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OMG..Senate Dems are selling out in tax giveaways, Obama furiously lobbying against
With negotiators nearing an accord on permanent tax breaks for businesses worth $440 billion over 10 years, President Obama rallied Democratic opposition and promised a veto. “The president would ...
ai002h 11/25/2014 13 18 - -
HOLY CRAP...Obama halts hellfire missiles to Israel
This reporting, which appeared last night, by Adam Montous at the WSJ is breathtaking. This article is such a blockbuster in that it has about a billion things that expose the utter disfunctionality ...
ai002h 08/14/2014 799 518 10 -
Obama wants to increase DACA X10 and have work permits for 6 mill undocumented
According the National Journals Major Garrett, who has great WH sources, Obama is planning on going big with his upcoming immigration executive action. The whole article is worth a read but below ...
ai002h 07/07/2014 26 12 - -
This Deaniac has lost all respect for Howard Dean
Before going into why I wrote this diary, lets talk about Strike #1 That was the wonderful episode where he was shilling for the Healthcare Industry by campaigning against the ACA's IPAB. This ...
ai002h 05/07/2014 28 14 - -
Obama to sign EO instituting "Paycheck Fairness Act" for contractors
The president wasn't lying when he said he'd do whatever he could to help middle-class families on his own. This Tuesday, with Lilly Ledbetter by his side, he'll sign an EO that prevents federal ...
ai002h 04/06/2014 4 22 1 -
WH will probably withdraw Surgeon General nominee
Just coming up on the Times. The guy has been a strong advocate of stronger gun control and is a strong Obama ally but the NRA pushed back and the WH has lost about 10 Democrats. Following the ...
ai002h 03/14/2014 20 9 - -
Once again, Justice Breyer proves on 4th amendment issues, he's a conservative
I don't know how many times we have to keep on seeing another search and seizure case where we have a 6-3 opinion where Breyer joins the majority and Ginsburg, Kagan, and Sotomayor are the only ...
ai002h 02/25/2014 6 7 - -
3 cheers for Tom Friedman
Before delving into Friedman, let me begin with Greg Sargents article from yesterday regarding Democrats getting ready to abandon Obama on Iran: Senate Dems close in on Iran sanctions bill It ...
ai002h 12/11/2013 11 8 1 -
Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow are facing a moment of truth
Since Wednesday of last week, via a leak to the NY Times, the foreign policy and international community have been rightly fixated on the ongoing drama on the possible deal with Iran, and the drama ...
ai002h 11/13/2013 14 14 - -
Senate Democrats are trying to take us to war with Iran
The Obama administration, in the middle of delicate negotiations with Iran, has been pleading with Senators not to pass more sanctions, for fear of it toppling the delicate but hopeful negotiations ...
ai002h 11/07/2013 14 9 - -
Wow...Obama actually made Reid kill the Susan Collins deal
And here I thought it was Reid he was telling Obama to hold firm: White House officials rushed Friday to squash an emerging bipartisan deal crafted by Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) because they ...
ai002h 10/17/2013 243 410 5 -
WOW...Brutal Ezra Klein piece on Obamacare disaster
Consider that Ezra Klein is very sympathetic not only to the law, but to the administrations handling of most of its creation. But what he says here is really indicting: the problems are much bigger ...
ai002h 10/14/2013 70 28 - -
Really disappointed in Jon Stewart
Just saw his interview with Kathleen Sebelius, and I can't believe he pulled the "you should delay the individual mandate cause you're giving big business a pass that u aren't giving the common folk"
ai002h 10/09/2013 67 6 - -
Just watched Obamas Fox interview
He wants a way out. He is harping on this Syrian-Russian plan like its totally legitimate and said he talked to Ban-Ki Moon and wants to fast track it to see if there's a way to solve this non-...
ai002h 09/09/2013 25 5 - -
On College Affordability and understanding Obama's policies
Laura Clawson, who I really like as one of the most thoughtful FPers, has a diary up basically pooh-poohing Obama's proposals on college affordability, even calling them shameful. Her reason for ...
ai002h 08/22/2013 9 - - -
Is Obama turning on Keystone??
