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Press conference to ask MLB to support #blacklivesmatter interrupted by neo-Nazi protesters
Bishop Bobby Hilton and a group of Cincinnati ministers called a press conference yesterday to ask Major League Baseball to support #blacklivesmatter. The ministers want to use the upcoming All-...
akadjian 05/21/2015 12 13 - -
Must read economics books: On value and values
For a recent project, I’ve been researching organizations and values within organizations. I happened to come across On Value and Values by Douglas K. Smith because of the following quote: For ...
akadjian 05/18/2015 59 36 2 -
Chairman of Baltimore County Economic Advisory Committee says private equity will not fix problem
Yesterday afternoon, I heard this stunning interview with Anirban Basu, CEO of Sage Policy Group and Chairman of the Baltimore County Economic Advisory Committee. In the interview, Mr. Basu said ...
akadjian 05/01/2015 7 7 - -
Self-publishing 101: How and why to copyright your book
I just received my official copyright notice so I thought I'd take a minute today to talk about copyrighting. The process itself is relatively easy but some of the questions along the way were a ...
akadjian 04/30/2015 18 12 2 -
"In any place that there's tension with police officers, there's abject poverty."
Chuck Canterbury, President of the Fraternal Order of Police, on NPR yesterday : I think the tensions are there in a lot of areas, and I think there's one common denominator. In any place that ...
akadjian 04/29/2015 12 13 - -
A question for Peter Schweizer: If you're against money in politics, what should we do to stop it?
George Stephanopoulos interviewed Peter Schweizer yesterday in advance of his book “Clinton Cash”. He asked some decent questions focused on whether Schweizer has any evidence of criminal ...
akadjian 04/28/2015 20 17 1 -
Park the PARCC: Elyria 5th grader's editorial on Pearson testing
Is a 5th grader smarter than Ohio's PARCC testing initiative ? Ayden Pol won 3rd place in the Lorain County Chronicle-Telegram editorial contest with his aptly titled piece "Park the PARCC".
akadjian 04/27/2015 12 15 - -
I. Want my. Robots.
Isaac Asimov promised me a robot that would obey the 3 laws of robotics. Many other promises were made.
akadjian 04/23/2015 42 19 - -
Why we have an inheritance tax
The House of Representatives recently voted to eliminate the estate tax . Because of the recent vote, the topic may come up in conversations with people you know. This is an easy case to “win” ...
akadjian 04/20/2015 104 137 13 -
Rich people paying rich people to tell middle class people to blame poor people
This is perhaps the best description I've seen of Fox News (and AM talk radio for that matter). I saw this in a tweet today, but it appears it'...
akadjian 04/14/2015 5 22 - -
How to get the most bang for our activist buck
A number of recent comments and posts have talked about how we can become more active. One of the things I’ve heard is that we need to hit the streets and that people here are more interested in ...
akadjian 04/07/2015 73 66 10 -
Self-publishing 101: An iterative process for developing a book
I’d like to share a bit of good news today. I’ve been hired to write a second book (I’m getting paid to write!). It’s about a different yet related topic: Agile software development or, more ...
akadjian 04/02/2015 19 15 6 -
Grow your flowers and take my money
I don’t understand how the florist (or the baker for that matter) that everyone uses as an example in these discrimination law cases is being “harmed”. No one can explain it to me. He or ...
akadjian 03/31/2015 9 11 - -
The simple morality of atheism
This is a post to help people understand atheism. I write this because of how atheism is being portrayed in the media as a lack of morals. The latest example comes from Phil Robertson at a ...
akadjian 03/30/2015 38 23 1 -
10 tax cuts and who they benefit
It’s tax season once again and I’d like to address a question that I rarely see addressed: Who do tax cuts benefit? To start, let’s make a list of the major tax categories: Sales taxes ...
akadjian 03/23/2015 42 59 - -
Self-publishing 101: The book blurb - What do you say when someone asks you what your book is about?
