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Raise Your Vote! (star-studded video-diary)
Earlier this summer the Democratic Nation Committee launched a “Raise Your Vote,” effort. The intention was to be a massive voter registration drive, in hopes to bring back the ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 10/31/2010 3 8 1 78
Live-Blog of President Obama's HUGE Chicago Rally! Updated
President Barack Obama will be speaking at a huge rally in Chicago Tonight. Here is a Live Link of the show: The rally has just started....I am not sure what the official ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 10/30/2010 331 207 - 164
Going to Clinton-Dem Chicago Rally! HELP!
Hello Kossacks--- With the 2010 midterm election around the corner ( Vote People, Vote! ). For many of us political junkies---That inner excitement/jumpiness that we haven't felt in a ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 10/24/2010 26 13 - 57
BREAKING: Rahm Emanuel "Likely" to leave White House THIS WEEK!
Jake Tapper just tweeted that: BREAKING -- Rahm Emanuel Likely to Leave White House This Week Although no final ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 09/27/2010 521 140 2 66
MADDOW interviewing V.P. BIDEN Right NOW
This will become a live-blog of the interview, once it begins. Just one day after the nail-biting primaries (most of the "nail-biting" coming from the other side) MSNBC's ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 09/15/2010 83 38 - 134
Ed Schultz "Asks...will you march with me?" 10.2.10
Like I previously diary-ed Ed Schultz, on ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 09/06/2010 15 17 - 23
Mr. Keith Olbermann, any thoughts on One Nation Working Together 10.2.10 March?
If you haven't heard about the 10.2.10 March yet, than you've either not been paying attention or you've only been watching Fox News. In short, the "One Nation Working Together" March will be be ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 09/05/2010 132 113 3 128
YES! Ed Schultz joins the 10.2.10 March! Why this Matters. A LOT! UPDATED with MUST-SEE video
Well...this is pretty "BREAKING" and pretty exciting. I am watching "The Ed Show" RIGHT NOW...and Ed Schultz is kicking Glenn Beck's ass all over the place---but the best part was hearing ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 09/03/2010 407 265 7 544
Republican Candidate makes video on "Obama's Mosque". Fails.  
Rick Scott, a former health-care industry executive, is a Republican candidate running for Florida's Governorship. In 1997 he was ousted by his bosses at Columbia Hospital Corporations in the ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 08/17/2010 11 16 1 85
Cenk Uygur is filling in for Ed Schultz on MSNBC All Week!
Cenk to guest host The Ed Show on MSNBC Cenk will be filling for for Ed Schultz on MSNBC from Monday August 16th through Friday August 20th (6-7pm Eastern, 3-4pm Pacific). Set ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 08/16/2010 156 34 - 101
Video of President Obama Booed at Boy Scout National Jamboree 2010
YoungChicagoDemocrat 08/08/2010 319 33 - 167
NV-SEN: Harry Reid---Don't Call It a Comeback!!! Reid-48% Angle-44%
More polling has come out and the news is just getting better and better. Sharon "Obtuse" Angle seems to be flailing as ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 08/03/2010 21 26 - 50
President Obama visits The View. The sky remains intact
Just finished watching The View . I never, ever watched the show before---and had decided to wait for the "highlights", but after all the controversy that surrounded President Obama's ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 07/29/2010 104 51 - 42
FL-SEN: Rubio vs. Maddow(?) Video Back-And-Forth
Republican candidates just can't get enough Maddow. I know, me either, but Republicans? Why Republican candidates? Is she really that likable? Yes. But apparently that is not what is ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 07/26/2010 10 11 - 37
WH Video:What Wall Street Reform Means for You
Over the last few days the one and only thing that has gotten coverage from Cable and Network news is the NAACP/Tea Party/Shirley Sherrod/Breitbart controversy. In the midst of the hullabaloo ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 07/22/2010 8 12 1 33
OKAY...Obama Admin dropped the ball. BUT really WTF?!?
