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I See Said The Hammer to The Saw
This is one reason why I don't write science much. And why the bulk of my work is secured. 1. it took conventional science 10 years just to prove Pauli's theory. 2. And so far all conventional ...
nicolemaschke 06/03/2015 1
KosAbility Upcoming Schedule - A DAY EARLY FOR YOUR READING PLEASURE - & with Tentative How-To
Some valuable diaries pub'd & repub'd the past 10 days or so - scroll down after this UpSched. We MEET Sundays 4pm leftkost time, 7pm east. UPCOMING SCHEDULES post between Wednesday & Friday weekly.
mettle fatigue 06/02/2015 1
Going to Mars... and Survival
There are, right at the ground 0 level significant issues with going to Mars, and human survival.
nicolemaschke 06/02/2015 41
Which Republican said self-interest as a primary principle is incompatible with civil liberty?
The longer quote is this: " (an action the speaker disagreed with) forces so many really good men amongst ourselves into an open war with the very fundamental principles of civil liberty -- ...
wordmonkey 06/02/2015 2
Which decade would you want to be part of? 1920's forward
All things being equal, entertainment-wise, policy-wise, etc.... if you could magically teleport yourself to another time, would you? Would you stay in the present day? I have a huge feeling that ...
BFSkinner 06/02/2015 26
A Nation of Rats?
You probably hear it a lot, ad nauseam ...America, the land of the free, home of the brave. That it is a place, if not THE place, of the market of ideas. This is where people are free to be stupid ...
swilliamrex 06/02/2015 3
Kids, don't do drugs you don't like.
I think Starbucks should embrace sad hour, similar to pubs happy hour but instead a discount on coffee before we all go to work. To an outsider, Trader Joe's just looks like a place where ...
jbou 06/02/2015 14
Open thread for night owls: UN experts warn of threats from secret 'trade' deals
RNs protest fast-track legislation in Sacramento, California in March 2015. At Common Dreams, Sarah Lazare ...
Meteor Blades 06/02/2015 62
Republican attacks on the EPA
A feature of the New Conservatism is a pathological anti environmentalism. This was not always so. many of the early conservationists were Republicans. Even ten years ago Sen McCain and Sen Graham ...
cuddytom 06/02/2015 4
"We managed to put a man on the moon. Now we need to put clean energy on Earth."
“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.” – Roald Dah l As the Global Apollo ...
boatsie 06/02/2015 22
Toxic Substances are topic of Congress House Committee Markup today & Wednesday
Congressional fights over 62,000+ unregulated chemicals can be complicated by TPP, TTIP, & remand to each state. House Committee Markup today & Wednesday -- Hope you'll read on! ...
e2247 06/02/2015 5
Infighting in Kansas Senate Gives Small Number of Electeds Final Word
A deeply divided Kansas Senate debated the budget throughout the day in caucus and on the floor until Senate Republicans called for a do-over, reverting the bill to near original state and ...
Chris Reeves 06/02/2015 8
When GOP Gov. Pat McCrory Did The Right Thing
Republican Governor Pat McCrory did the right thing -- and in so doing showed the way for conservative Christian Republicans in the age of marriage equality. McCrory not only vetoed a North ...
Frederick Clarkson 06/02/2015 51
My Story
How it all fits together and what it means when it changes. This diary will follow the progress of my work on building a coherent philosophy of the nature of my own humanity in an inhuman world. I ...
Politcal Alchemist 06/02/2015 3
Community Quilt for crystal eyes
CelticLassie's quilt, detail Our friend, crystal eyes, has a brain tumor. He has blogged about it here, on Daily Kos -- and ...
Sara R 06/02/2015 21
#Black Lives Matter and The Climate Justice Movement
I recently ran across this article by Naomi Klein Why #Black Lives Matter Should Transform The Climate Debate . At Daily Kos, I've learned we white progressives have a bad habit of thinking ...
joedemocrat 06/02/2015 16
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 6/2/2015: Full Moon and Empty Head
Come oh come ye tea-thirsty restless ones -- the kettle boils, bubbles and sings, musically. ~ Rabindranath ...
belinda ridgewood 06/02/2015 127
USA Freedom Act Passes As All Of Mitch McConnell's Bad Amendments Fail
The amendments would have pulled the teeth out of the act, eliminating the few but important reforms that were in the Freedom Act. Those amendments got a big thumbs down from the Senate. The USA ...
windsong01 06/02/2015 12
We Don’t Need Another Earthquake Movie
Last weekend the movie “San Andreas” premiered, and became the top-grossing film in the U.S. for that weekend. The movie is filled with action, explosions, thrills, and Dwayne Johnson’s large ...