Back in November, a friend of mine showed a promo for a new documentary he is shooting at the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. for Autism event. Several hundred people showed up including some former members of ...
akadjian 03/19/2015 93 25 5 -
Self-publishing 101: "Reflection is beneficial to one's worldview" - George Strejcek, 91 Bravo Medic
One of the questions that I like to ask authors is, why do you write? George Strejcek, author of 91 Bravo Medic: A Memoir of the Second Korean War explained: I wanted to finally put the ...
akadjian 03/12/2015 18 11 2 -
Self-publishing 101: Maiez Mehdi, Tunisian graphic designer, talks about his work and cover design
Last week, we covered some of the different roles in self-publishing including: book shepherd, editors, interior designers, and cover designers. In an interview with Knopf cover artist Peter ...
akadjian 03/05/2015 4 7 - -
The peculiar pickle posed by a potential Supreme Court decision on healthcare
This week the Supreme Court hears the King vs. Burwell case. One section of the law specifies that financial aid will only go to those who purchased coverage on "an exchange established by the ...
akadjian 03/03/2015 25 6 - -
John Kasich state of the state: To cut taxes we must raise taxes!
John Kasich, Ohio's governor, delivered his state of the state speech this week. To his credit, Kasich recognizes that cutting taxes for the wealthy doesn't pay for itself. Unlike Scott Walker, he'...
akadjian 02/27/2015 13 13 - -
CPAC asks for speaker questions at #CPACQ and gets them
The 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) conference kicked off today. As part of trying to seem young and cool, CPAC asked people to tweet ...
akadjian 02/26/2015 8 34 - -
Self-publishing 101: Knowing your strengths and filling in your weaknesses
A big thank you to Athena Grayson for hosting last week’s episode and talking about how to launch a book . I only wish I’d of known these tips before I launched my book and I wish her luck with ...
akadjian 02/26/2015 18 15 3 -
What we can learn from implicit bias training
Over the weekend I happened to catch a snippet of Ira Glass' show Cops See It Differently . The bit that I caught was about an implicit bias training class conducted by the Las Vegas Police ...
akadjian 02/19/2015 50 61 4 -
Why are people in America paid so poorly?
In 2013, the gross domestic product of the United States was 16.77 trillion dollars . That’s roughly $140,000 per each employed person in our country. That is, if you break this down per person, ...
akadjian 02/16/2015 178 216 10 -
Self-publishing 101: Books by Daily Kos authors
This week I was contacted by a school administrator who was writing a book about how to fight back against school privatization efforts. She found my website and wrote because she wanted to know ...
akadjian 02/12/2015 63 34 6 -
Standardized tests in Texas: It's like using a bathroom scale to measure height
Last week I posted an article about how some folks in Lorain County, OH, are fighting excessive amounts of standardized testing in Ohio . I didn't realize this would generate so much controversy. ...
akadjian 02/10/2015 73 69 2 -
"I would rather stand in an unemployment line than harm the children in my care."
Elyria 5th-grade teacher Dawn Neely Randall finally spoke out over fears of reprisal against the 20 hours of tests designed for Ohio public school students. From her Facebook post: Well, I did it.
akadjian 02/06/2015 216 207 4 -
Self-publishing 101: Five marketing resources to connect you and your book to your audience
Last week, we talked about how marketing begins with your target audience . While my experience is largely with non-fiction, one of my favorite comments came from athenap about marketing fiction :
akadjian 02/05/2015 45 53 22 -
Vaccinations are about freedom, just not Rand Paul “freedom”
Chris Christie said on Monday: You know it’s much more important what you think as a parent than what you think as a public official. And that’s what we do. But I also understand that parents ...
akadjian 02/04/2015 49 17 - -
Corporate tax cuts do little but juice the stock market
It’s budget time again and in many states, you’re probably already hearing about taxes. We’ll hear the sob stories from corporations asking for “relief” from the heavy “burden” of ...
akadjian 02/03/2015 75 38 3 -
Self-publishing 101: Marketing begins with your target audience
Thank you again Teresa Hill for hosting last week's open thread ! It was an absolute pleasure to have you sit in. I took copious notes and you will likely see me quote you again in the future. ...
akadjian 01/29/2015 50 51 15 -
7 things our founders believed about public education
With all of the attacks on public education recently , I wanted to know what our founding fathers thought about education. I found that our founders believed education was critical for democracy ...
akadjian 01/27/2015 22 18 4 -
Coming soon, the Mike Pence (IN) state run media network
Governor Mike Pence of Indiana is starting a news service named "Just IN". According to Tom LoBianco at the Indy Star the Pence news service will : provide pre-written news stories to Indiana ...
