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LIVE: Putin and Tsipras sign documents, hold press conference following meeting (with English audio)
allenjo 04/08/2015 37 13 - -
Is There Hope for Greece?
Living in Greece in such uncertain times, just not knowing what will happen next - will the country have to leave the EZ, leave the EU? Are drachmas being printed up, just in case? Journalists are ...
allenjo 04/06/2015 38 20 - -
We're no longer peasants, we're Europeans now
After Greece joined the EU, that was a line from a book I read, one Greek said, "We're no longer peasants, we're Europeans now. When I first visited there, back in the sixties, it was such a poor ...
allenjo 01/29/2015 23 18 1 -
Senator Warren says its Time to Fight, Call your Senators!
The Senate has until midnight Saturday to vote on the Cromnibus bill. Senators Warren and Vitter to introduce amendment stripping the Wall Street giveaway..... ht to kat68 for the below who also ...
allenjo 12/12/2014 19 25 2 -
Sen. Warren: A vote for this bill is a vote for future taxpayer bailouts of Wall Street
POTUS says glad it passed the House and looking forward to it passing the Senate. Then Maxine Waters speaking on MSNBC.......her thoughts on Cromnibus bill, important to remember Dodd-Frank reforms ...
allenjo 12/12/2014 37 25 2 -
May We Never Forget - In Peace May They Rest
May we never forget, our young become vets. Take two minutes of time for those who died..... Terry Kelly – A Pittance Of Time Take two minutes, would you mind? It's a pittance of time, For ...
allenjo 11/11/2014 6 4 - -
Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan War
So the war will end on schedule as President Obama said. An agreement was signed today for 12,000 US troops to stay after December 31, 2014 for training, non-combat roles. So no more body bags ...
allenjo 09/30/2014 13 17 - -
"Fiddle dee dee. War, war, war.
"Here We Come to Save the Day!" The awesome power of the world's mightiest military is on the way, the most expensive military in the history of the world! The self-appointed global police force, ...
allenjo 09/10/2014 40 27 1 -
Pentagon denies US bombing in Iraq
UPDATE 6:30 PM ABC NEWS US ready to strike, unfolding right now. I haven't heard President Obama's speech, but New York Times is reporting..... DOHUK, Iraq — American military forces bombed at ...
allenjo 08/07/2014 25 11 - -
The Debate on State Surveillance
Last night's Debate on State Surveillance: with Glenn Greenwald, Alexis Ohanian, Alan Dershowitz, Michael Hayden Munk Debate In a risk-filled world, are democracies justified in turning to large-...
allenjo 05/03/2014 45 37 1 -
So how do we end the Afghanistan War & stop the next war?
America’s longest war and now America’s most unpopular war. This war we’ve been fighting now in its 13th year that has become more unpopular than the Iraq War and the Vietnam War. I listened ...
allenjo 01/11/2014 94 37 - -
President Obama: Grant Snowden Immunity Now - ACLU Petition
The ACLU, an organization I proudly joined when I was very young, has a petition to go to the President that I just signed along with 29,758 others that have signed so far. I hope if you feel that "
allenjo 01/01/2014 103 38 2 -
Afghanistan, let's just get the hell out
Joe Scarbourough did a rant on Morning Joe this week, "just get out of Afghanistan" - first time I recall agreeing with him. It is time to just get out. Whatever will happen in that country is not ...
allenjo 11/22/2013 57 39 1 -
Syria, 48.5% of Americans Say US Should Not Intervene
Update 2:30 PM EST A U.S. military response to alleged chemical weapons attacks in Syria appeared more likely on Sunday after Washington dismissed the Syrian government's offer to allow U.N. ...
allenjo 08/25/2013 71 20 - -
As we wait for the vote on the Amash-Conyers amendment
Which looks like it might be much later in the afternoon or evening.... If the Amash-Conyers amendment passes the house, it is a start. If it should fail, this is not going away, we will keep ...
allenjo 07/24/2013 21 16 - -
Get on the Bus, Gus!
