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Photo Diary - #blacklives matter Birmingham
I posted my thoughts on the last few days on my facebook page this morning leading with Real discussions that move the needle on any important issue generally happen off Facebook. Just a few items ...
alpolitics 12/22/2014 2 2 - -
I won my primary last night!! On to November
As many of you know, I've been busy campaigning since February for the Jefferson County Circuit Court Place 3 Judicial position. The current Judge was appointed by our Republican Governor. We won ...
alpolitics 06/04/2014 12 28 - -
"No one sang the blues"
As one of the best as well as smartest and wisest people I know responded to this segment of the Duck Dynasty doofus's remarks --" nobody could hear them singing from the colored only restrooms and ...
alpolitics 12/20/2013 31 24 - -
Open Season For White Male to Shoot Black Kid with No Consequences
This is essentially what I wrote on my facebook page after hearing the news. I was reminded in a couple of private messages that "Zimmerman considers himself Hispanic". I took down my message a ...
alpolitics 07/13/2013 16 6 - -
Equal Pay for Women is Fair and Right (opinion by Lilly Ledbetter)
I had a friend share an opinion written by Lilly Ledbetter with me this morning. I am so glad that it was the first article I read this morning. It really inspired me to keep working over the final ...
alpolitics 10/26/2012 1 2 - -
After 90 years our family retail store is closing its doors
Yesterday my folks announced they were closing the doors of our retail store in Birmingham Alabama that opened in 1922. It's really hard for me to write this even as we speak because of the history ...
alpolitics 10/13/2012 123 365 2 -
The Big Dog Just Destroyed Clint Eastwood, Chuck Norris
If there is a soul who watched Bill Clinton tonight and didn't get inspired then their nose is growing. That inspired me to jump off the couch and start cheering. I'm pretty sure my conservative ...
alpolitics 09/05/2012 18 44 - 595
I'm Back in the Game : Obama 2012
So hopefully this is like the old adage about riding a bike. Once you learn how to ride it's easy to get back on even after being away from a while. I use to post almost daily during periods from ...
alpolitics 03/01/2012 2 6 - 95
I'm Thankful for Free Speech
I hope that we can all agree that when we pontificate about the meaning of Thanksgiving, that for Americans we are all thankful for the right to express ourselves freely. Unfortunately, that ...
alpolitics 11/24/2011 5 10 - 38
Paterno and Spanier out at Penn State : Good Riddance
Presser from PSU Board of Trustees live right now. Reports are also that a federal investigation is underway. In case you have been under a rock all of these incidents relates to the Jerry ...
alpolitics 11/09/2011 44 14 - 206
Alabama School Reverses Policy on "Pro Gay T-Shirt"
First diary in a long - long time. Months. Seems like decades. Extremely busy with work and other hobbies. But since this issue is directly related to the high school for my home I thought I should ...
alpolitics 08/31/2011 12 21 - 139
GOP House So Petty That It Won't Honor SEALS Bin Laden Mission
The Senate passed a resolution honoring the successful but risky military mission that lead to getting OBL. ...
alpolitics 05/04/2011 196 361 4 2964
Pratt City, Alabama - Photos from Tornado Aftermath - Surreal
I spent several hours today with my wife and some friends volunteering in the Pratt City area. One of the friend's church, in the heart of this community, was serving as a relief center. This is a ...
alpolitics 04/30/2011 19 71 - 413
Update: 193 confirmed fatalities in Alabama with New Photos
alpolitics 04/28/2011 74 150 - 903
Book Review: The Courting of Marcus Dupree by Willie Morris
Philadelphia, Mississippi is known to many as the city where three civil rights workers named Cheney, Goodman and Schwerner were murdered in the sweltering summer of 1964. Not less than 20 years ...
alpolitics 04/17/2011 3 3 - 37
Alabama Senate Senator on Immigration: Empty the Clip and Do What Has to be Done
As we endured the violent rhetoric of health care last year, it appears we could enter the same atmosphere with the immigration debate. Yes, Alabama State ...
