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Homophobia & Potheadphobia
I was listening to POTUS on Sirius/XM yesterday afternoon, and Julie Mason had a gentleman on named Michelangelo Signorile. I have a feeling some of you know who he is. I found him to be a very ...
Yonkers Boy 04/23/2015 30 10 - -
Iran's View of the "Understanding"
Hey all--just saw this. Not sure if it was already posted. Very interesting, however. See this link . It looks like young and medium and old Iranians are celebrating the prospects of peace. Now ...
Yonkers Boy 04/03/2015 7 5 - -
Iceland. You had me at "ice."
First, I want to thank fellow Daily Kos member, Rei , for the excellent volcano reporting from Iceland. I try to keep up with the posts as much as possible, and I have found them to be very, very ...
Yonkers Boy 12/04/2014 15 24 3 -
Are we becoming England?
As in the England right before the American Revolution, or is it just me? All the things that the founding Americans fought for seem to go against everything conservatives stand for. Women are X. ...
Yonkers Boy 09/26/2014 5 4 - -
Eddie Huang Is Changing The Herb Game
I have to come clean with something. I don't know why this is so hard. I enjoy herb daily. There. I did it. Not that bad. The truth is that life would not be the same for me without my herb. ...
Yonkers Boy 05/03/2014 8 3 - -
The power of sustained peach hate.
Like many of us, I have been living with what I call "peach hate" most of my life. It is out there--all around and often quite silent. And it is not every peach person, mind you. Of course not. ...
Yonkers Boy 03/06/2014 5 2 - -
ACA Experience NY Style-My Take
Hello fellow Kossacks. I am posting about the nuts and bolts of my recent experience with the ACA as a super small business owner in New York State. I am one of the 100-and-some thousand folks ...
Yonkers Boy 11/15/2013 14 24 - -
Pot, the 2nd Amendment & Drones
I have been doing a lot of thinking, lately. About drones and what they really mean. It is a matter of perspective, and I fear that we the people are dropping the ball on considering just how ...
Yonkers Boy 09/25/2013 25 4 - -
His heart was in the right place?
Good morning fellow Daily Kos folks. Just a short posting about something I heard this morning on the radio. It feels important to me, but I cannot figure out exactly why. "Heart." I have heard ...
Yonkers Boy 07/16/2013 24 4 - -
Hello all. Just a few notes, as promised in a prior diary, about CITIBIKE in NYC. I went ahead with the annual registration. The person on the phone had indicated that my key should arrive in ...
Yonkers Boy 06/20/2013 11 11 - -
Perspective of an Immigration Attorney Part 2
Dear Daily Kos Community: Last week, I started a super mini series on general points to consider regarding immigration law and the CIR debates. There was limited interest expressed for me to ...
Yonkers Boy 05/16/2013 24 24 2 -
Perspective of an Immigration Attorney on CIR
Dear Dailykos Community: May 3 marked my third-year anniversary as a member here. Since joining, I have not looked back. I really dig this place--good and bad. I lurked for a long time, and ...
Yonkers Boy 05/10/2013 18 25 1 -
The Jets and Rewriting History
On a lighter note . . . . I was listening to The Jets last night with my daughter and my wife. Sometimes I get that 80s music craving thing--you know, that totally goofy concept about how life ...
Yonkers Boy 04/24/2013 3 1 - -
Does 2nd Amendment Cover Lasers?
I just saw this at It is an article about a laser that can take down aircraft for $1 per shot. No assault weapon will protect you from this. Me thinks the future will be very, very ...
Yonkers Boy 04/09/2013 34 3 - -
Marijuana and gay folks. That has become my
standard when evaluating a neighborhood. IF the neighborhood accepts gay folks and pot smokers openly, you can be pretty sure I'll fit right in for a variety of reasons, including average ...
Yonkers Boy 03/27/2013 13 10 - -
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