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I'm sick and tired sitting around and doing nothing
As we all know, the world is falling apart due to austerity measures and the depressions they have caused. I wonder why a government that can print money out of thin air wishes to impose draconian ...
You know me man 02/23/2013 12 3 - -
Illinois Government Employees Determined to Strike
It is absurd to think that members of the State Assembly, the Senate and the Governor would treat the people on the front lines of providing state services as they have. This absurdity is in fact ...
You know me man 02/22/2013 12 16 1 -
Discontent is the first necessity of progress
That is a Thomas A. Edison quote. The point is that I am discontented, you are discontented and the reason is that our government is failing us. They seek to balance their books on the backs of the ...
You know me man 11/17/2012 3 2 - -
Complaints go here
A lot of times I just feel like complaining about various stuff. A good friend of mine explained that the best way to get over it is to let it out. So here's your chance . I'm bored and cranky, ...
You know me man 11/17/2012 28 2 - -
You know when people say "I don't mean to be a d***, but"
I am thrilled that DKos helps their own, and even more proud that that help has led many people to be able to carry on. I don't take issue with the diaries asking for help, however, I think there ...
You know me man 07/13/2012 9 4 - 234
It isn't about giving so that thou shall receive you wankers
You aren't going to get a bunch of links or any brilliant ideas here, but I wanted to have a frank discussion about religion and altruism. Who is the better man, the one who is good because he seeks ...
You know me man 02/03/2012 21 9 - 81
My journey from atheism to non-belief to whatever this is
Any of you who have read my diaries or comments know that I've been somewhat of a militant atheist. Well, as I look at the world I still don't see god there, but... I just finished reading a book ...
You know me man 01/28/2012 160 9 - 339
I'm taking over the beer blog, one night only
Okay, so the one Friday I was able to hang out with the FNBB crowd. Esquimax did not post. I call shenanigans. I'm taking it back for just one night, so you buttheads better rec and comment to make ...
You know me man 10/07/2011 14 7 1 83
What can you say when there is no more to say?
I'm in a dark place. I fear for the future, but I also am inspired by what is happening in major cities around the country. So, here we are. I want to leave this hellish country that actually ...
You know me man 09/30/2011 37 7 1 134
We've seen it but it needs to be said
I really can't take seeing the Sarah McLachlan video one more time. It fucking gets me every time. Some of us cannot afford to take in an animal, and some of us are not allowed by restrictive ...
You know me man 07/08/2011 7 9 - 97
Someone should turn immigration on its head
I had this weird idea while watching Jon Benjamin Has a Van. He basically shoved his buddy across the border with no passport to return. The skit then fast forwarded to show his friend having made a ...
You know me man 06/18/2011 12 1 - 55
First CIA now 4chan for the LULZ
So our favorite haxors decided that they had taken enough shit from /b/, the place where they undoubtedly got their start, that they decided to take 4chan down a peg or two. There is currently a ...
You know me man 06/15/2011 65 5 - 230
Okay Grover, let's try it your way
It would seem that we are in an intractable situation with the debt ceiling. I'm of the mind that we progressives should champion a bill that gives the rightwingers everything they want in the tax ...
You know me man 06/11/2011 13 1 - 89
Paul Ryan talks about his aircraft and awesome bailouts
So maybe some of you don't remember, but a VERY SERIOUS PERSON regarding budget matters, Paul Ryan, voted for the bank bailout. If he was so very serious about the deficit, I don't understand his ...
You know me man 06/05/2011 12 7 1 155
TTFN: I could die today and be happy
I am leaving DKos. I haven't been well for some time and I just wanted to comment on the events in Egypt. It is amazing that I was able to see history unfolding before us all. I don't care who takes ...
You know me man 02/11/2011 38 29 - 135
Comment Line: 212 664 4444. Not a diary but
ask for the program director's comment line. Tell them you will never watch MSNBC again and you are cancelling your Comcast cable service. Sorry, but I just wanted to get the number out there. Here'
You know me man 01/21/2011 28 1 - 41
This is an FNBB, and You Need to Call Mark Kirk's Office Soon
Update: This blog is now about beer, so even if you don't care about Sen. Kirk's vote on DADT, stay with us and have a good time. FNBB is always fun, mostly do to WB and AZ but I try to help ...
You know me man 12/17/2010 70 9 - 79
Illinois is sending a Civil Unions bill to the Governor!
