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CareGiving Kos
For those who are now (or have been) in the role of being a care-giver for a loved one. Intended to be a support group and information resource for all care-providers and the many challenges they face.
This is being set up to facilitate the much richer group in DK3 and with respect to all those who worked under its banner there. I just want to compel myself to take a greater role in its community and am happy to hand over administrative duties to those with greater investment in its history
Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group
With the Electronic America group, you'll never miss another great episode of Jon Stewart, Colbert, Rachael Maddow, Tavis Smilely or Bill Maher ever again because our diarists will tell you about them on all progressive film makers. You'll get the latest in Michael Moore diaries, film music and Arts reviews. Our progressive diaries will tell you all this and much more. Our group also supports reviews from NPR radio, the PBS newsroom Dkos TV /Radio and progressives making a difference in virtual...
Gallery Kos
A virtual space for fine art by Kossack artists.
History for Kossacks
Once the name of a regularly-appearing series on DK3, History for Kossacks is now a DK4 group blog dedicated to the discussion and diarying of all things historical. Topics range from the impact of a'a' lava on ancient Hawaii to Zoroastrianism in Persia; time frame is from Australopithecus to Zulu hours today - so come on in to this dusty cave full of moldering tomes, have a seat in an overstuffed chair, and let's talk history!
Kansas & Missouri Kossacks
Kansas and Missouri area Kossaks, change in the heart of Red Country.
Kansas City Kossacks
Yet to come
Overnight News Digest
The Overnight News Digest is a nightly chronicle of the day's news. Each editor makes his or her own story selection for that day's digest and publishes the compilation typically around midnight Eastern time. Readers are encouraged to remark on the news of the day and contribute additional stories in the comments.
The SciTech group is dedicated to the exploration of Science and Technology. We welcome all diaries, essays, and discussions that teach or explain the wonders of the universe.
Seriously Seeking Cinema
This is a new group devoted to extended movie reviews, recommendations, discussions of political themes in movies, and shared cinephilia.
Show Me Kos
The purpose of this group is to discuss politics in the Show Me state.
State of the Skies
State of the Skies is a group that focuses on the goings-on above our heads. The majority of postings will be meteorology-related, but the group is definitely not meteorology-exclusive.
Teachers Lounge
This group is for discussion of teaching and education at all levels, from elementary to university, from international to continuing education, and everything in between.

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