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Ras. OH O 49% R 49%
Last poll had Romney up 50% to 48% for PBO. This is a 2% improvement for PBO. Wonder is Rasmussen last OH poll will show Obama up 2-3% to get in line with others. Rasmussen this morning showed ...
adocarbog 11/02/2012 35 4 - -
Reuters/Ipsos swing states poll just out.
PBO down 1% in CO PBO up 2% in OH and FL PBO up 5% in VA Link
adocarbog 11/01/2012 25 6 1 -
Click for an easy way to make a difference on HCR
As a former member of the BOD of our regional chamber of commerce (Cedar Valley in Iowa) and a business man and an employer I receive surveys to sometimes fill out.
adocarbog 09/23/2009 1 4 - 1
ALASKA Stevens Begich answered
This is a short diary to stop the conspiracy theory crackpot diaries. Dailykos must be a respectable site so please do research before posting nonsense.
adocarbog 11/10/2008 70 11 1 29
Chuck Todd calls it for OBAMA
"BECAUSE OF SO MUCH EARLY VOTING IN THIS COUNTRY, WHERE THIS RACE IS ON OCTOBER, 15 IS WHERE THIS RACE IS GOING TO BE." Chuck Todd, September 9, 2008 on KO. It is the last 15 seconds of the video!
adocarbog 10/26/2008 74 26 2 14
VIRGINIA New Rasmussen O +10%
VA Obama 54% McCain 44% OH Suffolk Obama 51% McCain 42% Link MN Obama 50% McCain 44% 7% swing to Obama from ...
adocarbog 10/20/2008 152 38 - 19
NEW POLL Obama up in West Virginia + more polls
It is ARG but still it has been one of the most unfavorable pollsters to Obama in the past. Since last poll this is a 12% Obama swing. Obama 50% McCain 42% other states: Montana Obama down ...
adocarbog 10/09/2008 48 5 1 -
NEW CNN poll O 51  M 47
CNN has a new poll and their story about it is Obama positive for a change.
adocarbog 09/22/2008 42 28 1 19
New MI, PA and OH polls post financial crisis + new IN
New polls by MARIST are out Rasmussen also just released McCain up by only 2% in IN with Obama being supported by 92% of Dems higher than ...
adocarbog 09/19/2008 13 5 - 6
Why the Supreme Court was right on guns, a lawyer's take
PLEASE READ ENTIRE DIARY BEFORE MAKING COMMENTS!!! First of all I am a left wing leftie nut case and I am even left handed. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of ...
adocarbog 06/27/2008 66 10 - 22
DON'T SHOOT ME!!! New ARG polls out ....
for Florida and New Hampshire.
adocarbog 06/18/2008 48 8 2 17
New SUSA MN poll just out and .....Update NC Civitas poll
It's all screwed up!!! McCain ties among the young 18-34 McCain 48% Obama 48% Obama wins among 65 and over 48% to 39% McCain wins 35-49 by 11% and Obama wins 50-64 by 12% POBLANO (...
adocarbog 06/17/2008 64 2 - 17
Please help me . . .
understand!!! New AOL STRAW POLL is out at In previous weeks, Obama would always lose to HRC even after it became obvious that he was in and she ...
adocarbog 06/09/2008 24 4 - 9
VOTE Obama now in Puerto Rico on-line
There is a vote now HRC v. Obama on a Puerto Rico web site. Please go there and vote Obama. Perception is important. They are urging on hillaryis44 her supporters to go vote.
adocarbog 05/25/2008 34 18 - 17
OBAMA declares victory on June 2, 2008
Obama will, no later than June 2, 2008 have the needed 2025 delegates to declare victory. How you ask! Well, read on;
adocarbog 05/20/2008 14 7 1 -
Give me your KY predictions
Let's have all KY predictions here for the Democratic Primary on May 20, 2008. Please be specific and include all requested info. Predictions are KY only.
adocarbog 05/15/2008 69 2 - -
Breaking: Hillary declares
that she is the likely democratic nominee after she had successfully persuaded Congress to admit Mexico as a state/territory with voting rights. This she believes will allow her to come close to ...
adocarbog 05/07/2008 22 4 - -
FINAL Zogby Poll here
Let's read through this and comment on it below: White vote seems consistent with PPP and Insider Advantage in Indiana. ALSO SUFFOLK HAD 49-43 FOR hrc TODAY LAST POLL. HOWEVER, 46 YEARS AND ...
