to Kitchen Table Kibitzing. I have a kitchen table and I wouldn't mind doing more kibitzing at it. I'm ...
WarrenS 02/10/2014 74 53 10 -
The Climate Message: Thoughts Toward An Ecology Of Music
I remember reading that a natural ecosystem that had taken thousands of years to develop can be destroyed in ten minutes by a guy driving a bulldozer. That seems true enough; horrifying and ...
WarrenS 01/02/2014 4 11 - -
Changing The World, One Gig At A Time: Introducing The Climate Message
Everybody who knows me knows that I've been engaged in a long project of daily Letters to the Editor on the subject of climate change. The Climate Letter Project has been an ongoing practice of ...
WarrenS 01/01/2014 20 25 1 -
Climate is a Feminist Issue: Our Threatened Cultural Infrastructure
This article was cross-posted at Running Gamak, home of the Climate Letter Project . Christopher Hitchens, in his critique of Mother Teresa, articulated a phrase that's been running through my ...
WarrenS 11/11/2013 40 39 3 -
Playing For The Planet: Environmental Benefit Concert, This Saturday in Boston
On Saturday, November 2, the eighth “Playing For The Planet” benefit concert will showcase master musicians from three different musical traditions in a rare evening of pan-cultural ...
WarrenS 10/28/2013 13 18 - -
Hummingbirds: A Few Words Between Songs
Since January 1, 2010, I've been writing a letter to the editor every day on some aspect of climate change. I get published fairly frequently. All the letters, published or not, eventually show up ...
WarrenS 09/09/2013 34 90 2 -
History In My Hands: A Box Of Treasures
I have a small box which holds some objects that are important to me for various reasons. Every so often I open it and contemplate them. There are droplets of aluminum left over from the ...
WarrenS 08/28/2013 2 5 - -
Off To India! The Climate Letter Project On Holiday
Folks, I'm happy to say that the Climate Letter Project (that is, me) is getting a vacation. For 27 days I'm not going to write a single letter, I swear. Mind you, that's because I've written ...
WarrenS 08/04/2013 15 24 - -
Toshi Seeger has passed, at 91.
Sing Out reports : Toshi-Aline Ohta Seeger, wife of folk music icon Pete Seeger, passed away overnight on Tuesday, July 9th. She was a mother, an organizer, an activist and filmmaker … and an ...
WarrenS 07/10/2013 41 177 1 -
My Mother's Abortion(s): For Me, Pro-Choice Is Personal
In two separate diaries over the last several years, I've told the story of how my mother's life was saved by a "partial-birth abortion" carried out on the delivery table in the 1950s. Given the ...
WarrenS 07/09/2013 15 46 - -
How It Would Feel To Be Free: The Climate Letter Project's Fourth Year
It was three and a half years ago that I began writing letters to the editor on the subject of climate change. This daily "practice of conscience" has had its good impacts on my life: the ego boost ...
WarrenS 07/03/2013 20 19 3 -
I'm A Lesbian Democratic Chicken, And I'm Voting For Colonel Sanders (MA-SEN)
I was out canvassing in my home town of Medford, Massachusetts this afternoon, pounding the pavements on behalf of Ed Markey. My partner Jerry was a Haitian guy out on his first time canvassing, ...
WarrenS 06/15/2013 25 63 - -
Dancing For The Planet - 350ma Benefit Concert: Boston, MA, 06/21/13
Navarasa Dance Theater Nani Agbeli & The Agbekor Society Zoé Dance Company Friday, June 21 — 7:00 pm — ...
WarrenS 05/31/2013 13 14 - -
#NoKXL — The Pipeline To Oblivion: Memes From The Climate Letter Project
The Climate Letter Project is now in its fourth year of daily letters to the editor, and if you exclude "idiotic Republican denialists," there's probably no single topic which has triggered more ...
WarrenS 04/16/2013 15 40 1 -
Singing For The Planet (350 Benefit Concert, Boston, 4/19)
Yo! — Boston & Massachusetts Kossacks, why not make this the occasion for a get-together? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Three Of New England's Most ...
WarrenS 04/03/2013 4 15 - -
A Tiny And Localized Betrayal...
...hurts worse than all the big and generalized ones. Almost ten years ago I began teaching a talented young man who had developed an interest in the musical traditions I've studied and performed ...
WarrenS 03/25/2013 24 29 - -
Addiction And Stupidity: Two Letters
Here are two recent hits from the Climate Letter Project, now in its fourth year of daily LTEs on the subject of climate change. Every day I type "climate change news" into my searchbar, then ...
