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In her column today, Gail Collins notes:

Since Obama, the Commission on Presidential Debates and the University of Mississippi, which is hosting the debate, all say it will go on, it isn’t clear what will happen if McCain fails to show up. An empty chair? A last-minute invitation to Ralph Nader and Bob Barr to drop on by? Once in New York, when Rudy Giuliani boycotted a mayoral debate, one of his opponents spent the night twirling around a rubber chicken and the citizenry enjoyed it quite a lot. This isn’t the kind of thing you could imagine Obama doing, but I’d keep my eye on Barr.

That seems something of a stretch to me.  Barr hasn't made nearly the inroads into the public debate that I imagine he thought he would.  So here's the question: If McCain doesn't show up, who should Obama debate?  


If McCain doesn't show up, who should Obama debate?

41%108 votes
9%24 votes
8%21 votes
5%15 votes
20%53 votes
14%37 votes

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The NY Times has an article today with the headline: Bush Urges Democrats to Act Quickly on Bailout Plan.  I thought to myself: Where have I seen that phrase "act quickly" before?


Is Bush selling the bailout the same way he sold the Iraq War?

100%67 votes
0%0 votes

| 67 votes | Vote | Results

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Yesterday the NY Times had a headlinethat said all you need to know about America's belief in the White House: "Wall St. in Worst Loss Since ’01 Despite Reassurances by Bush."  Right now the top story on the Times site has a similar subhead about today's events on Wall Street: "Dow Drops 4% Despite Assurances From Government."  Note that Bush is missing from the latter headline.

And tonight the key element of Hardball wasn't how Chris Matthews took Eric Cantor to the woodshed about Republicans trying to change their uniforms. It was his passionate diatribe on the theme: "Where's the president?" Transcript below.

I don't know which is worse: that the nation isn't getting the leadership it wants, or that it has no faith in what leadership it does get.

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That's not a direct quote, but that's the gist of her speech tonight, and like an AP reporter I don't even have to listen to it to provide analysis.

Obama has said this election is about us.  It's about our deciding whether we're a better people than the Republicans would have us be, whether we remember the American virtues that weren't made into vices after 9/11, whether we still believe in the promise of America, that is, for the rightwing commentators who pointed out that Obama didn't define this promise, that you can find a better life in America.

What Palin's existence as a vp candidate says is entirely the opposite.  For her and McCain the election is about whether American women are stupid.  The reaction they want tonight is, "Oh, she's nice.  I like her glasses.  She must be smart.  I'll vote for her."  And for women to forget her politics entirely.  In other words, regardless of what words are coming out of her mouth, Palin is actually saying, "Ladies, you are so stupid."


Does Palin think American women are stupid?

86%117 votes
13%18 votes

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I figure Palin will make it through the convention so McCain gets the photo op, but will Palin, with all her baggage and lack of experience, make it past Friday?  Or next Friday?  When will she drop out "to spend more time with her family, which needs her more than ever now"?  Poll below.


When will Palin drop out to spend more time with her family?

19%220 votes
9%107 votes
11%135 votes
13%151 votes
46%530 votes

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How to take the people's eyes off the Dem Convention in four days, off the new timetable for a pull out of troops in Iraq, off the fact that McCain's real history of vast wealth and adultry is now out in the open, and put it right back where it McCain would like it: on the War on Terror?  

Why, it must be time for an anthrax attack!  Even though the US government scientist who sent American anthrax to Congressional and media figures in 2001 just killed himself and the FBI hurriedly closed the case, McCain was fortunate enough to have suspicious white powder sent to his campaign offices in New Hampshire and, of course, Denver today.  Funny how that happens when you want to turn around a news cycle.  I guess this is just John McCain's way of going Bush one better, Bush who fabricated more than a dozen terrorist alerts to take bad news for him off the front page.

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Fri Aug 15, 2008 at 04:18 PM PDT

You Can't Trust a Republican

by angry young man

In his latest column Eugene Robinson notes the dilemma Corsi's book presents Obama: not responding gives its lies the whiff of truth, but responding gives its lies wider circulation.  I'd add, when their purpose is to spread a lie, either way serves Corsi's purpose because it's been proven that, psychologically, people remember the lie, not the correction, even forty pages of them.  