Congress - Make a New Plan, Sam! If you have not told your elected "public servants" yet, now is the time to make your voices heard. Tell Congress No to Social Security Cuts! Action link...... ...
allenjo 03/20/2013 14 19 - -
The dying rule of law, the erosion of our constitution
I posted this video along with this comment in a earlier diary. "This morning I was watching this on Russia TV about the erosion of our constution, and would have done a diary about it if I had the ...
allenjo 03/19/2013 22 24 - -
Have You Been to Greece?
This is a diary just for fun. Greece in on my mind often, as I have only 2 family members left and they live on a Greek island. This is not a diary about the austerity and pain going in Greece now,
allenjo 03/11/2013 75 20 - -
US Foreign Policy, We're the Cops of the world
We have been at war for so long - now in our 12th year in Afghanistan. Soon children who were not even born back in 2001 will be teenagers, knowing nothing of this country as one of peace and ...
allenjo 03/10/2013 46 14 - -
Greece is for Greeks. Neo-Nazis: We will turn immigrants into soap
Greek chaos provides opening for neo-Nazi party...... My Greek-American son and his wife live on a quiet Greek island in the Aegean, which much to their surprise, had voted around 10% for the neo-...
allenjo 03/08/2013 48 27 2 -
FBI Warns Sequestration Will Hamper All Their Hard-Hitting Wall Street Investigations
Over four long years ago, the Wall Streeters, those savvy Bankster CEO's, destroyed our economy; none of whom have seen a jail cell, none have even been charged with criminal activity or stood trial ...
allenjo 03/04/2013 132 105 - -
The U.S. has enough bases to sink the world.
As we have politicians in DC talking of cutting Social Security and raising the age for Medicare, as the quality of life falls for the average American, how do we attempt to justify the level of ...
allenjo 02/28/2013 46 26 - -
How Much Longer Can This Go On? “Why are we killing kids that don’t need to die?”
An entire Afghan army unit attacking American troops...........1 out of 5 combat deaths are insider attacks. Two days after the U.S. military resumed joint operations with Afghan security forces ...
allenjo 10/07/2012 96 43 2 249
Afghanistan 1 out of 5 combat deaths are insider attacks
On October 7, 2012, as the War called "Operation Enduring Freedom" - American's longest war, with no exit plan in sight, enters its 12th year......... Soon to be replaced, General Allen says he ...
allenjo 10/01/2012 43 23 - 98
News from Greece
Indulging domestic political interests? "We can do this the easy way, or the hard way." A statement from a recent Goldman Sachs report on Spain: "The more the Spanish administration indulges ...
allenjo 09/25/2012 19 23 - 134
Violent protests in Kabul - shouting "Death to America!"
"We will defend our prophet until we have blood across our bodies." The US and NATO troops continue to spill their blood for the Afghans, who after training, have a desertion rate of 1 out 7. "...
allenjo 09/17/2012 120 7 - 198
Remember when we had a real antiwar movement?
On April 15, 1967, 400,000 people marched from Central Park to the UN building in New York City to protest the Vietnam war, where they were addressed by critics of the war such as Benjamin Spock, ...
allenjo 08/16/2012 91 34 1 192
End the war in Afghanistan, Bring our troops home, Or does anyone care much anymore?
Does anyone care much anymore? About a war without end? A war that always needs just a little more time – and just a few billion dollars more? Congressman Jim McGovern wrote a diary on Wednesday ...
allenjo 07/20/2012 40 17 - 105
Where are your legs that used to run before you left to carry a gun?
Some time back I read about a local Marine badly injured in Afghanistan, in the St. Pete Times, (now the Tampa Bay Times) by staff writer Drew Harwell. His writing had a way of bringing the ...
allenjo 06/26/2012 36 18 - 96
WAR: They're rolling out the guns again
As Afghans yell in the streets, "Death to Americans" and the Taliban says "We'll behead" US troops, as our soldiers suffer multiple tours in the "theaters" of war, with the returning Iraq war ...
allenjo 03/15/2012 43 18 - 144
Greece, 1 step closer to nowhere
Time is running out for Greece as it faces a chaotic default if it cannot meet 14.5 billion euros in debt repayments due on March 20 and some EU leaders suggest Athens should leave the euro zone ...
allenjo 02/15/2012 61 8 - 132
Greece Catastrophe, The Agony Continues
The agony continues in Greece. Wages and pensions have been cut, taxes have been raised. Unemployment churns higher, groceries continue to rise in price. Electric rates have been increased. The VAT ...
allenjo 02/10/2012 25 16 1 121
Can Greece be Saved?