akadjian 01/26/2015 10 10 - -
Norwood, OH Mayor takes time off from job to fight "race baiting black leaders"
Mayor Thomas F. Williams, mayor of Norwood, Ohio, recently sent the following letter to the Norwood police department. His letter starts with the following: With recent events across the country,
akadjian 01/26/2015 6 5 - -
Self-publishing 101: Open thread with Teresa Hill, best-selling author
A couple weeks ago, teresahill hopped on the Self-publishing 101 comment thread with a great comment about her experience with Bookbub. We didn't know at the time, but turns out Teresa Hill is a ...
akadjian 01/22/2015 109 14 4 -
The importance of acknowledging our racism
I’d like to tell you that this isn't about me, but any conversation that begins with "This isn't about me" is inevitably about the person. It is about me. I am a racist and will likely ...
akadjian 01/19/2015 16 24 3 -
Self-publishing 101: Using LaTeX to create a beautiful book
Last week, skywriter published an excellent piece recommending indy publishers consider both CreateSpace and IngramSpark . It's a great read and the follow-up discussion was also extremely valuable.
akadjian 01/15/2015 61 36 12 -
Repetition and the mere exposure effect
The mere exposure effect, sometimes called the familiarity principle , refers to a psychological trait where people develop a preference for something simply because they're familiar with it. The ...
akadjian 01/13/2015 36 40 4 -
John F. Kennedy was "assassinated"; NYPD police officers were "killed"
John Stoehr at Salon wrote this excellent piece about the media's use of the word "assassination" to describe the recent killing of two NYPD officers. Stoehr writes: We have seen “assassination�
akadjian 01/07/2015 42 31 1 -
The biggest public education win of 2014
I think public school teacher Peter Greene nailed the biggest public education win in 2014. Greene writes on his blog : In the midst of a staggering assault on public education, with their ...
akadjian 01/06/2015 5 12 - -
Wish: "One day transgender people aren't treated the way I was"
Sunday morning, 17 year old Josh Alcorn, also known as Leelah Alcorn, was struck by a tractor trailer and killed on I-71 in Kings Mills, OH near where I graduated from high school. Our local ...
akadjian 12/30/2014 52 36 - -
21 Ayn Rand Christmas Cards
Did Ayn Rand send Christmas cards? According to Scott McConnell's 100 Voices: An Oral History of Ayn Rand she did indeed. Unfortunately, ...
akadjian 12/22/2014 202 331 16 -
Self-publishing 101: ISBNs, LLCs, and bar codes decoded
Last week, we talked about 11 reasons to self-publish your book . This week I want to start off with two of my favorite comments. First, from Glen The Plumber : My mom told me self-publishing ...
akadjian 12/18/2014 49 55 18 -
Holy Citigroup, Batman!
I had to watch Senator Warren's speech last Friday on the influence of Citigroup in Washington several times to take notes:
akadjian 12/17/2014 10 23 - -
The Big Ideas Project and how to get everything on our Christmas policy list
The Progressive Change Campaign Committee recently launched The Big Ideas project. At this site, people like you and me can submit ...
akadjian 12/15/2014 19 56 7 -
Self-publishing 101: 11 reasons to self-publish
Welcome to Self-Publishing 101! The goal of this new series is simple: to share information about self-publishing and learn from others. After completing my first book, I realized I had a ...
akadjian 12/11/2014 135 126 43 -
The missing Ferguson economic story: We were better off when more people made more money
Last week, Rand Paul took to the air to say that politicians and taxes are to blame for the police chokehold death of Eric Garner. Notably, the ...
akadjian 12/09/2014 46 53 5 -
Why I have more confidence in NFL officials than I do our justice system
Sunday’s Cincinnati Bengals/Tampa Bay Buccaneers game ended in an unusual way. Cincinnati was leading 14-13 while the Buccaneers were driving with under 2 minutes to go. It was going to go down to ...
akadjian 12/02/2014 37 21 - -
"It's the constant judgments that wear women down."
Earlier this week, I posted an article about abortion conversations that generated a great deal of discussion. Here, I just wanted to thank everyone for their comments and highlight some of the ...
akadjian 11/29/2014 12 34 1 -
Abortion: a quick example to show how easy it is to win even emotionally charged conversations
Here in Cincinnati we’ve been engaged in a fight to not become the largest metropolitan region (2.1 million people) in the country without an abortion clinic . When someone posted an update ...
akadjian 11/24/2014 278 178 9 -
The fact fallacy trap and Gödel's theorem
Have you ever said or heard people say that conservatives are stupid? Here’s a few comments I’ve seen over the past few weeks: “In short, they’re screwy.” “This is a big reason the ...
akadjian 11/20/2014 169 108 13 -
What would the vote yesterday have gained Mary XLandrieu?
