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Fire the Liar? Rahm's schools CEO claims residency in two states
In October 2012, the Chicago Board of Education voted to hire Barbara Byrd-Bennett as the school system's "Chief Executive Officer" following the dumping of Jean-Claude Brizard. The ...
Hyde Park Johnny 05/22/2015 9 7 - -
Arizona Gov. Ducey brags about firing an agency head for enforcing the law
Il Ducey One thing Arizonans have learned in the few months that Gov. Doug Ducey has been in office is that ...
Mother Mags 05/16/2015 65 166 3 -
Michigan GOP moves to strip power of local governments to protect workers and the LGBT community
Originally posted at . Republicans have successfully branded themselves as the party that worships "local governmental control". They want federal regulations repealed and the power ...
Eclectablog 05/13/2015 11 29 - -
$1.4 Billion Chicago Schools Spending Gone Wild: 122% Increase
Mayor Rahm Emanuel names Barbara Byrd-Bennett as the new CEO of Chicago Public Schools at a news conference in October 2012. In a page out of "...
Hyde Park Johnny 04/20/2015 9 8 - -
Michigan AG: We must continue to ban marriage equality to protect the dignity of same-sex couples
Originally posted at Eclectablog . Michigan's Bigot-in-Chief, Attorney General Bill Schuette, has put forth some pretty remarkable excuses for his crusade to ensure that same-sex couples cannot ...
Eclectablog 03/30/2015 23 40 - -
Arizona school officials protest education cuts, so the legislature makes their protests illegal
Shut up or we'll shut you up! Since 2008, Arizona has cut K-12 and university budgets more than just about every other ...
Mother Mags 03/28/2015 173 224 3 -
Bizarro Arizona: Do the opposite
Leaving on a jet plane, except in Arizona Yeah, sure, so Arizona isn't the only state whose legislature has passed a boneheaded sovereignty bill declaring that we don't have to follow federal ...
Mother Mags 03/18/2015 110 210 2 -
The 'dark money' that helped elect Gov. Ducey in AZ now targets school officials who criticize him
George Orwell would be proud: Gov. Ducey cuts school budgets and calls it an increase It's no secret that Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey sucked up to the Koch boys and took piles of their cash, along ...
Mother Mags 02/25/2015 41 92 4 -
Allen Park, MI, where “City Admin.”, “Emergency Mgr”, & “Dictator” all mean the same
Originally posted at Eclectablog . This past week, the City Council of Allen Park voted to fire their City Administrator Karen Folks . Why? Because she has essentially made herself the dictator of ...
Eclectablog 01/30/2015 16 39 - -
BREAKING: Chris Christie appoints "Detroit-style" Emergency Manager for Atlantic City
Originally posted at Eclectablog . Back in November, I wrote about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie considering the possibility of appointing an Emergency Manager for Atlantic City which has ...
Eclectablog 01/22/2015 46 68 1 -
Chicago 12th Ward FBI CoverUp - Alderman Cardenas Investigated and Sued
Hyde Park Johnny 01/17/2015 2 3 - -
The Gamrat/Courser Manifesto: new lawmakers announce their plans to turn Michigan into a theocracy
Originally posted at Eclectablog . Incoming tea party extremists Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser have already pledged that the first piece of legislation they introduce will be a personhood amendment ...
Eclectablog 01/11/2015 22 39 1 -
Rahm's Kid gets Mugged at Sweet Home Chicago
For those of you that still believe Rahm's lies that our city is safe here is an updated story about his sons' mugging a few feet from the family home.
Hyde Park Johnny 01/02/2015 57 9 - -
Chicago Murder Rate Increases 48%: Rahm Can't Coverup Crime and Chaos in 2014
According to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel 's top cop, Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy who is comparing murder rates to 1965, the per ...
Hyde Park Johnny 01/02/2015 37 16 - -
Michigan Republicans GONE WILD! A lame duck recap (so far)
Lame duck sessions in Michigan since 2010 are more accurately described as "inflamed duck" sessions. Michigan Republicans ram more bills through in a couple of weeks than they do nearly the entire ...
