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You are amazingly helpful people, and I thank you with all my heart
To my kind and caring friends here on the GOS: I'm still recuperating from a painful bout of pleurisy (an inflammation of the lining of the lung, a common complication of the more severe forms of ...
aitchdee 05/03/2015 34 79 - -
Crossing Over
That's a picture of my funniest little valentine, Camoo. Absurdly, I named her after Albert Camus, the philosopher and novelist about whom I knew almost nothing other than that Barnes and Noble ...
aitchdee 12/05/2014 38 33 - -
My disability benefits have been cut-off for the whole of October
Attention! Everyone! I have met my goal! Whew! It was touch-and-go for a there minute, wasn't it? But now I am happy to report that I have met (and somewhat exceeded) my cash goal. This should be ...
aitchdee 10/12/2014 56 84 1 -
UPDATE: Frances Muffin is OKAY!
A nail in Frances' front right paw had broken all the way down to the quick. It probably had a fissure in it, which was softened up yesterday when I bathed her (a process that takes far longer ...
aitchdee 09/10/2014 31 37 - -
It's her paw
Hi. We have REACHED OUR GOAL and are dashing off to the vet hospital RIGHT NOW. Thank you so very, very much to all who donated and/or recommended this diary - you are wonderful, you have saved us! ...
aitchdee 09/10/2014 38 39 - -
Follow up to Freaking out: Thank you wholeheartedly; MediCal advice now sought
My typing is terrible, forgive me: I'm a bad-ass, lightning-fast typist no more. First, big thanks to those of you who recommended and/or posted comments to [
aitchdee 06/25/2014 39 26 - -
Sitting in my house alone, freaking out
THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH, MY GOAL IS MET! NO MORE DONATIONS! I will be able to go back to work on Wednesday, thanks to all of you. Thanks as well for all the wonderful, kind commenst, for lifting ...
aitchdee 06/09/2014 72 81 - -
Help me keep my job - it won't take much
UPDATE: GOAL MET! One kind and generous kossack has offered to shoulder the burden. Thank you SO MUCH to you angels who recced this diary. I was about to panic, but it's going to be okay now. Six ...
aitchdee 01/30/2014 16 24 - -
Airedale Sam Sez: I Am Worried About Mah Hoomin
I am so worried Greetings, kospeeps! 'Tis I, aitchdee. So, listen. I have a dear friend--his name is Airedale Sam--and he's just worried sick about his best friend Karen, a.k.a. esteemed kos-...
aitchdee 03/19/2013 101 84 2 -
Can you help me and my 3 furbottoms again?
Here's what's going on with me. I own my home. It's paid for, so housing is not a problem. I'm on food stamps, so I eat well enough. I have a paid-for car, an old purple Saturn, but the gas in ...
aitchdee 03/17/2013 50 36 1 -
Radical - Updated
UPDATE: 5/8/08 - I want very much to delete this diary; I no longer agree with myself in any way, shape, or form. The situation is far, far more complicated than I accounted for ...
aitchdee 04/30/2008 22 7 - 13
The train they call The City of New Orleans
aitchdee 09/03/2005 25 14 2 8
Les Quadrupèdes: SOS
aitchdee 09/01/2005 19 6 1 42
Irked (with love)
aitchdee 07/15/2005 7 2 - 6
Part One: On a Pissy Day
aitchdee 07/15/2005 1 - - 3
Moral Imbeciles Are We
aitchdee 05/04/2005 24 6 - 13
Stupid Sluts: Not My Daughter
aitchdee 04/29/2005 222 156 1 44
Stupid Sluts Who Get Pregnant [1]
aitchdee 04/28/2005 9 13 2 -
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