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Riots, Non-Violence & MLK
"Now I wanted to say something about the fact that we have lived over these last two or three summers with agony and we have seen our cities going up in flames. And I would be the first to say that ...
aboyer 11/28/2014 2 3 - -
PWB: President While Black
First: Congratulations to the GOP! Celebrate your "wins." We all know that you can win anything when you restrict your opponents' supporters from voters. It's disgusting that the GOP gets away ...
aboyer 11/05/2014 9 2 - -
Cheney Logic: Harriet Tubman was a terrorist
Dick Cheney's refusal to rethink any decision or vote he cast in a different time under different circumstance is telling about him and his mental state. It's amazing that when oppressed people ...
aboyer 12/06/2013 5 2 - -
Impeachment is true GOP Goal, Updated
The only way the GOP can get an upper hand is if Obama invokes the 14th Amendment to prevent the government from defaulting. Defaulting is one event that Obama will NOT allow to happen on his watch.
aboyer 10/12/2013 28 4 - -
Treat RNC like an Advertiser
The RNC should tape their debates with the moderator they want and buy air time to broadcast it like any other advertiser.
aboyer 08/08/2013 2 1 - -
The Mayans were right...about the GOP
Today wasn't the end of the world. Today marked the end of the GOP. John Boehner's Plan B stunt was the final nail in the coffin if not the entire GOP-controlled House of Representatives but at ...
aboyer 12/21/2012 4 4 - -
For Obama, Revenge is a dish best served cold
For four years, Obama quietly planned his re-election while getting many things accomplished. During the same four years, McConnell, Cantor, Boehner and the rest hooked their fortunes on obstruction,
aboyer 12/01/2012 13 26 1 -
Thank you, Mr. Romney
Nearly one week ago, 3m+ more people voted to reelect Barack Obama. In my opinion, the nation, Obama and we owe Mr. Romney a debt of gratitude for his willingness to run for the office of the ...
aboyer 11/12/2012 6 1 - -
Romney lost because Obama beat him: Updated
Obama ran a better campaign. He played better offense. He played better defense. His pollsters were focused on the math. Romney's pollsters flunked math. Nobody likes a sore loser. Romney is ...
aboyer 11/10/2012 151 456 5 -
The rewards of lying
With eight days to go, Romney is counting on white voters to elect him. It will be very telling about just how far the country hasn't come if Romney wins with the wardrobe of lies, birther ...
aboyer 10/28/2012 6 2 - -
If Barack Obama were White & Republican
Many people probably have wondered about the public mood if Barack Obama were white and/or Republican. He would be celebrated! Being a democrat and Black have ushered in unprecedented hatred, ...
aboyer 10/21/2012 16 10 - -
Round 2: Obama's Opening Statement
Obama's opening statement at the next debate: I have been amazed at the length Mr. Romney will go to win the election. Mr. Romney has run a cynical campaign that is un-serious and void of any ...
aboyer 10/10/2012 7 3 - 51
Lipstick on a Pig 2012
It's not the message. It's not the running mate. It's not Romneycare? It's not the bus tour. It's not the 47% comment. It IS his character, stupid. Earlier this year, the Obama campaign told us ...
aboyer 09/20/2012 1 - - 13
Meet The Press & Romney: C-
David Gregory tried to appear to challenge Romney and fell flat on a couple of attempts. Overall, the interview was typical Romney dancing around, changing positions so they sound good on TV. As ...
aboyer 09/09/2012 24 7 - 209
Chris Mathews Takes Down RNC Chairman on Morning Joe
Can't wait for the Youtube clip, but just watched Chris Mathews kick RNC Chairman Reince Priebus ass. Chris called him out on the birther crap, dismissive chuckling, the welfare lie, making Obama ...
aboyer 08/27/2012 214 161 3 1928
Cheney was right: We are less safe with Barack Obama
Elections have consequences and so do words. We all believe in the freedom of speech. But it needs to be responsible speech. Through Obama's campaign, inauguration and governing, we have witnesses ...
aboyer 06/01/2009 27 9 - 25
Adolf and Rush in their own words
I agree with Cheney that our country is less safe because of President Obama. We will be attacked again. But not by who we think. It won't be a stereotypical brown skined guy from a distant land. ...
aboyer 05/31/2009 27 1 - 100
Their heads are exploding! We're having fun now!
The nomination of Judge Sotomayor has pushed them over the edge. The faux outrage by the non-elected is almost deafening. They have become 5-year olds, throwing temper tantrums on TV, on twitter ...
aboyer 05/29/2009 24 7 - 26
Only White Men can determine your worth?