Eclectablog 12/05/2014 20 29 1 -
As Mich's same-sex marriage ban heads to SCOTUS, AG says married same-sex couples aren't married
Originally posted at Eclectablog . Evolution is tough for bigots. They struggle as the world around them changes and evolves and becomes better, more accepting of people who are different than ...
Eclectablog 11/18/2014 17 24 - -
Chicago Murders Up 50%: Rahm Manipulating Murder Rate News
Chicago Murders in November 2014 up 50% during the same time last November. In November 2013 there were 28 total murders. There have already been 24 murders as of November 16, 2014 with 14 more days ...
Hyde Park Johnny 11/18/2014 12 14 - -
Michigan exports its anti-democratic model: Chris Christie considers Emergency Mgr for Atlantic City
Originally posted at Eclectablog . Remember when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came to Michigan to visit Governor Rick Snyder in March ? And when he came back ...
Eclectablog 11/13/2014 19 18 - -
MI-Gov - More corruption in the Snyder admin: $26.4MM in no-bid contracts awarded to campaign donor
Originally posted at Eclectablog . The Michigan Democratic Party released bombshell news today that the Snyder administration awarded $26.4 million in no-bid contracts to a high-dollar donor to ...
Eclectablog 10/20/2014 11 31 1 -
VA Fires 4 top executives -
In Vet Wife's recent diary I wrote the following and yesterday, I was proven wrong: I think Gen. Shinseki accomplished his mission: He's identified the problem people and positions in VA, VHA, ...
llbear 10/07/2014 33 38 1 -
Budget Cuts that Can Really Hurt us All: CDC Cries Uncle
The austerity bandwagon has little regard for the socioeconomic impact of their policies. But there is one area where no amount of wealth will protect them. Epidemics. A variety of viruses and ...
Horace Boothroyd III 10/03/2014 84 131 3 -
UPDATED: MI-GOV SCANDAL - Snyder admin quietly canceled $98K fine for for-profit prison food vendor
Originally posted at Eclectablog . I've written extensively about Aramark , the for-profit prison food vendor that supplies food services to prisons across Michigan. They've experienced repeated ...
Eclectablog 09/12/2014 85 224 7 -
Oh, Goody! Chris Christie Will Visit Wisconsin to Support Scott Walker (+ More John Doe docs)
Politically ambitious, union busting Scott ...
Puddytat 08/04/2014 75 92 3 -
Despite supposed moratorium, Detroit water shutoffs continue
Originally posted at Eclectablog . Depends on what your definition of "moratorium" is, I guess... Last week, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, bowing to pressure from Detroit bankruptcy ...
Eclectablog 07/29/2014 51 59 1 -
Stunning NYT Lead: U.S. Att’y Preet Bharara Just Put A Wrench In Andy Cuomo’s Political Plans
Based upon [
bobswern 07/23/2014 179 304 2 -
Privatization woes:MAXIMUS (ALEC beneficiary) and Choose Work
There is a group on Facebook called Choose Work That is Social Securities program that was ostensibly set up to help persons such as myself engage in gainful employment. Admittedly I do troll them ...
Horace Boothroyd III 07/21/2014 7 14 - -
Detroit Water Dept. suspends water shutoffs for 15 days
Think swelling the ranks of the water shutoff protest in Detroit with hundreds of Netroots Nation attendees didn't make a difference? Think again .
Eclectablog 07/21/2014 15 49 - -
Rahm's Numbers Game: Is Killing People
After a deadly Fourth of July weekend, let's reflect on crime in Chicago using some public information that apparently the Attorney General missed Mayor Rahm Emanuel and U.S. Attorney General Eric ...
Hyde Park Johnny 07/07/2014 13 19 - -
Never mind what the Constitution says; our prison system has run amuck
The practice of charging fines and billing fees to defendants dates back to the 1970s. The number of people behind bars has increased 700% by 2010. In the last 30+ years, prisons and courtrooms have ...