So here's how I'd respond: with a simple statement that turns Corsi's strength, the power of lies, against him and attacks the entire Republican brand by providing a lens through which to look at everything they do: You can't trust a Republican.

For instance, Georgia stood up to Russia because they thought George Bush had their backs.  Fools.  You can't trust a Republican.  Congress approved Mukasey because they believed him when he said he wouldn't be like Alberto Gonzalez.  Fools.  You can't trust a Republican.  We believed Bush when he said Iraq had WMD and was working with Al Qaeda.  Fools.  You can't trust a Republican.  John McCain said he wouldn't run a dirty campaign.  Fools.  You can't trust a Republican.  If I were scripting a commercial here for a 529, I'd end it with: Don't be fooled.  You can't trust a Republican.


To put the cost of McCain's $520 pair of Ferragamo's in context, the median annual American household income as of 2006 is $48,201 or $39,525 after, say, 18% taxes. Per week, that’s $760 or, to McCain, less than three shoes.

That should be the new economic metric for all things McCain: how many shoes could it buy?  For instance, one shoe equals not two feet but 65 gallons of $4 gas.  Or if a ticket to a fundraising event like that thrown last month for McCain by Carl Lindner, who funded Columbian terrorist groups while the CEO of Chiquita, costs $25,000, that would be a 48-pair event.  

This should demonstrate just how in touch with the economy of regular people he is.


For the forthcoming fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, the rules for aligment, that is, one's moral character, were revised.  Instead of a grid formed formed by an axis of good and evil crossed by one of chaos and law, alignments now range on a line from lawful good (meaning one favors civilization and order) thru good (freedom and kindness) to unaligned (everyday OKness) then on to evil (tyranny and hatred) and chaotic evil (entropy and destruction).

Today's quiz is, what is the alignment of someone who could make and enforce this statement:

"If somebody tries to stop the march to democracy, we will seek them out and kill them!"

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The NBC Sports message board is on fire with Freepers saying they won't watch NBC's Football Night in America, football on NBC and even NBC because Olbermann has been named co-host of the former.  They can't believe such a leftwing loony would be brought in to do sports, the vast majority of them oblivious to Olbermann's run on ESPN.  It's totally undeserving, but he's getting what he really deserves on the boards about his "Worst Person in the NFL" segment

Last night he called out the Jet fans for cheering as a badly injured Chad Pennington hopped off the field to save a time out, then as back up Kellen Clemens came in.  He writes: "And don't tell me they were acknowledging his guts... I'm from here."  Bullshit.  I was there and we were cheering his guts, having seen Vinny not get up once, and we were cheering Chad's likely successor to get things started because, despite Chad's stats, the team was flatter than the lines on the field.  Only Olbermann's own cynicism prevented him from seeing this.

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Now that Lowe's has dumped O'Reilly, I think it's time that I dump Home Depot for Lowe's. So here's the letter I wrote to Paul Raines, Home Depot's Executive Vice President for U.S. Stores, letting him know that his company's continued support for Fox will have me spending my money at their competitor.  I also sent a copy to Lowe's to show that taking a stand has its rewards

I would encourage other people to do the same.  Bleed Fox dry of ad dollars.  But remember: if Home Depot comes around, then go back to them, tell them you are, and tell them why.

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Here's why Republicans live in a different world from the rest of us.

The NY Post has a striking headline today: "'We want the truth. Nothing but the truth, so help us God.' COME CLEAN."  Is this about the pack of lies Alberto Gonzales has been feeding Congress? Of course not.  It's about NY State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, a Republican, calling for "multiple investigations into the role of [Democratic] Gov. Spitzer and his top aides in an unprecedented dirty-tricks campaign."  Gonzales's testimony merits no coverage at all.  In fact, his name hasn't been mentioned in the paper, according to a search of the NY Post site, since June 11, when a two paragraph story said Bush was shrugging of Congress's no-confidence vote about Gonzales.  

Here's another word that hasn't been mentioned in 30 days in relation to the Bush Administration: contempt.  Some more: perjury, Miers, Bolton.  So what has the Post been focusing on?  See below.

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