alpolitics 02/07/2011 27 30 - 184
Thoughts on Gov Bentley's (AL) Brothers and Sisters Comments
Freshly inaugurated Alabama Governor Robert Bentley created a firestorm with his remarks at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church on Monday. Bentley said that only Christians were his brothers and sisters. ...
alpolitics 01/19/2011 4 1 - 125
Sugar Bowl Open Thread - Razorbacks or Buckeyes
College bowl season is well underway. Right now we have Ryan Mallet and the Razorbacks against the Ohio State Buckeyes. I'm SEC do or die, ride for life, through and through so I"m yelling Pig ...
alpolitics 01/04/2011 35 4 - 107
Thank You Alan Grayson (FL-08)
Alan Grayson has been defeated in FL-08. Looks like he's going to be defeated by a large margin. Let's give Alan a round of applause. I heard him say many times something to the effect of he wasn'
alpolitics 11/02/2010 520 983 5 198
Tenn Vols football players like Germans during WWII according to coach
When are football coaches going to learn that you just don't compare anything having to do with ...
alpolitics 10/25/2010 24 3 - 91
UPDATE: A Rod Finally Gets Rangers to WS
Update - How rich is it that A Rod was the final out to end the series? A strikeout at that. Maybe a bit preemptive as the Chuck Norris Texas Rangers lead the I Loath New York ...
alpolitics 10/22/2010 107 25 - 111
Why Can't Obama Just End DADT?
He can but he won't is the impression I'm getting. Earlier tonight we learned that the 9th Circuit ...
alpolitics 10/20/2010 290 15 - 53
It's Not Joe Miller, It's Job Killer (AK-Sen)
alpolitics 09/13/2010 12 28 - 59
$arah, Glenn and Joe - 9/11 in Anchorage
h/t to A Girl From ...
alpolitics 09/10/2010 17 13 - 52
Koran Burning Back On Maybe - Major Media Fail
It appears that after being "lied to" Terry Jones says that the Koran burning may not be ...
alpolitics 09/09/2010 122 32 - 80
Joe Miller's Supporters Carrying Guns in Parade (AK-Sen)
You must watch this You Tube video titled Help Us Scott McAdams You're Our Only ...
alpolitics 09/05/2010 223 119 1 142
Five Dollar Friday for Scott McAdams (AK-Sen)
Scott McAdams has a real chance to beat Joe Miller in the Alaska Senate Race.
alpolitics 09/03/2010 21 21 - 75
Murkowski Concedes: Window Opens for McAdams (AK-Sen)
This just in: Murkowski concedes . "It's been a long week," Murkowski told reporters ...
alpolitics 08/31/2010 30 26 - 83
Dem Judge Under the Influence of Faux News Switches to Republican Party
The gun wielding Jefferson County (Birmingham, AL) Domestic Relations Judge Suzanne Childers announced today ...
alpolitics 08/31/2010 43 17 - 161
When An Elected Official is a Member of A Hate Group
We have been discussing the League of the South as Selma City Council President Cecil Williamson has been noted as a former member. Williamson ...
alpolitics 08/30/2010 15 15 - 26
McAdams only trailing Miller by 8 (AK-Sen)
Good news out of Alaska via Swing State Project . Really encouraging that in a two way race right now Joe ...
alpolitics 08/29/2010 78 41 - 85
World According to Bachmann : A Million People Came
Again Michele Bachmann has no respect for the truth . As if we should expect anything less. As her mouth ...
alpolitics 08/28/2010 28 10 - 83
Scott McAdams (AK-Sen) - We Can Do This
This is a candidate we all clearly need to get behind. Rand Paul, Sharrron Angle and Joe Miller are the Gifts that Keep on Giving. ...
alpolitics 08/27/2010 22 26 - 64
Beat Boehner: Q and A with Justin Coussoule Tomorrow Night
Justin is running against the Orange Man himself and the aspiring Speaker of the House - John Boehner. Earlier this week Boehner launched ...