GerryMyers 06/25/2014 8 10 1 -
Under Emergency Management Detroit Public Schools loses Headstart funding for nearly 1,000 kids
Originally posted at Eclectablog . Back in 2012, Pontiac Emergency Manager Louis Schimmel signed an agreement with Oakland County to manage monies from a substantial HUD grant. That turned out to ...
Eclectablog 06/11/2014 16 36 - -
THIS Is How Low FL Lawmakers Sunk To Deny Us Fair Districts
#133 of My Stupid ...
SemDem 06/10/2014 32 107 3 -
SPLC:Investigates medical care in Alabama prisons
Corizon Inc. Is the name of the company that Alabama uses for their privatized prison healthcare. Apparently this company is in quite the pickle but more on that later. Alabama is one of, what I ...
Horace Boothroyd III 06/10/2014 20 13 - -
Well this is disturbing:FBI domestic terrorism most wanted
Horace Boothroyd III 06/09/2014 10 25 - -
Michigan Gov's Jedi Mind Trick on Sr. citizens: "These aren't the pension taxes you're looking for"
Attempting to deceive senior citizens is, simply put, sick and disgusting. Governor Snyder is summoning his inner Obi Wan Kenobi, using the Jedi Mind Trick to try to convince seniors that he's ...
Eclectablog 06/05/2014 6 23 1 -
Koch bros smacked down in Michigan but Republicans can't even do the right thing the right way
Originally published at . Efforts by the Koch brothers front group Americans for Prosperity to scuttle the Detroit bankruptcy settlement were shot down in flames as the state ...
Eclectablog 05/23/2014 80 161 4 -
Michigan GOP effort to stop raising minimum wage proves democracy is for the rich & well-connected
Cross-posted from Eclectablog . As I have written about before, Republicans are petrified of a drive to put raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour on the ballot in November. It's such a winning ...
Eclectablog 05/15/2014 8 23 - -
Mich GOP terrified of Raise the Wage ballot proposal, offers pathetic alternative to "save jobs"
Originally posted ...
Eclectablog 04/25/2014 12 88 - -
Freedom of Speech? Not in Peoria
The Mayor of Peoria, Illinois found out there was a satire Twitter account regarding him. So he did what any tinpot despot would do, had the person that set up the account arrested. Apparently ...
Horace Boothroyd III 04/20/2014 28 27 1 -
Pontiac, Michigan for-profit charter cancels humiliating "Teacher Appreciation Week" activities
[Originally posted at Eclectablog ] Yesterday, I wrote about (Daily Kos ...
Eclectablog 04/15/2014 95 191 1 -
UPDATED: For-profit charter celebrates "Teacher Appreciation Week" w/ compulsory teacher humiliation
Teacher humiliation for fun and profit [Originally posted at Eclectablog .] Mosaica Education, Inc., a self-described "for-profit education management organization", runs eight different for-...
Eclectablog 04/14/2014 159 154 2 -
American Sharia, #1: Louisiana begins process to make Bible state's official book
I wish this was snark. From : Legislation that would make the Holy Bible the official state book of Louisiana cleared the House Committee on Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs with a ...
Dave in Northridge 04/11/2014 74 85 - -
Michigan Republicans pull "a Chris Christie", withhold road repair funds from Dem districts
This is referred to as "pulling a Chris Christie" Crains Detroit Business has a bombshell story out this week detailing how Republicans in the state legislature are withholding road repair funds for ...
Eclectablog 04/01/2014 73 204 5 -
FBI urged charges against Maricopa County officials, Arpaio skates
Can't touch this! A lot of us were left scratching our noggins in 2012, when the US Attorneys Office for Arizona announced there would be no ...
Mother Mags 03/07/2014 12 23 2 -
Arizona's discriminatory SB 1062 is a good thing
I don't mean the bill's discriminatory nature and bigoted intent is a good thing, of course, but the journey we have taken and where we are today have unquestionably benefited Arizona's ...
Mother Mags 02/25/2014 42 108 2 4
I WANT Brewer to sign the "please discriminate" bill.
This bill is a nightmare, and no court would uphold it. As the millions of travel dollars redirect from Arizona, GOP lawmakers will make mad dashes to repeal. It will be a nationwide spectacle. ...
