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Whining cowboys protest BLM taking away their right to subsidized overgrazing
It was a traffic nightmare for many in Washington, DC this morning as a result of protesters on horses and mule wagons. No really this is NOT The Onion. It really happened without a scintilla of ...
akeitz 10/16/2014 33 29 - -
Sinclair Broadcast wingnuts venerable local DC newscast
It begins with a headline in the running for " Understatement of the Year " Under new ownership, WJLA-TV takes a slight turn to the right Longtime DC residents have grown up watching the power ...
akeitz 09/17/2014 6 5 - -
Facepalm, Wash Post publishes article claiming racism will drive liberal whites to the GOP
I don't know who is worse, professor Ryan D. Enos of Harvard for claiming that demographic changes will drive liberal whites to the GOP out of racism or the editor of The Washington Post's Outlook ...
akeitz 03/10/2013 133 23 - -
Fairfax teen upset by "Beloved" reading assignment, mom cluches pearls while calling for book ban
I live in Northern Virginia, you know the sensible blue state portion of VA, but that didn't stop me from having an ARGH moment as I sipped my coffee and read The Washington Post Thursday morning: ...
akeitz 02/09/2013 287 146 1 -
Shanin Specter, son of Arlen reports his father has passed away
AP is reporting that Arlen Spector his passed away according to his son Shanin: Longtime GOP Senate moderate Arlen Specter dies I respect Senator Spector for the lines he would not cross but at the ...
akeitz 10/14/2012 53 42 - -
A Kosack Consumer Lament -- Big Food buys out regional favorite and reformulates to save a buck
Okay I'll be the first to say this issue is not of earth shattering importance, there's far greater issues we are dealing with, I sure hope all the Keystone State voters can vote and all the folks ...
akeitz 08/18/2012 132 48 - 670
Gerry Connelly (VA-11) wavering on healthcare, I'm now livid
My heart stopped, my jaw dropped to the floor when I heard on WTOP an hour ago that Gerry Connelly, Democratic (or so I thought!) congressman for Virginia's 11th District was "undecided" on the ...
akeitz 03/20/2010 24 16 - 28
I'm overtaxed! Now plow my street ASAP.
As the saying goes, elections have consequences. As I write this diary, I sit safely in my house in Northern Virginia under a blizzard warning. VDOT has pulled the plows off the roads temporarily ...
akeitz 02/10/2010 43 21 - 45
If you don't have digital cable you're SOL on the concert!
I'm livid, angry, frustrated. I cannot watch the inauguration concert as it is exclusive to HBO. My cable company Cox will not make HBO available to non-digital subscribers, so unless you have ...
akeitz 01/18/2009 137 9 - 25
Help! Fairtax advocate to speak at civic assoc meeting
I'm still doing a slow burn as I read the monthly civic assoc newsletter and noticed that the January Monthly meeting's guest will be a guy who owns a firm called Lantern Wealth Management. The ...
akeitz 01/03/2009 33 2 - 10
Three Cheers For My Fellow Nats Fans
I know, I know never blog after finishing off a nice bottle of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc but man, oh man I flipped to catch the Nationals home opener and wow. The boo birds were out and no ESPN didn'...
akeitz 03/30/2008 9 4 - 5
Ticking Time Bomb -- Our Crumbling Infrastructure
By now many of you may have seen the bridge collapse in Minneapolis . I'm heartsick over it and scared about the bridges ...
akeitz 08/01/2007 35 11 1 4
It's the workers fault for not going on vacation????
I watched NBC Nightly news an hour and half ago and after thinking about it, silently stewing about the story I feel compelled GASP to write a diary about it. In short apparently it's our own damn ...
akeitz 07/03/2007 30 11 2 4
Can This City Be Saved? Tysons Corner, VA
If you've read Joel Garreau's book Edge City , you'll be familar with Tysons Corner, VA -- a place that is the polar opposite of good city planning.
akeitz 12/04/2006 45 9 - 20
A Thanksgiving Pie Scandal
Say it ain't so Joe! Front page above the fold with a huge color photo in today's edition of The Washington Post. That cutesy country store on Route 7 in western Loudon county that makes those ...
akeitz 11/23/2006 50 6 - 27
Trees are Dangerous
akeitz 07/14/2006 8 3 - 8
I hate my job! Help me plot my career escape!
akeitz 07/09/2006 51 2 - 16
I don't get all this Mark Warner Bashing
akeitz 06/11/2006 106 16 1 6
A Feisty Bitch has Passed, Vixen 1993-2006
akeitz 05/09/2006 46 14 1 5
I Need a Job -- Tell Me Your Best Job Hunting Stories
akeitz 01/25/2006 18 2 - 3
The first Green Pope
akeitz 01/20/2006 1 1 - 3
VA Gov: Kelly Timbrook don't call me friend!
akeitz 11/01/2005 15 5 - 32
Jerry "Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out" KIlgore
akeitz 10/11/2005 6 9 - 15
If a VA governor's debate falls in a forest does anyone hear?
akeitz 10/10/2005 32 6 - 4
Inflation and the Price of Gold -- how much Govt interference?
akeitz 08/22/2005 2 2 - 4
Walton Beach too cheap to hire lifeguards
akeitz 07/22/2005 9 2 - 1
Red Light/Speed Cameras = 'Spy' Camera?
akeitz 06/30/2005 25 - - -
HOT Lanes -- Commuter/Environmentalist Nightmare
akeitz 06/20/2005 9 2 - -
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