Update: Ultrageek posted this earlier, so be sure to rec her ...
You know me man 12/01/2010 35 22 - 78
A guide to pissing Christian people off Updated x2
Christian people that is. Now I don't lump all Xtians into the same category or anything, but I wish more people knew what the 'good' book actually says. I respect people's beliefs, but they should ...
You know me man 11/18/2010 136 13 - 101
Friday Night Beer Blogging: I'm Back, and so is Dem enthusiasm UPDATED
Welcome my barley malted brethren to another edition of Friday Night Beer Blog. We come her to talk about the issues of the day, but mostly, we just drink beer, or do whatever else makes us mellow ...
You know me man 10/15/2010 163 14 - 63
IL-Gov: Quinn is up! Dems are coming home
If you live in Illinois, you know how crazy Bill Brady is. He had been leading Pat Quinn in the polls by 8 to 12 points as of Labor Day. Three polls released this week have the race neck and neck. ...
You know me man 10/02/2010 99 45 - 92
Friday Night Beer Blogging: Crying into our beers edition
Welcome, my malted barley brethren to Friday Night Beer Blogging. We gather here to discuss the issues of the day, but mostly we'll talk about beer... Or not. Why don't we use this opportunity to ...
You know me man 09/17/2010 109 13 - 45
Friday Night Beer Blogging: Perfection
Welcome, my malted barley brethren to Friday Night Beer Blogging. We gather here to discuss the issues of the day, but mostly we'll talk about beer. Okay, I lied. I want to talk about what is ...
You know me man 09/10/2010 178 11 - 18
Friday Night Beer Blog: Let's Effin Do This Thing
Welcome, my malted barley brethren to Friday Night Beer Blogging. We gather here to discuss the issues of the day, but mostly we'll talk about beer. Even though I have to work tomorrow without pay, ...
You know me man 08/27/2010 153 20 - 30
Pre FNBB Poetry Jam
You don't have to like mine to stick around with your wine or beer or soda or water or whatever. Write something off the cuff. Below is something I wrote in the last twenty minutes. You go faster ...
You know me man 08/26/2010 10 3 - 24
Friday Night Beer Blogging: Teabaggers show their true colors
Don't worry, we'll get to the drinking stuff later, but first, my obligatory rant: Today... I was at work, when someone told me that Sharon of the batshit crazy told the world that it was okay to ...
You know me man 08/13/2010 161 11 - 44
I'm not voting. Here's why
I don't care if the country goes back to Bushenomics. I don't care if we keep starting pointless wars. I don't care if women have control over their own bodies. I don't care if my kids are ...
You know me man 08/10/2010 85 15 - 50
Saturday Night Beer Blogging: I hate the Republicans edition
Hi, I'm a Democrat, but if the Republican party had nominated Kirk Dillard instead of the batshit crazy Bill Brady for governor, I might have voted for him. See, Illinois Republicans are fairly ...
You know me man 07/31/2010 132 9 - 28
Friday Night Beer Blog: Back up in your ***
So I've been staying away for awhile due to the deteriorating comment threads, and also due to a very long and needed vacation. I feel like I'm that 3 year old kid sitting in his room wishing that ...
You know me man 07/30/2010 156 11 - 20
You're a little bit racist, sometimes
I got the idea for this from Avenue Q, a fantastic musical with 'full frontal puppet nudity' and I decided to opine further because of the crazy racist emails in Markos' front ...
You know me man 07/17/2010 80 7 - 43
I'm gonna need to beer blog: FNBB early edition
I haven't kept up with FNBB as I should (BTW someone else can do it this Friday because I'm going to be on a much needed vacation). All I know right now is that I need a fucking beer. No, it isn't ...
You know me man 06/16/2010 14 2 - 12
GCBW: I'm pissed off about blank
Edit for clarity: That's Good Cruel World Bye for those that can't understand a bit of ______. I'm not trying to get banned y'all. I am absolutely dumbfounded as to why ...
You know me man 06/06/2010 57 7 - 29
Mark Kirk votes against HIS OWN gay rights
Mark Kirk is in the Naval Reserves. He is gay. Yet he voted against gay people being able to serve openly. WTF! This is not like the earlier diary which linked to Mike Rogers' blog post about Mark ...
You know me man 06/01/2010 53 14 - 46
TTFN. So you say you want more and better dems huh? Updated 2x w/poll
Update--> So I guess I have to take some time to do some heavy lifting. Okay. I'll gladly do it, but if I do, I want to ask you to do something to help US out this fall . Maybe you ...