Fokozatos siker 02/25/2014 22 5 - -
Dark is the New Green: Lucrative Lobbying from the Shadows
Former Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Connecticut) swore when he retired in 2011 that he would never work as a lobbyist to influence the trove of colleagues he had amassed over a 36-year ...
recoveringConservative 02/23/2014 21 30 - -
ChristieGate: Subpoenaed Christie Staffer Takes New High-Level the Port Authority
From : TRENTON — A former aide to Gov. Chris Christie who has been subpoenaed in the George Washington Bridge scandal recently took a high-level job at the Port Authority of New York and ...
ericlewis0 02/19/2014 87 151 1 -
Arizona Senate Actually does it.. 'Turn Gays Away' Passes
Of course, in a race to the crazy, it's always been a dog fight of who actually gets there first. Today, a bill most of us thought was dead after Gov. Jan Brewer refused to sign a previous version ...
Chris Reeves 02/19/2014 326 198 2 -
CALL TO ACTION: Kansas Senate Considers Bailing on HB-2453, the Anti-Gay bill
For the last few hours, I've been occupied as we discuss with members of the state legislature the impact of Kansas HB-2453. Though several diaries have been written about this (I put up one ...
Chris Reeves 02/13/2014 6 20 - -
Kansas Legislator proposes ending No-Fault Divorce
It's not often that a Legislative session in Kansas is this productive.. Just yesterday, the Kansas house panel agreed to provisions that would make discriminating against Gays & Lesbians legal ...
Chris Reeves 02/07/2014 16 14 1 -
Michigan's state-run school district where kids are physically abused & failed at nearly every level
I have a piece up at Eclectablog today that is creating some shockwaves in the education community. Michigan Republicans have created a "school district for misfit schools" called the Education ...
Eclectablog 01/23/2014 25 106 3 -
Mother Jones exposé shows how Michigan right to work law was bought & paid for by the DeVos family
The best politicians, laws and elections money can buy Originally posted at Eclectablog (where we're currently having our 1st Quarter fundraiser !) Mother Jones' ...
Eclectablog 01/22/2014 60 183 5 -
FL-Gov: Federal Judge Rules Rick Scott's (R) Welfare Drug Testing Law Unconstitutional
poopdogcomedy 01/02/2014 7 14 - -
Rape Insurance - A New Law in Michigan
Senator Gretchen Whitmer is the latest in a line of female ...
angelajean 12/12/2013 19 26 1 -
The "Plan Ahead for Your Abortion" rape insurance law now the law of the land in Michigan
Michigan Republicans: Drunk with power, anti-women Originally posted at Eclectablog . As Amy and I have been writing about for quite some time now, Michigan Right to Life was able to gather enough ...
Eclectablog 12/11/2013 75 139 3 -
Eclectablog on the Majority Report with Sam Seder discussing Detroit's bankruptcy
Hear ye, hear ye I was on the Majority Report radio show with Sam Seder this afternoon. We discussed Detroit's bankruptcy, the Education Achievement Authority, and other examples of the corporatist ...
Eclectablog 12/04/2013 10 19 - -
PLEASE REC! MONEY BOMB to end Michigan's same-sex marriage ban, a court case with nat'l implications
This could be the case that overturns same-sex marriage bans across the country once and for all Originally posted at Eclectablog . [left to right: April, Nolan, Jacob, Jayne, and Ryanne. Photos ...
Eclectablog 12/02/2013 10 101 3 -
The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
As so often happens, comments turn into diaries. Twigg and FloridaSNMOM; reminded me , to remind everyone. It's Time To Apply For Heating Assistance . FloridaSNMOM says (in her comment); that, ...
rebel ga 11/27/2013 33 34 1 -
Rick Scott Makes Voting Harder for His Former Rival's Special Election
This is Part LVI of My Stupid State where I document what happens when a state full of Democrats elect a veto-proof, right-wing legislature along with a teabag, CRIMINAL governor to lead us. (Once ...
