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Privacy rights on the ballot Tuesday
It's been a while since I posted anything here, but this is something I put together four years ago and handed out in late October and early November 2008. It is directed to women and GLBT ...
a brain 11/04/2012 1 2 - -
Top ten worst U.S. Senators w/poll
I saw a diary complaining about John Cornyn (R-TX) and he surely is on my list, but even though Dick Cheney was here in Texas endorsing Kay Bailey Hutchison for governor and she suggested that ...
a brain 11/18/2009 73 14 - 27
Recalling John Yoo for legal misconduct
After watching Bill Moyers' Journal last night on PBS and again seeing the clear record of deception and dissembling by the Bush White House lawyers, particularly that by John Yoo, I called my ...
a brain 05/30/2009 20 10 - 8
Mess with Texas! w/poll
It hasn't been a "red state" for that long. We had a Democratic governor, Ann Richards, in the early '90s and when I moved here in the mid-'70s it was a Democratic state. We had a Democratic ...
a brain 11/04/2008 11 3 - 45
"Northern Exposure"-- AK for Obama?  w/poll
Maybe Ted Stevens loses, but could Obama win AK? Probably not. Will Alaska papers like the Anchorage Daily News endorse Obama/Biden? It sure looks that way. The governor who supposedly has ...
a brain 10/19/2008 10 7 - 5
New Obama ad to close deal; some thanks to HRC w/poll
Some of the pundits have been arguing whether this is 1980 or 1988. In 1980, which I remember well, the news magazines prepared cover stories for two outcomes--a Carter re-election or a Reagan ...
a brain 10/09/2008 40 21 3 20
Landslide ahead? GOP "battlegrounds" change  w/poll
I had an e-mail today from a friend who has been predicting Obama to win with over 350 EVs. I had had my doubts even about 270, having wondered if maybe WI, PA, and MI were in play as recently as ...
a brain 10/03/2008 15 4 1 21
"Slacker Uprising"--Moore ok, what about Maher? w/poll
It took a while to download--which I hope is a sign of popularity. And I wrote before here about how even in the Houston, Texas suburbs, Moore's "Fahrenheit 9-11" was a huge hit even at a midnight ...
a brain 09/29/2008 9 1 - 4
Could Indiana be the new Ohio/Florida? w/poll
OK, most of my political junkie friends think this is going to be all about OH or FL again. And since I have some experience with those two states, and remain slightly pessimistic about them, I ...
a brain 09/19/2008 15 7 1 19
Two "under the radar" races: KS-Sn, TX-07 w/poll
Up here in Lawrence, one of the most liberal cities in the nation, and I had hoped to make it to the protest rally in Topeka today, where Nancy Boyda's campaign was scheduled to complain LOUDLY ...
a brain 09/15/2008 11 3 - 30
How about Joe Biden's "compelling story"? w/poll
I guess I just don't find Sarah Palin's story all that compelling. So she's a "hockey mom", somehow got elected governor of Alaska after minimal political experience, and is an effective and ...
a brain 09/14/2008 10 18 - 1
Coming GOP crackup in red states started in Kansas
What's the matter with Kansas? Not that much, since one could argue that this trend started in Kansas and has spread to Virginia and Colorado. What's the trend? Democratic gains in Western and ...
a brain 09/02/2008 21 14 - 19
"The Truth is out there" --NOT w/poll
A few weeks ago, there were a couple of diaries about the Jerome Corsi book, THE OBAMANATION. The book has received a fair amount of criticism. But according to accounts in the mainstream press, ...
a brain 08/31/2008 9 3 - 6
Supreme Court--right to privacy on the ballot in 2008
Like George H.W. Bush (41), John McCain is distrusted by the religious right. What does that mean? Not what a gay friend just told me--that a President McCain will not advance the agenda of so-...
a brain 08/28/2008 6 2 - 2
Media again complicit in GOP "Big Lie" campaign w/poll
Maybe we will see or hear something about this from Joe Biden tonight. I certainly hope so. The McCain campaign has hired the Bush 2004 team, and they are at it again. Following the Rove game ...
a brain 08/27/2008 21 11 - 10
Georgia on my mind--Wag the Dog, w/poll
It was almost exactly ten years ago that President Bill Clinton was accused of "wagging the dog". Two U.S. embassies in Africa, in Nairobi and in Dar Es Salaam were bombed and the attacks were ...
a brain 08/15/2008 19 4 - 4
So I guess Michael Moore is a concern troll? w/poll
On the first night that "Fahrenheit 9-11" was released locally, in Houston, Texas, the inner city art cinemas were sold out. I attended a midnight showing in the outer suburbs. That was almost ...