alpolitics 08/25/2010 10 10 - 19
Update: Ain't That America - Make Them Defend Every Seat (MO-09)
One of our own, one of our progressive E's, has announced they are a candidate for Congress. Jeff Reed,
alpolitics 08/20/2010 33 12 - 134
 Men Gave Women the Right to Vote: Another GOP Myth Debunked    (+)  
If we listen to such folks as former chair of Texas School Board member Don McLeroy, we are told that majorities have given minorities power and that men have given women the right to ...
alpolitics 08/18/2010 62 96 - 89
Blagojevich is a better Defendant than Elvis Impersonator
My memory of meeting Rod Blagojevich, who for the sake of brevity I will simply call Blago, dates back to the 2002 election cycle. I was working as part of the State Coordinated Campaign in Mt. ...
alpolitics 08/17/2010 13 5 - 24
How Many Blocks Away Does the Mosque Need to Be? Won't You Be My Neighbor
Seriously the amount of attention being paid to this issue is mind boggling. I turn on the Tee Vee this morning and see two members of Congress debating this non-starter of an issue. I get home from ...
alpolitics 08/16/2010 59 14 - 60
Don't Put your Mosque Next to My Strip Clubs, Off-Track Betting or Thunder Lingerie
So the Cordoba House would be going right smack down at Ground Zero? Well not exactly, it's actually going to ...
alpolitics 08/15/2010 65 37 - 81
Michele Bachmann Compares Herself to Paul Wellstone
Bachmann said today that she's not the spokesperson for the ...
alpolitics 08/13/2010 41 15 1 50
Food Deserts and Food Imbalance in Urban Areas: What Can Be Done?
Eating healthy and focusing on nutrition can be difficult in urban American for one simple reason: access. I have long lamented that without better access to grocery stores in the downtown ...
alpolitics 08/11/2010 73 29 - 117
Best Way to Insure We Don't Have Speaker Boehner
We beat him. We literally beat him. Check out Ed tonight where Ed tees off on Boehner and Howard Dean hits some irons down ...
alpolitics 08/09/2010 67 35 1 89
Black Kids and White Kids Dancing Together: Divisive and A No-No
Last night at the end of a Voting Rights Act celebration on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, youth broke into the "Jai Ho" dance. The bridge was closed for the celebration at this point and dancers ...
alpolitics 08/07/2010 224 256 3 96
(Photo and Video Diary) Voting Rights Act 45th Anniversary - Youth March and Protest
Forty five years from today President Lyndon Johnson signed the 1965 Voting Rights Act. This weekend celebrations are taking in place in Selma, Alabama where marches as part of the voting rights ...
alpolitics 08/06/2010 7 11 - 36
Celebrating the Voting Rights Act: No Dancing Allowed
Reminiscent of the movie Footloose, youth in Selma will not be allowed to dance on the Edmund Pettus Bridge tomorrow in conjunction with a 45th anniversary celebration of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.
alpolitics 08/05/2010 4 1 - 91
A Picture Worth More than 1,000 words
alpolitics 08/03/2010 41 23 - 69
NEO-Confederacy Rears It's UGLY Head:
For background on Selma City Council President Cecil Williamson and his ties to racist groups, read my past two diaries"
alpolitics 08/02/2010 7 15 - 123
City Council President Admits Attending Rally Honoring Klan Founder
Update to It's Not Just Faux News We Should Be Worried About The Selma Times ...
alpolitics 08/01/2010 12 24 - 256
Happy Birthday Tarryl Clark
While we are all wishing a happy birthday to President Obama this weekend, we also should take a moment and also wish a Happy 49th Birthday to Tarryl Clark -
alpolitics 07/31/2010 18 18 1 77
It's Not Just Faux News That We Should Be Worried About
RACIST SELMA, ALABAMA CITY COUNCILMAN ATTENDS RALLY HONORING KKK FOUNDER That's the headline that the Selma Times Journal in Selma, Alabama should have written earlier this week. ...
alpolitics 07/30/2010 28 19 - 3319
Thank You Tarryl Clark - You Will Get Our Help!!