SemDem 11/27/2013 27 64 3 -
Michigan about to require women to buy "rape insurance" based on petition signed by 4.2% of voters
The War on Women continues... Graphic by Anne C. Savage Cross-posted from Eclectablog . Thanks to a petition drive that resulted in 4.2% of Michiganders voicing their minority opinion, Michigan ...
Eclectablog 11/27/2013 152 267 2 -
Michigan Republicans want you to know if Obamacare raised your rates but not if it's helped you
GOPocrisy, pure and simple Michigan Republicans are still working to demonize the Affordable Care Act in any way they can. The most recent example is a bill reported out of the House Subcommittee on ...
Eclectablog 11/19/2013 8 16 - -
Kos Katalogue Blogathon: Malls? We doan need no stinkin' malls! We got each other!
I gave up on shopping in malls several decades ago. If you find me in a mall these days, it's only because I had no other choice (that's where the local Apple Store is in Ann Arbor, unfortunately, ...
Eclectablog 11/13/2013 14 47 1 -
CVS Caremark, donor to Gov Snyder's secretive slush fund, wins $60 million no-bid Detroit contract
We don't know what we don't know Originally posted at Eclectablog . I (and so many others) have talked a LOT about Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's NERD Fund , financed by unknown corporate ...
Eclectablog 10/30/2013 59 113 1 -
GOOD NEWS: Ann Arbor City Council Passes Resolution to Divest Retirement Fund of Fossil Fuels
Last month, as you may recall, I posted an urgent action diary asking Ann Arbor Kossacks to contact the City Council regarding a proposal to divest the city's pension fund of all fossil fuel holdings.
peregrine kate 10/24/2013 10 36 1 -
Detroit Emergency Mgr Orr finds a way to put banks before retiree pensions with yet more city debt
Borrowing from Peter Barclays to pay Paul UBS and Bank of America Originally posted at Eclectablog . As the trial to determine Detroit's eligibility for Chapter 9 bankruptcy begins today, ...
Eclectablog 10/23/2013 18 22 - -
VIDEO: Dean of the House John Dingell takes Republicans to the wood shed over the #GOPshutdown
Let's behave as a Congress of the United States, not an aggregation of petulant children! At the beginning of the current Republican shutdown of the United States government, Dean of the House, ...
Eclectablog 10/15/2013 23 88 2 -
Detroit Emergency Manager appointee: "Can I shoot someone in a hoodie?" Yeah, he's a white guy.
Gee, why would ANYONE be offended by THAT? Originally posted at Eclectablog . After several years of rampant vandalism and arson on Devil's Night (the night before Halloween) in Detroit, Mayor ...
Eclectablog 10/12/2013 56 136 1 -
Downtown Prosperity, Neighborhood Neglect: Chicago's Black and Latino Workers Left Behind
New report charges racism in city priorities, investments A major study released by the Grassroots Collaborative on October 8, 2013, charges that the City of Chicago, ...
Hyde Park Johnny 10/08/2013 1 4 - -
Ted Cruz copies Mich Rep. Peters in donating pay during govt shutdown, Peters responds. Brilliantly.
It's easy to make a fool look foolish Originally posted at Eclectablog . As I mentioned earlier the other day , Michigan Congressman Gary Peters pledged to donate his salary to ...
Eclectablog 10/01/2013 119 281 - -
This week at progressive state blogs: Backstage passes for lobbyists in Ohio, McCrory the ad man
Just as states with progressive lawmakers and activists have themselves initiated innovative programs over a wide range of issues, state-based progressive ...
Meteor Blades 09/28/2013 18 36 - 7
In Michigan, when it comes to attracting businesses: "We're number 47! We're number 47!"
So proud Originally posted at Eclectablog . If you listen to the ad the Michigan Governor Rick Snyder recently released , an authoritarian narrator informs you that Michigan was once number 50. Dead ...
Eclectablog 09/27/2013 20 24 1 -
Mich AG Schuette: Marriage is for regulating sexual relationships to make sure you're having babies
Vasectomies: Harming society since … wait. WHAT?!? I have written in the past about Jayne Rowse and April DeBoer, a Michigan couple who is suing the state to allow them, as a lesbian couple, to ...
