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Blame the President!
Because that's what everyone else is doing. I can't believe the number of comments I have seen today on DKOS about how the president failed to lead, the Ds are the same as the Rs, the president is ...
Yahzi 11/05/2014 26 4 - -
The worst column ever written
In the constellation of terrible political punditry there are many blazing examples: Cal Thomas, Peggy Noonan, Thomas Friedman, to name just a few. But David Brooks has immortally cemented his ...
Yahzi 01/04/2014 6 7 1 -
Gun Control in Australia
I owned guns (at least one, usually several) from the age of 14 until I moved to Australia two years ago. As most of you know, Australia is the Holy Land of Gun Control: after the Port Arthur mass ...
Yahzi 03/24/2013 32 13 - -
Obama is our Gorbachev
Why do America's Super-Rich Feel Victimized? Evident throughout the letter is a sense of victimization prevalent among so many of America’s wealthiest people. In an extreme version of this, the ...
Yahzi 10/19/2012 22 2 - -
A glimpse into the mind of the Right Wing
Warning: it's not pretty. I received a chain email that starts with some pictures of Hiroshima being nuked, follows with some pictures of the vibrant city it is now, and then has some pictures of ...
Yahzi 10/08/2012 9 15 - 125
Peggy Noonan accidentally mentions the truth
While bitterly complaining about Romney's mismanaged campaign, Peggy Noonan remarks: A campaign is a communal exercise. It isn't about individual entrepreneurs. It's people pitching in together, ...
Yahzi 09/21/2012 7 21 - 308
Maybe this is what Gibbs meant
Maybe this is what Gibbs meant when he complained about the professional Left:
Yahzi 08/26/2011 55 8 - 226
Give up on Obama; it's OK
No, really. It's totally OK for you to give up on Obama. It's your right; it's even your moral duty to do so if you think it's necessary. And don't feel guilty about it, either. Obama doesn't even ...
Yahzi 07/09/2011 42 1 - 234
Tactics Lessons from Alexander the Great
There has been a lot of disappointment with President Obama from the Left. I never really got that; to me it was obvious he was doing the best he could. But lately people have been talking about the ...
Yahzi 07/08/2011 12 4 - 43
A note to those frustrated with Obama's civility
Some years ago I had to resort to lawyer to right a wrong that had been done to me. The lawyer explained to me that if I expected to win my case in a courtroom, I would have to stop being angry. It ...
Yahzi 04/06/2011 57 20 - 245
My problem is that Democrats are bending over backwards to promote tolerance and religious freedom.
Another entry in the "Astounding Quotes" file, from the comments section here: Yes, it is true. Mr. Mason has a problem with Dems supporting the ...
Yahzi 08/17/2010 7 3 - 26
Doublespeak at its finest
From Jacob Hornberger at Reason magazine: "Notwithstanding slavery and other violations of liberty, our American ancestors brought into existence the freest society in history." So... let'
Yahzi 04/18/2010 12 4 - 29
Progressives hating Obama - Field Report
I had a discussion with a tree-hugging hippy progressive last night at a dinner party. It was a rare chance to talk to an Obama-hating liberal face-to-face. Amazingly, the experience was almost ...
Yahzi 04/17/2010 108 25 - 35
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