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My experience with Obamacare
As I type this there are two weeks until the open enrollment period for Affordable Care Act plans closes, and the White House is doing a big push to get people to sign up, so I figured that as a ...
adamcadre 03/17/2014 62 237 5 -
Apocalypse, we've all been there
Last year I put together a reading list based on the recommendations of regular visitors to my web site. One book on that list, down in the 50s somewhere because I'd already read it, is The Demon-...
adamcadre 12/21/2012 2 1 - -
Some nattering about negativism
Poll results on the ESPN web site make no sense to me. An ESPN poll will ask a question like "Who will win tonight's game between the Phoenix Suns and the Memphis Grizzlies?", and a look at the ...
adamcadre 11/11/2012 26 14 1 -
Mitt Romney (R - Bottom Half of the Internet)
It has seemed to me for a while now that there is a central issue in this election, and the hidden-camera clip of Mitt Romney that dominated the news last night gets right to the heart of it. About ...
adamcadre 09/18/2012 3 3 - 35
"The Pineapple and the Hare"
A couple of days ago my social networks exploded with chatter about the story that a crazy passage about a talking pineapple had appeared on a New York state reading exam for eighth-graders. Words ...
adamcadre 04/22/2012 13 6 - 108
Occupy the first person plural
One meme that the right has tried to spread about the Occupy movement is that it isn't about anything. These protesters — what do they want? Where is their list of goals? How do they expect to ...
adamcadre 11/20/2011 2 4 - 29
The Social Network and what motivates the 1%
I'm generally a year or two behind where movies are concerned, and I finally got around to watching this one. It's interesting how different elements of a film jump out at you based on what's been ...
adamcadre 11/09/2011 2 5 1 35
Elizabeth Warren, Michele Bachmann, and "your money"
It seems as though over the past few days the Internet has become a giant device whose sole purpose is to pass along this Elizabeth Warren quote: There is ...
adamcadre 09/23/2011 110 166 11 1061
the 59% minority
Another one from the TLDR files, and belated to boot — I wrote it three weeks ago — but people seem to have liked my last piece so I thought I'd go ahead and post this one, ...
adamcadre 02/16/2010 5 6 1 44
"a perfesser of law standing at the lectern"
This is probably one for the TLDR files, but I thought some folks here might find it worth a look. It's about Sarah Palin's speech to the teabag convention and why "lectern" in particular is a bit ...
adamcadre 02/12/2010 38 70 8 213
Adventurousness, Pugnacity, and Nastiness
On January 25, 1995, a radar station in Murmansk detected what appeared to be a Trident missile heading into Russian airspace. It was actually a rocket carrying scientific equipment. Russian ...
adamcadre 10/12/2009 7 5 - 66
My first political donation: God save the Queen?
I've been dating a Canadian for a couple of years now and have recently been seriously considering moving to Canada. I'd never really taken the prospect very seriously before; I love the Bay Area ...
adamcadre 09/16/2008 31 4 2 4
Gaming the census, or, you may have voted for Bush
adamcadre 11/18/2004 3 1 - 1
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