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On filibusters, cloture, and obstructionism
I've seen a lot of diaries and comments recently complaining about Republican filibusters and ways of getting around the 60 vote requirement. I count at ...
Yirmiyahu 02/27/2009 12 4 - 28
about those Wyoming term limits...
Brownsox just put a blurb up on the frontpage about the possibility of overturning Wyoming's term limit law in order to ...
Yirmiyahu 02/18/2009 4 2 - 47
Lieberman: Let's get the facts straight
This issue has been diaried a thousand times in the past couple days, and everyone has their own opinion about what should happen to Lieberman. But a lot of people seem to be confused about some ...
Yirmiyahu 11/11/2008 25 31 3 27
the myth of VP candidates carrying their homestates (historical analysis)
A lot of the VP candidate talk (for both candidates) has focused on how the choice of a running-mate can affect the Electoral College math. The conventional wisdom is that a VP candidate can "carry" ...
Yirmiyahu 07/18/2008 47 14 - 245
Breaking:  Sen. Kennedy's surgery a success
There's probably gonna be a million diaries like this in the next ten minutes, but the AP and the Boston Globe ...
Yirmiyahu 06/02/2008 10 8 - 5
great news for Kleeb in Nebraska (Rasmussen poll)
Rasmussen has just released poll numbers for the ...
Yirmiyahu 05/18/2008 36 18 - 45
46-1 since 2004
There has been a lot of talk today about Travis Childers ' victory in MS-01 and the Democratic party's current streak of turning Republican seats blue.
Yirmiyahu 05/14/2008 11 16 1 175
I'm disappointed in us
I'm really disappointed with our focus right now. We've been talking for over a month now about how the primary race is over. Now that the media is final acknowledging this fact, we're celebrating ...
Yirmiyahu 05/09/2008 36 7 - -
Latest NC & IN polls (prediction thread)
I haven't seen a diary of NC/IN polls recently, so I decided to do it myself. So, I just gathered up all the latest polls out of North Carolina and Indiana.
Yirmiyahu 05/05/2008 94 11 - 37
Kos' attack on Obama for going on FOX (UNOFFICIAL THREAD)
I initially posted this as a comment in Kos' story , but then realized it was lengthy enough to be a diary.
Yirmiyahu 04/28/2008 45 24 - 46
'Bittergate' update
I love how the traditional media covered "Bittergate." Small town America was enraged by Obama's elitist comments, remember? In ...
Yirmiyahu 04/23/2008 2 6 1 -
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