Tarryl Clark just wrote a nice diary on the rec list thanking netroots nation and the many bloggers that have ...
alpolitics 07/26/2010 7 18 - 81
Why the Texas State School Board Elections Matter to All of Us
This weekend at Netroots Nation 2010, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with two Democrats running for the Texas State School Board - Judy ...
alpolitics 07/25/2010 25 34 1 63
If The Republicans Win in November - Tea Party Agenda
This is not another "the sky is falling" diary. This is a we must wake up and get moving now action diary because we know what will they will do when the sky falls. It's that urgent.
alpolitics 07/22/2010 27 12 - 189
Bachmann: We are the Receptacle for the Tea Party; Not the Mouthpieces
And the Tea Party is not racist apparently either because a bunch of minorities were marched out as tokens at the Tea Party Caucus press conference this morning according to ...
alpolitics 07/21/2010 102 34 - 59
Is There a Daily Kos Bias Against the South?
This morning in the Leaving for Las Vegas front page diary thread , we had a very heated discussion about ...
alpolitics 07/19/2010 162 22 - 66
Yes Michele Bachmann You Are A Racist - You and Your White People's Caucus
Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee made comments essentially saying that the Tea Party is the modern day Klan, the Tea Party loving Bachmann responded ...
alpolitics 07/17/2010 29 18 - 84
My Heart is Heavy Right Now
It's official, the 7th Congressional District of Alabama nominated Terri Sewell who is all but guaranteed of being the first African American Congresswoman from Alabama in this Dem +18 PVI district. ...
alpolitics 07/14/2010 19 6 - 19
Who Will Fight For Us? (AL-07)
We are two days away from the historic Alabama's 7th Congressional District Democratic primary. The winner between Shelia Smoot and Terri Sewell will be the first African American Female ...
alpolitics 07/11/2010 60 7 - 31
The Emily's List Chain Mail: Something Bad Will Happen
I almost fell out of my chair reading a diary titled Emily's List fundraising emails are full of sh*
alpolitics 07/10/2010 27 4 - 41
Defending a Personal Attack on Daily Kos
Earlier this morning, my character was put in question by a new user named BamaDem . I've been clear in all my diaries on all the ...
alpolitics 07/08/2010 89 11 - 39
Breaking: Michele Bachmann is Intellectually Brilliant -
So says Iowa Congressman Steve King . We cannot make this stuff up. Michele Bachmann is intellectually brilliant, ...
alpolitics 07/06/2010 41 24 - 79
Let Them Eat Steak
The newest radio ad from the Shelia Smoot for Congress Campaign (AL-07)
alpolitics 07/04/2010 40 7 - 191
My Independence Day Contributions
The 4th of July represents a lot of what is still right about America. We should all spend time with our family and friends. Enjoy barbecues, picnics and fireworks. However, this weekend is about ...
alpolitics 07/03/2010 4 4 - 20
Shelia Smoot Gains Labor Endorsements (AL-07) While Opponent Goes on the Attack
Shelia Smoot continues to rack up labor endorsements in her bid to become the first African American Congresswoman from Alabama. Today ...
alpolitics 07/02/2010 11 7 - 28
Wall Street and DC Insiders Want to Buy a Democratic Seat (AL-07) - Just Say No
Wall Street lawyers and DC Insiders have dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into AL-07 on behalf of former Wall Street securities attorney Terri Sewell. Representing companies like JP ...
alpolitics 06/30/2010 8 8 - 25
People over Profit - Main Street Dem against Wall Street Dem (AL-07)
We are just two weeks away from our Alabama 07 runoff in which the winner of the contest between Shelia Smoot ...
alpolitics 06/27/2010 10 8 1 43
Michele Bachmann Tops List of Militia Enablers: This is Why I Pay Attention to Her
The Southern Poverty Law Center has long been watching the rise of hate groups and has the pulse of what contributes to fuel this fire. Michele Bachmann has been promoted to the top of the ...
alpolitics 06/24/2010 28 26 1 53
Michele Bachmann Confuses Tithes and Taxes - What a Sham!
