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WATER: California Needs its Democrats to Step Up
Governor Brown's mandate to reduce residential water use, in the face of a drought approaching epic proportions, is a very small and halting step in the right direction. Cutting residential water use,
Wolf10 04/12/2015 32 5 - -
California's Days of Turning Water into Wine May be Over
In California we are not only up a creek without a paddle but up a dry creek without a plan . That is unless not being served water in restaurant without requesting it and cutting back a bit on ...
Wolf10 04/01/2015 16 13 - -
Anti-coporatist Dem Quotes of the Day
Don’t mistunderestimate Chuck. He’s more of a corporatist whore and war-monger than Reid. The Wall Street Dems squandered their majorities from 2008 in spectacular fashion…yet their talons ...
Wolf10 03/27/2015 4 2 - -
Cubans Mobilize to Fight Ebola
But big hitters such as China or Brazil, or former colonial powers such France and the UK, have not been stepping up to the plate. Instead, the single biggest medical force on the Ebola frontline ...
Wolf10 10/17/2014 6 15 - -
Medicine, Mr. Duncan and the Market
Some thoughts on Yves Smiths How the Discharged Ebola Patient Demonstrates the Danger of Corporatized Medicine This week Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United ...
Wolf10 10/10/2014 8 6 - -
Citizens Armed Against Mexican Cartels
Sick and Tired Residents in Southern Mexico Defend Themselves On the main road into the Mexican town of Ayutla, about 75 miles southeast of Acapulco, about a dozen men cradling shotguns and rusted ...
Wolf10 01/27/2013 26 5 - -
Have Gun, Will Carry With Great Reluctance
My mother and stepfather always owned and often carried guns. They worked in restaurants and later operated a janitorial service. Both occupations had them out and about in deserted urban ...
Wolf10 01/15/2013 72 23 1 -
Remebrance of the Other 9/11 on this 4th of July
I did not realize until after the coup how much the Right hated us. Laura Allende 1974 Numerous ...
Wolf10 07/04/2012 6 8 - 65
We all live in Greece now. Or is it China?
One aspect of the Eurocrisis that has not gotten the attention it deserves is the way it is destroying not just jobs, but the very underpinnings of society. People who took actions that were prudent ...
Wolf10 06/16/2012 7 6 - 56
Will Decent Rich Folk Save Our Electoral Butts?
I've just read two diaries on the titular question, The Super Rich With Consciences: Super-Donors to Obama and Dems and Why rich progressives will not ride to the rescue . Both are well worth your ...
Wolf10 06/14/2012 1 - - 31
Good News: Jamie Dimon Called Before Senate Committee; Bad News Follows
The good news as reported by Politico JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon will be called to testify before the Senate Banking Committee in the coming weeks, the panel’s chairman announced Thursday —
Wolf10 05/18/2012 7 11 2 227
QE 2 to Provoke Chinese Global Invasion
Since our elected officials appear unable to come up with a rebuild America jobs program for fear that this would entail relieving the rich of their layabout loot, thereby further spooking capital ...
Wolf10 11/15/2010 34 3 - 87
Rep. Marcy Kaptur Advocates Dem.-Tea Party Alliance
Democratic Representative (OH - 9th) Marcy Kaptur, has suggesed on Chris Mathhews' Hardball that Democrats and the Tea Party might find common ground around the issue of creating jobs in ...
Wolf10 11/12/2010 99 6 - 39
If The Center Cannot Hold: Then What?
Is New Democrat centrism becoming as endangered as its moderate Republican variation? It would be far from exaggeration to maintain that the only moderate Republicans left are now Democrats. This ...
Wolf10 11/06/2010 58 5 1 67
Broken Chains of Title: uh oh
By way of Naked Capitalism I came across a Scott's Investment Blog article consisting in most part of an e-mails ...
Wolf10 10/18/2010 74 19 - 91
Obama, Carter, Chamberlain & Allende
After Carter was elected I was rather pleased and a more savvy friend of mine said, "Just wait, he's merely a brief respite." Wherein I relate a sobering thread of comments between myself and ...
Wolf10 10/17/2010 30 - - 53
Wall Street's Crybaby Geniuses
In case you missed it, This American Life in conjunction with Planet Money yet again produces radio worth listening to ...
Wolf10 10/08/2010 14 14 - 72
Fighting Words at Daily Kos
I posted this a couple of days ago under the title A History of Violence and My Tender Sensibilities. I'm posting it today to support the position taken by buhdydharma and his co-signatories in the ...
Wolf10 04/06/2010 100 80 3 62
Fighting Words at Daily Kos
I posted this a couple of days ago under the title A History of Violence and My Tender Sensibilities. I'm posting it today to support the position taken by buhdydharma and his co-signatories in the ...
Wolf10 04/04/2010 39 18 - 53
Wall St. Mandates Higher HC Premiums for Small Business
Wall Street’s destructive plundering of Main Street continues apace, with a recent iteration in the form of fantastically higher health insurance premiums for small business. The average 15% ...
Wolf10 10/24/2009 13 6 - 39
Public Option a Bridge Too Far?
I don't know the answer to this question but the MSM would have me believe the answer is in the affirmative. If so, this is quite disheartening and I add it to the list of my disappointments with ...
Wolf10 08/17/2009 20 1 - 2
Strength in Numbers @ Pete Stark's Town Hall: Now w/Photos
Just got back from an hour or so outside Congressman Pete Stark's town hall meeting in Alameda CA. I was part of a large crowd that couldn't get into the meeting because the hall was full. ...