Eclectablog 09/18/2013 53 75 - -
FEMA arrives in Colorado to help, quickly grounds drones mapping damage
A private company, in conjunction with County officials, offered to fly their drones for free as to accurately map the damage to towns otherwise inaccessible to ground based surveys. Until FEMA ...
Horace Boothroyd III 09/16/2013 41 41 - -
Detroit Emergency Mgr staff intentionally cut power during heat wave, stranding people in elevators
Treating people with this level of disdain will lead to no good end Cross-posted from Eclectablog . [Photo by Anne C. Savage , special to Eclectablog] Last week on Wednesday, September 12th, ...
Eclectablog 09/16/2013 124 311 4 -
40 Years of Neoliberal Attacks on our Societies
September 11?... Chile 1973, Chicago 2013: 40 Years of Neo-liberal attacks on our societies by Kim Scipes What do you think of when you hear the term “9-11”? September 11. A date. Does it ...
Hyde Park Johnny 09/14/2013 28 28 2 -
Michigan Medicaid expansion bill passed by Senate Republicans even has a place for ALEC!
Of course ALEC has a place in Michigan's expansion of Medicaid. They probably helped write the bill. Originally posted at Eclectablog . After Senate Republicans passed H.B. 4714 on Tuesday to ...
Eclectablog 08/29/2013 7 22 - -
Mich GOP proves they’re the anti-American fools & corp. tools we know they are w/Medicaid exp vote
This is what happens when you vote Republican Originally posted at Eclectablog . Last night, the Michigan Senate passed HB 4714 to expand Medicaid in Michigan. Earlier in the evening, they had ...
Eclectablog 08/28/2013 13 44 2 -
GOP Sen. Hune: Providing health ins. for half a million working poor Michiganders is "nauseating"
Cold, callous, and without compassion (or a clue) Originally posted at Eclectablog . I've written before about Michigan Republican Senator Joe Hune's offensive opposition to expanding Medicaid to ...
Eclectablog 08/27/2013 69 179 3 -
State: CPS Has Never Filed Required Emergency Preparedness Report
The complete contempt for the law is now evident in how Rahm Emanuel's crony Board of Education operates. Anything that resembles common decent protection of the children of Chicago is now becoming ...
Hyde Park Johnny 08/26/2013 7 9 - -
Rahm Running Scared Orders Entire City on Alert
In what is becoming an international spectacle Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel or,
Hyde Park Johnny 08/25/2013 166 145 - -
La Casita Demolished Saturday Morning By Rahm (PICS)
LA CASITA IS NO MORE. By a little after ten o'clock in the morning, Board of Education contractors had leveled the library that had been created by the demands of a community that did not have one ...
Hyde Park Johnny 08/17/2013 11 30 - -
Wisconsin's school vouchers = SCAM
Look, I already knew school vouchers were a cynical scam meant to defund public education and (like many things in Fitzwalkerstan) funnel taxpayer dollars to campaign contributors. But this week, ...
Jake formerly of the LP 08/17/2013 53 93 2 -
BREAKING: Rahm Sends in Police to Demolish La Casita
#Whittier #‎LaCasita‬! UPDATED DIARY La Casita Demolished Saturday Morning By Rahm In a brazen fascist move reminiscent of the midnight destruction ...
Hyde Park Johnny 08/16/2013 67 134 3 -
Detroit bankruptcy process may face slow down due to federal sequester budget cuts
That's okay, though. At least billionaires will still have low taxes. Originally posted at Eclectablog . Judge Gerald E. Rosen, the federal District judge appointed to be the mediator in Detroit'...
Eclectablog 08/16/2013 4 10 - -
Michigan unemployment up 2 months in a row. At what point do we get to ask where the jobs are?
You got your Right to Work and your corporate tax cuts. Now show us the jobs. Originally posted at Eclectablog . For two months in a row, Michigan's unemployment rate has gone up. It went up 0.3 ...
