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Sexism 210 - Hillary Here We Go Again
When Bill Clinton first ran for president and brought his wife onto the stage, not as his adorable blond cheerleader-chick Hillary Homemaker, but as his full-on, professional, degreed and ...
anna shane 03/08/2015 138 24 - -
Christie Fix 08540
Fishman said that the Esquire story was “almost entirely incorrect.”
anna shane 07/22/2014 13 17 1 -
Christie-Fix with Poll - Arielle Schwarz - could be fun
There is a new name to me who'll be testifying for Fishman's grand jury and she seems really cool. Yesterday there was confirmation that Foye's testified already: Port Authority Executive ...
anna shane 05/17/2014 9 25 - -
It’s Started – Go Hillary
Karl, make Hillary's day! Karl ‘the Professor’ Rove recently made some strange allegations about Hillary Clinton’s ‘brain.’ Given that Rove refers to himself as “Bush’s brain,” (...
anna shane 05/15/2014 22 4 - -
the question of immunity in the chris christie investigation
As we’re following this story, Fishman continues to subpoena witnesses, and some go on to testify before the Grand Jury.
anna shane 05/02/2014 15 12 - -
Christie Fix for April 9, 2014
Sadly, we'll have to wait until the grand jury meets Friday to see if another Christie insider won't be testifying for the defense, but there are some tasty items. For example: Notes? Which notes ...
anna shane 04/09/2014 26 44 1 -
Christie Fix
I have been trying to figure out when the grand jury was convened. I can't find any documentation that New Jersey keeps a standing grand jury impaneled. The first report of a 'grand jury subpoena' ...
anna shane 04/06/2014 40 32 - -
what will make me donate
I've been a consistent donor to Democrats and the DNC, and I have been getting lots of requests for donations. So far I have (mostly) not been chipping in, and I started to wonder, why not? What's ...
anna shane 03/31/2014 13 2 - -
Update: Bizzaro ChristieGate: The Sticking Gum, I mean Smoking Gun Conspiracy
Based on simultaneous leaks to at least three news organizations from six or eight previous Port Authority employees (and maybe having just a little something to do with the on-going but not yet ...
anna shane 03/03/2014 45 40 - -
Christiegate: signs of early demise
It’s been noted that embattled New Jersey Governor Chris Christie underwent a personality shift after David Wildstein’s documents were released early January. He was shocked (as in, “No one ...
anna shane 02/25/2014 27 22 - -
To: Steve Kornacki, Re: Christiegate
To: Steve Kornacki From: DK Christiegate Blogger Representative Shane Re: Please help us out? Dear Mr. Kornacki, Quite a few of us here at the DK have been following Christiegate with fervor,
anna shane 02/23/2014 157 186 3 -
I Got It!!!
With the question, why was Dawn Zimmer told what she had to do, but Mayor Sokolich says he wasn't, he's confused, doesn't know why but still knew enough to ask for the assurance his city wouldn't ...
anna shane 01/20/2014 7 1 - -
my best friend Carole says ....
My best friend Carole Greene Halmrast Bastasz isn't long for this world. I flew out to see her in Minneapolis a few weeks ago, and knowing how much she supports President Obama, I brought her the ...
anna shane 10/06/2012 18 26 1 200
it's citizen's united, stupid!
Watching Anderson Coopers on CNN last evening, where he was dissing President Obama for taking back his promise to not accept big corporate donations, I had to wonder why our guys aren't pointing ...
anna shane 03/09/2012 7 2 - 34
Your 8th Grade Personality Follows you Around Like Your Butt
Republican lawmakers are rightly outraged by social science research coming from state universities. They cite the latest example, meant according to them, to undermine not only the integrity of ...
anna shane 01/28/2012 6 7 - 196
Breaking: Joe Walsh says 'don't pay as you go, just don't pay.'
Today in during a rally sponsored by "Mother Against Eating" Joe Walsh explained his novel and darn brilliant method for balancing the budget and eliminating all future costs. Just don't pay, he ...
anna shane 07/29/2011 15 4 1 187
team of lawyers for if he were caught alive
Someone write a better diary on this, but the NYT just reported there were enough soldiers on the Osama raid to fight their way out, and that a team of lawyers was standing by, in case they were ...
anna shane 05/09/2011 63 16 1 287
skills, not bills
Our fathead president Bush is leaving office, not even close to in time, which would have been before he took office, and he's leaving us with the biggest mess any least-talented son-of-a-former not-...
anna shane 12/08/2008 1 3 1 3
Senator Obama Debate This: Exit Iraq
I was heartened to hear Barack say after the last primary that he looks forward to a debate with Hilary on foreign policy. I think that would be a great way to either highlight their differences or ...
anna shane 03/07/2008 136 12 - 3
Senator Obama: Debate This, part 2
Senator Obama: Debate This, Part II Electability Senator Obama has made the claim that Senator Clinton’s record makes her unelectable. In part 2 of a series of debate challenges to Obama, ...
