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Campus Cops vs. University Professors
WMU faculty rally on September 5, 2014. (Photos by Larry J. Simon.) Cross-posted from alevei . On occasion on these pages, I have written ...
alevei 09/19/2014 140 190 2 -
All Politics Is Local: Jon Hoadley for MI State Representative, 60th District
Cross-posted from Alevei. We are incredibly fortunate here in Kalamazoo to have an ...
alevei 07/27/2014 6 3 1 -
College Presidents in Michigan Sell Out to Gov. Rick Snyder
Cross-posted from Alevei . Those of us who live in the United States are fortunate to live in a country in which we are all free to speak our ...
alevei 11/09/2013 12 7 - -
The Vernacular of Privilege
Cross posted from Alevei and FunctionalShift . This post is adapted from a presentation I gave recently as part of the Race Matters Lyceum Lecture Series at the Lee Honors College, Western Michigan ...
alevei 10/20/2013 30 12 2 -
The Face That Launched 1,000 Lunchboxes: Davy Crockett Was Kind of a Tool
In the process of working on a book about manly men, language consciousness, and American English in early America, I often have occasion to indulge, if that is the right word for it, in dialect-...
alevei 07/08/2013 58 54 3 -
Dog Linguistics, Part 2: Can Dogs Predict Phonemic Splits?
Scarlett chills with one of her many frisbees. In my previous diary , I wrote ...
alevei 05/10/2013 30 28 4 -
Dog Linguistics, Part 1: Understanding Categories, Inventing Boundaries
Border collies like Scarlett are known for cognitive skills and extreme cuteness. In my previous diary , I wrote about a few of the many delights associated with the process of ...
alevei 05/09/2013 74 63 7 -
The Phoneme and the Many Lives It Has Destroyed
Edward “Sound Patterns” Sapir (1884-1939), left, and Leonard “The Phoneme” Bloomfield (1887-1949) A fun part of my job is to introduce beginning students to the joyous and inspiring world ...
alevei 04/30/2013 15 13 3 -
Let Them Eat Metaphors, Part 2: Darwin and Schleicher Sitting in a Tree
Darwin's "I think" tree (1837) In my previous post , I wrote about coming to terms with the metaphorical nature ...
alevei 04/30/2013 24 22 2 -
Let Them Eat Metaphors, Part 1: The Indo-European Hypothesis
(See also: Let Them Eat Metaphors, Part 2: Darwin and Schleicher Sitting in a Tree ) Over the past nine years of regularly teaching a ...
alevei 04/29/2013 69 76 7 -
So Appropriate to Our America and the Genius of Its Inhabitants
Cross-posted from Functional Shift . As I wrote a while back on my linguistics blog , I am working on a research project that ...
alevei 04/14/2013 9 9 2 -
The Quasi-Sentient Professor
Cross-posted from Alevei . A few weeks ago, a friend and colleague who works in a creative discipline at the very fine but underfunded non-flagship state university where I work as a professor ...
alevei 04/11/2013 11 9 2 -
I Woke Up This Morning in a "Right-to-Work" State
Cross-posted from alevei . It really happened. And in Michigan, of all places. On ...
alevei 03/28/2013 5 18 - -
Why I Will Vote YES on Michigan's Proposal 2, or How I Came to My Union Consciousness
Cross-posted from Alevei . Part 3 in a series on How I Am Voting on Michigan's Statewide Ballot Initiatives: Why I Will Vote YES on Proposal 2 (This Time, It's Personal) (See also: Vote NO on ...
alevei 11/05/2012 6 6 - -
Vote NO on Michigan's Proposal 5
Cross-posted from Alevei . How I Am Voting on Michigan's Statewide Ballot Initiatives, Part 2: Why I Am Voting NO on Proposal 5 On Tuesday, November 6, I will vote NO on Proposal 5, "A Proposal to ...
alevei 11/04/2012 2 4 - -
Why I Am Voting NO on Michigan's Proposal 6
Cross-posted from Alevei . How I Am Voting on Michigan's Statewide Ballot Initiatives, Part 1: Why I Am Voting NO on Proposal 6. Next Tuesday, November 6, I will vote NO on Proposal 6 , "A ...
alevei 11/03/2012 21 16 - -
Romney Calls the Kettle Crony
Cross-posted at Alevei . As I wrote in a recent post , getting your head around the idea of GOP vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as even remotely credible on the topic of calling ...
alevei 09/26/2012 9 11 - 351
60 Minutes FAIL: 10 Questions Scott Pelley Didn't Ask Mitt Romney But Should Have
Cross-posted at alevei . On last night's broadcast of 60 Minutes , in place of the hard-hitting interview that viewers might have expected for a presidential candidate (something more along the ...
alevei 09/24/2012 11 10 - 154
University of I've-Got-Mine
Cross-posted from Alevei . In my previous  post , I set out to discuss a proposal by the University of Chicago economist Luigi Zingales that advocated equity financing of higher education, which ...
alevei 09/22/2012 12 6 - 89
Crony Capitalism, Partisan Hackery, and Higher Education
Cross-posted at Alevei . The economist  Luigi Zingales  published an interesting op-ed in the  New York Times  back in June titled  "The College Graduate as Collateral,"  in which he proposes ...
alevei 09/21/2012 25 17 2 224
Confessions of a Job Creator
Cross-posted at Alevei . I am a public-sector employee, a professor at a state university, a member of a  labor union . The work I do has been described by a presidential  candidate  as 
alevei 09/19/2012 35 97 6 602
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