Now that Nancy, Dick, the CIA and torture are off the air, we can have a serious conversation about the reaction to President Obama's pick for the supreme court. There are some white men on ...
aboyer 05/27/2009 89 15 - 17
Cheney-Limbaugh 2012
Who are the men screaming the loudest for the GOP mantle and attention of the country? Who are the men who are on the TV and on the radio more than any other republican? Rush Limbaugh and Dick ...
aboyer 05/14/2009 14 4 - 4
The ethnic cleansing of the GOP
Today, Rush Limbaugh invited Colin Powell to leave the GOP, signaling the second phase of the ethnic cleansing of the GOP. Arlene Spector, the only Jewish member of the Senate, left last week. Colin ...
aboyer 05/06/2009 34 7 - 41
4 Questions for Dick Cheney
OK, we know most of the truth now about how/why we started the IRAQ war. Now is the time for the media, not the pundits, to ask Dick Cheney direct questions about his role in approving torture and ...
aboyer 04/26/2009 11 5 - 9
Newt, Dick and the GOP's Wish for a Terrorist Attack; plus 21th century code for the N-word
They lost the White House. They lost the Congress. Now the emerging faces of the GOP seem to wishing - hoping - for an attack on America to go along with their meme that Barack Obama is projecting ...
aboyer 04/06/2009 29 5 - 1
Steele, the prop, vs. Limbaugh, the puppetmaster
Barack Obama's intellect has struck again. Our new president's strategy to marginalize the GOP, Rush Limbaugh and wingnuts just entered the last phase. There was a reason Obama told Republicans ...
aboyer 03/02/2009 19 3 - -
The 10 Most Dangerous People who Hate America
A few years ago, Kanye West created a firestorm when he proclaimed on national television that Georgia Bush didn't "care about black people" because of the government's initial response to the ...
aboyer 02/25/2009 23 4 1 72
Sarah Palin, Your 15 Minutes are Up!
Now that Sarah Palin has returned to Alaska, Barack Obama has turned his focus on getting the country on the right track. The task will be tremendous, the risks will be great. When Sarah Palin was ...
aboyer 11/08/2008 17 2 - 5
Divine Intervention? McCain and Palin will have to change tone w/poll
This may be divine intervention. Palin and McCain were starting a new round of hate speak today. The death of Barack Obama's grandmother surely will alter how they attack him now. We can only ...
aboyer 11/03/2008 17 7 - 12
McCain got punk'd by Hockey Mom, Plumber & Rovian w/poll
Let's forget for a moment that we're 48 hours away from the most important election in the history of the United States. This nation has an opportunity to write a new chapter that we can hope will ...
aboyer 11/02/2008 12 12 - 1
Tom Brokaw destroys John McCain on MTP (updated x3 with poll, video link)
Forget everything anyone has said about Tom Brokaw in recent months. Tom Brokaw destroyed John McCain on Meet the Press. Brokaw channeled Tim Russert in pointing out all of McCain inconsistencies ...
aboyer 10/26/2008 258 85 4 32
CNN Breaking: Barack and Bill to Campaign together in FL w/roundup
Today, Barack Obama began his closing argument with an astute video outlining his vision for the future. In addition to his 30-minute primetime television special to air Wednesday, Oct. 29, he has ...
aboyer 10/25/2008 38 5 1 2
John McCain hates America w/poll
John McCain hates America. Join me below for an update on a movement that was started in 1861 by former conferate soldiers.
aboyer 10/18/2008 4 4 - 2
(update x2) Breaking: MSNBC: Colin Powell on Meet the Press Sunday w/poll
MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell is reporting that Colin Powell will be on Meet the Press Sunday. Heavy speculation is an endorsement for Barack Obama. Endorsements don't do much. BUT. This endorsement is ...
aboyer 10/17/2008 497 184 4 32
Fried chicken, watermelon in the age of Obama w/poll and links
"Hello. I'm calling for John McCain and the RNC. You need to know that Barack Obama has worked closely with domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, whose organization bombed the U.S. Capitol, ...
aboyer 10/16/2008 18 2 1 -
Updated x3: Newsweek: Troopergate not over; poll/transcript from Palin Radio Interview
Just when they thought it was safe to tell another lie, the McCain-Palin will have to put out another fire that they help set. Newsweek is reporting that Palin's stunt to file an ethics complaint ...
aboyer 10/12/2008 25 28 2 28
Updated x4; Obama Campaign: Lewis Right w/poll and prayer from racist
Ga. Rep. John Lewis spoke out today about the tenor of the McCain campaign. A spokesman for the Obama campaign has responded to John Lewis' comments. Below are the comments from Lewis and the Obama ...
aboyer 10/11/2008 499 404 12 44
McCain-Palin are raping American values
It's no wonder that some people hate America. Take a look at the low road of the McCain campaign. We've got people who were once respected politicians who have taken up the banner of helping McCain ...
aboyer 10/10/2008 18 1 - 1
When blonds and brunettes attack!!! w/poll
In the final weeks of the president campaign, we are noticing that Sarah Palin, "the fatal cancer to the Republican Party: David Brooks" and Cindy McCain, the beer heiress and adulterer, are ...
aboyer 10/09/2008 4 1 - -
What African Americans already knew...
