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Penn State Pres. considered for Sec. of Ed.
On Tuesday, Marc Ambinder broke the story that Penn State University president Graham Spanier is being considered for Secretary of Education. Today, Penn State's student paper the Daily Collegian ...
ac1998 12/04/2008 17 8 - 10
Chicago Rabbi Appalled by Obama Smears
For weeks, maybe even months, my mom (a stereotypical Jewish-Mother) has been receiving a constant barrage of e-mails from her Shul friends regarding Senator Obama. My mom's a standard Jewish ...
ac1998 09/18/2008 42 80 - 41
VP announcement Saturday
This will be a short diary, but I just wanted to share this with everyone. I live in the Chicago area and just received a call from the Obama campaign inquiring if I was available to do some ...
ac1998 08/21/2008 41 1 - -
Obama's Prevent "D"
This is my 1st diary, so please bear with me. Anyone who is a fan of football knows about playing prevent defense when you are trying to protect a lead. Essentially, you play soft, try not to ...
ac1998 04/28/2008 12 2 - -
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