You know me man 05/25/2010 5 3 - 27
FNBB: "Staff" "Member" I don't think it means what you think
This is the Friday Night Beer Blog. I'm late with it, I know. Drink up friends, this one's a doozie. Earlier this week, a douche-bag Congressman thought it was okay to sleep with a staff member, ...
You know me man 05/21/2010 43 7 - 24
Friday Night Beer Blogging - bleeping bleep mother bleep Boomer Edition
First off, the bolded text is new. Now... Welcome, my malted barley brethren to Friday Night Beer Blogging. We gather here to discuss the issues of the day, but mostly we'll talk ...
You know me man 05/14/2010 78 7 - 10
Friday Night Beer Blog: I missed you guys and gals. Now let's talk beer.
Welcome, my malted barley brethren to Friday Night Beer Blogging. We gather here to discuss the issues of the day, but mostly we'll talk about beer. Although I have been remiss in my hosting duties, ...
You know me man 05/07/2010 198 19 1 29
IL Sen - Turnout light outside STL Metro
It is a little odd that on Primary day in Illinois, when we are deciding the next Democratic candidate for President Obama's Senate seat, that there are no I voted diaries in the 'recent diaries', ...
You know me man 02/02/2010 45 4 - 16
Friday Night Beer Blogging: Rantastic Slurred Post Festivus Edition
So I've been taking a few weeks off from this series, and I think it is understandable that I didn't want to blog on Christmas Day and I was definitely too hungover to blog on New Year's day. Also, ...
You know me man 01/08/2010 102 8 - 14
Friday Night Beer Blogging: Day After Xmas Late Edition
So... Yeah, I didn't post last night, but you must understand that I was unduly sequestered with relatives and parental units that would not let me have a moment's peace, much less a couple hours to ...
You know me man 12/26/2009 34 9 - 33
Friday Night Beer Blogging: Can't We All Just Get Our Drunk On? With Poll
Or at least pass Medicare for all through reconciliation? Seriously, WTF. Crap, I swore I wasn't going to talk about this crap, because all week I've been a bit worried about the tone that some ...
You know me man 12/18/2009 292 25 1 23
Friday Night Beer Blogging: Rec List Or Bust! Updated 3X
I know I often come across as an ambivalent douchebag, but just once, I'd like to make the rec list. I've written substantive diaries before. I won't give you links, just trust me on this one. For ...
You know me man 12/11/2009 152 48 1 41
Hope may seem lost, but we can bring it back again.
I'm flagrantly violating the site rules by double posting, but seriously people, get the fuck motivated. Make calls and write god damn letters. Fax the fuckers if need be. I have tried to do my part,
You know me man 12/10/2009 17 4 - 79
Read this, or don't, it won't make a difference anyhow.
Today, a Senator appointed by a complete douche under questionable circumstances did something for the good of the country. He's not running for re-election, so he has nothing to prove, except that ...
You know me man 12/09/2009 24 7 - 87
For the love of freaKING SKY FaIRY! <Rant>
DawnOfTheRedSun, you are doing Beer Blogging tonight, because I've got something to rant about right fucking now! No, my problem is not with most of you fellow Kossacks, just the worryworts.
You know me man 12/04/2009 102 13 - 83
So a Christianist and an Atheist Get Into a Car.
No, It wasn't that kick ass kind of road trip. You know, the kind you eat peyote in the desert and cant remember much of? It was the kind of road trip where you carpool to a faraway meeting for work,
You know me man 11/21/2009 122 15 1 104
Friday Night Beer Blog: Even-keeled Christianist Road Trips
First off, my mea culpa, I'm sorry for offending anyone with my blue humor post last Saturday, and I'm sorry for being overly defensive. I was hungover, and I got cranky after criticism. ...
You know me man 11/20/2009 76 6 - 104
My raunchy brunch with the honorable Michelle Bachmann: Uncensored
Edit: If you do not have the stomach to read raunchy humor, then please click the back button, and no it really isn't that raunchy (since I removed the rimjob stuff), ...
You know me man 11/14/2009 186 7 - 168
Friday Night Beer Blog DawnoftheRedSun shirked hosting duties
I was so excited to have a guest host this evening, because as per usual, my Fridays have been consumed by working late, and not receiving any overtime pay for doing so. DOTRS was supposed to fill ...