WarrenS 03/03/2013 5 23 - -
Insulting Inhofe = Fun. They Were NEVER Going To Publish This One.
Here's today's special from the Climate Letter Project — a letter that was certain not to see print...but it sure was fun to write. The Times-Record-News of Wichita Falls, TX is reporting on ...
WarrenS 02/25/2013 56 187 1 -
A Dusting Of Denialist Dumbery: Another Day, Another Letter
This is a late-breaking update to my diary of last night , except that since it's a new diary, it's not an update at all. I sent a letter to the Boston Herald day before yesterday in response to an ...
WarrenS 02/13/2013 14 29 - -
Don't Date Denialists! — Relationship Advice From The Climate Letter Project (and more!)
The Climate Letter Project has entered its fourth year. Every damn day, I write a Letter to the Editor on climate change. I'm now up to somewhere over 1,140 letters. Yay, me. A considerable ...
WarrenS 02/12/2013 28 40 2 -
The Climate Letter Project's Fourth Year: Seven Recent Hits
Beginning on January 1, 2010, I resolved to write a letter a day on climate change, either to politicians or to print media (lacking a TV and not listening to the radio, I was poorly equipped to ...
WarrenS 01/08/2013 31 26 - -
The Bullet Bounced Off Me And Fell To The Floor: A Dumb Luck Story
My mother learned to shoot rifles in her youth, in Girl Scouts; according to family lore, my grandma was distressed at Mom's tomboyish qualities and was very pleased when she announced that she "...
WarrenS 12/30/2012 17 31 - -
Bill McKibben & Naomi Klein Do The Math in MA: Divest! Invest! Protest!
Event Report: Thursday, November 15 — The Boston, MA appearance of the Bill McKibben Do The Math roadshow. 2500 people almost completely filled Boston's Orpheum Theater. My wife, daughter and ...
WarrenS 11/16/2012 62 64 5 -
Press ONE To Help Us Impeach This Tortellini!
Lunchtime in the WarrenS kitchen. Daughter (7 3/4, homeschooled, eccentric) and I are eating tortellini. She is deep in her book. Phone: ringy ringy ringy. I pick up the receiver.
WarrenS 11/13/2012 9 17 - -
Arnold Rimmer: Mitt Romney's Hologrammatic Alter Ego
This diary is in the spirit of Mitt Romney or Bertie Wooster? , which mistakenly (IMO) attempts to equate Wodehouse's hero with our current Republican nominee. A far better match is found elsewhere ...
WarrenS 10/05/2012 23 7 - 108
Breaking: Boston Mayor Tom Menino to Endorse Warren Tomorrow
The Boston Globe's Andrew Ryan tweets : Confirmed with 2 sources. RT @gintautasd: Menino expected to endorse Warren Friday #masen #bospoli And the Dorchester Reporter's writes :
WarrenS 09/20/2012 37 37 - 248
The Other Path To The Uncanny Valley: Romney-vulsion Explained!
All of us have observed it. Romney repels people viscerally. Even his supporters feel uncomfortable around him. The only people who actually seem to like the guy are his wife and sons...and they ...
WarrenS 09/08/2012 57 42 - 385
Climate Change SOS: Five Recent Hits From The Climate Letter Project
Welcome to the newest intermittent report from the Climate Letter Project . Have you written a Climate Letter recently? The past couple of weeks have been very productive, LTE-wise. That's good.
WarrenS 08/21/2012 14 39 2 108
Freaky Friday — Charlie Haden Sounds Like A Rain Forest
Welcome to the DFH Freaky Friday weekly music series Because Team DFH operates more or less like a herd of cats, we’re here at roughly 9PM Eastern, every week. So take off your shoes, plop down ...
WarrenS 08/10/2012 13 18 - 73
The Midnight Meme Of Paul Revere: Three Recent Climate Letters
I grew up in Lincoln, Massachusetts , a small town most notable in recent years as the origin point of John Linnell and John Flansburgh, better known as the pop group They Might Be Giants . And ...
WarrenS 07/24/2012 19 31 3 110
The Climes They Are A'Changin' — Two Boston-area Climate Letters
A few days ago the Boston Globe published this : As temperatures are projected to climb, polar ice to melt, and oceans to swell over the coming decades, Boston is likely to bear a disproportionate ...
WarrenS 07/07/2012 26 32 1 182
Climate Letter: Do Rapturists Cheat At Solitaire?