Eclectablog 08/15/2013 25 40 - -
Top Wis. DoT Official: I see Satan
I searched Daily Kos and did not find a diary on this yet. Scott Walker fires state official for comparing unauthorized immigrants to 'Satan' Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker dismissed a state ...
se portland 08/09/2013 14 27 - -
Detroit Emergency Manager Orr painting a much bleaker picture than reality suggests
Detroit ruin porn from the Emergency Manager??? Originally posted at Eclectablog . One of the most widely reported statistics about Detroit, thanks to Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, is that it takes,
Eclectablog 08/08/2013 14 17 - -
Detroit Institute of Art: Christie's Is Back
Well, never mind all the appeals to civic pride we've been seeing. The appraisers are here. According to a column in the ArtsBeat section of the New York Times , Detroit, by which they mean the city'...
Dave in Northridge 08/05/2013 25 28 1 -
US Senate Republicans to Detroit: "You're on your own, you poor bastards"
Too poor to bail Originally posted at Eclectablog . Graphic by Anne Savage Not that we were expecting the federal government to do for a failing urban giant like Detroit what they did for big ...
Eclectablog 07/26/2013 60 61 - -
In case you thought Detroit's priceless art collection was safe, it's not. Appraisers have arrived.
This is unreal Originally posted at Eclectablog . [DIA "Thinker" image modified from CC photo by Michael Barera | Wikimedia Commons] “This is unprecedented in my experience,” he said. “It ...
Eclectablog 07/24/2013 368 236 4 -
Detroit bankruptcy on hold, Snyder admin. smacked down by judge for "cheating good people who work"
Surprise, surprise Originally posted at Eclectablog . [Caricature by DonkeyHotey from photos by Anne C. Savage for Eclectablog] Yesterday afternoon, Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, with the ...
Eclectablog 07/19/2013 267 364 6 -
Stupid Republican tricks special edition: Florida accidently bans linking computers to internet
From our "see, this is why we can't have good things" department, citizens of Florida learn what happens when you elect morons to control state legislatures -they pass idiotic legislation.
HoundDog 07/09/2013 163 373 5 -
Young Woman Has EPIC Rant in TX Abortion Hearings. Gets Hauled Off By State Troopers.
You've got to listen to the courage of this young woman in confronting the Senate Committee in Texas "hearing" testimony against the anti-abortion bills they are trying to ram through another ...
annrose 07/09/2013 285 559 10 -
Cut food stamps but buy likes on Facebook, problem citizen?
The State Department has a Facebook page. And we the taxpayer paid for likes on that page. State Department officials spent $630,000 to get more Facebook "likes," prompting employees to complain ...
Horace Boothroyd III 07/03/2013 20 18 - -
Republicans are no longer trying to hide their hatred of women
Republicans are no longer trying to hide their anti-woman views. On Capitol Hill, Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) explained why he supports a national 20-week abortion ban without exceptions for rape an ...
DownstateDemocrat 06/14/2013 159 299 4 -
When you use Nixon as precedent for "executive privilege" you've already lost, Gov Snyder
Wow, they are getting seriously desperate [Caricature by DonkeyHotey from photos by Anne C. Savage for Eclectablog] Cross-posted from Eclectablog . As I ...
Eclectablog 06/13/2013 29 68 - -
If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.
America is a wonderful place where everyone is caring, competent, conscientious and above average. America's law enforcement agencies have never gotten the wrong guy . A mistaken identity arrest ...
joe shikspack 06/12/2013 433 403 11 -
Florida Gov. Rick Scott: Allen West would be a 'great' lieutenant governor
Florida Republican dream team I swear these people are ...
Hunter 05/16/2013 47 50 1 -
The Sad and Twisted Moral Bankruptcy of Paul LePage
Maine Governor Paul LePage is no stranger to controversy: just a quick look at this Maine Public Broadcasting Network news page gives a quick overview of his priorities which include moving public ...
commonmass 05/10/2013 45 84 - -
Day 4: Buena Vista schools still closed due to lack of funds. Why won't Michigan Gov Snyder act?
Just not raining hard enough in Buena Vista Township, I guess... Cross-posted from Eclectablog . This is front page of the Buena Vista School District website this morning. While it says that ...
Eclectablog 05/10/2013 6 16 - -
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