The NY Times just posted several articles with newly released quotes from Obama's NY Times interview he just completed. So one of the articles was about Obama's take on the Keystone Pipeline and had ...
ai002h 07/27/2013 20 33 2 -
White House & Gang of 8 clashed on concessions
According to Politico's front page story, the WH disagreed with the Corker ammenment and removing benefits for students and immigrants in queue to being naturalized. Apparently, the WH felt going ...
ai002h 06/27/2013 2 2 - -
Holy Crap....Obama admin will file brief opposing stop and frisk
Let me start by saying its the Ny Post that first broke this, so we should be cautious, But if this is true, WOW...I'm totally gobsmacked. Its entirely out of nature for Obama to take a ...
ai002h 06/12/2013 18 11 - -
God...I can't stand it when Scarborough agrees with me
Since the NSA and the broader leak investigations have blown up around the administration, no one has captured my feelings on this issue more than Joe Scarborough. He points out the hypocrisy of ...
ai002h 06/10/2013 6 1 - -
When are we FINALLY gonna call out Senate Democrats on their Neo-Con FP?
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee just passed a bill to give arms to Syrian rebels, over the known objections of administration officials, mainly the President and Dempsey, and they passed the ...
ai002h 05/21/2013 4 5 - -
Obama budget and not letting Medicare negotiate drug prices
So I was reading a Wonkblog article under the headline "Obama budget is a disaster for drugmakers" and was wondering why Obama was trying to be half-pregnant in his effort to go after Big Pharma, i.e.
ai002h 04/16/2013 1 10 - -
The political environmental community needs an RNC type autopsy
Everyone in progressive environmental politics knows the name James Hansen. He is the leading climate scientist/advocate "authority" and whats made him so unique is not just his affiliation with ...
ai002h 04/04/2013 5 2 - -
Caution: A Hillary presidency would be a move to the right
Reading Kos' FP post today about Hillary Clinton's inevitablity got me thinking of this topic and my many concerns I have with her. There's a view among most Kossacks that HRC would not be a ...
ai002h 03/12/2013 72 12 - -
What the 2012 campaign should teach Obama about "the Grand Bargain"
Obama is now re-pushing for the Grand Bargain and is reaching out to republicans, and its obvious that this is partly being done to appease the beltway for their tsk tsk views on not being serious ...
ai002h 03/12/2013 10 8 - -
Clinton & DOMA - stop the "veto-overide" defense
Listen, I'm actually sympathetic to the notion that opposing DOMA was a risky move for Bill Clinton in '96. Yes, he was easily beating Dole and could've won anyway. But, risky doesn't have to be ...
ai002h 03/10/2013 3 2 - -
Obama DOJ considering narrow Prop. 8 brief
Some news came under the radar late last night courtesy of the WSJ. According to this article(link below) the DOJ and Soliciter General have already written a brief in reference to the Prop 8 case ...
ai002h 02/27/2013 10 5 - -
Seeing Van Jones - you realize why he scares the right
Van Jones is the perfect face for the climate change movement for loads of reasons. For starters he is/was a pioneer in connecting inner city america to the traditional climate movement, which ...
ai002h 02/18/2013 8 21 - -
Keystone should put the "liberal media bias" BS to rest
Most of you have vivid memory of the tea party rallies of 2009, particularly that summer. What we all said back then, and what is still true, is that their various rallies were never large in size. ...
ai002h 02/18/2013 10 11 - -
Kos could not be more wrong on the Hagel fight
Yesterday, Kos had a FP post about the Hagel nomination and I wanted to respond to it then but work took up my time. Anyway, the gist of it was the hilarity of republicans eating one of their own ...
ai002h 02/14/2013 43 25 - -
Obama shouldn't try to pass climate legislation
There's only so much bandwidth our system can take before crowding out begins and you start sacrificing one issue over others. Due to the nihilism taking hold in the House and reality that the ...
ai002h 01/09/2013 19 - - -
John Boehner gives us a reason to hope
Like many of you, I have been filled with dread thinking about the upcoming negotiations over the fiscal cliff and the risk to cuts in SS or Medicare (Medicaid is supposedly off the table). But in a ...
