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I'm in
for the boycott called for by Robinswing as a show of solidarity for POC. The class of and the call given by not-to-be-missed diarists here will hopefully draw the rightful attention of markos.
amk for obama 09/11/2011 9 33 1 133
Texas Judge thwarts yet another scummy perry plan
I came across this good news just now and didn't see it diaried (as of now). I posted it in night owls thread but thought it deserved a diary.
amk for obama 08/31/2011 17 21 - 194
France's richest : Tax us more
What with Warren Buffet (with his call for taxing the rich at a fairer higher tax rate) being buffeted by the reichwing oligarhy (h/t glenda beck) like koch brothers and that retired guy what'...
amk for obama 08/24/2011 8 11 - 80
A coupla' cartoons
And each one is worth 999 words. So knock off the this-ain't-no-diary bellyachin'.
amk for obama 08/12/2011 3 11 1 111
What the hell is happening in WI elections today ? Update: All six real dems win.
That's all. I see no diaries or even FP pieces on this crucial dem primaries today. Did the rethugs' tactics of running fake dems go bust ? What the hell is happening ?
amk for obama 07/12/2011 48 79 2 853
In other news today - 2 .....
A certified Obamabot continuing to bring to light some good informational/editorial/opinion pieces about the dems and this admin that I have read in blogs/msm to counter the 24x7 misinformation/...
amk for obama 06/25/2011 37 47 - 321
In other news today ...
As a certified Obamabot, I plan to bring to light some good informational/editorial/opinion pieces about the dems and this admin that I have read in blogs/msm to counter the 24x7 misinformation/...
amk for obama 06/11/2011 17 20 - 196
President Obama scores another first (with video now)
Today, President Barack Hussein Obama became the first ever American President to address the British Parliament at the 900-year old Westminster Hall. Since WWII, only three other foreign national ...
amk for obama 05/25/2011 215 308 13 2626
President Obama's 60 minutes interview this week
Short diary. Just watch it. And kudos to Steve Kroft for not being the usual teevee jerk we are accustomed to seeing.
amk for obama 05/08/2011 31 23 2 397
My Wisconsin Diary (I'm not waiting any longer)
Fuck it. I'm celebrating early and publishing this diary (which has been in the back burner since y'day) now before I blow my brains out. Anyway, it'll be short & sweet, so there. Go JoAnne ...
amk for obama 04/06/2011 74 31 - 371
Tweety calls out the birthers, huckster & newt
This is going to be a short diary. I'll let the vid speak for itself for its rightful rant. Wish the msm and rest of the sane cable news pundits would do the same.
amk for obama 03/05/2011 26 17 - 216
My last diary at dkos 3.0
And No, I won't delete it. Flame away. I dare you.
amk for obama 02/12/2011 15 4 2 131
Tunisia, Egypt, ... And Now Yemen.
Has the domino effect started ? Earlier this month, Tunisians, in what is termed as jasmine revolution, threw out their long-time (23 long years) President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and his corrupt ...
amk for obama 01/27/2011 58 30 - 205
Happy New Year and a Risqué Joke.
Wishing you all a happy, healthy and successful new year.
amk for obama 12/31/2010 68 13 2 84
Feingold - Yes ....   Obama - No - (edit)
Feingold Obama Alito ..................................... Yes No Roberts ............................... ...
amk for obama 12/04/2010 134 19 - 77
Cheers - First Chile Miner comes out of the hellhole.
After 69 days, Florencio Avalos, the first of the 33 trapped Chilean mine workers, has just been lifted out of the mine pit.
amk for obama 10/12/2010 273 194 2 174
Joe Miller hedges on "Is palin presidency material" ?
The Mudflats has a piece today on how joe miller, the teabagger endorsed by palin, is now "hemming, hawing" about the quid pro quo for sarah's delusional ambition, aka to become the amurikan ...
amk for obama 09/26/2010 16 16 - 59
President Obama condemns the Koran burning 'stunt'.
Of course everyone knows about this inflammatory, muslim baiting Koran burning drama by a hitherto unknown pastor named, Terry Jones in Florida. Now thanks to a third-rate , journalistically ...
amk for obama 09/09/2010 39 24 - 46
To Dkos admins - Site stinketh for past 2 days. Latest update.
Warning : This is going to be a rant. And no, it's not a meta.
amk for obama 08/17/2010 400 140 1 83
Yet another glass ceiling shattered by a woman. BP pays up. A Great Update.