anna shane 02/17/2008 253 20 - 12
Senator Obama: Debate This
Hillary's my 1st Choice: Part I: Exiting Iraq Policy statements are wonky by nature, and questions on policy in debates must be answered in ‘sound bites’ that fit into 90-second frames.
anna shane 02/11/2008 233 30 - 5
why won't Obama debate one on one
There has been a lot of speculation about why Hilary is asking for more debates but Obama is refusing. I guess the main claim is that he wants to let the voters get to know him, but this makes ...
anna shane 02/07/2008 458 28 1 15
The Clinton Cocktail Hour
We’ve had a wild week, with some over the top snarls, but when Saturday roles around we get to fraternize, right here at the Clinton Cocktail Hour, all are welcome, check your six-shooters at ...
anna shane 01/26/2008 92 16 1 13
A Tale of Two Narratives
I received a call yesterday evening from an Obama fundraiser, a man who immediately identified himself. So I told him I supported Hillary but that Obama was my second choice. He complimented ...
anna shane 01/18/2008 88 11 - -
Is the Left Ready for a Girl President?
In a previous life I wrote a doctoral dissertation on working women, specifically those who made it to executive positions that had been exclusively held by men. It was in the early 80’s when ...
anna shane 01/03/2008 298 37 7 12
Maureen Dowd, only Not
Maureen Dowd’s Wednesday column, She’s No Morgenthau... ...
anna shane 11/24/2007 85 7 - 34
the question of dynasty
One of the arguments often put forth, as a basic reason for not backing HIllary Clinton, is this so-called dynasty issue. That George Bush is the son of his father, and that Hillary is the wife of ...
anna shane 11/18/2007 149 7 - 6
chris matthews, fascist?
Chris Matthews announced on his program this afternoon that he's in favor of national identity cards. He says, "in this day and age," he's in favor. Well, Chris, you are being un-American with such ...
anna shane 11/01/2007 77 4 - 1
move-on ad campaign against iran bombing
Move-On's new ad ...
anna shane 10/24/2007 14 6 - 2
did anyone else get this?
I got the following email in response to a complaint I'd made about David Brooks 'innoecntly' linking Americans to Osama bin Laden.
anna shane 09/26/2007 10 4 - 11
nuclear warheads defy treaty?
This is more a question than a real diary, the data is clearly not in. There's a report on CNN that there were nuclear warheads on a plane flying over the US. This is apparently a violation of a ...
anna shane 09/05/2007 43 3 - 1
the surge is working w/poll
At there is a report that some Democrats are now buying into the possibility of 'winning,' in Iraq. This is a kind of ...
anna shane 08/23/2007 12 - - -
seizing whose property?
In today's truthout editorial, a new executive order is revealed:
anna shane 07/22/2007 6 2 - 1
The Islam Problem?
Mr. Bush, who was alleged to be a CEO president but turned out to be a foolish preening lazy president, has ballyhooed democracy as the sound-bite answer for all nations who wish to be US. If this ...
anna shane 07/01/2007 32 4 - 3
brainstorming on kos - scandal gate?
This is a very short diary, to gather together some thinking on framing. Now that the scandals are coming hot and heavy, they need to be named for the purpose of chuckle-eliciting sound bites. I ...
anna shane 04/12/2007 34 - - 1
Who voted for madness?  (w/poll)
Our dangerous president said in his SOTU that no one voted for failure, his speechwriter's implication being that we voted for 'winning' in Iraq. I don't think so. I think the American people have ...
anna shane 02/11/2007 11 1 - -
Keystone Cops in Iraq w/poll
On the front page of today's NYTimes, 'Analysis is Bleak on Iraq's Future' (2/3/07), we're told what most of us have known for some time, and some of us predicted before Bush decided to invade Iraq ...
anna shane 02/03/2007 4 1 - -
Muktada's Bitch - with poll
Our foolish president, like many 'dumb guys,' likes to think he's a very clever lad, far too wily to himself be 'had.' He takes such great delight in embarrassing those smarter people, who got ...
anna shane 01/13/2007 1 1 - 1
do you care if Iran gets nuked? (poll)
Please go to (when I posted the article it didn't work, but you can find it on TruthOut. it's a report on Israel's plans to nuke Iran with Buish's so called 'tactical nukes.' This ...
anna shane 01/07/2007 33 3 - -
what''s with the Israel lobby?
anna shane 11/09/2006 215 3 - 16
Cells that fight cancer?
anna shane 11/04/2006 5 1 - -
how to make an iraqi nuke?
anna shane 11/03/2006 11 2 - 4
Reverend Falwell thinks Clinton is worse than Foley
anna shane 11/02/2006 53 2 1 1
anna shane 10/21/2006 69 8 - 6
HELP ROVE select an october surprise
anna shane 10/15/2006 81 5 - -
I'd Rather Switch than Fight
anna shane 10/08/2006 48 2 1 -
Netflix: Outsource to Nobody
anna shane 10/05/2006 80 1 1 1
slime bites rove
anna shane 09/30/2006 4 2 - -
the power of suggestion
anna shane 09/28/2006 2 1 - 2
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