Does anyone think the vote yesterday on the Keystone XL pipeline would have gained Mary Landrieu anything even if she had won? If you're fighting for your opponent's stronger position, aren't you ...
akadjian 11/19/2014 16 6 - -
How is it that 6 years of opposing everything isn't "poisoning the well"?
First, according to John Boehner, Obama was "playing with matches" on immigration : When you play with matches, you take the risk of burning yourself. And [President Obama] is going to burn ...
akadjian 11/14/2014 149 308 6 -
Now that the elections are over our state can continue it's fight against education
Our current extremely low state standards in Ohio state that for every 1,000 elementary students, schools must have in place five of the following eight specialists: art, music, counselor, school ...
akadjian 11/12/2014 8 4 - -
The impeachment bluff
Andrew McCarthy, the author of Faithless Execution , wrote on Saturday in the National Review: The nation overwhelmingly objects to Obama’s immigration lawlessness, but it has no stomach for the ...
akadjian 11/10/2014 10 7 - -
If we want people to vote, start talking money
The comments section on a post I wrote before the election was fantastic. I hope to post more in the following days. First though I'd like to address the comment that's stuck with me for 3 days: ...
akadjian 11/06/2014 112 63 2 -
Man photobombs Mitch McConnell at polls
Perhaps the best picture of the day. I think there's some folks who disapprove of your job, Mitch.
akadjian 11/04/2014 102 359 3 -
Perhaps the biggest difference between Republicans and Democrats
Democrats believe in democracy. They believe in representing everyone. Republicans believe in Republican rule. If you disagree with them, they will come after you Soprano style. “Time for ...
akadjian 11/03/2014 231 348 11 -
How does change happen?
Typically, we think of conservatives as just "not getting it" or we label them "low information". I'd like to tell you a slightly different story. Conservatives know exactly what they're doing. ...
akadjian 10/30/2014 16 21 5 -
A funny thing happened on the way to the canvass: any good GOTV stories?
I love GOTV. It's a great excuse to call people or knock on their doors and talk to neighbors you've never met before. Thought I'd share a couple of the funnier moments. Here is a note I ...
akadjian 10/29/2014 6 7 - -
Repeating the disease feeds the disease
Republicans have decided to use fear of Ebola as a political weapon ahead of the November elections. Judging from the articles and comments I've seen, this is apparent to just about everyone here. ...
akadjian 10/21/2014 25 20 - -
What are the odds I can pick all 16 of Ohio's congressional races?
What are the odds of picking the winners of 16 horse races in a row? Let’s assume there’s just two horses per race like a two-party political system. With two horses per race, the odds would ...
akadjian 10/20/2014 7 5 - -
Ohio Republican argues we should all be Republicans because Democrats are "shut out of the room"
Last night was the 9th district State Senate debate here in Ohio. It's an interesting race this year because the district, my district, is highly Democratic and also heavily African-American. ...
akadjian 10/09/2014 10 16 - -
Top tip for talking about the economy: Use the active voice
Do you need to be an economist to talk about the economy? Sometimes I think we think that. "We" being people and "that" being "a Ph.D. in economics is needed." If we cede the economic ...
akadjian 10/08/2014 19 44 3 -
The New Republic calls Kansas Republutopia a "conservative hell"
The image that conservatives project is an image of moderation. It’s an image of returning to a simpler time of family values and a better America. The reality on the ground is much different. ...
akadjian 10/02/2014 126 272 6 -
For $250,000 a year, you too can be a "statesman"
A recent document from the Republican Governors Association (RGA) illustrates just how much access is available to corporate donors.
akadjian 09/26/2014 4 4 - -
How to defeat Republican-issued IDs
You're probably not going to believe me but most of the work can be done in a single sentence: Call these proposals what they are: Republican-issued IDs. More on the framing ...
akadjian 09/24/2014 120 271 5 -
Doctor Who: “Scotland really showed us the way … 85% of the people voted.”
Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Paul McGann, the 8th Doctor Who, at a local comic expo . As we were chatting, my friend Rick asked him about the ...
akadjian 09/22/2014 24 9 - -
Chris Rock parody destroys the NFL Ray Rice narrative in single tweet
When I first saw this tweet , my first thought was: "Yes! Finally someone nails it. And of course, it's Chris Rock." Then I looked up ...
akadjian 09/16/2014 16 17 - -
#Rally4Equality: If we care about equality, we should care about democracy
Some friends of mine are helping to put together the #Rally4Equality next week in Washington, D.C. They asked me if I'd ever written ...
akadjian 09/04/2014 10 1 - -
I have so much respect for this response to 'My Dad is a Right-Wing Asshole'
Andrew W.K. might be my new hero. He writes a letters column for the Village Voice and I'd never heard of him until yesterday when someone I know posted his response to a letter from Son of a Right-
akadjian 08/08/2014 136 63 2 -
At what point do we return to prioritizing students over "markets"?
Yesterday’s Cincinnati Enquirer featured an article on an FBI raid on one of our local schools that is part of a 19 school investigation. Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati and its management ...
akadjian 07/31/2014 26 42 1 -
GOTV 2014: What's your plan?
On the 4-hour drive back from Netroots, I had some time to think. What is my GOTV strategy going to look like for November? I want to quickly share 3 things I picked up at Netroots and then I'm ...
akadjian 07/23/2014 12 11 2 -
"What the hell, pal?" A letter to the editor from a friend of John Boehner's
A couple of days ago, John Boehner wrote an op-ed " Obama trampling Constitution " for our local paper. Jerry Mouch, a friend who has known Boehner for over 50 years, wrote a letter to the editor ...
akadjian 07/17/2014 171 503 7 -
Democrats- If you lose the Internet, you lose the Millennials
As many of you probably have, I received another e-mail last night asking me to comment on FCC Proceeding 14-28, Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet. I’m glad to see these e-mails and I’...
akadjian 07/14/2014 351 220 2 -
How to discuss Hobby Lobby with business owners and people of faith
In a recent community forum conversation, someone posted the following in a discussion about taxing the wealthy. He was describing a friend of his who owned horses and the issues this business owner ...
akadjian 07/09/2014 167 136 22 -
A 4th of July democracy experiment (help needed! <10 minutes)
Recently, Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page released a study of nearly 1800 issues from 1981 to 2002 in which a national survey asked a favor/oppose question about the issue. This is how they ...
akadjian 07/04/2014 15 5 1 -
Hey Alex Jones! Another freedom fighter's down. Your help needed.
Hi Alex, you might not be aware of this yet, but another freedom fighter's in trouble. His name is Nahshon Shelton and he lives in Chicago. Over the weekend, Shelton was arrested when he fought ...
akadjian 04/15/2014 43 82 - -
Comcast admits what everyone in a TWC/Comcast market already knows: there is no competition
Comcast's biggest reason it's citing to approve its $45.2 billion takeover of Time Warner Cable (TWC) is that the two companies don't compete against each other.
akadjian 04/11/2014 125 127 6 -
Sheldon Kasich
Kudos to Jeff Darcy in the Cleveland Plain Dealer for calling it ...
akadjian 04/04/2014 8 6 - -
Death by a thousand cuts: Lessons from the tax changes in Kansas
The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities recently released the report Lessons for Other States from Kansas' Massive Tax Cuts . These folks do some great work and I'd encourage the full read if ...
akadjian 04/02/2014 9 14 1 -
I can't tell if I'm being had or not by this meme
But there's so much awesomeness in this post I had to share. Is that the Insane Clown Posse eagle? I wrote back that the ICP eagle would be more convincing if they removed the 'e' from ...
akadjian 04/01/2014 8 - - -
It's easy to sh*t on things so sometimes I feel it's important to give credit where credit is due
I'll admit it. I got a little worked up this morning when someone posted the following: This especially irked me for two reasons 1) ...
akadjian 03/27/2014 11 14 - -
Alex Sink and the Vacuum of Vision
Democrat Alex Sink lost a special election in Florida’s 13th district Tuesday night by under 2%. The media has numerous theories why she lost to David Jolly including: • Last minute $2 ...
