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PFIR is not a progressive organization
PFIR - Progressives for Immigration Reform - is not a progressive organization. Who says so? Well, we can turn to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which has documented decades of hate ...
YucatanMan 07/08/2014 14 30 2 -
A Texas-sized Depression
No, not an economic one. My own. I've just had yet another surgery on my vertebrae, nerve paths, and intervertebral foramina. I have enough metal in me to build a 737, let alone beep at security.
YucatanMan 05/27/2014 33 33 - -
We're ALL getting Christmas Bonuses!
Really! Everyone. Wouldn't that be great news? When was the last time you got a Christmas bonus from your employer? For me, it has been over 30 years, and then it was just a nice gift from a ...
YucatanMan 11/28/2013 17 21 - -
Ignatieff Advocates War to "Protect Civilians"
In yet another screed to advocate for an Imperial USA to commit to a "duty to protect" civilians across the world, Michael Ingatieff launches an OpEd in the New York Times A friend, perhaps unaware ...
YucatanMan 09/14/2013 43 22 - -
Obama Doesn't Really Mean It... or does he?
Obama has stated "reforming" Social Security as a goal of his over many years. He brings up "reforming" Social Security over and over, in every election and in many of his speeches. Cutting Social ...
YucatanMan 04/08/2013 203 175 4 -
Jerry Moran, shame of Kansas
Bob Dole Country That used to be on a billboard along I-70 near Russell, Kansas, Bob Dole's hometown. My father knew Bob Dole's mother there in Russell and I shook Bob Dole's left hand many times ...
YucatanMan 12/06/2012 148 340 6 -
The Stone Cold Heart of US Customs and Border Protection
Damien Lopez, 10, died Tuesday, March 27, in a tragic house fire in Shenendoah, Pennsylvania, which also claimed the lives of his cousin, Christian Sanchez, 10, Christian’s mother Tiffany ...
YucatanMan 03/31/2012 14 28 1 149
Bush State Dept Censored Iraq War News; Shockingly, Al Jazeera Cooperated
Cables published by Wikileaks led to today's resignation of Wadah Khanfa, Al Jazeera managing director. These cables ...
YucatanMan 09/20/2011 35 17 - 113
Acts in a Shakesperean Tragedy
(with apologies to Cleopatra, from whom I'm stealing the title) Or is it Greek? In recent days, I have found myself recalling stated respect for Reagan's style by his opponents who were known to ...
YucatanMan 12/07/2010 27 6 - 37
Vast Undersea Pollution - BP's (invisible) Disaster
For the first time, scientists are coming up with an explanation of the huge discrepancies in observed phenomenon related to the BP / Transocean / Halliburton oil disaster. The last previously ...
YucatanMan 05/15/2010 496 400 12 1195
Dallas Immigration March - PhotoDiary w Action Update
ACTION UPDATE: Sign the petition at Receive a free anti-Arizona 1070 sticker or order many for a small ...
YucatanMan 05/02/2010 34 34 - 54
Murtha says No Health Care Bill until January!
It's bad enough that yesterday's recommended list had a couple diaries taking swats at cowardly Democrats who won't follow through with long term party goals and pass health care reform. First off, ...
YucatanMan 08/15/2009 40 7 - 156
Stossel's Smear Campaign on health care reform
ABC really did a hit job on health care reform, just as Congress is preparing to adjourn for another round of local town hall meetings. John Stossel did the dirty work on 20/20 last night (July 31,
YucatanMan 08/01/2009 23 21 1 191
The Torch Has Been Handed to a New Generation!
I was born in 1956 in Kansas -- the year of Brown vs The (Topeka, Kansas) Board of Education which declared "separate but equal" to be unconstitutional. In 1961, the same year my first brother was ...
YucatanMan 11/04/2008 3 1 - 2
Major Clinton Fundraiser Jumps to Obama!
Here's the link right up front: A "Hillraiser" for Hillary Clinton announced tonight that he is moving ...
YucatanMan 04/25/2008 28 8 2 1
Breaking! KBH - Hutchison R-TX - "may" Retire Early. Will NOT Run for Senate in 2012
According to a story just posted on the Channel 11 website in Dallas Tx: (AP) WASHINGTON Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison told a Texas ...
YucatanMan 10/15/2007 89 35 - 9
Home Depot sez opposing O'Reilly stops Environmental Moves.
It's simple really. Support Bill O'Reilly or you take our minds off being an Environmentally Conscious company. Wait! What? Yes, it is true. Home Depot cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.
YucatanMan 07/29/2007 34 22 2 29
How many carrier groups in the Middle East?
With the announcement - initially denied - that the USS John C. Stennis would be deployed to the Persian Gulf, the US will effectively have at least two carriers in the oil-rich region within a few ...
YucatanMan 01/11/2007 64 33 3 11
Yet ANOTHER Incompetent Crony! (AF JAG Commandant: disbarred)
You've seen them all, one after another: Chertoff "Getcher One Quart Plastic Bags Out" Sec of 'Homeland' Security; Brown "Doin a heckuva job, Brownie"; Cheney (who can say more?); Rumsfeld (Can't ...
YucatanMan 12/09/2006 20 24 - 10
Tight Race Needs YOUR Help - KANSAS 02 (w Poll!)
YucatanMan 11/04/2006 12 6 - 13
Information LOCKDOWN! On Attorneys General?
YucatanMan 06/15/2006 12 13 - 2
American Torture Chamber - Yet another Bush Administration Atrocity
YucatanMan 03/18/2006 5 9 - -
Bush Administration Continues Assault on Lawful Society
YucatanMan 01/08/2006 5 19 2 6
Bush tried to block NY Times Story
YucatanMan 12/21/2005 4 3 - 7
Culture of Life: Pull the plug on conscious patients - W's law.
YucatanMan 12/14/2005 233 365 37 1364
Tortured Texas POW - now US Rep - OKs Torture? What Fresh Hell is THIS?
YucatanMan 12/06/2005 5 5 - -
Clueless First Lady Halts Victims' Medical Treatment
YucatanMan 09/28/2005 14 23 - 8
Gay Republicans Support the War {?}
YucatanMan 09/19/2005 9 - - -
The LIES of Bush
YucatanMan 09/17/2005 10 11 2 15
BREAKING: King Fahd of Saudi Arabia Dies
YucatanMan 08/01/2005 11 5 - -
GO Raging Grannies!
YucatanMan 07/22/2005 4 4 - -
Wilson's Attorney Smacks Down Dallas Morning News
YucatanMan 07/21/2005 22 23 - -
Link between Gannon & Rove??
YucatanMan 07/09/2005 52 13 - 9
WSJ Goes After Bush? Hell Freezes Over?
YucatanMan 06/29/2005 106 213 - 16
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