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How Mitt and Bain avoid paying taxes via the "Dutch Route"
An article in the dutch newspaper the Volkskrant this morning, shows how Romney and Bain Capital avoid paying taxes by using a tax loophole in the dutch tax system. The investigation was done for ...
amsterdam 11/05/2012 6 13 - -
Videos show Zimmerman walking around the clubhouse w.update
UPDATE : I found Bing has a map in 3d. Seeing the 3d map made me realize I was wrong with some of the locations. The east pool hall is outside under an overhang on the south side of the building. ...
amsterdam 06/25/2012 83 41 - 1391
Was Police Report changed to fit Zimmerman's statement?
On march 27 Meteor Blades posted a diary about the Initial partial police report , that was published on the City of Sanford webpage . I printed the report and studied it closely, ...
amsterdam 04/01/2012 34 23 2 532
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