Agony? Chaos? Both words of Greek origin; agony means suspense, and well, chaos is just Greece. Having lived in Greece, life just always seemed chaotic there, well before the financial crisis. ...
allenjo 01/25/2012 80 36 - 470
Greece - Confidence Vote within the hour
An end to uncertainty? When you are between a rock and a hard spot, your choices are limited. Papandreou is speaking to Parliament, says Greece must adopt the EU bailout deal. The confidence vote ...
allenjo 11/04/2011 93 7 - 190
Greece - Let the People decide
Prime Minister George A. Papandreou said..... “Let us allow the people to have the last word, let them decide on the country’s fate” Greece at first said it had enough money ...
allenjo 11/01/2011 40 4 - 130
FCIC Commission Report Released
Report available "We conclude this financial crisis was avoidable," the report said. Our "Pecora" commission (the Financial Crisis ...
allenjo 01/27/2011 24 6 - 122
Goodbye, Charlie, hello Florida's New CEO, the "Bigus Dickus"
Goodbye, Charlie ... hello, Crooky ... And so it’s done. Florida has officially inaugurated ... Gollum as governor, and waved goodbye to the tan man. God ... help ... us ... all ...
allenjo 01/04/2011 32 11 - 64
Auctioning Off the Poor or Obama's Tax Deal or more of the "New Deal?"
Looking back: In the early part of the last century..... American was a land of haves and have-nots. The average citizen had an eighth grade education, worked long hours during the ...
allenjo 12/08/2010 16 4 - 40
Dad, I've been hit. I've lost both my legs.
A father answering his phone, with caller ID showing US Government-Honolulu, hears his son's voice, "Dad, I've been hit. I've lost both my legs." "Where are you? ...
allenjo 12/02/2010 189 363 1 144
Homeless Veterans in America
One in three homeless Americans are Veterans. 10 years of war and a country that cannot care for them. A nation's shame. I live in an area where I encounter these veterans begging on the streets ...
allenjo 11/11/2010 19 17 - 95
Florida Senate Race, Voting Dem or The Less Evil?
Stopping the Right Wing Radical Tea Party Darling Rubin ...... All over the news today is the story of Clinton discussing with Meek, Meek's dropping out of the race.
allenjo 10/29/2010 244 10 - 74
Coco, The little soul who left a rainbow in my heart
"On the other side of the bridge to forever, our animal friends wait for us. Good-bye hurts so much But someday you will think of your animal friend with smiles instead of tears.
allenjo 08/01/2010 71 40 2 46
Increasing Pentagon Budget an emergency, but Unemployment benefits are not?
Senator Sherrod Brown asks on the emergency war supplemental: What kind of "emergency" is that? The Pentagon can live with a little more delay, while we get answers to some urgent ...
allenjo 07/01/2010 36 12 - 23
Remembering Vietnam's Dead Soldiers
Blood, Guts, Death, Destruction is what war brings. You cannot glorify war for there is no glory to be found when the body bags come home. You can only mourn and honor that final sacrifice of a life ...
allenjo 05/31/2010 12 4 - 121
Afghanistan, 9 Yrs of War & Only Dead Soldiers to Show for it.
Casualties Mounting.....1000 of our military who gave their all and now whose final trip home to American shores was to the morturary at Dover Air Force. As the long winter has ended and the ...
allenjo 05/18/2010 33 14 - 25
Miranda Rights or NO? Is It Up to Obama?
I just read a article on huffpo, just posted 20 minutes ago. I did not watch Gibb's press briefing and am listening to it now. Are Obama administration lawyers working on bending the intent of ...
allenjo 05/11/2010 69 7 - 27
Brother, Can You Spare a Trillion?