adocarbog 05/05/2008 153 8 2 19
New Zogby IN and NC just out
Not bad for Obama Hopefully Zogby has it like TX, PA, MO and not like ...
adocarbog 05/03/2008 32 11 - 1
Barack has survived the storm
that was the MSM reporting and now he is back. The Gallup tracking that peaked with HRC +4 is now back down to HRC +2. Look at these numbers over the next 3 days. If he can go up to Obama +4 then ...
adocarbog 05/02/2008 65 29 - 20
Predicting IN and error in SUSA, PPP and Howey-Gauge last polls
The three latest polls seem to give HRC a decent advantage in IN. However, a closer look at cross tabs paints a different picture so please hang in here with me.
adocarbog 04/29/2008 25 5 1 -
Predicting NC final result
With 10-11 days to go it would be good to get some predictions on NC out so that we can compare later on May 7th.
adocarbog 04/25/2008 44 1 2 -
PA prediction
RCP has this race at 6.1% for HRC. On the day of OH primary they had OH at 7.1%. The "four pollsters" that are considered most reliable are Ras, SUSA, PPP and Quin. In OH these "four good pollsters"
adocarbog 04/22/2008 13 5 - 2
PA and why it will be very close
PA needs to be compared to OH. The last polling data on RCP showed HRC up 7.1% with last polling. Zogby there was keeping the average down for HRC wrongly. Zogby has been fairly discredited this ...
adocarbog 04/21/2008 13 1 - 12
Why Obama may win PA or be so very close
Stay with me on this one as I tried looking into 2004 presidential election exit polls in OH and PA to determine Black turnout, and then compare OH 2008 HRC-Obama exit polls and black participation.
adocarbog 04/16/2008 18 8 - -
AOL Straw Poll (new week just started) and New PA POLL
New PA POLL is at the bottom. Well as we know this is a weekly poll, with most voters (AOL users) being Clinton base. I have watched this for months now and as the poll starts over every Monday ...
adocarbog 04/14/2008 4 5 - -
THIS Is Huge HRC Fundraising
About 9-10 days ago HRC started a new fundraising effort on her web-site called My Pennsylvania where her supporters could select how their donations would be spent.
adocarbog 04/11/2008 63 24 - 9
Hillary PA fundraising (very interesting) UPDATED
Last weeks she started with a new approach. Have voters select what their money will be spent on. She essentially is asking for $3.2 mil to pay for her specific PA expenses. So how is she doing? ...
adocarbog 04/07/2008 28 8 - -
Why are Obama and Hillary in overtime
Ever since I caucused in Iowa (and what a great feeling that was) I looked at this contest as having periods, just like a basketball game. Now we are entering the first overtime, or the last ...
adocarbog 04/03/2008 8 1 - -
NEW PA POLL Obama very close now
Rasmussen has today Clinton 47% Obama 42% Her lead is down from 15%, then 13%, then 10% and now 5% week over week.
adocarbog 04/01/2008 8 1 1 1
Pennsylvania Likely Democratic Primary Voters Mar 7-8 Mar 26-27 Clinton 52% 51% Obama 41%
adocarbog 03/28/2008 33 7 - 1
HIllary goes down in flames in North Carolina
New polls 3/25 from PPP has Obama up by 21% and just now Insider Advantage (not exactly friendly to Obama) has him up big as well so read below:
adocarbog 03/27/2008 10 4 - 2
TUZLAGATE I was there in Tuzla
I lived in Tuzla for 19 years. I was there for the entire war, from 1992 to spring of 1995 when it ended. I'd like to share a few thoughts about Hillary's claim of bravery and ask those who read ...
adocarbog 03/25/2008 20 29 1 11
I have recently started keeping track of the weekly AOL STRAW POLL. They have about 200,000 - 300,000 votes cast every week and the poll starts and ends on Mondays. This week (4th poll day today) ...
adocarbog 03/20/2008 15 1 - -
With Obama's speach yesterday we are back to normal as far as the polls and campaign should be concerned. We are back to math, talking about pledge delegates, super delegates etc.
adocarbog 03/19/2008 30 - - -
Popular Vote total from Iowa is available
While Iowa only reported its state delegate totals on which MSM then declared Barack Obama to be a winner with 38% of the vote to JE with 30 and HRC with 29% no popular vote total was available ...
adocarbog 03/13/2008 12 2 1 -
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