You know me man 11/13/2009 99 6 - 94
Friday Night Beer Blogging: Kossack's Wasted, Tragically Not Glenn Beck... Or Was It?
I'm sure many of you have seen the 'outrageous' Onion News Network video about the tragic death of a fictitious teenage girl, that was only considered tragic, because Glenn Beck outlived her. Well ...
You know me man 11/06/2009 109 9 - 79
Newt Gingrich's Mother Sews Socks in Hell, and He's a Hypocrite
Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, just said this on the Late Late Show. I'm fairly certain he said something quite contrary about Barack Obama's Afghanistan policy. He said, and I quote:
You know me man 10/29/2009 6 1 - 55
Half of the People on this Planet Suck *Rant* FNBB on a Wed. x2
Edit: This starts out very strong, but trust me it becomes semi-coherent towards the end. Edit once more. The political discourse seems to have slowed a bit, so lets talk beer. What are you ...
You know me man 10/22/2009 70 12 - 11
PUMA or Party Purity? Falme away purists Update X1
UPDATE: So I'm going to update this so that everyone is clear that I despise Corpodems, Conservadems, and the Bluedogs. I just want to say that our resources would be better spent unseating ...
You know me man 10/16/2009 271 7 - 40
I'm done being shocked or outraged, Friday Night Beer Blogging
Over the past, oh I don't know, 8 months and 2 weeks, I have seen some unbelievably ridiculous behavior. I've seen total nutjobs given a platform to spread their crazy. I've seen grown men weep for ...
You know me man 10/02/2009 57 13 - 20
FNBB is back! FTW
Welcome, my malted barley brethren to Friday Night Beer Blogging. We gather here to discuss the issues of the day, but mostly we'll talk about beer. Although certain doctors have advised against it, ...
You know me man 09/25/2009 14 5 - 20
David Gregory's Toupee Maker Objects to A**hats
Today a toupee maker who wishes not to be identified issued an apology for having made an asshat for David Gregory. In his defense, he believed that David Gregory's head was so far up his ass that ...
You know me man 09/09/2009 16 4 - 16
I survived an Insurance Co. Death Panel FNBB Updated: To ask FNBB to stop by
Hey Sarah, I know that you are incapable of doing anything other than repeating false talking points, but you have gone too far yet again. You see, some time ago, I had a cyst in one of my kidneys. ...
You know me man 08/07/2009 40 47 - 20
Um... I'm okay... It's true
For any followers of my now defunct Friday night series, I want to tell you that my problems are now somewhat resolved. They thought it was pancreatic cancer, but thank god it wasn't. Pancreatic ...
You know me man 06/01/2009 34 17 - 18
GBBB: Good Bye Beer Blogging
As some of the Friday night Kossacks may have noticed, there was no FNBB this past week. Well, I'll elaborate as to why. I had been having some nausea, and general trouble with digestion. I had a ...
You know me man 05/20/2009 28 8 - 12
Friday Night Beer Blogging - How About Lawrence O'Donnell in the 10PM Timeslot
Welcome, my malted barley brethren to Friday Night Beer Blogging. We gather here to discuss the issues of the day, but mostly we'll talk about beer. So the Lawrence O thing... He has been ...
You know me man 05/08/2009 144 15 - 36
Friday Night Beer Blogging: I'm late again edition Updated X2 w/Poll
Welcome, my malted barley brethren to Friday Night Beer Blogging. We gather here to discuss the issues of the day, but mostly we'll talk about beer. This weekly series [usually posted Friday ...
You know me man 05/01/2009 89 10 - 37
Hey look it's a trainwreck, or a recap of FNBB
For those of you who don't know about FNBB, it goes like this: The first rule of FNBB is you talk about beer. The second rule of FNBB is you talk about beer. I forget the third rule. ...
You know me man 04/25/2009 9 2 - 2
Friday Night Beer Blogging, I'm Drunk Already Edition
Welcome, my malted barley brethren to Friday Night Beer Blogging. We gather here to discuss the issues of the day, but mostly we'll talk about beer. This weekly series [usually posted Friday ...
You know me man 04/24/2009 270 14 - 18
Friday Night Beer Blogging - Super Punctual Edition
Okay, I'm sorry, but I posted a diary after midnight last night, and was thus prevented from posting at my regular time. It's okay though, because I would have been an hour late anyhow. Driving ...
