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"Judas" Miller on The Daily Show
If you have not seen this, it's a must watch. I don't think I have ever watched Stewart go after someone as aggressively. Why she showed up is a bit of a mystery to me. Maybe she needs the money. ...
Z51Xfire 04/30/2015 17 8 - -
Republican Humorroids: IRAN
Republicans have mastered the "shock and awe" maneuver whenever they roll out their scorched earth strategy. These last two weeks have seen a coordinated effort by leadership in BOTH houses for ...
Z51Xfire 03/11/2015 3 1 - -
My wife is a Peds nurse in Chicagoland
Rather than having a weekend morning sipping coffee, she's at her office right now administering immunoglobulin to kids who were in their office while a compromised child(ren) were also there. These ...
Z51Xfire 02/07/2015 85 240 - -
Have we won on Net Neutrality?
Apparently Tom Wheeler speaking at CES suggested ISPs will be regulated via Title II. ...
Z51Xfire 01/07/2015 2 3 - -
DKos iPad refresh issue
Brief diary. Why does DKos front page always continue to refresh on my iPad3? I like to read DKos in full site mode on my iPad3. However, if I try scrolling, it nearly immediately refreshes the page ...
Z51Xfire 10/05/2014 25 2 - -
Rick Santelli is a moron
I am posting a link to CNBC video featuring Rick Santelli, the poster boy for a discredited scorched earth "austerity policy" . He could not have demonstrated more ignorance in this exchange. I ...
Z51Xfire 07/14/2014 19 5 - -
I Triple Dog Dare You
Its that time of year when I look forward to A Christmas Story . As an adolescent, I listened to Jean Shepard on my 8 transistor Japanese pocket radio. He was on WOR radio in New York from 10:15 to ...
Z51Xfire 11/23/2013 1 2 - -
Rooting out RW Extremism
For the moment, it appears that the tea bags are steeping in boiling water of their own doing. They have a knack of reaching out of the pot and turning up the gas even more. To progressives, it's ...
Z51Xfire 10/13/2013 5 5 - -
Obamacare is here to stay
When the corporate giants realize ACA actually lowers their costs, there ain't no turning ...
Z51Xfire 09/08/2013 6 8 1 -
McConnell comforts Reid after Hagel vote
Harry Reid blew it when he decided to uphold "the rules of the Senate" in spite of the Republicans unprecendented use of the filibuster. McConnell and his crowd have done everything to slow-down or ...
Z51Xfire 02/15/2013 10 3 - -
Trump calls it for Obama???
This is delicious! Trump being interviewed by Maria Bartiromo. She asked who Trump thought was going to win. Video is also on CNBC site but I can't post link to it here. ... “I think it would ...
Z51Xfire 11/01/2012 36 15 - -
Romney is at Warp Factor 10
As some may know, in Star Trek the Enterprise really doesn't travel that fast, it simply compresses spacetime, therefore distance, using warp drive. Romney works the same way. He doesn't change, he ...
Z51Xfire 10/29/2012 7 3 - -
Somebody at Spirit Air has a sense of humor
Very short. Just check out what somebody did with the intro gif at Spirit Airlines. Talk about rapidly taking advantage of "Horses and Bayonets" theme from last night's debate. Spirit Air Intro ....
Z51Xfire 10/23/2012 13 11 - -
Ralphie beats Scut Farkus on Long Island
Very short diary. This clip says it all for me! Scut gets his ass handed to him. Once a bully, always a bully!
Z51Xfire 10/17/2012 3 1 - -
The tax cut is for 100% of the people. No one is left out. In a previous diary, I commented on exactly this point. So POTUS should make this speech below the ...
Z51Xfire 07/28/2012 20 5 - 527
Obama BOOED at USA v Brazil Bball game
This is real short. You gotta love the First Couple.
Z51Xfire 07/17/2012 7 4 - 414
Another milestone for the Private Sector
Oh WAIT! NASA, a government agency sent Voyager out into space. Never mind. From the Atlantic: Voyager leaving ...
Z51Xfire 06/16/2012 1 - - 32
Response to a Rational Conservative
I have a very good Canadian friend who enjoys "needling" me about being a Democrat, a liberal, and supporter of President Obama. He sends me stuff, as I am sure many of us get, like stupid cartoons ...
Z51Xfire 12/18/2011 6 11 - 113
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