We've all been basking in the afterglow of another solid debate performance by Barack Obama. Even the most conservative columnists are throwing back-handed compliments and flags of surrender. We ...
aboyer 10/08/2008 21 5 - -
October surprise!: KKK-type Campaign Rallies w/poll
These are the worst of times in America. We have an economy in crisis. Millions of homes in foreclosure. Brave men and women dying in two wars. And a presidential candidate hell bent on picking at ...
aboyer 10/07/2008 19 3 - 87
A tribute to Carol McCain, the real war hero
She survived a horrific auto crash. Her body was badly broken but her spirit was strong. She healed and waited with their children for John McCain to return from the POW camp. Carol McCain was the ...
aboyer 10/05/2008 15 19 - 3
Eye-candy, low IQ and the Republican base w/poll
Sarah Palin was runner up in the Miss Alaska pagaent in her attempt to make to the big show, the Miss America pagaent. America had a front row seat at the VP debate to Palin's winks, nods, folksy ...
aboyer 10/04/2008 10 7 - -
Dumbing down the VP debate, an insult to women w/poll
Barring any new stunt by McCain before Thursday's VP debate, America will be watching on the edge of our collective seats to see if Biden will offend Palin or if Palin will fall apart. Biden and ...
aboyer 09/29/2008 17 6 - -
McCain Camp prays for Bristol Palin's wedding w/poll
We've been wondering what new stunt McCain could create to change the subject and drive the news cycle closer to the election. Well, the Sunday Times Washington-based reporter has uncovered it. Join ...
aboyer 09/28/2008 32 6 - 12
Countdown to McCain's next stunt to stop VP debate w/poll
Brace yourselves. Next week could be another crazy one in the McCain campaign. The "I'm suspending my campaign" to go back to Washington stunt didn't work to move last night's debate to next ...
aboyer 09/27/2008 211 44 1 30
Palin will drop out before VP debate w/poll
Now that the fun is over and conservatives are saying outloud what we've been saying all along: it's time for Sarah Palin to go back to Alaska and face the piper for all of her unethical behavior as ...
aboyer 09/26/2008 171 14 1 19
Breaking: McCain trying to cancel debate to work on bail out
CNN is reporting that McCain is suspending his campaign and going back to Washington to work on bail out plan. Asked Obama to do the same. Also wants to postpone first debate. CNN is reporting that ...
aboyer 09/24/2008 17 1 - -
Repost: McCain-Palin Rallies: 21st Century KKK cross burning
Now that the McCain-Palin rallies are the 21st century KKK cross 1burning, the MSM is happy to broadcast the warmed over hate speak and life-threatening rants of McCain, Palin and low-IQ supporter. ...
aboyer 09/23/2008 28 2 - -
Send questions to Gwen Ifill for VP debate w/contact info
We need to let our voices be heard during the VP debates on Oct. 2, 2008. Sarah Palin is being put in a "cone of protection" by McCain to help her avoid any gaffes. Join me below to see some of ...
aboyer 09/21/2008 42 12 4 -
Tell Gwen Ifill to Hold Palin Accountable in VP debate
The new VP debate format is a set up to make Palin look better. Joe Biden shouldn't lower himself to participate in the sham orchestrated by McCain. Join me below.
aboyer 09/20/2008 64 17 1 13
McCain-Palin's Black Friday
It is clear that if McCain had nominated a pig with ligstick, the GOP would stick to talking points to try to convince us that it's not a pig. Friday was a bad day in the McCain camp. Join me below.
aboyer 09/13/2008 26 13 - -
Palin to blow Hannity a....w/poll
kiss for rescuing her from real journalists who want to ask her real questions. Join me below.
aboyer 09/12/2008 34 3 - -
When Pigs Fly
The pig has no lipstick. It's just a pig. And the GOP is grateful to John McCain for finding a princess they can believe in to run with the old toad. Join me below for the rest.
aboyer 09/10/2008 6 1 - -
Don't be all blog! Are you registered to vote?
Forgive me. I am new to this site. There is a lot of great commentary here. I respect everyone's opinion. I have two questions: join me below.
aboyer 09/08/2008 3 1 - -
Palin's first MSM interview
If and when Karl Rove lets Sarah Palin conduct a press conference, it might go something like this. Please join me below:
aboyer 09/07/2008 4 2 - -
John Bush-Sarah Cheney
We are witnessing the reincarnation of George Bush and Dick Cheney. You get John Bush and Sarah Cheney based on McCain's 90% support of Bush and Palin's take no prisoners management style, ...
aboyer 09/06/2008 2 - - -
The Stepford Candidate and Obama's Kryptonite
She's got the right titles. She has the looks. She can read. She can speak. Her soul is dark. Her heart is cold. Her brain has been programmed by Karl Rove. She will wow all of the neocons and ...
aboyer 09/04/2008 12 2 - -
McCain and Rove's Imperfect Storm
What do you call a deposition, an unwed pregnant teen, a bridge to nowhere, a 527 for Ted Stevens, the Alaska Independence Party and the first dude's DWI? McCain and Rove's Imperfect Storm: ...
aboyer 09/01/2008 14 8 2 -
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