ai002h 01/07/2013 5 1 - -
Glenn Greenwald supports Chuck Hagel
In an article that basically sums up my views, Greenwald questions whether progressives have their priorities straight. Greenwald, a harsh critic of Obama on foreign policy, believes that this ...
ai002h 01/07/2013 48 18 - -
Joe Klein needs to be respected
I know this is a weird dairy but I was just clearing out my DVR and caught Joe Klein on Face the Nation this weekend dismissing Benghazi and figured he earned a shout-out. Now, as an avid Daily Kos ...
ai002h 01/03/2013 13 3 - -
Hypocrisy of Heritage: Opposing SS privatization when promoted by Clinton
Those of us who are old enough remember that in 1998 there was a late push by Clinton and Gingrich to reform SS, and what it entailed was some raising of the age and partial privatization. But whats ...
ai002h 01/03/2013 3 3 - -
Thank you House GOP: Boehner done with Obama
In what is probably a big break for progressives and anyone who wants to protect the Big 3, Boehner will no longer negotiate with Obama one on one and will instead only do things through regular ...
ai002h 01/02/2013 23 32 - -
Jeffrey Sachs is weird
He's advocated for a complete expiration of the Bush tax cuts, like Howard Dean. While thats a minority position in the progressive community, its not a tiny minority. The thing is Jeffrey Sachs is ...
ai002h 01/02/2013 6 1 - -
To those who claim Obama wants to cut the social safety net
As the fiscal cliff discussions have progressed we've been having an extensions of a passionate debate on concessions Obama should make and whether he's being tough or weak. I fall into the weak camp,
ai002h 12/31/2012 11 10 - -
Chuck Schumer continues to carry water for AIPAC
The most irredeemable quality about Chuck Schumer is his hard-line position on Israel. I remember how he publicly criticized Obama in 2010 and was bragging to a radio station in NY that he told the ...
ai002h 12/23/2012 14 3 - -
NY Times:Obama balking at "entitlement" cuts
The Times has an interesting articled about the fiscal cliff negotiations by Jackie Calmes, who has great sources in the administration. The key takeaway is the description of whats happened since ...
ai002h 12/12/2012 59 25 - -
Politico reporting no progress on deal
Unlike the Washington Post, Politico is reporting that despite the Boehner-Obama meeting last night and the subsequent communication from their staffs, there is little progress being made and both ...
ai002h 12/10/2012 16 5 - -
OMFG...I hope Ezra Klein is wrong
I just watched my DVR'd Rachel Maddow Show from last night, which Ezra was hosting. His opening segment was about the fiscal cliff and how, behind all the bluster, the shape of the deal regarding ...
ai002h 12/08/2012 268 31 - -
Iowa PPP: O49-R48
Just tweeted by PPP...looks like a 2 pt jump from a few days ago. GOTV!!
ai002h 10/21/2012 131 9 - -
Its official...ALL toss-up states lean Obama
Per RCP...with 4 polls in the last week showing Obama pulling ahead in NC, its now a lean Obama state for the first time this year. It was the only holdout, for obvious reasons, among the swing ...
ai002h 09/24/2012 15 8 - 221
Take Back America Conference
Does anyone know where to watch streaming video of their panels? NN12 was so good at providing links to that but CAF hasn't bothered. How do you expect to spread your message when those of us ...
ai002h 06/19/2012 4 2 - 25
The left is complicit in the framing of the healthcare debate
I read Joan's piece on the front page about Paul Ryan saying the GOP won't put any policy to their notion of healthcare reform as not at all surprising, since the republican simply doesn't care ...
ai002h 05/17/2012 8 4 - 67
I lost some respect for Tavis Smiley
He was on Real Time last night and I learned that the guy who has been ragging on Obama for not talking about the poor has been, and still is, a big fan of Bill Clinton. So Maher correctly brought ...
ai002h 04/14/2012 15 7 - 194
Do liberals under-appreciate the Affordable Care Act?