Alright. I get it. I totally understand. But WTF is going on here? Yes, Shirley Sherrod should NOT have been forced out of her job. She should have been given a chance to explain for herself. It ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 07/21/2010 786 574 2 774
Chris Matthews takes down Tea-Partier Rick Barber
Watching Hardball with Chris Matthews comes with its risks. Sometimes you find yourself watching Chris talk himself into a frenzy until you fall asleep and sometimes he just grates your ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 06/30/2010 69 60 - 134
CA-GOV: Jerry Brown SLAMS Sarah Palin (and other right-wingers) UPDATED
Jerry Brown SLAMS Sarah Palin and other right-wingers with those pesky little facts Yesterday, I was watching Hardball with ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 06/12/2010 326 439 3 369
The {Shameful} New Faces of The Republican Party
Let's All Say Hello--- Rand Paul Republican U.S. Senate from ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 06/08/2010 32 18 1 104
Frank Rich: Don’t Get Mad, Mr. President. Get Even.
Hello--- This week Mr. Rich writes another must-read Op-Ed. It is something I pointed out in ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 06/06/2010 16 13 1 48
Jeremy Scahill Slams Ed Koch over Gaza Aid Flotilla on MSNBC
This morning Jeremy Scahill, investigative journalist and author, was on MSNBC to debate the flotilla incident with former NY City Mayor Ed Koch and things became heated, fast. Over the Jump---
YoungChicagoDemocrat 06/03/2010 125 54 2 111
Stop The Insanity---Which side are we on? UPDATED
Joan Walsh: Peggy Noonan says his presidency is doomed. Even Democrats want him to be more "emotional." This is getting silly Please continue after fold...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 05/30/2010 260 97 3 52
"Going Rogue: An American Plagiarizer"
Usually I try to fill the diaries I write with snarky comments and pics to keep a reader interested but I don't think I have the willpower to go through through ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 05/30/2010 28 13 - 108
Election 2010 will be a "Bloodbath"...and by "Bloodbath" I mean A Tossup UPDATED
The Liberal Mainstream has been on cruise-control writing the narrative that Election-2010 will be a HUGE victory for Republicans as the Democrats will see losses they ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 05/29/2010 306 393 4 54
(Not Really-) SUPER Tuesday Primaries Live-Blog
Hello-- Chit-Chat Over the Fold-- Stop for Snacks :)
YoungChicagoDemocrat 05/18/2010 20 8 - 24
Upward Trend---Paul Krugman (Don't Call It a Comeback)
Hello--- Care For Some Coffee? As the 2010 election nears, or should I say more than 6 months ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 05/17/2010 24 26 - 28
Tonight's match-up: Phoenix Los Suns vs. Redstate
The visiting team---Pheonix -Suns- err...."Los SUNS!" Aaaaaaaand now you're starting Line-up for the race-baiting, ignorant, world champions at fact-free claims---REDSTATE! I see that they are ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 05/11/2010 56 13 - 39
LIVEBLOG: 2010 White House Correspondents' Dinner
Hello Fellow Kossacks-- It's Saturday Night and what better way to spend the evening with awkward jokes, semi-fake laughter and Jay Leno. Hmmmm...seems like just another Tonight Show With Jay ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 05/01/2010 291 32 - 177
BREAKING: White House Advisor Drops Bombshell (minor updates)
What was supposed to be a light chat with Jay Leno turned for the worse as President Obama's senior adviser, David Axelrod, inadvertently dropped a Bombshell ---How the Media will ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 04/24/2010 321 434 4 116
Jon Stewart EPICALLY takes down Bernie Goldberg and Fox News
Yesterday Jon Stewart took down both Fox News and Bernard Goldberg with humor, reasoning, intelligence and most importantly truth . After receiving some relatively harsh ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 04/21/2010 24 37 2 114
Keith Olbermann Returning to "COUNTDOWN" Tonight!
This Diary isn't really for Tips , Recs , or even comments . This diary is just letting the KOS community know that Keith Olbermann will be back tonight hosting ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 03/29/2010 85 25 - 87
URGENT CALL-TO-ACTION: Contact List of Wavering Reps.
