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Memory-Gate, THE MUSICAL! w/Poll and lyrics
Is it just me, or are the hearings of Doan and Sampson just begging to be expressed through musical comedy? Something themed on the curious lack of memory available to today's GOP. Costume ...
aphra behn 03/29/2007 19 13 - 10
Women of Peace and Courage (and a challenge to Sen. Clinton)
The real damage is done by those millions who want to 'survive.' The honest men who just want to be left in peace. Those who don’t want their little lives disturbed by anything ...
aphra behn 03/18/2007 73 26 1 37
A St. Pat's Toast: The Rebel Countess
aphra behn 03/17/2007 29 51 3 167
ACTION ITEM (GA): Help your friendly neighborhood professor
Did you know I am dangerous? Well, I am. I am so dangerous that the Georgia Legislature must reign me in from my regularly appointed rounds of evil. ...
aphra behn 03/14/2007 51 30 3 16
 PTSD and the Myth of WW II: Playing Politics with History
Another myth of good wars versus bad wars is that only the combat veterans from Vietnam suffered lasting adjustment problems; the 1945 vet came home to enjoy prosperity, satisfied with a ...
aphra behn 03/12/2007 60 46 3 30
Wings, Women, and War: Book of the Day
aphra behn 03/08/2007 16 22 - 26
Black History: Thomas Peters, Founder of Nations (Pt 2)
Thomas Peters: slave, millwright, soldier...and politician. His voyage from slavery to freedom began in Part One, when he ...
aphra behn 03/06/2007 23 23 3 107
Black History at dKos:Thomas Peters, Soldier of Freedom (pt. 1)
The man was ...
aphra behn 02/27/2007 21 27 3 328
News from the North: Anne of Green Gables Edition (Canadiana Rescue 2/11-2/17)
Greetings from the home of Anne of Green Gables, *Cavendish, Prince Edward Island!* We're shaking things up here at News of the North, moving our community feature to the front and then following ...
aphra behn 02/18/2007 29 22 1 12
What Color is Your Valentine? Black History at dKos
St. Valentine (depending on whom you ask) was a priest. No, he was a bishop. No he was an African martyr.... An African martyr? Ahhh, listen to the wingnut heads explode as we consider the ...
aphra behn 02/14/2007 34 45 2 261
News from the North: Canadiana Rescue 02/04-02/11
Welcome back! This week we're coming to you from Canada's Energy City, *Estevan, Saskatchewan!* As usual, there are Daily Kos Canada diaries, a roundup of posts from the Canadian blogosphere, and ...
aphra behn 02/11/2007 20 15 - 25
Bread and Media Circuses: Jennifer, Anna, and History
Yesterday, two American women died suddenly.� One you've heard about to the extreme. Apparently, we cared about her ...
aphra behn 02/09/2007 21 26 - 17
Black History at dKos: Phillis Wheatley, Founding Mother
Where was she born? What did her parents call her? What were their hopes and dreams for her? We cannot answer any of these questions about the young woman we know as Phillis Wheatley, because she ...
aphra behn 02/07/2007 22 27 - 92
News from the North: Canadiana Diary Rescue 12/29-02/04
Greetings from beautiful *McAdam, New Brunswick*, where we're hosting this week's edition of News from the North. This week, we have more on Abu Gonzales, Patrick Leahy and the continuing coverup of *
aphra behn 02/04/2007 20 18 1 14
(Humor)The Wages of Satan are...Pre-Approved! Now at 13.5%
Brothers and Sisters. Our great nation has lost its way. It is hard to know where to put our efforts, as we bring our country's laws into total harmony with the Bible. Restaurants still insist on ...
aphra behn 02/03/2007 27 49 6 151
What is universal healthcare really like? Personal stories
I thought I was dying. It felt surreal. I was at the mall, for god's sake. Who dies at the mall ? There was the big "Atlantic Superstore!" sign shining brightly, there were the people ...
aphra behn 02/02/2007 44 30 - 90
News From the North: Canadiana Diary Rescue, 1/21-1/28
Greetings from beautiful downtown *Banff*! This week's roundup of Canada- related Daily Kos diaries also features a profile of Canada's resort city on the Rockies. But first...lots of *Maher Arar*-...
aphra behn 01/28/2007 20 17 2 155
Breaking! Wonder Woman Runs for President (Ubergeeky Meta Snark)
By LOIS LANE with Peter Parker. (DC Press International.) Senator Diana Prince of Themiscyra, more popularly known as "Wonder Woman," announced her candidacy today, provoking both interest and ...
aphra behn 01/21/2007 41 23 1 151
News from the North: Canadiana Diary Roundup 12/13-12/20
Welcome back to News from the North! This week we have a roundup of diaries with everything from *hitchhiking skunks* to *plots against Canada's oil sands*, not to mention healthy dollops of *right-...
