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Love and Death aboard the TARDIS
I haven't seen any diaries about Game of Thrones in a while, which I presume means the show is not airing new episodes at the moment. I wouldn't know. I don't have a TV. But I do follow what is ...
atana 11/09/2014 26 6 - -
Dr Who Dalek to Teach Computer Programming
From Wednesday this week the BBC will release a free Dr Who themed game to help teach computer coding. Since September, the start of the school year, computer programming has been a compulsory ...
Lib Dem FoP 11/09/2014 6 4 1 -
Doctor Who director Derek Martinus Has Died
This is just a quick note from the BBC report . Derek Martinus, who directed some of Doctor Who's best known episodes between 1965 and 1970, featuring the first three Doctors, has died aged ...
xaxnar 11/09/2014 11 13 - -
Getting Closer
t is that time again. Hints to fuel the speculation abound.
Judeling 11/09/2014 1 1 - -
Doctor Who Season 8 Begins (mild spoilers only)
Ever since shortfinals vanished last spring there hasn't been much whovian activity here on dkos. I thought I'd pass on my thoughts on the start of the new season and the new version of the doctor.
matching mole 11/09/2014 36 17 - -
Doctor Who Season Overview
Last night, Death in Heaven, the final episode of season 8 of the new Doctor Who aired in the US, marking the end of Peter Capaldi's first season in the role. A season that I would say was very ...
matching mole 11/09/2014 38 31 - -
A new face brings a different tone to Doctor Who
Peter Capaldi as The Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald Things change and almost everything has a beginning and an end. But most people tend to like continuity, legacy, and the stability ...
Doctor RJ 08/26/2014 155 53 2 -
Peter Capaldi rox Doctor Who
Just a quickie on the first episode of the new Doctor.. Lots of Meta for Whovians - how old is the Doctor?, why is he grey and wrinkled? Who frowned me this face? Lots of topical humor on the gay ...
peterfallow 08/24/2014 27 20 - -
An absolutely stunning choice - Keeley Hawes to play a villain on Dr Who!
shortfinals 03/14/2014 59 35 1 -
More Teachers!
Am I really the first person to catch this? The History Boys actor Samuel Anderson is to join the cast of Doctor Who as a companion to Clara ...
Most Awesome Nana 02/24/2014 11 5 - -
Doctor Who episode to have Victorian Theme
It seems that one of the episodes in the upcoming series will be set in Victorian times. According to South Wales Argus , the Who crew have been filming in A Victorian terraced street, aptly named ...
peterfallow 01/30/2014 9 12 - -
Daily Mail coverage of Doctor Who shoot...
Well, I can only suggest that the British tabloid, the Daily Mail, seems to be on a roll with regard to the coverage of Doctor Who at the moment. Following the earlier article (well done PF !) ...
shortfinals 01/28/2014 62 20 - -
The 12 th Doctor is a nifty ageing mod.
The BBC has released pictures of Peter Capaldi in his costume for the series, and it it is way cool. The Time Lord in a dark blue Crombie coat: BBC unveils costume for 12th Doctor Snip Sporting ...
peterfallow 01/28/2014 33 20 1 -
Taking On Dr. Who
Thanks to Aaron Williams for finding this - a classic 80's music video treatment of Dr. Who.
xaxnar 12/27/2013 23 15 - -
It's here! 'The Time of the Doctor'
shortfinals 12/25/2013 135 26 - -
'The Time of the Doctor' - Christmas Special trailer
shortfinals 12/13/2013 48 25 - -
Update - 'The Time Of The Doctor' - 2013 Christmas Special
shortfinals 11/30/2013 26 23 - -
'The Time Of The Doctor' - 2013 Christmas Special
shortfinals 11/26/2013 67 26 - -
“Coward, Any Day”
I was graciously asked to join Whovians on DKOS and would like to offer this fabulous article my son wrote online. Below the orange swirly is the beginning due to its length and fair practice of ...
Renie57 11/23/2013 5 4 - -
Explosive comments by Christopher Eccleston regarding Doctor Who!
shortfinals 11/23/2013 22 19 - -
Did you See it. I was there.
Tonight was the first showing of the 50th anniversary celebration episode of Doctor Who.
Tailgunner30uk 11/23/2013 3 6 - -
Gallifrey Falls No More! - The Day Of The Doctor
shortfinals 11/23/2013 191 52 - -
Gallifrey-Day Fun with Doctor Who: The Real World, How to Watch, and How to Be a Time Lord
One more collection of Whoviana links and reminiscences before the Day of the Doctor . (Hat tip to the Mirror ...
xaxnar 11/22/2013 67 65 1 -
Thoughts on a journey through space and time.