LouVince 06/02/2015 9
ISIS and Assad Regime working together?
Yesterday ISIS launched an offensive against the last few moderate rebels that Obama is supporting in Syria. It is threatening to collapse the final remaining military strategy for Syria. ...
gjohnsit 06/02/2015 42
Shoot first & take no chances when Minority Report is on the job
You just never know when the next blasphemy drawing competition will provoke someone under surveillance, so one should be proactive just in case you don't have enough evidence, or a third " Precog "
annieli 06/02/2015 8
Do you find the tone of this piece puzzling?
This is old, but worth revisiting given the tone: It's the Seattle Times seeming to do their bit ...
SninkyPoo 06/02/2015 5
Cartoon: Mad Max Fury Road
Support Keef via Patreon!!
keefknight 06/02/2015 15
Game of Thrones 5.8—'Hardhome'
Winter isn't just coming, people. It's here. In Game of Thrones that doesn't mean Jack Frost nipping at your nose. It doesn't mean friendly snowmen in top hats. It sure doesn't mean picking up a ...
Mark Sumner 06/02/2015 94
Welcome New Users - The "How do I do THAT" Edition
Welcome to new and old users alike from this month's host Angie in WA State . Our group is here to help you orient yourself to the site and answer your questions about how to use it. When you join ...
Angie in WA State 06/02/2015 45
FIFA: The Lunacy Continues
If you haven't been following this fiasco in corporate corruption you have been missinhg a fine show. Now this is fun: No one brought more shame on FIFA than its president Sepp Blatter and he ...
LaFeminista 06/02/2015 16
Rick Santorum to Pope Francis: 'Leave science to the scientist'
Rick Santorum gives sage advice to Pope Francis. Rick Santorum, who once said he would not bow to the liberal orthodoxy of climate change, did ...
Jen Hayden 06/02/2015 109
Whoa! Is This Guy For Real?
Heather Smith, writing in Grist , asks: Have you ever wished there was more talk of climate change in national politics? Have you ever sat through a dull, paint-by-numbers political debate and ...
Bill Day 06/02/2015 5
McConnell loses big on NSA amendments, USA Freedom Act goes to the president
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was an asshole starting the series of votes in the Senate in what was to become his NSA surveillance reform debacle.
Joan McCarter 06/02/2015 108
A very young man with a very ambitious and ingenious way of cleaning up our oceans
20-year-old Boyan Slat is a young man who has come up with an idea about how we might be able to clean up our planet's ocean plastic pollution problem. That solution is The Ocean Cleanup. About 8 ...
Walter Einenkel 06/02/2015 25
Moss (Photo Diary): Street Prophets Coffee Hour
Welcome to the Tuesday edition of the Coffee Hour at Street Prophets. This is an open thread where we can discuss what’s happening in our lives, what we’ve been working on, and our opinions on ...
Ojibwa 06/02/2015 8
Black Kos, Tuesday's Chile
Dear British Guardian: Thank You! by Chitown Kev Having completed two diaries in the past 24 hours in addition to going into the office earlier today, I was sorely tempted to hang a "Gone Fishing" ...
Black Kos 06/02/2015 68
How long have you been modeming?
I went out to lunch today with an old friend who I met when they ran a BBS I started calling in the early 1980s, and we've remained friends since. I remember calling, way back when, on my Atari 800,
BFSkinner 06/02/2015 66
Ted Cruz: John F. Kennedy 'would be a Republican today'
You make me sad. I sat here for a long time pondering what to say about would-
Hunter 06/02/2015 182
A few maps show Americans' views on climate change confused. But they like renewable energy
The map shows Americans are strong backers of renewable energy. David Roberts at ...
Meteor Blades 06/02/2015 33
Megyn Kelly lays the groundwork for going soft on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
Try to control your shock: Flinty though she may be, Fox News' Megyn Kelly is not going to give Jim Bob and ...
Laura Clawson 06/02/2015 8
Overheating Earth staggers into last chance saloon
The inhabitants of overheating Earth are starting to realize that they only have one last chance to stop the rising heat from their planet from overwhelming life on Earth as they know it. So they ...
VL Baker 06/02/2015 13
Worlds Enough and Time
Everywhere I look, stories of our current condition and perilous plight greet my eyes. Economic collapse, massive unemployment, infrastructure degradation, environmental ...
ThePensMight 06/02/2015 1
A Different Look At Climate Change
For the moment, let’s agree that the changes in climate, that scientists are expounding on, is normal, as many a conservative asserts. That over the eons, climate naturally ebbs and tides. Then ...