You know me man 04/11/2009 82 9 - -
Thursday Night, Friday Morning Beer Blogging
For starters, I have no idea how many beers I've already had. All I do know is that it was difficult to read the meter when the cabbie told me what I owed him. I think I may have overpaid. Anyway, I'...
You know me man 04/09/2009 46 4 - 3
Friday Night Beer Blogging - Audition Edition
Welcome, my malted barley brethren to Friday Night Beer Blogging. We gather here to discuss the issues of the day, but mostly we'll talk about beer. So, the title... I need someone to fill in in ...
You know me man 04/03/2009 77 15 - 22
Should we have Wednesday Night Beer Blogging? x3
Okay, this question is mainly for the many members of FNBB, or Friday Night Beer Blogging, but themis and I talked about a possible Wednesday version to tide us over. I know I look forward to ...
You know me man 04/01/2009 109 4 - -
Saturday Morning Beer Blogging Roundup, Hangover Edition
So last night us FNBB'ers had a little fun, and I wanted to share the highlights. If you don't know about FNBB,
You know me man 03/28/2009 19 4 - -
Friday Night Beer Blogging - Summer Glau Edition
Welcome, my malted barley brethren to Friday Night Beer Blogging. We gather here to discuss the issues of the day, but mostly we'll talk about beer. This weekly series [posted Friday nights ...
You know me man 03/27/2009 306 14 - 28
Friday Night Beer Blogging - On time for once!
Welcome, my malted barley brethren to Friday Night Beer Blogging. We gather here to discuss the issues of the day, but mostly we'll talk about beer. This weekly series [posted Friday nights ...
You know me man 03/20/2009 120 5 - 3
Belated Friday Night Beer Blogging (Monday Edition)
Sorry y'all, but I had to go to Texas on business, and I forgot my personal laptop. I try not to do anything not work related on the other one. I know many of you were devastated by the lack of ...
You know me man 03/16/2009 36 4 - -
Wednesday Night Beer Blogging (sans me)
For Background, check out my series: Friday Night Beer Blogging (posted on Friday's at 7 CST) . I have to take some blood ...
You know me man 03/11/2009 31 4 - 6
Saturday Morning Beerbloging Roundup
Last night, I began a series entitled, Friday Night Beer Blogging. This is a recap of last night's greatest innebriated ...
You know me man 03/07/2009 15 3 - 2
Friday Night Beer Blogging
I'm thinking about making this a series (if it's well received). I like many others have chosen BSG over a night on the town. It's just not the same when you watch it hungover, so a blog entry ...
You know me man 03/06/2009 246 21 - 30
Title Change: I'm going to say F^*( a lot
No profanity before the fold, so don't get too excited. Let's take a look at what I'd like to curse about. Well first, there's this bat.... crazy loon from Minnesota, who got re-elected to Congress, ...
You know me man 02/17/2009 27 1 - 1
Maybe Lynch Wouldn't Appoint a Republican, Updated 3x w/useless nonsense
With all the speculation about why Judd Gregg withdrew, I'm shocked that this is not among the top theories. Why, when an influential fiscal conservative was appointed to controll commerce in this ...
You know me man 02/12/2009 10 1 - 11
CSPAN2 LiveBlog III Grassley Sucks
Chuck Grassley seems to think that this bill doesn't do enough for small business. Funny, because his voting record doesn't delineate between small and large. Tax cuts good, spending bad. Yes ...
You know me man 02/07/2009 64 7 - 4
Kent Conrad and Lindsay Graham want you
to contract syphillis and lung cancer. Okay, maybe they don't, but they do want to take money from the stimulus package's STI prevention and smoking cessation and shuffle it over to the FDIC. I say ...
You know me man 02/06/2009 22 3 - 3
Soft-Headed Mouth-Breathers Like Reid RANT!
WTF? I mean seriously, you say you're going to hold a vote tonight, and then you don't. How much more of a coward could you be? Make the re-obstructionists vote against it. I knew I shouldn't have ...
You know me man 02/05/2009 80 5 - -
Lie To Me... Insult our First Lady
Tonight I witnessed yet another [not so] subliminal anti-liberal message on a FOX [not FOX News] regular program. The program was Lie to Me (not a ...
You know me man 02/04/2009 20 4 - 55
Newbie introducing himself to DKos. I've been here about a week, and I have to say, this site is addictive. I'm thinking about asking for an intervention, because I just can't stay away. You all ...
You know me man 01/31/2009 137 11 - 19
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