Things started off a little fraught. Most of the packing for the event was done. But as is often the way, a few essentials hid themselves. I was waiting for a pair of trousers to arrive, but the ...
Tailgunner30uk 11/22/2013 4 4 - -
Dr Who; "An Adventure in Space and Time"- GREAT!
This is a preview for you of "An Adventure in Space and Time" that will air on BBC America at 8/9C on Friday. This is the BBC's recreation of the events leading up to the launch of the series in ...
Lib Dem FoP 11/22/2013 9 14 - -
Time Lord Thursday - More Doctor Who Fun: Dahl - Leks? True Love? Music!!!
More Whovian goodness from the BBC. The "Dahl" connection comes courtesy of the late Terry Nation , who is being remembered at his childhood home with a plaque. Dalek creator Terry Nation has ...
xaxnar 11/21/2013 22 9 - -
Dr. Who Wednesday Night Appetizers
Today I thought I'd check out the Guardian UK website, and wonder of wonders, another Dr. Who feature , an interview with Mark Gattis talking about his upcoming special An Adventure in Space ...
xaxnar 11/20/2013 9 12 - -
Sounds wonderful! 'Doctor Who Prom', BBC Proms, 2013
shortfinals 11/19/2013 17 12 - -
More Whoviana Goodies from the BBC
If you're not checking the BBC website on a regular basis, you just might be missing all the goodies they're putting up in anticipation of The Day of the Doctor. There's the Dr. Who page of course,
xaxnar 11/19/2013 12 11 - -
The Day of the Doctor - BBC 'Children in Need', 2013
shortfinals 11/17/2013 26 26 - -
TARDIS journeys - photo diary
Mixed up SciFi & Fantasy as Doctor Who's TARDIS travels around the country. Everyone loves the TARDIS, everyone loves to have their photo taken with it. So, here are a bunch of photos taken at ...
PHScott 11/17/2013 22 28 - -
The 8th Doctor regenerates!
shortfinals 11/15/2013 79 40 - -
A More Ancient World and Backyard Science Present: Adventures in Time and Space
Does the Eagle know what is in the pit, Or wilt thou go ask the Mole? The Daily Bucket is about time. It has the word 'Daily' in its title and is expressly concerned with phenology. The Daily ...
matching mole 11/13/2013 57 50 2 -
Just a short post about the Day of the Doctor
Let me say I am just a little gobsmacked over the buildup to the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. The BBC is, of course going all out . But still - in 3D in select cinemas?
xaxnar 11/13/2013 26 16 - -
Countdown to the 50th Anniversary of Dr Who!
shortfinals 11/09/2013 60 43 3 -
A brief history of the Sonic Screwdriver
Perhaps one of the most iconic props in television history. It has gone through several major revisions in it's life. A Gallifreyan device, invented by the First Doctor played by William ...
Tailgunner30uk 10/13/2013 12 18 1 -
'Who knew? Lost episodes - from Ethiopia?' * (see note)
shortfinals 10/08/2013 42 25 - -
'The horror, the horror!' *
With apologies to Joseph ...
shortfinals 09/23/2013 45 19 - -
Fun with Google Maps!
A short one this.... Google have decided to have some fun....please visit the following location: Police Telephone Box Earl's Court Road London SN5 9RB Or use the following link https://maps....
shortfinals 08/14/2013 20 21 - -
Who would have thought it? Scots build Dr Who franchise (2 out of 3)
shortfinals 08/04/2013 82 37 - -
Location # 2 - Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre
shortfinals 07/05/2013 28 17 1 -
Strax - the pressure for a 'spin off' grows!
shortfinals 07/01/2013 31 17 1 -
Doctor Who Foe #1 - 'Do...not...BLINK!!'
shortfinals 06/21/2013 49 31 - -
Location #1 - Stonehenge
shortfinals 06/18/2013 67 53 - -
MacKenzie Trench Mark II Metropolitan Police Call Box - or a TARDIS!
shortfinals 06/16/2013 54 34 - -
Who (how) it all started.
Welcome to my inaugural diary for the newly materialised group WHOvians, or WHOligans if your predilection lies in that area! The Opening sequence to the first ever episode of Doctor Who. ...
Tailgunner30uk 06/15/2013 31 11 1 -
We are as wide as the Cosmos.. all-encompassing as the stellar other words, ANYONE can be a Whovian! Just a basic sense of enjoyment whenever you see a rotating blue box will 'get you in'. It is your ticket to ...
shortfinals 06/14/2013 43 17 - -
'​erminated!' - Meet the Daleks
shortfinals 06/13/2013 182 113 3 -
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