akadjian 03/14/2014 50 24 2 -
Case Studies in Activism #67: Battling Big Pharma and Rehumanizing Mental Health Treatment
A few weeks back I had the random pleasure of meeting Bruce Levine , clinical psychologist and author of Get Up, Stand Up and Surviving America’s Depression Epidemic .
akadjian 03/04/2014 11 6 1 -
How Ohio Pulled $4 Billion+ from Communities and Redistributed It Upwards
Monday night Ohio Governor John Kasich delivered his state of the state speech .
akadjian 02/26/2014 129 202 17 -
How to deal with the latest attack and other attacks to come on the ACA
One of my conservative friends is absolutely overjoyed about the recent CBO report. He's ecstatic about the CBO finding that the equivalent of 2.3 million workers would choose to leave the labor ...
akadjian 02/06/2014 13 - 1 -
25 Images of Markets "Regulating Themselves"
When economists talk about how a market "regulates itself," what they mean is that markets reach an equilibrium between supply and demand. This says nothing about whether or not this equilibrium ...
akadjian 02/03/2014 200 633 60 -
Now that you know 85 people own more than half the world, here's what to do about it
The media has done a great job covering the 85 people who own more than the poorest half of the world's population (or roughly 3.5 billion people) statistic from the Oxfam report entitled: Working ...
akadjian 01/22/2014 129 169 13 -
Why the Pope would be powerful even if he weren't Pope
As Pope, obviously Pope Francis is a man who wields significant power. What I didn’t realize until I started reading Pope Francis’ writing is the sheer scope and power of his work. There is a ...
akadjian 01/14/2014 118 58 5 -
Interviews with Famous People #26: Matteo Brunetta, Director of "The Highest Cost"
Matteo Brunetta is an Italian-born documentary film maker who lives in New York City. His film The Highest Cost looks at the fight of two 9/11 first responders against cancer developed from months ...
akadjian 12/09/2013 5 6 - -
Because I'm tired of explaining a conservative health care law to conservatives
If you haven't noticed yet, the conservative wedge issue for 2014 is going to be health care. Democratic Senators like Mary Landrieu have noticed.
akadjian 12/04/2013 129 150 5 -
How Democrats Could Lose Ohio in 2014: Stop the Cincy Streetcar from Being "Crancelled"!
We've got a Bridge to Nowhere situation here in Southern Ohio. Only it's being perpetrated on us by a "Democrat," recently elected Mayor of Cincinnati John Cranley.
akadjian 11/26/2013 28 14 - -
Purple is the New Red: Campaign Sign Pictures from SW Ohio
I noticed something about the campaign yard signs as I was walking our dog the other night in our quiet neighborhood of Cheviot, Ohio. None of them were red. This may not seem odd until you realize ...
akadjian 10/30/2013 16 15 - -
Don't forget to win the moral high ground and kill this lie that 'Democrats won't negotiate'
In the aftermath of the shutdown publicity stunt, I'd like to take a moment for a friendly public service announcement. This morning, I've seen several examples online where we're inadvertently ...
akadjian 10/17/2013 48 54 2 -
How do you negotiate with a party that refuses to negotiate and then blames you?
To listen to Republican leaders, Democrats refuse to negotiate. Speaker of the House John Boehner and other Republicans have repeated this claim ad nauseum over the past couple weeks. Here's one ...
akadjian 10/15/2013 10 4 - -
3 minutes that could end this shut down (and future conservative publicity stunts)
The government shut down is a publicity stunt. While I think this is obvious to the casual observer, what I'm not sure is so obvious is the strategy. Republicans are using it as a commercial to ...
akadjian 10/03/2013 93 206 7 -
When you succeed at what you believe, shouldn't you take credit?
Look I get it. You don't like government. You've been telling me for more than 30 years how "government is the problem and not the solution". I believe differently: government does some things ...
akadjian 10/02/2013 3 7 - -
Why 1-comment WalMart guy won round 2 (& a couple other notes on trolling)
Before I get in trouble, I'd like to say a quick well-deserved congratulations to Calvin F Exoo for an excellent piece calling out WalMart for their deceptive new ad campaign . It was so good in ...
akadjian 08/22/2013 330 424 33 -
Ohio vote stealing and how it's hidden
I just wanted to go to work this morning. On the way to work though, I made the mistake of stopping for a bagel, and the following stared up at me as I was getting coffee. While I'm glad the ...
akadjian 08/14/2013 122 185 7 -
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