ChloeMS 06/02/2015 6
Throw the Press a Logistics Bone, Secretary Clinton
[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster. ] One good reason for sticking around politics is that it can genuinely surprise you, things seems so maddeningly stuck-in-the-mud-static and then whammo, gay ...
paradox 06/02/2015 4
Tennessee television station refuses to run marriage equality ad featuring U.S. Navy combat veteran
"Freedom means freedom for everyone." According to WRCB-TV in Chattanooga, marriage equality is simply too ...
Jen Hayden 06/02/2015 7
Midday open thread: NTSB releases Amtrak report; flowers in the potholes protests; 0.01% taxpayers
Today's comic by Jen Sorensen is Facetime fools :
Meteor Blades 06/02/2015 38
Boss telling woman that 'babies need their mamas' is not discrimination, jury says
What the ever-loving hell does a company or specific boss have to do to a woman to lose a pregnancy discrimination case? A federal ...
Laura Clawson 06/02/2015 7
Jeb Bush thinks retirement age is 65, and wants you to work until you're 70
If you missed Face the Nation on Sunday, you missed Jeb ...
Joan McCarter 06/02/2015 166
If 'Peevish' Cops Can't Kick Your Black Butt and Break the Law They Won't Do Their Jobs
We are in the second day of the fundraiser for my site I would like to thank the folks who have donated so far. Their generosity is much appreciated. If you can, are able, and ...
chaunceydevega 06/02/2015 22
Exploring what it means when police refuse to provide medical attention to their victims
Actions show intent and emotion. When I kiss my kids at night and tell them I love them before they go to bed, it's because how I feel about them emotionally has to be demonstrated to be ...
Shaun King 06/02/2015 68
In the GOP, moderates need not apply
The percentage of House members who are NOT ideological moderates. New data released last month by Kenneth Poole and Howard Rosenthal shows just how polemic House Republicans have become—the ...
Kerry Eleveld 06/02/2015 47
Toosdai Critters
Those of you who ...
triciawyse 06/02/2015 68
Guantánamo Bay prisoner: CIA used sexual abuse and other torture not included in Senate report
Majid Khan has been in U.S. custody since 2003. His name is Majid Khan. Born in Pakistan, he is a legal resident of the United States, having lived in Maryland and graduated from a Baltimore ...
Meteor Blades 06/02/2015 75
States find few options to deal with potential Supreme Court Obamacare decision
The Wall Street ...
Joan McCarter 06/02/2015 19
Mike Huckabee: I wish I 'felt like a woman' in high school so I could 'shower with the girls'
You are a strange, strange man. Republican contender Mike Huckabee has an odd internal belief system. Molesting your ...
Hunter 06/02/2015 174
Judge upholds labor board rule bringing union representation elections into the 21st century
Here's something new: a court upholding a policy that business lobby groups say is unfairly pro-worker. The first of two legal challenges to the National Labor Relations Board's rule modernizing ...
Laura Clawson 06/02/2015 16
Pro-Police White Supemacist Brawl with #BlackLivesMatter Protestors in Olympia WA and Lose
I don't think this is really a good thing, but it certainly could have been much worse as a set of five to ten Neo-Nazi Pro-Police protestors clashed with about 150 others who were there to ...
Frank Vyan Walton 06/02/2015 16
High Impact Posts: June 1, 2015
jotter 06/02/2015 9
Corrosion, rust, and holes inside busy Washington D.C. bridge
Knowing that two lanes of a major bridge in the nation's capital had to be closed for emergency repairs is scary enough. ...
Laura Clawson 06/02/2015 4
Is marriage "socialist"?
Some marital manifestations of the dreaded socialist scourge. Joint checking ...
akadjian 06/02/2015 30
Republicans hoping to get more than six percent of the black vote in 2016
With President Obama not on the ballot in 2016, Republicans are hoping that their candidate will be able to draw a little more of ...
Laura Clawson 06/02/2015 70
Reporters anonymously complain that Clinton campaign offers too many anonymous quotes
A group of reporters met Monday ...
Laura Clawson 06/02/2015 290
Elizabeth Warren isn't running, but Democratic voters still have choices
Fabulous, but still not running for president. Now is the time to talk about the Democratic presidential primary as it is, without all the what ifs. Well, it's been that time for a while, but ...
Laura Clawson 06/02/2015 124
Bees are getting dusted
The May 21 Nature carried a special section on bees (behind a paywall), and the heart of it was a detailed evaluation on the state of the science on the role of the insecticides known as ...
nicteis 06/02/2015 27
Kansas Senate Melts Down, Effort To Reduce Debt Results in More Debt
The Kansas Senate finished their day, adjourning near 6PM with no budget in sight. In a late night move by Democrat Anthony Hensley (Topeka), Republicans had agreed the night before to lower sales ...
Chris Reeves 06/01/2015 89

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