27 Democratic Senators against breaking up the big banks. Someday people are not going to take it anymore, but when? How to deal with the robber barons, the horse thieves, those ...
allenjo 05/07/2010 11 8 - 21
Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Jail?
People Are Hurting, People Are Angry.........How do we "whip up the level of outrage" to get action? It Is Time to get Congress to fall in line. Someday people are not going to ...
allenjo 02/16/2010 16 7 - 22
Wall St: Jon Stewart, "Let me get this straight"
"Let me get this straight, the only people who have recovered from the financial meltdown... are the people who caused this financial meltdown," Jon Stewart.
allenjo 01/14/2010 25 30 3 51
Eventually People Are Not Going to Take It! But When? Out of Control Gov
Where is the outrage? There are 3 or 4 diaries today on the bail-outs, the bonuses, the Wall Street stupidity, their overnight banks approved after Tarp, getting all that "...
allenjo 01/12/2010 63 14 - 22
When War Becomes a Lawless, Profitable Business.......
In liberal democracies, the need to convince the populace that a war is worthy of its costs - in terms of blood and treasure - and the need to find volunteers to fight it ...
allenjo 01/08/2010 16 8 - 17
White House shafts Sen. Dorgan?
So who is telling the truth here? Is the White House not quite finished yet with selling us out? Did the White House "shaft" Sen. Dorgan and the vote on Dorgan's amendment last week, to import ...
allenjo 12/20/2009 26 9 1 94
Stand Up for Dr. Dean as the White House Throws Him Under the Bus Again
Call to Action Show Support for Dean - Let the White House know how you feel! Obama thanks Lieberman but The White House throws Dean under the bus again! 202-456-1111 http://www.whitehouse....
allenjo 12/16/2009 136 41 - 28
Off to Oslo: “You Won It, Now Earn It”
Norway. Anti-war activists who say that Obama's escalation of the Afghan war has made a mockey of the Nobel Peace Prize, as the award includes honoring those who work for the reduction of standing ...
allenjo 12/09/2009 47 3 - 85
Palin to Obama, Now is not the time for cold feet, send more troops.
Palin to Obama, Now is not the time for cold feet: Send More Troops. McCain tells reporters, "Half-measures is what I worry about. Obama should follow recommendations from ...
allenjo 10/07/2009 40 5 - 10
Blackwater, Prince's Private Army & CIA Torture Report
Blackwater, Eric Prince's Private Army, still doing business with CIA, State Department, and in Iraq & Afghanistan. Information about the abuses and the lawlessness of the CIA continues to come ...
allenjo 08/21/2009 32 12 - 44
Congress denied access to prisoners-Obama "No-Visit" Guantanamo
Congress denied access to prisoners. There are 4 human rights groups who have requested of the Obama administration access to the prisoners held at Guantanamo, and have been ...
allenjo 07/17/2009 86 19 - 31
CIA Signs Torture contract month after Obama Bans Torture
If the CIA is not listening to Obama, who do they listen to? I just read an article on huffpo about this and then read the 8 page article in the New Yorker, which is well ...
allenjo 06/15/2009 34 16 - 29
Obama FOIA & this State Secrets Business.
If you don't like the court's legal ruling, well, just have Congress change the law. Obama Supports Torture Secrecy Legislation. Obama wants Congress to change ...
allenjo 06/05/2009 24 9 - 24
We Regret to Inform You.......
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.......Honoring our dead soldiers, President Obama lays a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virgina today.
allenjo 05/25/2009 18 16 - 28
I Guess You Had to Be There to Know That War Was Hell.
If You Can Remember the 60's, You Weren't There Or I Guess You Had to Be There to Know That War Was Hell. What we were back then.......The Protest Movement.
allenjo 05/24/2009 44 24 2 29
Memorial Day.....Memories and Memorials for Those We Lost.