It's part of my daily routine: plug "climate change news" into the Google bar and follow my nose until I find something that cries out for a 150-word response. I'm closing in on 1000 consecutive ...
WarrenS 06/12/2012 46 69 - 571
Phun With Phonetics: The Surprise Zoo Has Surprises For Everyone!
Crossposted at Running Gamak Part of my life and work as a teacher is to find new angles on familiar ideas. Students at college level (I teach music education) have often already solidified ...
WarrenS 06/10/2012 4 6 1 53
More Climate Letters Printed: Hello, Minneapolis! Hello, Calgary! You Ready To Rock?
I've been getting a fair number of letters in print recently. One of them was in the Boston Herald, my local fishwrap, and as I diaried a few days back, it attracted a massive outpouring of ...
WarrenS 05/21/2012 8 21 - 83
My Letter In The Boston Herald Attracts An Unseasonal Hailstorm Of Stupid
The Boston Herald (my local Murdoch rag) recently ran an article from the Seattle Times on a problem with animals: SEATTLE — As climate change transforms their habitat, some animals are already ...
WarrenS 05/17/2012 91 152 - 1500
"World Flutes Against Climate Change" — MA Benefit Concert, 5/19/12
On Saturday, May 19, the sixth “Playing For The Planet” benefit concert will showcase master musicians from three widely different musical traditions in a rare evening of pan-cultural flute ...
WarrenS 05/13/2012 6 13 - 45
A 3:2 Man In A 2:1 World — Frequency Ratios are the Nuts and Bolts of Music Theory
Recently I visited a diary that had nothing to do with any of my interests or skills (probably a familiar experience for most of us). In this case, it was the diary title that caught my eye; this ...
WarrenS 05/08/2012 155 84 14 700
In Which I Am Printed In The Times Of Malta. Where?
This place: Malta Listeni/ˈmɒltə/, officially known as the Republic of Malta (Maltese: Repubblika ta' Malta), is a Southern European country consisting of an archipelago situated in the centre ...
WarrenS 04/08/2012 31 33 1 183
MA Climate Concert: World Flutes Against Climate Change (5/19, Boston)
On Saturday, May 19, the sixth “Playing For The Planet” benefit concert will showcase master musicians from three widely different musical traditions in a rare evening of pan-cultural flute ...
WarrenS 04/01/2012 10 16 - 63
Break Bread, Not Shale: Loaves Of Truth, From My Brother The Baker
This is a diary about fracking, not a diary about bread. But bread is central to what I want you to read. So just nibble briefly at the first few paragraphs, and plunge downward beyond the squiggle,
WarrenS 01/24/2012 23 27 2 103
Bless My Homeland Forever...Climate Change And An Alpine Flower
Edelweiss, edelweiss — Every morning you greet me.
WarrenS 01/09/2012 24 43 - 168
OMG! Corporations Have Learned How To Swim!
This is kinda scary/weird. I was googling around, looking for something to write a letter about, when I found this bit of news: The world's first hybrid shark was discovered by ...
WarrenS 01/03/2012 8 16 - 114
eCOP: Drowning Songs, Drying Songs, Dying Songs
Music. Music. Music. Once I was working with a group of high-school students in a classroom that was undergoing minor renovations. I had asked them to define "music," and the discussion that ...
WarrenS 11/28/2011 6 17 1 81
eCOP: Drowning Songs, Drying Songs, Dying Songs
Music. Music. Music. Once I was working with a group of high-school students in a classroom that was undergoing minor renovations. I had asked them to define "music," and the discussion that ...
WarrenS 11/28/2011 8 15 3 81
In Which Time Magazine Prints My Climate Letter...and That's Not All!
As some of y'all know, I maintain a daily ritual of writing a LTE on climate change issues. This started on January 1st, 2010, and I'm now approaching the end of my second year. Frankly, it's a ...
WarrenS 10/28/2011 75 217 5 745
Variations on a Moving Planet Theme: Two LTEs
A confession: I'm not doing anything for "Moving Planet" — it's a soggy day here and I've spent the day so far at home with my daughter. But I wrote two LTEs yesterday hooked on today's theme. ...
WarrenS 09/24/2011 22 14 2 46
Strings For The Planet: MA Climate Action, 11/11/11
Yup, it's time for another Climate Concert. This one's gonna be a doozy.
WarrenS 09/04/2011 7 15 - 57
Tar Sands LTEs: A Guide To Action
Every day I write a Letter to the Editor on some aspect of climate change, which nowadays is more and more likely to mean "some aspect of the tar sands nightmare." Unfortunately, there's no ...
