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Gangster Capitalism in China
I must recommend the very readable paper, [ China’s Communist-Capitalist ecological apocalypse]. While the paper is 45 pages long (with at least ...
arendt 05/28/2015 2
Distraction: Ever wonder about "Crane Form Kung Fu"?
It came from cranes. No....really. A crane has, for whatever reason, fallen into a tiger's den at a zoo and cannot get out. There are 3 tigers, quite interested in the bird. The crane is maybe ...
xxdr zombiexx 05/28/2015 14
@chinahand connects decades-long string of dots
Peter Lee, ( or @chinahand) currently connects up a long string of dots all the way from back in the Yugoslav War (1989) to the current problems in sorting out the ...
MisterCharlie 05/25/2015 4
Finally. The war on illegal fishing begins.
The Indonesian Navy destroys foreign fishing vessels caught fishing illegally in waters near North Sulawesi yesterday. Photo: REUTERS Divers and scientists report that Indonesia's reefs are ...
Pakalolo 05/23/2015 26
Malicious radio ads
Yesterday I was doing some work for a couple of radio stations in New Hampshire. They are running ads from an organization promoting the Trans Pacific Partnership and praising Senator Kelly Ayotte ...
necturus 05/20/2015 1
Sen. Feinstein is a mind reader
I got an interesting email today. Sen. Feinstein wanted to thank me for emailing her about her TPA vote. She wrote "Thank you for contacting me regarding the negotiation of the Trans-Pacific ...
dangoch 05/15/2015 10

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