aphra behn 01/20/2007 23 14 - 15
America Needs You, Gillo Pontecorvo
We knew damn well if he went to Canada, he wouldn't be tortured. He'd be held and he'd be investigated. We also knew damn well if he went to Syria, he'd be tortured. And it's beneath ...
aphra behn 01/18/2007 16 30 3 152
News from the North: Canadiana Diary Roundup 1/01-1/13
News from the North is back! As always, we have a great selection of diaries: Canadian sextuplets! Canadian spy coins! George Bush's latest plummet in world popularity! We're broadcasting this week ...
aphra behn 01/13/2007 19 17 1 9
News from the North: Canadiana Roundup, 2006 Year End Edition
It's party time! This week, we have the best of the past week, including everything from thoughtful Canadian analysis on US politics in ...
aphra behn 12/31/2006 29 23 1 18
News from the North:Canadiana Diaries, 12/16/06-12/23/06
It's that time of year again...long nights, bright lights, and lots of snarkilicious snowy diary goodness. Pour yourself something warm and get ready for some tasty diaries. This week's offerings ...
aphra behn 12/23/2006 14 14 - 17
News from the North:Canadiana Diaries 12/09/06-12/16/06
Good news, bad news--it's ALL Canadian news here in your weekly Canadiana diary roundup! We're fresh from the cooler climes of Daily Kos with environmental reports, the latest highjinks from ...
aphra behn 12/16/2006 19 12 1 8
Canines and Land Mines: A Different Kind of Christmas Puppy
This holiday season, many families will consider ...
aphra behn 12/11/2006 16 25 3 20
News from the North: Canadiana Diary Roundup 12/09/06
Brrrr! A cold wind blows south as we explore this week's crop of Canadian-related diaries at Daily Kos! It was truly "the week that was," as Canada's Liberal Party elected a new leader (and perhaps ...
aphra behn 12/10/2006 27 11 - 21
Afghanistan: One Soldier's Story
Last night I went to a public talk by Matt, an American soldier on leave from serving in Afghanistan with the United States Army. He’s also a former student of mine, whom I know to be an ...
aphra behn 12/08/2006 46 91 1 20
News from the North: DKos Canadiana Roundup 01/12/06
News from the North is a semi-weekly roundup of DKos diaries relating to Canadian news and topics. This week, check out the upcoming ...
aphra behn 12/01/2006 22 20 1 38
Supervixens 24: Sing out Sisters! (Or, an Evening with Hildegard von Bingen)
Holy medieval women, Batman! Wanna spend an evening with some politicians-cum-physicians-cum-spiritual authorities? How about I throw in some really cool artists? Visionaries? (Pssst. I know they'...
aphra behn 11/30/2006 37 22 6 20
History for Kossacks: Slavery Comes to America (Special Guest Edition)
Greetings Cave Dwellers! Welcome back to another guest edition of History for Kossacks, and our series on the history and roots of American slavery. ...
aphra behn 11/19/2006 42 51 9 136
History for Kossacks: Of Slaves and Serfs (Special Guest Edition)
aphra behn 11/12/2006 42 64 13 282
Remembering Canada: The First World War
aphra behn 11/11/2006 37 36 2 28
Because This is What's At Stake
aphra behn 11/07/2006 20 15 - 15
Supervixens #18: Wild Women of Wicked Wit (Or, an Evening with the Real Aphra Behn)
aphra behn 10/19/2006 89 38 6 103
Founding Mothers: Phillis Wheatley, Poetic Voice
aphra behn 10/08/2006 32 28 5 180
In 1944, American Heroines Resisted Torture; In 2006, Resist the Torture Bill! UPDATED
aphra behn 09/28/2006 32 41 8 342
Of Poetry and PTSD: Musings on World War I
aphra behn 09/24/2006 46 56 8 262
History for Kossacks: American Women's History 1820-1860 (Special Guest Edition)
aphra behn 09/17/2006 70 42 6 25
Founding Mothers: Abigail Adams, Partner in Patriotism
aphra behn 09/10/2006 29 31 4 245
CAN HIST 101, Part 3: Battle for North America (Canadian History for Americans)
aphra behn 09/09/2006 31 39 17 144
Founding Mothers: Anne Hutchinson, Puritan Rebel
aphra behn 09/03/2006 57 35 7 195
CAN HIST 101: Age of New France (Canadian History for Americans, Part 2)
aphra behn 09/01/2006 52 28 8 140
Founding Mothers: Matoaka, The Real Pocahontas
aphra behn 08/27/2006 45 24 - 43
CAN HIST 101:Era of Encounter (Canadian History for Americans Part 1)
aphra behn 08/25/2006 66 29 1 81
Founding Mothers: Deborah Sampson, Fightin' Schoolmarm
aphra behn 08/20/2006 30 9 - 178
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