WarrenS 09/01/2011 37 67 5 205
Climate Change LTEs in Irene's Wake
I just got back from 2 weeks in India, during which time I didn't write a single climate letter or for that matter think about climate change for more than a few minutes. Wow. It was wonderful......
WarrenS 08/28/2011 14 22 1 98
NYT Prints My Letter on Republican Anti-Environmentalism
As some folks here know, I have an ongoing environmental-awareness project: each and every day, I write a letter to the editor on some aspect of climate change. I'm now midway through the second ...
WarrenS 08/05/2011 19 52 1 162
Let Me Tell You About Something That Will Make You Happy
My vocational connection with academic ethnomusicology is pretty tenuous most of the time, but I get the SEM Journal every quarter, and it's one of my small continuing pleasures, being constantly ...
WarrenS 07/08/2011 33 112 6 919
Competitive Eschatology and Climate Denial
One of my recurring dilemmas: trying to imagine myself in the head of a climate change denialist. Why? Why reject all the evidence? Why be scared of saving our species, of keeping ...
WarrenS 06/19/2011 49 38 12 203
A Great Tree Has Fallen: Asad Ali Khan, R.I.P.
This Tuesday, June 14, the world of music lost a great spirit. Ustad Asad Ali Khan, one of the few remaining performers on the ancient Indian stringed instrument called the Rudra Veena, passed ...
WarrenS 06/16/2011 17 59 6 354
A Good Day Of Unschooling
My six-year-old daughter and I had breakfast yesterday morning, and she asked me some random addition questions. "Dad, how do you make twenty-seven?" It turned out she was thinking about ...
WarrenS 06/07/2011 82 59 2 377
Violins For The Planet: MA Climate Action, 04/22/11
WarrenS 04/11/2011 17 23 1 184
Thomas Quasthoff and the Alchemy Of Song
As a singer and a singing teacher, I have spent decades listening to voices. Voices meek, voices strong. Voices constricted by fear and insecurity, voices filled with exaltation, voices once ...
WarrenS 03/10/2011 15 19 1 62
Violins For The Planet: MA Climate Action, 04/22/11
WarrenS 03/08/2011 5 10 - 40
Singing Is Nothing But Joy: The Music Of Mallikarjun Mansur
The first time I heard the music of Pandit Mallikarjun Mansur was in 1978, very ...
WarrenS 03/03/2011 27 31 3 166
Happy Valentine's Day: An Obscene Phone Call From A Wisconsin Wingnut
As part of my ongoing daily-letter-to-the-editor-on-climate-change resolution (now over 400 letters without missing a day!), I sent something recently to the Milwaukee Sentinel-...
WarrenS 02/14/2011 161 188 2 1512
It's Snowing Everywhere...Time To Shovel Some $#!T
Up here in Massachusetts, we're getting pounded with massive snow. My city's police department has instituted a snow emergency to remain in effect "until further notice." Even the hardened ...
WarrenS 02/01/2011 36 45 1 85
The Voice of India Is Silent: Bhimsen Joshi, 1922-2011
At 8 AM on Monday the great Hindustani vocalist Bhimsen Joshi died in Sayahadri Hospital in his home city of Pune. He was 89, and a few weeks shy of his 90th birthday. One of the most celebrated ...
WarrenS 01/24/2011 17 25 1 261
The Rarest of Them All: A Republican Climate Scientist
Stop the presses! Neela Banerjee has a story in the Seattle Times about MIT's Dr. Kerry Emanuel, a responsible ...
WarrenS 01/07/2011 44 39 1 282
A Year of Climate Letters: Greatest Hits Edition
After a full year of Climate Letters, I haven't missed a day ( Year 2, Month 1, Day 1 is already in the can). I've been published in the Boston Globe thrice, the Boston Herald twice, the ...
WarrenS 12/31/2010 43 29 1 46
"The Very Definition of America-Hating Liberal Guilt"
A while back I got one of my climate letters printed in the Jakarta Times. So far, that's the most ...
WarrenS 12/27/2010 19 31 - 102
A Song When Hope Dims: Pete Seeger and The Napalm Ladies
I think I was twelve when my parents gave me a new Pete Seeger lp. They knew I loved his music; I’d listened over and over to “We Shall Overcome: The Carnegie Hall Concert”
WarrenS 12/05/2010 30 26 1 92
In Which I Finally Make The Big Time!
So back on November 12, I wrote my daily letter to the Newark Star-Ledger , pointing out Chris Christie's utter idiocy when it came to the ...