Her mouth is moving so as I always say she's lying or misrepresenting the facts. Bachmann stars in Coral Ridge ...
alpolitics 06/24/2010 35 19 - 44
Don't Let Wall Street Win a Democratic Primary (AL-07)
Since last year, I've been writing about my friend Shelia Smoot running for Congress in AL-07. Shelia has run a true grassroots campaign on a shoestring ...
alpolitics 06/23/2010 27 10 - 74
Quit the Infighting- Help  Tarryl Clark Air Bachmann (R-BP) Ads
I got an email from Tarryl Clark this afternoon about how they were able to go up on the air last night with their great ad Thanks to you, Tarryl Clark's ad debuted on the evening news ...
alpolitics 06/21/2010 34 20 - 56
Tony Hayward (BP) Goes Sailing To Never Never Land - Slideshow
The Gulf Coast Residents Are Angry , You are Angry, I am Angry, We are all Angry I just put together this YouTube ...
alpolitics 06/20/2010 13 12 - 186
F *** Michele Bachmann - It's Just Not Her Week
alpolitics 06/18/2010 42 33 - 58
Support Real Progressives Not "Wall Street" Progressives (AL-07)
We will make history in Alabama on July 13th in the AL-07 Democratic runoff as we will nominate the first African-American female to Congress from our state. Two African American Females are facing ...
alpolitics 06/18/2010 26 13 - 59
What People are Saying About Shelia Smoot (AL-07) - Those That Know Her
I'm involved in helping my friend Shelia Smoot in her July 13 runoff election for the AL-07 Congressional seat. I've said a lot about Shelia and why I think ...
alpolitics 06/16/2010 49 13 - 76
Michele Bachmann Gives BP Advice
WTF is probably your first thought Her mouth is moving and she is lying must be your second thought ...
alpolitics 06/15/2010 28 21 - 74
Michele Bachmann: Obama Worst President Ever And I'm Dangerous
Would we expect anything less from the gospel according to Bachmann? If you can stomach going ...
alpolitics 06/12/2010 47 25 - 58
Standing Up for Real Progressive Candidates -Shelia Smoot (AL-07)
I hope you have heard about the great candidate we have in AL-07 Shelia ...
alpolitics 06/11/2010 11 9 - 32
A Progressive Fighter or Wall Street Backed Attorney? (AL-07)
I promised that I would write a diary every day until the AL-07 July 13 runoff for the Democratic nomination. This ...
alpolitics 06/07/2010 5 9 - 65
Shelia Smoot (AL-07) is For Working People: Live Blog
Shelia Smoot is here to talk about her runoff election for the Democratic Nomination to represent ...
alpolitics 06/06/2010 17 11 - 371
Alabama's First Black Female Member of Congress?
Yes it's a reality after Tuesday's Democratic Primary elections and we learned of results in the 7th Congressional Distrct. It's a near certainty as two African American female candidates will face ...
alpolitics 06/04/2010 16 20 - 57
Get On Board with A Better Dem: Shelia Smoot (AL-07)
If I have to write a diary for the next 40 days I will. We have an important runoff election in AL-07 on July 13. Regardless of who wins between Shelia ...
alpolitics 06/03/2010 13 15 - 129
On Our Way to Making History with Shelia Smoot (AL-07)
Over the past year I've written several diaries about Shelia Smoot and her campaign for Congress in AL-07. Last ...
alpolitics 06/02/2010 8 15 - 56
I Need Your Help Today (AL-07)
Here's a reprint of diary I posted last week - our election is Tomorrow I've been a member of this community since 2008 and have come to treat this place like a home. I've come ...