As we all know, this President is ruled by women. I mean, look at all the women he surrounds himself with - Michelle, Malia, Sasha and of course, his MIL (of all horrors), Ms Marian Robinson. And ...
amk for obama 08/09/2010 20 32 1 52
Yet another reason to give up smoking and other smokin' stories.
Being a GUS, I should be posting this in a GUS diary but what the heck, being an ex-smoker gives me a certain privilege, right ?
amk for obama 07/15/2010 18 12 - 22
Hey, whatdayaknow ... pr0n lives.
I've been a long and lone reader of playboy magazine you know for what ? For its wonderful articles. What ? You don't believe me ?
amk for obama 06/25/2010 19 1 - 11
'Shake down' dough to be dispersed to ACORN soon
Remember all that blood money that Obama shook down from the poor BP ? Rush Limbaugh called it as Obama's personal "slush fund" which he would then personally distribute to the now-dead ACORN so ...
amk for obama 06/21/2010 69 42 - 40
A tale of the debut of a dkos troll diarist
This diary was inspired by this rec listed diary today. So I dedicate all the brickbats to the other diarist and will gladly take ...
amk for obama 06/20/2010 63 30 - 44
Westboro church hate nutters about to be smacked down ?
Remember the thuggish, anti-gay westboro baptist church (which is neither baptist nor a church) of that bigot, fred phelps and their picketing the funeral of Matthew Snyder - a marine killed in Iraq -
amk for obama 06/01/2010 159 30 - 41
Obama dumps the infamous bush doctrine
Amidst all the drama of oilocalypse perpetuated by the 24x7 noise, President Obama presented a new national security plan, which has gone under the radar. This is an important strategic shift of US ...
amk for obama 05/28/2010 309 323 2 117
EU to toughen the hedge funds regulations
Just heard on BBC business news that EU finance ministers have agreed to toughen the hedge fund industry regulations. And of course, as night follows day, wallstreet doesn't like it at all.
amk for obama 05/18/2010 33 6 - 11
Women empowerment in Obama admin
While a lot has been discussed and diaried here at dkos about President Obama and his policies (attracting both flowers and brickbats), one key aspect that seems to have been missed (at least by me) ...
amk for obama 05/14/2010 28 16 1 27
Brits go conservative ? (edit & update)
BBC reports that the exit polls after today's parliamentary elections suggest a big win for the conservatives led by David Cameron. The Brown led Labour got thrashed and the Liberal Democrats of ...
amk for obama 05/06/2010 454 15 - 43
A dem does it again ... (don't worry, it's good news) ... update
Remember the two despicable anti-abortion bills introduced by Oklahoma rethugs and supported by wingers ? One of them that required the pregnant women to go through a disgustingly intrusive ...
amk for obama 04/24/2010 124 300 1 70
Remember the thingy called diplomacy ? It still works !!!
President Obama called an unprecedented nuclear summit last week and was able to hoodwink leaders of 47 countries to attend it by his voodoo magic. You know the summit thingy about whose logo the ...
amk for obama 04/15/2010 15 16 - 23
First Lady in Haiti doing what really counts
While we indulge in circular firing and meta diaries under the guise of progressivism, both the prez and the first lady are doing things that really matter in the real world.
amk for obama 04/13/2010 9 22 - 42
Even dead soldiers can be bashed per Baltimore court. Corrected.
And if you object to this kind of disgusting, uncivilized and thuggush behavior coming from a 'church' at your son's funeral, well, tough luck. Now, go pay the fine to Fred Phelps and if you go ...
amk for obama 03/29/2010 56 13 - 49
Obama is 'stubborn'. Kicks Rahm's ass constantly.
Ronald Brownstein at National Journal writes about the interview with Rahm Emmanuel over the HCR struggle and Obama's willingness "to pay the political price to get it done".
amk for obama 03/20/2010 316 241 3 34
In other news today ....
US and Russia are likely to conclude a new nuclear disarmament treaty to replace the last one which expired last December. Both the presidents had a good conversation about the negotiations. And ...
amk for obama 03/14/2010 4 7 - 24
BBC - US to reduce nuclear arsenal drastically
This is my first diary. So forgive me if it is not up to the usual dkos standards and more importantly ... for reporting on a "breaking" story.
amk for obama 03/01/2010 18 18 - 96
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