Wolf10 08/15/2009 34 18 1 60
Lehrer Newshour Does HC Debate Right
One of the few MSM outlets that generates more light than heat. Todays Lehrer Newshour discussed several health-care issues. That's the news folks: health care issues intelligently discussed.
Wolf10 08/12/2009 12 8 - 3
Dear Mr. Dimon
Although I'm a mortgage payer in good standing my bank (WaMu/JP Morgan Chase) is reaching out and trying to destroy me. Please take a look at the letter I just sent to the much admired CEO, putative ...
Wolf10 08/03/2009 22 2 - 21
Chris Mathews: Takin’ It to the Streets (NOT)
I am generally lukewarm toward Chris Matthews. But I must give him credit for putting a question to a broader audience than I could ever hope to reach regarding something I have felt strongly about ...
Wolf10 07/31/2009 31 6 - 24
History Repeats: WPA rides again in Tennessee
The New York Times reports today that the governor of Tennessee and local authorities are cutting red tape and putting people to work with stimulus funds.
Wolf10 07/27/2009 8 11 - 26
Senator Feinstein on Healthcare: Where Does She Stand ? W/Poll
I just received an e-mail (see below) from Senator Feinstein's office in response to mine sent to her a few days ago encouraging her to support a strong public option. I'd appreciate it if folks ...
Wolf10 07/23/2009 25 6 - 22
Are the Banks Burning Yet? W/Poll: Kossack Housing Distress
Lately I've been recalling a particular image from my youth. It is that of the Isla Vista branch of the Bank of America in flames. A ...
Wolf10 07/16/2009 45 19 - 54
Maher on Obama: "Hoping for Audacity"
I have been inclined to defend Obama in the face of criticism from the left. I've been convinced that beneath the velvet glove there was a steel fist but more recently I've been having doubts. Last ...
Wolf10 06/13/2009 73 17 - 26
Ocwen Research Query
Can you help? I am attempting to locate business premises within the state of California for Ocwen, a mortgage servicer, engaged in foreclosing local residential properties.
Wolf10 05/22/2009 12 - - 14
What to do on a Spring Day? Brief Poetic Interlude 2
I have a bias in favor of short poems. To borrow a snark on another topic from Jane Austen: they are perfect in that they are too brief. This ancient Chinese poem answers the question: What to do ...
Wolf10 03/21/2009 7 1 - 1
Immigrants & Ambivalence
I recently read an article that claimed that one way the Obama administration could address unemployment in the U.S. would be to deport illegal immigrants who, the article claimed, represent 5% of ...
Wolf10 03/18/2009 45 5 1 9
Brief Poetic Interlude
There follow two haiku and a quatrain. The subject is parental love.
Wolf10 03/16/2009 3 4 - 9
Zombie Banks, TARP & the Growth Imperative
Conservative pundits, when not deriding the Swedish model of complete but temporary nationalization of the banks, have turned their deer-in-the-headlight gazes eastward to shudder in horror at the ...
Wolf10 03/12/2009 5 2 - 20
Ivory Coast E-mail Scam
Just got an e-mail from one Miss Stella Cisse, putatively from the Ivory Coast. I have heard of these things and, frankly, someone I know may be having me on. It's astounding that people would fall ...
Wolf10 03/10/2009 73 2 - 89
Market Punishing the People for Electing Obama
Art Laffer, of Laffer curve fame, on CNBC's Kudlow Report just blamed Obama for the current economic crisis on the grounds that well prior to his election the markets saw the electoral ...
Wolf10 03/09/2009 75 14 - 33
ACORN Fights Foreclosures
Not satisfied with providing housing assistance and organizing low-income folks for decades, and, according to Fox News, rigging the national elections for Obama, ACORN is now physically interfering ...
Wolf10 02/18/2009 19 7 - 8
Jared Diamond: The Deciders Must Suffer
Jared Diamond was interviewed on the current economic crisis by Paul Solman on Lehrer Newsour, in a segment entitled "Societies and Anxieties", broadcast Friday, 2'14/09.[
Wolf10 02/14/2009 39 47 1 38
 Mortgage Modification NOT.                  
Wolf10 02/11/2009 62 11 1 -
The Stupid Economy & Fascism in the USA
Often, when listening to conservatives talk about almost any topic I find myself muttering, “Fascist!” When I hear conservatives deride government incompetence as opposed to the ...
Wolf10 02/09/2009 10 4 - 8
The Peoples' Sheriff
Sheriff Halts Foreclosure Sales In Wayne Co. Sheriff Says Sales Conflict With Federal Foreclosure Assistance Laws DETROIT -- Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans said ...
Wolf10 02/02/2009 19 4 - 7
Flag Upside Up!
On January 20th, I will, for the first time in years, fly an American flag from my front porch in the standard upside up position. I have been intermittenly, in reaction to one or another ...
Wolf10 01/17/2009 13 3 1 -
Mortgage Modification NOT!
Wolf10 01/13/2009 1 - - 8
 Mortgage Story Part I
Homes are more akin to consumer goods than to productive assets. They produce shelter but the value added lies primarily in the building of them and then they last for a long, long time during which ...
Wolf10 01/13/2009 18 2 - 12
Mortgage Modification Successes?
If you have engaged in a successful mortgage modification negotiation I'd like to hear about it.
Wolf10 01/03/2009 24 7 1 4
Missing 2008
As bad as 2008 has been in many ways, I will look back upon it fondly for at least two reasons other than the national election results.
Wolf10 01/01/2009 3 - - -
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