a brain 08/13/2008 41 22 - 23
Texarkana buzz from Log Cabin Republican, MO, AR, LA
No, I am not the "Log Cabin Republican". A friend forwarded his message about a trip to the dentist office in Texarkana. The staff were all talking about totally crazy stuff and even the dentist ...
a brain 08/11/2008 15 2 - 4
Encounter with Iraq war veteran just minutes ago
He's about twenty and walking his girlfriend's dog at 6:00 a.m. where she lives in a 425 square foot apartment in a marginal neighborhood in Houston. Wearing his combat gear and so I am wondering ...
a brain 08/09/2008 17 14 - 26
Dems make the same old mistakes; why we need Clark
Or maybe Hillary. My neighbor, an increasingly cranky but generous and left-leaning woman who regularly complains about how the "little guys" get screwed and the big corporations and the rich ...
a brain 08/03/2008 12 4 - 2
Bob Barr, spoiler, Libertarians for Obama w/poll
John Zogby may not be the most reliable of pollsters, and his "interactive" poll of this week is probably skewed toward internet junkies who are more likely to include Libertarians and disappointed ...
a brain 07/10/2008 30 2 1 1
It's Obama/Webb vs. McCain/Romney w/poll
I predicted this some time ago in another forum, and after Wesley Clark's "gaffe"--what Michael Kinsley famously termed an instance where a politician tells the truth--Clark has become too much of a ...
a brain 07/01/2008 23 1 - 2
"Bowl for Barack"  (fun fundraising) w/poll
I may have mentioned this before in comments and also think someone else may have proposed it. I know I e-mailed the proposal to friends a few months ago when I was visiting my hometown and noticed ...
a brain 06/22/2008 5 1 - 6
Masculinity--Obama wins with Clark or Webb
It goes all the way back to Hubert Humphrey and maybe back to Adlai Stevenson. Stevenson also had a "funny name" and was characterized as an "egghead". My parents explained that to me when I was ...
a brain 06/21/2008 43 2 - -
GOP's "pre-9/11 strategy" should be our issue
It should be clear by now that the McCain campaign and the GOP surrogates are all over Obama's allegedly being "soft on terrorism". "Terrorism" is the new Communism. But it's not an ideology. Just ...
a brain 06/20/2008 6 7 - -
Texas Twofer (Obama and Noriega) w/poll
Texas has not voted for the Democratic candidate for President since 1976, when it was still largely a Democratic state. In 2002, the Democratic Party tried a "Dream ticket" trio of wealthy ...
a brain 06/15/2008 6 6 - 3
David Axelrod convincing in Houston event
I haven't had too many doubts about this campaign since its inception. For one thing, they did not seem to be hiring former Gore or Kerry staff. That was a good sign. Let's face it: the Gore ...
a brain 06/13/2008 13 5 1 2
"The biggest fairy tale"--GOP foreign/terror policy w/poll
I heard David Gergen repeat it again last night on CNN. "Iraq and foreign policy are McCain's strength" or something like that. This and the myth that the Republicans' strength is national security ...
a brain 06/11/2008 13 4 - 10
Michelle tape story fizzle; more GOP "dirty tricks" ahead
The right wing media had been breathlessly anticipating the release of a tape/video where Michelle Obama supposedly lashes out at "Whitey" and Clinton for all kinds of things, and yes, it was ...
a brain 06/09/2008 12 3 1 4
Obama to campaign on the GI bill issue w/poll
At least I hope so. Talk about a no-brainer. How in the hell can McCain oppose this thing? Here in Texas we have a U.S. Senate race where the Democrats have a chance to pick up a seat in Bush's ...
a brain 06/06/2008 24 7 1 10
Winnable TX U.S. Senate race needs attention
GOP incumbent John Cornyn is a dud candidate and only won in 2002 because his opponent, former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk, ran a "Bush Lite" campaign and it was a difficult year for Democrats anyway. ...
a brain 06/03/2008 14 25 - 13
When do terrorist alerts start again? w/poll
I don't fly that often, but I recall running into intense scrutiny in August 2004, September 2004 and October 2004, and again in October 2006. My 89 year old mother routinely gets searched since 9/
a brain 05/17/2008 28 9 - 15
Rush's listeners voted for HRC in TX (and US Sen. race)
I'm told that Rush has more listeners in Texas than in any other state and I find that believable, having lived here for over thirty years and seen this state deteriorate steadily since then. We ...
a brain 03/08/2008 30 18 - 4
Bush/Cheney pledge to do no more harm (w/poll)
Maybe somebody, especially on the Democratic side, will suggest not only that he or she will repair the damage done by Bush and Cheney--restore civil liberties, stop the war, fix the tax cuts, ...