WarrenS 11/26/2010 88 213 2 83
Drumming For The Planet: MA Climate Action, 11/6/10
This is a repost of a previously published diary.
WarrenS 11/05/2010 8 6 - 52
Drumming For The Planet: MA Climate Action, 11/6/10
This is a repost of a previously published diary.
WarrenS 10/20/2010 6 9 - 45
The Unscrupulous Weasels Vs. The Easily Gulled (ACTION!)
Earlier today I was looking around for a theme for tonight's climate letter. I was making OFA phone calls between students (I probably made 40-50 calls...not a lot but I'll do some more soon), and (...
WarrenS 10/17/2010 25 25 - 130
Drumming For The Planet: MA Climate Action, 11/6/10
WarrenS 10/06/2010 17 21 - 82
From Boston to DC:  Travels and Travails on Ten/Two/Ten
We were excited to go to DC for the ONWT event. My wife became a citizen in 1998 and this was her first major political rally. Our daughter will be six in January and we thought this would be an ...
WarrenS 10/03/2010 25 25 - 250
Pakistan: How Many Songs Are Drowning?
It's a hard rain that's a-falling on Pakistan. The scale of the tragedy is too huge for most human imaginations to comprehend. Most of us can't really visualize a million of anything , let ...
WarrenS 09/21/2010 24 31 4 264
Go To Hell...But Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming!
It was earlier this year that I sent a letter to James Inhofe's office telling him what an idiot I thought he was and is. One of the ...
WarrenS 09/10/2010 54 41 - 48
Madder Than Mad — The "Outrage-Lib" Climate-Change LTE!
If you're even paying attention a little bit, it's pretty clear that Mother Earth is in a very bad state. She's got a horrible fever, and she's developing oozing sores all over the place, and....oh,
WarrenS 08/07/2010 38 31 5 54
Two Hundred. Two Hundred and One....
I had an idea one day in December. The new year was coming up, and I wondered if I had what it took to sustain a daily discipline that wasn't about practicing music or doing the dishes (not that I ...
WarrenS 07/19/2010 48 39 4 292
ECSTASY and Inconvenience — 2 Books About The Future
E.C.S.T.A.S.Y. — E nd C onsumption, S ave T he A ir & S ea, ...
WarrenS 07/11/2010 29 50 10 260
The ECSTASY of Growing Your Own — A DIY Garden Project
E.C.S.T.A.S.Y. — E nd C onsumption, S ave T he A ir & S ea, ...
WarrenS 07/04/2010 57 47 10 363
Action! Tell The White House: It's Time For James Hansen!
Well, the great climatologist James Hansen got another important prize . Meanwhile, he ...
WarrenS 06/28/2010 12 25 - 62
ECSTASY and Music - You Can't Steal A Gift!
E.C.S.T.A.S.Y. — E nd C onsumption, S ave T he A ir & S ea, ...
WarrenS 06/20/2010 24 28 - 65
"Singing For The Planet" Concert Report
Last Saturday, June 12, we held a concert in Boston. "Singing For The Planet" ...
WarrenS 06/18/2010 30 44 1 232
Boston Area Kossacks: Come to Saturday's Climate Concert!
This is an update of a previously posted diary.
WarrenS 06/09/2010 4 15 - 357
ECSTASY - The Tyranny of False Measurement
E.C.S.T.A.S.Y. — E nd C onsumption, S ave T he A ir & S ea, ...
WarrenS 06/06/2010 32 47 2 207
The New York Times! — For The Second Time This Year!
Some day in the future I will no longer feel the need to write daily letters on climate change. Perhaps the Arcturans or Betelguesians will arrive with magic CO2 sponges, or perhaps some mild-...
WarrenS 05/31/2010 22 47 1 37
Can a Middle-Aged Dad Find ECSTASY?
E.C.S.T.A.S.Y. — E nd C onsumption, S ave T he A ir & S ea, ...
WarrenS 05/30/2010 74 37 - 51
"Singing For The Planet" MA Climate Action — Now With Video!
This is an update of a previously posted diary.
WarrenS 05/27/2010 7 15 - 75
Stealing The Work Of A Better Diarist & Calling It My Own
When I began writing a Daily Letter on Climate in January, I tried doing it in the morning. But those mornings also held a five-year-old girl who ...
WarrenS 05/18/2010 14 27 3 48
"Singing For The Planet" — MA Climate Action (06/12/10)
This is a reposted diary. It's ...
WarrenS 05/13/2010 6 8 - 33
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