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Posting History for Wildlife Endangered and Threatened

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Only a few short months ago, it was spring in the Northern Hemisphere of North America where I reside. Among annual tasks: getting the bath-tub sized garden pond cleaned up and ready to go. ...
xaxnar 10/19/2014 24 52 1 -
Blue Whales Rebounding
U.S. Pacific Blue Whales Seen Rebounding Close To Historic Levels by Bill Chappell, -- September 07, 2014 Decades after the threat of extinction led to them being protected from whalers, ...
jamess 09/07/2014 18 30 - -
Why We March... Against Extinction
We March for Elephants We March for Rhinos We March for Lions People have asked us—“Why do you march? What good is marching? You should be making direct contact with people in power, with ...
JrCrone 08/30/2014 10 18 1 -
Victory. It's done. We win! Sea turtles protected by US law
Loggerhead Sea Turtle It's been a long time coming but finally Sea turtles have received the protection they need to sustain their species into the future. I've been active in Sea Turtle habitat ...
VL Baker 07/11/2014 32 143 2 -
The 6th Great Extinction (you don't want to read this)
but I have to write it, to get it off my mind. I don't blame people for not wanting to take part in this conversation. But it really demands our attention. This is a hopeful diary because I believe ...
Agathena 05/30/2014 36 51 3 -
The Evening Blues - 5-9-14
Welcome! " The Evening Blues" is a casual community diary (published Monday - Friday, 8:00 PM Eastern) where we hang out, share and talk about news, music, photography and other things of ...
joe shikspack 05/09/2014 90 27 - -
CONSUME, SCREW, KILL The origins of today’s mass extinction That’s us in the title of Daniel Smith’s essay in Harper's on the book The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History, by Elizabeth ...
Agathena 05/07/2014 19 44 1 -
Big Oil's threat to whales and dolphins
This is bad. As you probably know, whales and dolphins rely on their ears to find food. Even the smallest damage to their hearing can pose a grave threat to their survival. A deaf dolphin is a ...
Nathan Empsall SierraRise 04/24/2014 4 8 - -
Big Hero takes on Big Agribusiness
Biologist Tyrone Hayes battles one of the biggest agribusinesses in the world I urge you to listen to this excellent interview podcast (24 minutes) included in the above link and you can judge ...
Agathena 04/24/2014 15 43 2 -
Arizona - Plan to EXTERMINATE the Mexican Gray Wolf
Just a baby...a much needed new generation...often killed before they are 6 months old now.
Barbara 03/13/2014 99 127 3 -
Delta fish survey reveals an ecosystem in collapse
A Delta fish survey released by the California Department of Wildlife this month confirms the continuing collapse of the ecosystem of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, the largest estuary on ...
Dan Bacher 01/10/2014 11 53 1 -
A Beautiful Day for Eagles
... American Bald Eagles, not Philadelphia Eagles, that is. (My apologies to to Philly Eagles fans.... I have been told that coming up with a title that catches the eye is important if you want ...
Jakkalbessie 01/05/2014 35 45 - -
The truth about Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
UPDATE: Title changed (I honestly didn't know that you can't call out another diarist!). The top diary right now is about how the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) is magnanimously giving land ...
Scott in NAZ 01/01/2014 331 143 1 -
Hey Wolf Haters!
credit: Animal Welfare Institute In the New York Times this morning an article Wolf Haters cites that in Idaho two recent frightening developments have been made ...
Agathena 12/29/2013 150 193 2 -
The Amazing Intelligence of Gorillas
No...this is NOT another diary beating the dead and decomposed body of the Ted Rall cartoon. It is mere coincidence that I read about this amazing story a mere week or so after Rall dropped his ...
mole333 12/28/2013 16 44 - -
US offers $1 million for Lao Wildlife Trafficker
Sometimes it's not so great to have the worlds greatest this or that. Highest building or longest river, ok, most notorious wildlife trafficker, not so much. According to the New York Times the US ...
ban nock 11/21/2013 32 33 1 -
Shark tries to eat Moose, fails.
A headline on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) website baffled me this morning. "Moose Eating Shark Rescued in Newfoundland Harbour". That's one of those headlines that make me ...
MsLibrarian 11/21/2013 99 204 - -
Grey Wolves betrayed by Fish & Wildlife Service
Wolf pack in Yellowstone Park ( credit: Save Yellowstone Wolves ) Wolves are social animals who survive in packs led by an alpha male and an alpha female with roles for each member of the pack under ...
Agathena 11/15/2013 63 90 3 -
NRA lobbyist Tony Makris kills an elephant on NBC Sports' "Under Wild Skies"
First time diary here, but there are some things so disgusting that you have to comment. NBC Sports has been airing an Outdoors Channel NRA-sponsored show Under Wild Skies , starring lobbyist Tony ...
deadletterboy 09/26/2013 158 95 1 -
The Cascades fox: studying an ice age phantom in a land of fire and snow
Brief escape into the last month of adventure I've had doing fieldwork in the Pacific northwest, researching rare, elusive mountain carnivores.
Username4242 09/25/2013 30 56 - -
Wolf Rules in Montana Endanger Yellowstone Park Wolves
Gray Wolf, Photo Credit: GREENPEACE In Montana during the 2012-2013 season, 225 wolves were killed. In addition in 2013, 63 wolves were killed for preying (not always killing) on livestock. 18 were ...
Agathena 09/25/2013 20 24 - -
Hummingbirds: They're going to make me lonesome when they go
Farewell, African elephant The Animals are Leaving One by one, like guests at a late party They shake our hands and step into the dark: Arabian ostrich; Long-eared kit fox; ...
Susan Gardner 09/09/2013 75 303 12 -
Hummingbirds: God Gave them Wings ... And Then Took Away the Sky
When I see my first firefly in 30 years this summer in New York, I am totally unprepared. It appears like a floater, a tiny visual hiccup, as darkness drapes over a humid August day. Behind the ...
boatsie 09/09/2013 60 90 1 -
700 Tortoises to be Slaughtered. Because. Austerity.
The race is not always to the swift... Federal funds are running out at the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center, and officials plan to close the site and euthanize hundreds of the tortoises they'...
jpmassar 08/26/2013 104 186 1 -
Half Of This Year’s Winter Run Chinooks May Have Died
As many as half of this year's endangered Sacramento River winter Chinook salmon run may have perished in irrigation ditches, according to information disclosed in a federal agency report, a state ...
Dan Bacher 07/30/2013 6 75 1 -
Wolf Delisting by USFWS, a fact based perspective
I’ve been reading alot about the proposed delisting of the gray wolf from the list of endangered species, both here and in the popular press. The issue is fraught with much emotional baggage. It’...
ban nock 06/24/2013 16 3 - -
Massive bumblebee kill in Oregon, pesticide spray suspected
An estimated 25,000 bumblebees and many other pollinators have been killed by suspected pesticide poisoning in a Target parking lot in Wilsonville, Oregon. This is the single, largest known incident ...
Magnifico 06/19/2013 152 302 4 -
Action Diary: Scientists Call for Protection of the Wolf
Research Gray Wolf 832F, RIP ACTION This is an update to my June 11th Wolves: "Mission Accomplished" diary. It was too early to post the Government ...
Agathena 06/17/2013 40 45 1 -
Huge Toxic Spill Unreported for 10 Days
UPDATE: First photograph of the Apache Spill near Zama City, Alberta Canada Apache Oil's ...
Agathena 06/13/2013 47 142 1 -
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