This is a a short CALL TO ACTION diary: Below is a list of the wavering Congressman and woman that are still on the fence about which way they will be voting tomorrow. We have fought for so long,
YoungChicagoDemocrat 03/20/2010 13 11 - 31
GREAT NEWS: Public Option continues to SURGE---Nearing/Over 40 Backers UPDATED #1 w/ Poll
Health-care Reform has been long, grueling and strenuous for most Liberals here, if not the country as a whole. We have sat through many "negotiations", fighting for our beliefs in true health care ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 03/09/2010 33 30 - 35
The Keith Olbermann Bump-RE: MoveOn, HCAN, SEIU join us for massive Feb. 24th 1,000,000 Voices...
Please Check Out This Diary: 1,000,000 Voices for ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 02/19/2010 4 4 - 36
Shame-less Promotion: Are you a MSNBC fan?
Well...Hello fellow Kossacks. I really just want to cut to the chase so lets take one big leap over the jump, okay? Ready.... 1...2...3..
YoungChicagoDemocrat 01/24/2010 25 2 - 11
MSNBC announced today they will be changing up their daytime line-up. It has been well known that although MSNBC has now, consistantly been beating CNN during the Prime-Time hours, they have ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 12/14/2009 85 8 - 205
MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan getting an Afternoon Timeslot
It is being reported that Dylan Ratigan, of Morning Meeting, is going to have a change-up in his time-slot. More below the fold...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 12/04/2009 108 9 - 80
Now I know there are much, much more important things going on, but today something has caught my eye and has me a little worried. It seems that the (Conservative) Comcast is coming close to a deal ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 11/02/2009 56 19 - 102
Football Night In America Week 7: Arizona Cardinals vs. New York Giants LIVE BLOG
Hello Everyone. It is now Week 7 for Football Night in America with Bob Costas, Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison Cris Collinsworth, Keith Olbermann =^D, Dan Patrick, and Al Michaels. If you are a ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 10/25/2009 55 3 - 24
Football Night in America: Chicago Bears vs. Atlanta LIVE BLOG
Tune in to NBC now for Keith Olbermann =^D, Dan Patrick, Tony Dungy, Al Michaels, and Cris Collinsworth broadcasting tonight's game. CHICAGO BEARS (3-1) vs. Atlanta Falcons (3-1)
YoungChicagoDemocrat 10/18/2009 118 6 - 89
MSNBC is shaking up the lineup during the daytime, and weekend. For the past couple of weeks it has announced new shows, most that will begin June 29th, 2009. The same day that MSNBC will begin ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 05/07/2009 82 17 2 36
The Ed Show Gives MSNBC a Ratings Hike w/ Poll
Ed Schultz' new 6pmET MSNBC show premiered Monday night, and so far the reaction to The Ed Show on the Web has been mixed. The ED Show's ratings show lots of potential, and it ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 04/08/2009 81 37 - 94
MSNBC is looking for a 10p.m. host (FINALLY!!!) w/ Poll
I just found out that MSNBC is searching for a new host at its 10p.m. slot. Now, I have been a huge fan of Countdown with Keith Olbermann , and I liked Hardball with Chris Matthews , ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 02/01/2009 207 26 1 33
LIVE BLOG of Chris Matthews Interview with Bill Ayers
Now, hopefully nobody gets mad, but this will be a short diary again. Anyways it seems that Chris Matthews will be interviewing Bill Ayers today. As all of you probably know who Bill is, we ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 12/10/2008 84 5 - 28
I voted for OBAMA, and i'm only 15!
Calm Down...Calm Down...Don't worry, ACORN didn't register me, or anything( sorry FOX NOISE ). Although, today, me and many other high schoolers, voted for Senator Barack ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 10/28/2008 62 38 - 34
My Little Democratic Life
Hi, I am new to DKO's and I just wanted to tell you why I joined, and why I am a Democrat. Some of you may know me as the 15-year-old Muslim kid, who love politics, and aspires to be a future ...
YoungChicagoDemocrat 10/19/2008 3 7 - -
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