alpolitics 05/31/2010 8 13 - 23
Photo diary from the Campaign Trail (Shelia Smoot) AL-07
I've written a lot of diaries lately about my involvement in the Shelia Smoot for Congress Campaign . Tonight is a picture diary of photos I've collected from ...
alpolitics 05/29/2010 12 11 - 41
Emily's List Ignores the Choices In Open Dem Primary(AL-07)
Just ten days ago I wrote about Emily's List wrongheaded involvement in our AL-07 primary. Well ...
alpolitics 05/28/2010 23 4 - 41
Thanks for your support - Daily Kos Community Rocks
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate you my Daily Kos family. Yesterday I wrote ...
alpolitics 05/27/2010 7 14 - 22
Last Chance to Support Best Dem in AL-07 -Thank You
Update - We've Raised $250 off this diary. Thank you I've been a member of this community since 2008 and have come to treat this place like a home. I've come almost daily to vent, ...
alpolitics 05/26/2010 45 105 1 125
They Won't Call Me a Racist
Apparently Barack Obama is running for Congress in Alabama - Well at least Republican Les Phillip (Tea Party AL-05) is running against him. This ...
alpolitics 05/24/2010 16 10 - 181
Smoot:One Progressive House Campaign You Should Know About
We love progressive candidates and people powered campaigns. We love taking on the establishment candidates and helping the candidates that fight for us on the Progressive issues. ...
alpolitics 05/23/2010 5 13 - 67
Do You Really Want Progressives In Congress? (AL-07)
I sure want do and I know you do also based on what we did this past Tuesday night. But we have a whole slew of primaries left in the upcoming weeks. I've been supporting my good ...
alpolitics 05/22/2010 10 11 - 54
Rand Paul is Not My Daddy
Thankfully. Feel Better? And that means Ron Paul is not my granddaddy. I hope that you can say the same. I don't give a rip about Rand Paul. Well in all fairness we cannot pick ...
alpolitics 05/21/2010 7 3 - 36
We didn't lose last night? What?
I've published a series of primaries matter diaries over the past few weeks including ...
alpolitics 05/19/2010 20 24 - 72
Update:Alabama Teacher Uses Example of Obama Assasination
I know there is a diary up on rec list: But I'm going to try and make updates through this diary as more information is released. I've not gotten an official answer from Jefferson County ...
alpolitics 05/18/2010 15 10 - 137
EMILY's List Jumps Shark Again -Major Fail Major Shame (AL-07)
h/t to SwingState Project for this ...
alpolitics 05/17/2010 44 22 - 51
One Dem Incumbent That's Got to Go - John Barrow (GA-12)
John Barrow (GA-12) has consistently been one of the biggest disappointments as a Democrat in Congress. I don't think he can even be called a Democrat without laughing. DINO or ...
alpolitics 05/16/2010 35 16 - 34
Can we walk and chew gum at the same time till November?
Right now I would say I don't know the answer to that question. We seem preoccupied about issues in this country than we do electing good candidates. But yes we should be able to concentrate on a ...
alpolitics 05/15/2010 22 6 - 24
Sending ConservaDINO's and Bad Dogs into Retirement
Last Saturday I wrote an epiphany diary about how my belief in the use of the ...
alpolitics 05/14/2010 7 6 - 32
Closing of Historic Rural Post Office Would Be Major Mistake
We've all heard rumors about the United States Postal Service making cutbacks and changes in service. Of course every governmental agency must make such decisions. That's certainly part of ...
alpolitics 05/13/2010 34 9 - 136
Primaries Against Incumbents Matter: Wow Was I Wrong
When I first started this site, I tended to shy away from getting involved in primary battles against incumbents. I considered myself a party faithful and one who usually stayed neutral in these ...
alpolitics 05/08/2010 66 17 - 108
Ex-Maverick Makes His Last Deal With the Devil
First the Good News from Research 2000 In the general election: Senate ...
alpolitics 05/06/2010 15 4 - 27
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