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The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission needs help!
As you may have heard, the Obama administration has released its proposed budget for FY 2016. Unfortunately, it has some problems with its support for NASA [1] (see below the fold for details), most ...
Zaq 03/15/2015 14 22 - -
What happened to the loyal opposition?
This diary is more of a question than an observation. As far as folks on this site go, I'm definitely on the younger side of the spectrum. I started becoming somewhat politically aware around Bush ...
Zaq 12/20/2012 10 2 - -
Cookies won't save us
I went to the "Step it Up" event at ASU today, and here's my take on what I saw. I'll freely admit beforehand that I came late (The event was from 11 to 3, and I showed up at about 1), but I'm still ...
Zaq 11/03/2007 10 6 1 2
Getting personal with Repubs
I have a hypothesis that I think explains a good bit of how and why right-wingers act and respond to things the way they do. Obviously, this won't explain everything about every Republican ever, but ...
Zaq 10/16/2007 13 5 - 23
Empathy, Apathy, and Hatred
I've been thinking a lot, recently, about man's reaction to fellow man (my apologies for the gendered terms, but I trust that everyone here understands that I'm not excluding women one bit). Make ...
Zaq 09/28/2007 4 2 1 6
The view we need to put forth to Congress
As American citizens (I fully recognize that there are plenty of overseas readers of this, but I'm talking to folks who are constituents of the people on Capitol Hill), we do have a right to be ...
Zaq 09/13/2007 1 2 - 9
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