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Hey Rush, Don't Forget to Turn Off the Light!
Rush Limbaugh craves attention to such an extent that he will say anything to receive it. The type of attention (negative or positive) does not matter. Whatever the cost, he has to be the center ...
Weezerr1 04/27/2013 21 57 2 -
Same-Sex Parenting
As a teacher I’ve had the pleasure of knowing children from many different home environments. I know children who live in two parent households and single parent households. I know children ...
Weezerr1 03/27/2013 3 10 - -
Why Limbaugh’s Claim to Use Absurdity to Illustrate the Absurd Is Absolutely Absurd!
(Or... what to say when you need an escape hatch) "Just Kidding!"
Weezerr1 03/24/2013 17 7 - -
Service Pistols v. Bushmasters
In answer to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings NRA president Wayne LaPierre suggested assigning armed guards in our public schools. When attempting to figure out logistically and ...
Weezerr1 01/17/2013 53 15 - -
For Crying Out Loud!
I really thought Rush Limbaugh could not sink any lower. It seems like just when he's hit an all time low he finds a way to out do himself. During his show today, Limbaugh actually mocked the ...
Weezerr1 01/16/2013 10 22 1 -
Adults Can Learn A Lot From Kindergarten
Robert Fulghum is a Unitarian Universalist minister and New York Times best selling author. When the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre occurred I remembered Mr. Fulghum's quote about kindergarten. ...
Weezerr1 01/16/2013 2 4 - -
"Bad Taste" and "Offensive?"
Rush Limbaugh accused President Obama of using children as "human shields" at a planned White House event on stronger gun laws. Limbaugh attacked Obama over the announcement that the president ...
Weezerr1 01/16/2013 45 141 2 -
Limbaugh & Latinos
We should not be surprised by ...
Weezerr1 01/15/2013 7 16 - -
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