I am one of those lefties who had many problems with the administrations handling of the health-care debate, from their desperate need to achieve bipartisanship, which basically resulted in Max ...
ai002h 03/25/2012 44 7 1 110
Womens groups need to defend Obama
He is getting absolutely killed on TV and in the papers for his contraception decision. The coverage has been so one sided it isn't even funny. Its not just from Republicans either so we better wake ...
ai002h 02/07/2012 16 3 - 46
Obama today on housing - a pivot away from Wall St?
Many of us here have treated the task force Obama set up with a sounds good, but lets wait and see approach...even with the appointment of Schneiderman. The reason is simple, the administration has, ...
ai002h 02/01/2012 1 - - 35
Valeri Jarett EXPLICITLY shuts the door on ANY Medicare cuts
There has been talk in progressive circles about how the WH is going to negotiate with Republicans on Medicare cuts and meet them halfway. Even though the WH has been pretty clear that they don't ...
ai002h 05/27/2011 14 22 - 241
Bob Greenstein is wrong on Rivlin-Domenici
After Obama's speech, Greenstein gave an analysis of Obamas deficit reduction plan which I completely agreed with. However, he qualified his praise for Obama's deficit plan by saying that, while to ...
ai002h 04/19/2011 2 1 - 17
Obama Townhall - Good Response Social Security
So Obama was asked a question about SS in his townhall and my ears perked up. SS is what worries me in these "bipartisan talks", much more than cuts to Medicare. The President and Democrats have ...
ai002h 04/19/2011 187 204 2 1380
Obama FINALLY gets it on healthcare
Breaking about 2 hours ago is news that Obama's healthcare plan to be released tommorow will contain new Federal authority to directally control premium increases that the insurance companies try to ...
ai002h 02/21/2010 66 25 2 31
Getting concerned about Chris Dodd (UPDATE)
We all know that Chris Dodd, a politician with normally progressive instincts, is somewhat suspect when it comes to the financial industry. He isn't a Blanche Lincoln or Ben Nelson, not even close. ...
ai002h 02/05/2010 20 10 - 95
Obama finally gets it - maybe Coakley losing was good(UPDATED)
I was, and still am, a huge supporter of the President. But its no secret that whats disappointed many of us about Obama's first year is his decision to attain noble achievements like healthcare or ...
ai002h 01/20/2010 48 18 - 36
Some good news from Sen. Rockefeller
He was on the Ed Show earlier this evening and was EXTREMELY bullish on the PO being in the final Senate bill. When Ed claimed pessimism on the PO not passing because of the Finance committee not ...
ai002h 10/13/2009 56 61 - 35
My observations on the first 3 hours of debate(Rockefeller PO)
1)Schumer and Rockefeller have been tag teaming perfectly and they've completely discredited the republican argument that this OPTION is a government takeover. Of course all republican senators who'...
ai002h 09/29/2009 36 10 - 38
Public Options is alive and well
According to a Politico article Obama and co. are still working on the Wednesday speech and their views towards the public option are "evolving". First, they're not going to throw it under the bus:
ai002h 09/05/2009 146 17 1 30
Obama hinting at his skepticism towards a Co-op
For those of you who haven't read Karen Tumulty's TIME Interview with Obama that was posted yesterday, you should. It's a good interview where Obama explains and expresses his views regarding the ...
ai002h 07/30/2009 15 8 1 3
Obama team getting more forceful with public option
We've been noticing in the past week a little pushback from Democratic Senators on the public option for healthcare. Specter and Nelson flatout said they would oppose it, with Nelson saying he would ...
ai002h 05/06/2009 54 46 1 20
Specter is against a public option in healthcare reform
He was asked on MTP if he supports Obama's push for a public option in any healthcare reform bill and he gave a one word answer: NO. So we now know he's against EFCA, against the budget, against the ...
ai002h 05/03/2009 10 4 - 8
Questioning Obama's allegiance to the LGBT community
Let me begin by saying I'm EXTREMELY dissappointed by Obama's decision to have Rick Warren do the invocation at the inauguration. While I don't think this will have any longterm significane in the ...
ai002h 12/18/2008 80 7 - -
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