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The Smart Report: Homo sapiens sapiens in Training
--------------------------------------------+---+-+---+-+-+-+-+ Join The Evolution Revolution! --------------------------------------------+---+-+---+-+-+-+-+ DARWIN AWARDS "Training ...
Wendy Northcutt 01/12/2012 1 - 1 62
The Darwin Award Winner for 2011 is...
The Darwin Award Winner For 2011 Is... \*\*\* Press Release. 12-31-2011 \*\*\* \*\*\* The Darwin Award Winner Announced. \*\*\* Darwin ...
Wendy Northcutt 01/01/2012 14 16 1 455
One Click Away...!
Talk about dumb. I was leaning against an enormous uber-bale of cotton, flicking a bic, when Richard said with emphasis, "I'm standing over here." I looked up at the ...
Wendy Northcutt 11/14/2011 1 - 1 44
Mass Darwin Award for Misuse of Time Machine?
The secret. Sitting on a gigantic bale of cotton balls freshly-harvested from the field, smoking a doobie and talking to Richard, that's the driver, he rolls doobies, I turned and ...
Wendy Northcutt 11/05/2011 9 3 1 131
2006 Darwin Awards Announced!
2006 DARWIN AWARD WINNERS! Darwin Awards Condoms: Keep yourself out of the gene pool. Darwin Awards Motto: The Tree of Life is Self-Pruning. Darwin Awards Hero: "What would Darwin do?"
Wendy Northcutt 01/03/2007 30 24 1 140
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