The savage wars of peace .......The ports ye shall not enter, The roads ye shall not tread, Go make them with your living, and mark them with your dead!...
allenjo 05/23/2009 41 24 1 188
U.S. Military's Descent into Torture
"You can't handle the truth!" I answered, "I can't handle the lie." - Shannyn Moore Those making a mockery of the Army Field Manual and the Geneva Convention treaties, and U S ...
allenjo 05/20/2009 31 15 1 22
Sen. Dodd Torture: Prosecute Cheney? "You gotta go where you gotta go,"
Torture Trials:Prosecute Cheney? A Dodd supporter just sent us an extended version of the video clip we posted earlier. In this one, the Connecticut Democrat goes ...
allenjo 05/05/2009 23 15 - 36
Afghanistan War Escalation
Afghanistan increase in USA troops to be 68,000 from the current 38,000. Department of Defense: Troops Killed in Iraq: 4275, Troops Killed in Afghanistan: 671, Wounded in ...
allenjo 04/14/2009 13 4 - 37
Bring'em Down Easy, Dover.
Remembering & Honoring Our Fallen Soldiers. For our brave soldiers who fought and died 10,000 miles away from home, Dover Air Force Base mortuary is waiting. And now,
allenjo 04/06/2009 17 27 2 243
Secret hearings? Secret Report?
Why does the return to the rule of law, no torture, open government, accountability, sunshine on the Bush abuses, seem such an uphill battle? Secret hearings? Secret Report? Senate to ...
allenjo 02/27/2009 27 10 - 7
When a Soldier Comes Home...
I gave money today to a veteran, homeless, begging on the roadside. He said that he had a big file with the Veterans Administration though he had not been able to get help but hoping ...
allenjo 02/25/2009 27 8 1 5
Our Fallen Heroes: Let us Honor Them in Every Way.
Gates orders review of Dover photo ban. At the beginning of the Iraq War, the Pentagon banned coverage of all "deceased military personnel returning to or departing from" air bases,
allenjo 02/11/2009 61 9 - 6
Will Bush's War Crimes become Obama's War Crimes?
If you are against torture, then you bring to justice those accused of torture and if you don't, you have blood on your hands and you are sanctioning torture. State Secrets? Nope,
allenjo 02/10/2009 12 7 - 29
Want to know what those banks did with TARP money?
President Obama said that “us who manage the public's dollars will be held to account, to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day , ...
allenjo 01/31/2009 15 6 1 21
Bush "We Had Fun"
Bush Leaving office - Bring it On!! Every channel carrying this last press conference, oh please, say its so that this is the very last one. Bush said, during his ...
allenjo 01/12/2009 59 11 1 25
Yes Wall St, There is a Santa Claus.
What is Congress and the Fed allowing Wall Street to do with taxpayer money? Anything they want. Yes Wall St, There is a Santa Claus. The Bush Administration past ...
allenjo 12/23/2008 30 3 - 2
Can't give up my private jet
As company CEO's continue their lavish lifestyle, while wanting taxpayers dollars to support it: GM and Ford CEO's each boarding their private jets on the way to ...
allenjo 11/19/2008 22 7 1 1
keep old videos
keep music Last night we did! Touch the wind ((youtube JnkC0E-IXKw))
allenjo 11/05/2008 - - - 3
Palin- says Katie Couric Questions Irrelevent
The Arrogance of this woman boggles the mind! Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, George Bush, Richard Nixon all in one. That this woman is on the national stage insults us all. Palin "...
allenjo 10/26/2008 48 9 - 4
Alaska the Welfare state-Alaska has $39 billion.
added October 21, 2008 from the Anchorage Daily News: Alaska has $ 39 billon in savings! Alaska: "We have a multi-billion dollar savings account while most states are drowning in red ink. -
allenjo 10/21/2008 53 11 1 13
Rudy Giuliani - lobbying already for piece of Paulson's Wall St Action
VULTURES OUT ALREADY! Rudy Giuliani - Lobbying for Corporate funds before Bailout. wants piece of Paulson's Wall St Action New York Daily News September 26th 2008 ...
allenjo 09/26/2008 8 9 - -
Stop Palin animal cruelty & alaska-Stop Aerial Hunting
Please help "Join with Care2 and ThePetitionSite" Save Wolves: Stop Aerial Hunting Now. As recently as July, state wildlife agency personnel in Alaska staked out a known wolf ...
allenjo 09/15/2008 34 6 - 28
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