a brain 03/06/2008 10 4 - 30
GOP crossovers for HRC in TX (4 TX precincts) w/poll
Rush Limbaugh has been urging his listeners to vote for Hillary so as to prolong the Democratic contest. McCain clinched the GOP nomination a long time ago. So if you are a Republican in Texas, ...
a brain 03/05/2008 15 6 1 -
Clinton: Dems "must win" blue states? (and TX caucus issues)
What a bizarre contention, but one that the pundits are pushing, particularly the right wingers like Joe Scarborough on MSNBC (and he is one of the moderates among them). The idea that Hillary is ...
a brain 03/03/2008 41 11 - -
What's at stake for gays and women: the right to privacy
I'm in Texas where I am also doing some volunteer work for one of the Democratic candidates. On the way to a volunteer event last night, I ran into a couple of young gay men. (I can't always tell, ...
a brain 03/01/2008 7 2 - 44
Can trivial trash sink Barack in the GE?
It's the best of times; it's the worst of times. Obama is a great candidate with appeal to voters who ordinarily don't vote, and cross-over appeal that we haven't seen since--well, maybe never. ...
a brain 01/29/2008 19 - - -
A sensible national sales tax--stocks and bonds w/poll
Let's face it. We've lost elections in 1984, 1988, 2000, and 2004 in part because of the public's perception that Democrats tend to raise taxes. Never mind that the Clinton tax raises in 1993 ...
a brain 01/24/2008 24 3 - 1
Media: Obama the candidate for "unrealistic dreamers"
It's a theme they have been developing since Hillary's win last week. And plugged by Bill Clinton. Ironically, it's not about Barack's opposition to the war. It's about how the Democrats always ...
a brain 01/13/2008 9 2 - 3
Obama and race: "bargainer" not a "challenger"?
African-American author/thinker Shelby Steele was on Moyers' show last night with what I thought were really bizarre theories about Obama's appeal to whites. Steele is one of those black ...
a brain 01/12/2008 56 4 - 3
Supremes to uphold Indiana Voter ID law?
Indiana and several other Republican-dominated states have passed laws requiring state-issued identification to be presented by voters, with cumbersome requirements for provisional ballots. The U.S.
a brain 01/11/2008 28 9 - 35
Arming Pakistan by corporate welfare to the M-I-C
With all the talk about how the Bhutto assassination might affect the Iowa caucuses going on, what happened to the story of recently-approved sales of F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan? This happened ...
a brain 01/06/2008 6 5 1 31
Campaign for President or Dictator?
We have seen over the past seven years the resurgence of the Imperial Presidency, in part because of a totally irresponsible Congress, indolent press, and what I think is a bizarre "personality cult"
a brain 12/31/2007 1 2 - -
A Democrat for states' rights and local solutions?
It seems to be the perfect opportunity to educate voters--especially the undecideds and some marginal Ron Paul supporters--of the hypocrisy of the so-called "conservatives". California wants to do ...
a brain 12/30/2007 19 2 - -
"Faces" of campaigns; Trippi/Axelrod/Penn
Back in 2000, we had Karen Hughes seizing every possible opportunity to frame issues, perpetuate myths, repeat slogans, and generally trash Gore. I recall vividly her accusing him of being a "...
a brain 12/14/2007 9 4 1 2
Will Texas and other Democrats blow it again?
Is it really a red state that could turn blue? That might have happened in 2006, when incumbent GOP governor Rick Perry was vulnerable but the hapless candidacy of cowboy/comedian Kinky Friedman ...
a brain 12/12/2007 6 17 - 147
Bush/Cheney resignation proposal a winner?
Back in the days of the Roman Republic, when things got out of hand, matters were referred to a temporary dictator, Cincinnatus. He would be approached on his farm, and asked to come fix things, ...
a brain 12/08/2007 28 8 - 11
 Edwards on Trial Lawyers, War on Terror, etc.
I continue to worry about terminology and "framing", not just with Edwards, but with all of our candidates, just as I worry and wonder why they would want to hire as consultants some of the same ...
a brain 11/28/2007 10 5 - -
Biggest upsets? Boyda in KS-02 and Webb in VA-SEN
a brain 11/08/2006 22 5 - -
Off the radar screen upset picks? Mine: KS-02 and MN-02
a brain 11/07/2006 22 4 1 -
CIA, Saudis warned Bush about 9-11 and Iraq war casualties
a brain 10/22/2006 8 7 1 -
TX good issue for Dems--sales tax exemption on clothes, shoes
a brain 10/21/2006 6 - - 2
TX Gov. and Senate races getting closer
a brain 10/19/2006 11 3 - 1
KS-02; MN-02 Boyda, Rowley close in on GOP incumbents
a brain 10/17/2006 5 3 - 6
Dems may pick up seat in KANSAS (2d District)
a brain 10/17/2006 10 11 - 3
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