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Where's the Fire? On Ebay
This is a short review of the Kindle Fire. The following are strictly my own impressions. It's CRAP. In my humble opinion. I am very much NOT an Apple person, but an IPad killer? Dream on, Amazon.
WestTexasLiberal 11/28/2011 8 4 - 111
O death - updated
I sit here in the hospital watching her take her last breaths. Hoping for just one more, just one more. The smile everyone knew her by is already gone forever. She'll be gone within hours. One ...
WestTexasLiberal 09/29/2011 66 139 1 664
The nightmare returns
A couple of weeks ago I posted a diary about the good work of the Ronald McDonald house and how they helped our family during our son's losing battle with cancer. I didn't know it, but a new ...
WestTexasLiberal 09/08/2011 7 11 - 148
Seize this, buddy
So Der Kops are confiscating video cameras now. When they think someone's watching them, or at the behest of any Republican goon who doesn't want cameras in the room. I have a solution. I'm not ...
WestTexasLiberal 08/25/2011 22 38 - 212
Ronald McDonald and his house
I was at Mickey D's this morning to grab an apple pie, and as I always do I stuck my change in the little donation box for Ronald McDonald House. As I turned around to leave I caught a smirk on the ...
WestTexasLiberal 08/25/2011 28 31 - 188
Tea Party made up of "freaked out white men"
This will be pretty short, but I didn't see anyone else diary it, so... Tea Party members are primarily “ freaked out white men ” who ...
WestTexasLiberal 08/11/2011 26 6 - 189
Droning on
Since I'm probably one of the few people here who knows a bit about experimental drones I thought I'd post a short diary on the subject. Most people don't know much about drones and don't want to. ...
WestTexasLiberal 08/04/2011 19 3 - 48
Don't yell at me
This will be short and sweet... If you are one of the folks who like to write diaries to influence people, there's a very basic rule to learn. Yelling at people, demeaning them, scolding them, ...
WestTexasLiberal 07/26/2011 7 11 - 136
Amazing scientific breakthrough
Scientists in Burbank, California verified the achievement of a major milestone on Wednesday: A full- HDMI television display etched into the surface of a one-micron-square chip of silicon. "This ...
WestTexasLiberal 07/20/2011 17 6 - 246
Electric scooters
Over three years ago, George Bush gave us all a check to make us forget about how bad things were getting and how much gas prices were rising. Remember? I used mine to buy an electric scooter. I'm ...
WestTexasLiberal 07/19/2011 74 73 6 523
RKAB: The Right to Keep Armed Bears
UPDATE: Since beginning this diary a minute or so ago, RKAB has split into three sub-groups, none of which is officially authorized by RKAB and none of which will be invited to the annual RKAB ...
WestTexasLiberal 07/14/2011 44 21 - 221
My amazing new phone
I just got this great new phone and I had to share it with you! It's the very latest thing in dis-integration. The features list is beautifully thin. NO email! Nearly no web browsing! No Facebook ...
WestTexasLiberal 06/20/2011 89 13 - 318
Don't trust me
Just an attention getting opener... you can trust me. Implicitly. Send me all your pin numbers now. Groucho Marx said, "I refuse to join any club that would accept me as a member". That's how I ...
WestTexasLiberal 06/08/2011 10 5 - 82
He typed, she typed
I see people missing a fairly obvious point when it comes to pie fights and people writing diaries that "offend" someone. It happens over and over. I'm not even going to say what diary prompted me ...
WestTexasLiberal 06/03/2011 9 4 - 67
Why do you care what I don't believe?
(Disclaimer - this isn't a "meta" diary about DKos piefights. Don't anyone take it personally, please.) Rant alert. I'm normally pretty live-and-let-live about my religious brothers and sisters (...
WestTexasLiberal 05/31/2011 664 322 3 2064
Flyover People
Believe me, I understand. I grew up in Oklahoma. I used to tell people, when you grow up in Oklahoma, you either grow up a redneck... or there's no chance in Hell you'll EVER be a redneck. I am the ...
WestTexasLiberal 04/15/2011 95 102 - 570
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